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    • So far it's one of only two things that are harder to do than in Max. The other been moving an object that is animated and having it move all animation relative to that move (in 3DS you disable auto-key and move it and the trajectory moves with it) but in C4D it seems you'd have to put the object in a Null and move that.

      Anyway, i'll keep messing around, it must be possible to have a series of joints snap to and from a spline and animate around it while retaining their links to one another
    • Hmmm... that's a tough one.  The Spline Wrap deformer is usually how this type of thing is done, but you rarely need that level of precision.  I had an idea that you could use a Target tag to have each object point to the next one, but couldn't really get it to work.  I think you may be right that IK chain is the right way to go.
    • R17

      I've been told that it is possible to copy/paste channels in a material (or light) by enabling the channel, Rclicking on the channel name , copying (RMB copy), then selecting the recipient channel (enabled) and Pasting.

      However, this doesn't seem to work, specifically when I am trying to preserve a texture (Starfield) for copying from the Color channel to the Luminance channel.

      What am I likely doing wrong?

    • That's a great tutorial and I learned a few new things, thanks for sharing. The problem is though 1) how would that follow a spline and 2) how could it be reset on frame zero or by turning something off so the wrapped chain is flat for changing the model (the LEGO minecraft scene in the above example)   I'll have a play around with the connectors and see what I get
    • You could try using Connectors (Simulate > Dynamics > Connector).  It allows you to make a hinge between dynamic objects.  Here's a tutorial by @Beefdoctor that could help you out:   
    • Oh, thanks dude! I figured it out, and now everything is fine! Thank you very much for the help!)
    • I may have come up with a solution! So rather than have my animation loop 720 degrees every 200 frames, I've set it to rotate 11520 degrees every 3200 frames. This required adjusting some 10+ Xpressos that were built on the 200 frame loop, but now that the animation doesn't loop anymore I can use the Xpresso method Jed had recommended and I've achieved an animation that runs over a minute an a half without visual error. I don't get the perfect loop, but my animation will never be 1 minute 40+ seconds long to loop in the which is the runway I get with this extension of frames so its OK if it doesn't loop perfectly because it'll never technically loop. This also fixes the weird 719 frame stuff alluded to.   The only issue I have now is: The animation *appears* to slow down every few frames but after watching the frame counter closely it looks like that slows down too so it could be a slight Cinema4D slowdown instead of an actual animation slowdown. I did a quick low quality render to make sure that the final result wouldn't slow down and it didn't. Thank you guys for files, ideas, and suggestions. It definately helped me solve my problem and I'm ready to move on to the next problem haha!    I'm sure there was a much easier and simpler solution to all this, and I'd love to find out what that is, but for now I think this solution will work - next time I'll try a modulo solution perhaps.. or dynamics if that can be done without killing the performance of the program.
    • When i add this tile material to my walls they curve weirdly, i have them on a flat projection. How can i avoid this distortion ? Thanks 
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