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    • Hey everyone, I have some workflow questions to ask those who have experience with these things.   I have a little experience with C4D now, but have never worked in a pipeline with others, or had to make anything particularly complicated for professional use. So I have never been exposed to standard working practices between people and between different programs and am behind on the workflow of some of the very basics, like unwrapping, topologising and rigging.   Is any of the below correct? Please point out errors in my thinking or suggest alternatives.   1. I have a machine part or tool or device (phone, camera) I want to model 2. I model it in C4D 3. I dont have to unwrap it because the shapes are simple 4. I texture it in C4D using the materials I make there 5. I render it in C4D   1. I have a robot I want to make 2. I model it in C4D. 3. I unwrap it in C4D, or maybe export it to something else first??? 4. I make some materials in Substance Designer 5. I export my model as a ??? to Substance Painter with its unwrapped UVs 6. I texture it 7. I put it back into C4D for rendering, which I can do with the basic renderers or whatever 3 party renderer I might have, even though the materials are now non-native.   1. I have an alien I want to make 2. I model it in zbrush.  3. It looks great, but It is a big jangly mess of polygons 4. I retopologize it using zbrush 5. Or I export it to 3D coat?? and retopo it.  6. Now I have a model with low res polys and high res textures 7. I can put this back into C4D (or more likely something like Maya) for rigging??     Thanks. Please note I am not looking for help in how to unwrap or retopo etc right now, only what goes where, when it is necessary and when it isnt, and where different people would do what.
    • First, thank you for putting your time, I know it's kinda mess.   I'm aware that clones with keyframes can have time offset by effectors (random/step..etc) but I think this is not the way to go here .   I agree that this problem has other solutions - bake/alembic and so on, I'm just curious is it possible to be done fully procedural - looks like it is.   Let me start over - attached is a very simplified setup - only the green Null (inherit_Effectors) has 2 keyframes - up and down.   The concept he suggest: -   *make a single matrix morph between these 4 positions *make a tracer object referencing this matrix *copy the tracer multiple times with "space --> local" so that he can be moved into the scene   And here is the trick that I'm not sure how is achieved - the copies of the tracer are all referencing the same matrix - how can i control every single tracer when and where exactly to start the morph.   If you watched the video from the specific time, you'll see that the rig is somehow fully parametric - no baked geometry   Regards.    
    • Thanks for your reply,   C4d and Vray reports no error and even if i do a 'relink' from the edit menu it reloads the image without any problems (See screenshot here) but when I hit render it skip it. However when I choose a different path from the project directory (screenshot here - texture image put 4 or 5 folders before my project and it mess up real bad my workflow...) it renders fine... very strange...   I've tried to do a demo project to send you to show you the problem but it linked hdri correctly this time. It seems random, happens with 2 of my current work projects.     EDIT : I said vray materials works fine in my first post but seems I spoke too fast, I have the same problem with bump maps... only bump maps... other shaders works perfectly fine in the main project directory
    • Maybe I am missing something, but why aren't you using cloner and effectors to your advantage? :) There is no need for multiple objects and multiple animation tracks etc. Here is an example: Clone_delay.c4d
    • Here is my atempt using a spline and a few effectors, this way you can just put them into cloner and it should work. Also to have the second effector work properly I had to change the transform space of the second effector to "Object".   Weaving Mesh CAFE.c4d
    • The new image you posted, I read it wrong to begin with so I did a version that closes the rolled down cup. Having looked at the image again, I suspect the closed off version shown is a different object so that we have a cup and a bowl together (as opposed to an open and a closed version of the cup side by side). Doesn't matter though, the principle is the same. I've just used an FFD Deformer on an editable version of the object. So just apply that to the other object, if, indeed, it is a new item. The version attached below just has an extra step which is a switch in visibility between the Spline/Lathe version and an editable duplicate.   Again, note the version attached is a quick lash up so you'll probably want to fettle it a little to get a bit more finesse in there.   Roll Cup.c4d.zip     preview2.mov
    • Hi Everyone   I just can't solve this one, so looking to the combined knowledge of the cafe.   I'm trying to make an animation of a cloth that weaves itself whilst also undulating. I have tried so many options, always failing at the last hurdle. I believe the file attached is the closest i've come, although there are plenty of others that get pretty close.   Anyone who fancies it will see the file attached has the following elements working... - A series of nulls arranged using a checkerboard shader effector - A tracer and sweep to make the ribbons - Another clone to make multiple ribbons - A second Shader effector trying to give it the undulation effect   1st problem is that the undulation only effects the solid ribbons, not the nulls within. 2nd challenge is that when I when I add a second line of ribbons at 90degrees to the original I would like the same Shader effector to work on both   My feeling is that i'm going about this all wrong, and there is probably a way easier approach. Plus i might be fundamentally mis-using something.   Any help really appreciated   Alex     Weaving Mesh CAFE.c4d
    • First try using default layout and see if there is a lag if node editor is a floating window. To delete preferences, hit cmd+e, open preferences folder and delete them. Let me know if that resolves it...
    • This is the way I imagine doing it.  Take the two 2D shapes and rotate them so they are facing the direction people are going to be looking at them from, extude them, overlap the extudes as well as possible, bool them keeping the overlap of the bool, fracture the bool, now delete what you can of the fractures and still have the 2 shapes match up on the perspectives people are going to be looking at it from.  Through mograph the bool could also be replaced with objects filling the volume.    When you think of the power c4d gives when doing something like this it's pretty amazing.   A quick example. fractured alignment.zip
    • Yep totally missed the chapter on collision deformer tags. Thanks team! 
    • Cool. Thanks for the insights, everyone. We ended up having to get software to convert it to another file type that Cinema would accept.
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