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Great job! Two thing to notice. Lighting is little to dark for my taste and floor is kinda odd, to clean I guess, not sure how to explain, but overall, really nice. :)

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Thank you. You're right. People keep telling me about the overall darkness of my images. I'm still very amateur when it comes to rendering procedures, and my photoshop abilities are also very rudimentary. I'm still to revisit that darkness issue when those abilities evolve enough to do so. About the floor, you're also right, everything in this project was developed with the focus being on modeling. Which means I didn't pay a lot of attention to texturing, using mostly presets from the Cinema 4D library. The next thing I'm gonna focus on studying right now is UV editing and proper texturing, so I can produce those materials more close to reality, if you will; messing things up a bit: the floor, the walls, the tables, etc. But I'm certain to revisit the whole project in the future trying to apply more real textures.

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Daniel, if you have android phone, there is one nice app for learning PS, which will give you nice fundamentals to start with PS and its called "Learn Photoshop", I managed to grasp what I needed in an half an hour. :)

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That's great. Good to know there's apps like that around. Myself, I still don't carry a cell phone, so wouldn't be able to check it out. But over the year of '16 I've managed to learn quite a bunch of advanced modeling techniques through free tutorials on the internet, blogs, forums like this one, so I'm sure I'll be able to learn some advanced Photoshop the same way. Don't know if I'm changing the subject, but that was a great experience for me. Cos' it really gave me some new hope for my generation, I guess. It's good to know that people from all over the world believe in exchanging useful information and helping others to develop their crafts. Helps me realize that the ways of the media are changing and people are practicing the belief of sending something out there without the need for reward, which I feel more and more will be, by necessity even, the way of the future. The big media won't be able to support the need of honest exposure of creatives, as the same creatives are multiplying - be in quantity be in quality even, if we look honestly - and they will have to learn something that the same media helped to devalue, which is modesty. Big limousine rock 'n rollers may end up mysteriously surpassed by tranquil artists that learned to believe more in the intrinsic value of hard work than in the reward that might come from that hard work, and I find that a beautiful thing. Nothing against that good old scene where a deep, doped interview happens while Jimi Hendrix goes crosstown accompanied by a beautiful girlfriend inside that same limousine; that was also beautiful and left a decisive mark in the twentieth century culture... but I think things are changing for a while now and we must learn to embrace the new ways. The big media paving the way for what they still call a troubled, fragmented future, but a future that one day may shine in different colors, and creatives all around may find a much greater reward from all that, than a crosstown drive inside a limousine and doped interviews. Thank god for forums like this one, youtube channels with serious content, and ferocious bloggers that believe in what they do, for till we learn that modesty I feel it will be a long way, and everybody needs some comfort from time to time...
Sorry for that, mate, but I just felt like talking. To use a more modern language: HASHTAG ENTHUSIASM!

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