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  2. Hello How to create a copy of an instance in Python? I have a code that allows to create an object but written in COFFEE. I would like something similar but with copying the instance object.
  3. Ok so I got it to work now. Thank you very much! The solution if anybody is having the same problem: https://imgur.com/ABKvmb6
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  5. No problem :D hopefully they're of some use to people
  6. Also the windows of the car is not transparent as it should be
  7. Thanks @Cerbera I already tried that, but the shadows is not existed.
  8. You could either mask a Layer in the Reflectance channel or add another layer of geo slightly above the existing geo and mask that via Alpha.
  9. Hey, Anyone know how to create this non-specular gradient over the top of glass like this:
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  11. I imagine you will find this article helpful... https://moritzweller.wordpress.com/2014/06/05/sync-your-c4d-content-browser-across-workstations/ CBR
  12. Try a Mix Material with a Diffuse Mat & Displacement Mat.
  13. I want to start moving my catalogs and textures to a cloud drive so that I can get them when I'm remote working on a laptop. I thought I could just copy my browser .lib4d files to a cloud directory and make a new catalog on the laptop that points to it. But I can see the directory, not the .lib4d files. What am I missing here?
  14. I've tried that, but then that erase my displacement or bump image. I'm trying to make the background look like paper (with displacement and bump channels), and having the letter be scribbled and filled in with color.
  15. Thank you very much ! Now everything works perfectly
  16. GetRad() returns the radius along the obj axes ie 0.5 of the real size (diameter) GetRad.c4d there is also a bounding box that returns the radius along world axis boundingbox.c4d
  17. Use an image in the Diffuse channel. If you need more, try https://render.otoy.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=30 .
  18. Although if you just need a forum, you can PM the forum mod and might give you access. Dr. Sassi is approachable.
  19. Correct me if I'm wrong, but yes you need a premium subscription to participate in the forum. Normally, I don't really pay for a subscription but since it's bundled with the MSA I have, I just availed it. I don't even watch the premium videos actually. lol
  20. I must be missing something
  21. Compose Reply option allow adding attachments...
  22. Didn´t tried myself, by on the bottom of the page are options for replying which open reply window... Don´t know if it´s subscription related since I´m on MSA.
  23. I somtimes read the CV forum and today I signed up (as free member) in order to answer a question. Problem was - there's no reply box, and no obvious means of replying. Am I expected to pay premium sub to reply in the forums ? Wasted my time making a file...
  24. Using Pen tool with holding Ctrl you can see immediatelly on spline "cut" symbol, so you can cut spline at place as you need. What is more interesting is using right click menu on this point. Now you could delete, disconnect or adjust kind of tangents. For you, option disconnect is what you want. This way you could cut spline at place of point (spline will be cutted "physically" into sepataed spline segments and what is the great benefit, tangents of newly created points will be kept.) The you only need select just one point of spline segment what you want to delete, then press U~W (select connected) and press Del...
  25. Hello I need help with the Bounding Box in Python. I want to write a Xpresso file that swaps objects. The list is created on the instance file. An additional function that should have an Xpresso file is: moving the instance in the x, y, z axis by the scale value (Bounding Box) of the instance and next create this instance. The function works for an editable object but not for the instance. The problem is that Bounding Box in Xpresso does not work on instances. I know Phyton lets you do this with BaseObject.GetRad () but I have no idea how to do it. I have been stuck for long days ... Maybe you have some other idea for this file? Thank you. works.c4d instance.c4d
  26. Hello, I'm trying to fill in some color in my displacement texture on Octane, but I don't really know how to do it. I've attached an image of my setup here below: https://imgur.com/9vJ5phX So I have an image on my displacement and I would like to fill in some black color on the letter P. I got some reference from a video (Toros Kose, Pausfest video) where he creates this effect very well. https://imgur.com/fF4GvJ3 - The lines on the right. https://imgur.com/LU5svIl - Pausfest text in the middle. Does anybody know how to fill in color in my displacement image? Thank you! Regards, Pontus
  27. RE: 1. In X-Particles (XP), can I slow down a cached version of a particle simulation? Not sure on this one but how about the Scale parameter of the the Cache tag.?
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