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Maybe so. Something to do with my monitor. People keep telling me in general that images I display in virtual media, be It photographs of my paintings be It digital works, tend to look dark on their screen. I'm still to approach this matter with more professionalism. Up to now all my images on the internet served only (or mostly) to showcase physical works, like drawings or paintings, so that extra darkness didn't bother me much, but from now on I better learn to get It right. In my monitor, though, they always look balanced. Thanks for the feedback, anyway. Maybe exchanging ideas on sites like this one can help me improve those issues...

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Yeah, no problem. The renderings look pretty good other than the darkness. Maybe the table is too clean though. I know when I paint, there's is no chance that table will remain clean. 

Here's one of your images in Photoshop. I just did a very basic adjustment in Levels to brighten it up. Usually, you will want to see the Histogram  spread out across the window, but not always. You see in yours on the left, all the big spikes are on the dark side (ha, no pun intended) of the scale, and only little tiny spike on the bright side. On my version to the right, you can see the spike spread out a little.

Photographers shooting in bright daylight often can't see their images on screen, so they look at the histogram to make sure it's spread out somewhat. 


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Man, thanks a lot for that information and for taking the time to do the tweak on my image. Only one day with a profile on this site and already a fruitful feedback... This seems like a good sign. I'm anxious to become a professional on 3D. Don't know exactly how long It will take to learn the craft and ways to make some income, but just this first exchange of communication already gives me some relief. I'll try to remember the histogram from now on.

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If you continue to make stuff like this, you have all potential to earn money with 3d, maybe sooner than you think. 

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