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    • Hey, thanks for sharing this awesome tut, however, I could only proceed to the point where he offsets Cloner and puts it into Loop Animation mode. No looping animation for me, it acts pretty much the same way as Play mode. Broken down offset and no continuous looping animation whatsoever.   Tried everything. Checked project settings on the subject of correct FPS, tried creating a new project from scratch and using just cube to replicate the same effect.   Nothing.   Any insights where did it all go wrong?   P.S I am so sorry I just realized it's actually YOU who made this tutorial haha, please pardon me "He". Thanks a lot for the effort.  Efharisto para poli ;)
    • Smart ik foot roll is a cool thing where you can control the feet and move them like in real life, the problem is that I don't know how to make a controller being positioned and rotated by another controller.

      the video example is how I tried to make the cube follow two parents, and the parents not falling back so that I don't have to reposition them myself to make the next pose
      its like the rainbow spring toy where it goes down the stairs
    • Not sure I understand.  I watched the video, but still not sure.  Is "Smart IK Foot Roll" something that we should know of, or just something you created?  Could you attach a stripped-down project file?  That would be easier for me or someone to diagnose.
    • Thanks for the advice, i gave it a shot... i have HB modelling tools so i just converted the triangles into quads...however the seam gets worse.. its really tough to get dome shape.. tried shrink wrapping etc.etc..
    • CGAxis seems to be offering their complete collection of pretty much everything for $39.  It is called Complete 11,  over 76Gb of models, HDRI's, textures and content and usually sells for $499.  If you don't want to spend the full $39, then their individual collections are selling for 90% off.   Learn more here   Download the pdf catalogue here   Dave
    • hey everyone. im using some effectors to build up a structure. so when i do team render with 4 computers it makes some mistakes in output. maybe cause those springs i used, computers cant calculate the way they suppose to? normal render with 1 pc is fine :/ I attached both output. also if have good ideas about this build up please tell me :D thanks correct.mp4 wrong.mp4
    • Since I started using a smart ik foot roll for my character, I noticed that I can't get the feet animations pretty good, because of the fact that some controllers don't have a parent to follow in order to stay in that same place

      I tried making a dual parenting with a cube for testing, and the results were quite horrible. bandicam 2018-11-21 20-43-31-658.avi

      this is how it looks like if I uncheck "Use Frozen" in the constraint tag, but If I let that option checked, the results were almost successful, the only thing that doesn't make it 100% success is because it twitches while I try to rotate one parent and goes crazy if I rotate the other parent after rotating the first one. I used parent constraint to get that

      the holders follow the controllers and the controllers follow the holders. I think I'm missing something here
    • Have you looked at Surface Spread plugin by Laubwerk?   Edit: I see you are using R20 but on plugin website it says the plugin is not compatible with R20. Too bad.
    • the pointy bit is cos of the triangles in the middle, sub div doesn't like triangles. Again Im no expert but i think they call it a quad, stumbled on this solution the other day to make the circle quad cap thing. Take a plane, make it 1x1 segments, drop that in a subdiv and use the subdiv to add the extra segments, it steps thru the 4,8,16,32 routine so hopefully that works with the segments you have, i didn't count them. obviously you then have to cut it in and dome it up again somehow. You could add some loop selections to make the triangles as small as possible and then flatten them out, but the quad cap is better.   Deck  
    • I want to create a realistic grass lawn, is there a simple plugin available or method to scatter geometry over a large surface? I've tried using mograph cloner but system becomes unresponsive once i begin to increase the clones in the 1000's   I've done some searching but can only find some scatter plugins that require 3rd party renderers or the studio version of cinema, but I'm running broadcast.   I do have some budget for a decent plugin for creating grass, trees etc as long as it doesn't require a 3rd party renderer.  
    • Im no ninja but that looks fine for displacement, possibly / probably with the sub poly option on. Displacement works really well, experiment with different edge blurs as sometimes they can be a bit sharp. for a more domed look you can blur it and then reload the original mask and cut it back hard on the edge. Real fine details are possible, greyscale images in 16bit are great. The two different modes Intensity and intensity centred are the most important to get straight. With centred being both up and down displacement, so with a grey base, white pushes up and black down with 50% grey not moving, 16 bit really makes a difference here I think.   Displacement all the way for one of limited modelling skills like myself.   Deck
    • Hi everyone :)   Modelling a crown on a wrist watch and ran into a small pickle...   The surface needs to be smooth (slight bevel - as seen) not flat...but this dimple is ruining everything..   How do i get rid of it? Below i've included a picture of the model with subdivisions disabled. Plz halp 
    • Hey everyone)), first time posting here...so might be a bit noobie ;)   Anyways...I'm working on a personal project modelling a wrist watch. Getting to the bezel portion of the model, i've questioned myself whether there's an alternate way of getting the detail of the numbers indented in the slanted  'ring' platform of the bezel. Rather than modelling the detail in (which would take a long time and extra precision) i had thoughts of creating a displacement map or normal map and baking the detail in that way?   I don't know much about textures or how maps behave (i heard that Displacement Maps require equal quads, and other specs)...was hoping for a kind C4D ninja to show the way ;) I've attached some photos showing exactly what i'm going for...   Any help is much appreciated
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