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    • "Internet of things" editorial for Proximus ONE Magazine
      Lot's more highres shots/pictures here    
    •  So far so good...
    • Printed few more things over the past week as I'm getting familiarized with S3D.  Still having problems with adhesion on clean surface. Hairspray is must and bed at 65° does the trick for now.   Currently printing Viking warrior and waiting to see if my supports are going to hold up like they should.
    • That looks likes a pretty decent job of it so far.   I think you should make your vinyl surface with materials - that is way too small a detail to contemplate modelling them in. If you look at your turbosquid link (6th pic from the end), you can see the material channels he used, and the type of maps he put in each one ! Having said that, I bet you could also do a lot of this using just the bump (v low delta) and reflectance channels, with anisotropy.   CBR
    • Hi all., This took a while to model, I appreciate all the opinions that were made regarding modeling this. It's still a ways off but I'm getting there, slowly... My next question is what would be the best the way to model a vinyl record. I've been looking on Turbosquid:  https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/3d-vinyl-modeled-realistic-model/920660 to see some examples, but I can't determine if they used a texture/material or is it modeled (regarding all the groves).   Any ideas, thoughts? Thanks in advance. catnap  
    • My 2¢ worth...   GPU I'd go for the 2 x 1080ti, rather than 2 different GPU cards. P4000 are designed for high-end use, high heat, reliability/server style situations and I think in your case as you  describe mostly using render farms but want to be able to render, particularly with Redshift, then 1080ti's would be what I'd go for in that case for speed and capability.   CPU Your processor is relatively slow on single-core for the price of the CPU but if you're going to overclock, then no real issue of course.   Note that in many of the benchmarks, an overclocked 7900X @ 4.5GHz beats the overclocked 7960X @ 4GHz and specifically in Cinebench. Look through the charts in this link to see the comparison (note there are many benchmarks, click arrows left/right below each chart to see them all): http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/intel-core-i9-7960x-cpu-skylake-x,5238-7.html   It's only marginally better on some and slower on others, but would save quite a large sum of money on your build ($600-$700). Just a consideration.   Only potential issue is heat in that system as you will have 2 x high-end GPUs and an overclocked CPU, so I would definitely do run-in tests to watch temperatures and be prepared to add further cooling or adjust layout.   The only other consideration is how much and how you're going to overclock because if you increase the CPU Vcore voltage, you may need a bigger PSU. You can calculate requirements here: http://www.coolermaster.com/power-supply-calculator/
        Here are some good notes on overclocking your chosen CPU: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/intel-core-i9-7960x-cpu-skylake-x,5238-2.html   Rest of the config looks fine.
    • You have 2 physical skys, 2 suns, and a sky object.  I'd just guess that for the sky object you are actually using to be seen it has to be seen though 2 physical sky objects right now.  This combined with the transparency level on the buildings makes the transparency level too high for the sky to be seen in some cases.  To add to the complexity 2 physical skys and sky object might occupy the same space and they could be overlapping like polygons on the exact same spot.  Two polygons on the exact same spot will do this because c4d does not know which it should display first.  In other words you are kind of gambling as to weather one sky or the other will be displayed.  To fix this try deleting the other skys not being used.  If there is still a problem try upping the Ray Depth under the Render Settings > Options.   At least that is my guess.
    • Thank You guys soooooo much. I am a total noob at C4D. I really appreciate your help. I will work on my hard body modeling. LMFAO
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