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    • If your scene have no background, make sure to choose "Alpha/ straight - unmatted" in Interpret footage option.
    • Update: I changed the Plain effector for another Shader effector to give the whole animation a ripple/wave effect which works nicely   Still struggling with getting the effect to translate across all the    ... Latest file attached   https://www.dropbox.com/s/irnyiksvr338cp5/Metal Mesh 3.c4d?dl=0
    • Can anyone explain why the IK Goal in the attached scene file isn't following the final joint in the chain please? I need to be able to animate the goal null in the Y Axis so that the joint chain moves up and down from it's tip while simultaneously wrapping around the cylinder object.   I've enabled the "Constrain Goal" option in the IK settings, and initially the goal will follow the joint chain, but after a few frames it stops.     IK Chain.c4d
    • It is set up the only way I know. Drag the sky into the environment slot. There is something strange going on in those areas. I not sure I have that scene anymore to check it out. I was going to see if there was too much reflection in the image since there is a lot of color spilling from the side of the cars. Not sure though.
    • I'm actually not surprised at all... I've found that AE has become much less stable over the lifetime of Creative Cloud... like Adobe is just phoning it in because they know they have people on the hook already (just as many of us subscription haters had predicted).   In true Adobe "go f yourself" fashion, I can't downgrade, as CC 2018 is the only Media Encoder version Adobe has available now and previous versions of AE don't work with it.  I don't even think they had the "don't uninstall previous versions" options when I installed 2018 (may have been added as a result of their entire user base raging against them for screwing them over yet again).     I certainly will be now!   Believe me, it's not what I wanted lol!  I tried getting 16gb of AData so there would be memory parity... but because it's the standard ram provider for a lot of systems sold on Amazon (mainly through CyberpowerPC) the price is artificially high... I figured I'd save a few bucks (like, $40, actually!) and get the corsair ram.  Both are 3000mhz, but I'm sure you're both right that there's minor timing/voltage differences that are likely reaking havoc on my system.  The idea was to get this freelance project off my plate, get more corsair ram and put the 16gb of ADATA in my wife's machine (she has 1 stick of AData 2400mhz... take that sucker out and put it aside as backup and let her have 16gb of dual channel performance).  I'm a little scared to ignore the included XMP profiles.  I can understand them being problematic when mixing ram, but if I end up with all identical ram I'm leaning toward trusting the XMP profiles included, as they've been thoroughly tested by the manufacturer (though I might just ignore XMP and just run the ram at stock speeds and not take the negligible speed bump that may only be there in some circumstances).   PSU:  Thank you for pointing that out Hrvoje... I just looked up the standard PSU that came with my system... it's actual brand is called Standard and they are apparently total sh**!  This mixing ram thing might not actually be the issue at all.  I think I might have to swap that out before addressing the ram, as the things I'm reading about their PSU's are quite troubling!  Like, the word "rippling" comes up a lot...   Anyway, thank you all for your help!  This was partly a panic post seeking reassurance.  You see, I had to buy this machine mid-project after my mac pro died.  So, no only was I mid-project, but I had to switch computing environments too.  Sure, I use windows at work, but solely as a win7 operator... I don't get to tune my machine the way I want to.  Any problems I just throw up my hands and call for tech support lol.  So, despite having experience working on Windows, this is still a big change after 10 years as a mac user.  Some of the issues were bad project planning (applying costly effects on too high resolution content exacerbated the issue), but the thing still doesn't like being messed with too much when AE is running and rendering... even if the load isn't all that heavy at the moment.   But this had led me to question a component I hadn't thought to question... so this thread may have saved my new PC's longevity!   So, again... thanks!  
    • I recently filled in the MAXON suggestion form for just this - a concave taper. If you add your own suggestion that will be at least two of us : )  The other suggestion I made was to have a 'single axis only' option, so the taper could taper to an edge as well as a point.   I'm also left scratching my head at how MAXON miss these ...
    • Hi   Depending on what type of texturing your wanting to do is to the answer to your question.  If its painting colour information then C4D uses texture map painting in which your model needs a uv map assigned.  C4D does not do polypainting in which the painting requires higher amount of polygons to get more colour detail.   On the other hand if your referring to displacment base sculpting then you do need more polygons in which within the sculpting layout you have the option to sub divide the model.  The details of the model can be baaked into a displacement map if your model has a UV map if not your have to use the high polycount sculpt as your final model only good for still image rendering.  The other method that again will require a Uv map and a texture assigned is to paint normal bump detail, this type of texturing as mentioned needs a uv map and texture assigned first and does not need more polygons.   Decimation may have removed the UVs so your be left with the options that do not require UV maps which means no colour painting, and direct sub divided mesh sculpting via the sculpting layout tool set.   Dan
    • Hi Everyone   I'm putting some time into getting my head around various Mograph/Effector combos. Really fun, thanks mostly to loads to great tutorials out there.   As expected, i've stalled and can't work out why. Any C4D heads out there who can see my errors, would love to get over this hurdle.   What i have so far...   1 - A line of nulls, cloned and driven in a 'one-up, one-down' arrangement by a checkerboard texture 2 - A tracer creating a nice spline between them all 3 - An animated sweep creating a ribbon along the spline 4 - A plain effector giving the animated ribbons a movement whilst they grow.   Goal The end result is that i'd like to clone these ribbons in two set, one 90degrees to the other so they weave a surface together and the whole surface can then ripple like a cloth.   My problem I have the individual ribbons working well, but when i clone them the plain effector only effects the overall object, not the individual nulls, ruining the effect.   Any pointer very welcome, if I've build this -upwards, that's also fine. Thanks Cafe   Link to project - https://www.dropbox.com/s/tnmgly3xd315dyh/Metal Mesh.c4d?dl=0   Hammondchips        
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