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    I don't like these things normally, but these I would eat!
  3. Yeah it's great, the only issue is when C4D crashes or doesn't close correctly and you don't start it again and go home or something. Then your license will still be active on that system even though it's not currently running and you can't use it on another PC until you restart C4D on the system that the license currently is activated on.
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  5. I started with blender mayber 15 years ago, it was great then. I moved to C4D shortly after as it was much more user friendly. I am still on C4D R19 as I don't really need the new updates and don't want to spend much more money on it. I would consider going back to Blender but I don't know if my 48 year old brain can be bothered learning new stuff. Oh the dilemma!
  6. My question was generated from his website where wasn´t any screenshot from win version (or other "win" similar comment)
  7. MoI is rad! I'm currently modelling a watch, and did all of the base parts in MoI. It just gets you from a to b super quickly without having to get bogged down with pushing and pulling vertices. Also, it's widely known over at MoI that Cinema is great for honouring the .obj's from MoI so it's a great little pipeline.
  8. It's to appear like the subscription money is doing a good job of providing people with a healthy return on their investment.
  9. If you mentioned MD, what is external application, but this option has build-in Insydium products (Xparticles,Cycles4D) what is really great when you switch from version to version. Don´t know about some 4rd party product...
  10. Hi guys. I don't often make these posts myself, but feel I need to voice out this great inconvenience regarding Redshift. I work mainly between two computers, one of which is my mobile laptop. Although I really don't much like the changes to C4D licensing, being once had access to two computers under a MSA subscription, at least I can release my licence remotely if I have internet. With Redshift it remains locked to what ever computer I used last and I often forget to release the licence forcing me to travel all the way back, start up my computer and run the licence tool. A suggestion would be at the least to do what Marvelous Designer does, offers the option to deregister the computer automatically when you close the app. Not only does Redshift not support this, the licence activation is a seperate app, and at times the licence wont even activate, buts its a pain either way to copy paste the key activate it very time I change computers. Is there any 3rd party apps that can manage licences and do the process or me, how do you manage this? Thanks, Dan
  11. I see. I think what you mean is that your rendering looks kind of flat, which indeed it does. Try enabling GI (Global Illumination) in the Render Settings and just to try it out set primary and secondary bounces to Quasi Monte Carlo (QMC). That is the slowest but most precise of the options but in combination with progressive physical render you get instant feedback. If that helps achieving the look you want you can try the other methods if you're not okay with the rendertimes of QMC. Other than that, working on a 32bit EXR of the scene in Photoshop can work wonders to achieve the lighting you want.
  12. Yes, you want single SSS in the basic settings with absorption, this create a hazy volume like material. Put another emissive object inside and it should do the job. If you also use Redshift post bloom effect that will finnish off the look. I would have tried to make a example but Redshift licence locking as usual is locked to my main PC and Im on a laptop right now. Dan
  13. I feel like the lights is not so realistic, it is supposed to be ceramic and it looks (for me) a little bit like plastic..maybe it needs more bevel? and the dish hast like a 2D shadow instead of 3D. I wonder if my version or my render configuration is bad?
  14. That's interesting... normally the light should disappear as soon as you disable the "show in render" setting in the light details tab. Can you attach the scene file so we can have a look at it? This is for the *.aec export. It basically tells the exporter to include the light in the exported *.aec file. These files are used to reconstruct the scene in After Effects for compositing or other stuff.
  15. I have an FBX character that I have imported into C4D. It is weighted really well and don't want to mess that up. However, when I try to manipulate some of the bones, they do not appear to be aligned properly. For instance, if I want to bend the elbow of the character, the rotation control on the bone is not aligning with the bone. Can't really click on on axis of the controller and bend in that direction. The arm could go out to the left or right in a very unnatural way. That being said, is there a way to select all of the bones, and use the align tool so that it doesn't mess up the mesh? It distorts really badly when I try. Thanks in advance... Al
  16. I'm working on a scene, everything looks great-- but I'm using two area lights to achieve the lighting. I love their effects, but I do not want to see the lights themselves in my render output--- they're appearing as giant, white rectangles. I want to hide the rectangles, but keep their effects. I've tried several methods of hiding them from the render: 1. Compositing tags- I've turned off literally every variable. No effect. Hide from camera does not work-- even if this isn't the proper method, I'd like to know WHY this doesn't work? What am I missing? 2. Uncheck "Visible In Render" in the light's "basic" panel. 3. Turning off the green dot in the object manager-- this disables the light totally. Nothing fancy going on in my scene. Just an animation using standard render. A rigged model, an HDRI sky and two area lights. Secondarily, I was wondering what the "export to compositing" option does. Thanks very much in advance.
  17. Just figured it out. For reference, if anyone is interested (which I doubt), XParticles is necessary. Using the xpDataImporter field mapping tab, set the values for positions X,Y and Z using the CSV file. Then field map the particle radius to the CSV column which has the scaling values ("accuracy" in my case). Finally, the crucial step is to adjust the xpGenerator under Object >> Scale, Rotation and Offset and set "Scale Using" to "Particle Radius"; this enables the generated object to scale.
  18. Some more renders of my Wine Glass design. Render Weekly is having a glassware assignment this week, so I dusted off this model and did some new renders.
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  20. Below is a Google drive link with the file and a .png sequence of the video that is tracking. I hope that is okay. Since I can't share the exact scene file I did a quick recreation of the scene. The problem still occurs on my home PC as it did on my work PC. Both the same version. Basically what is happening is if I am adding tracking points and go into another mode such as polygon, point, edge, model, texture, etc, I can't go back to adding more tracking points. I know that these modes are not useful in tracking but I clicked on one by mistake and can't figure out how to go back to adding tracking points. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_TwqzacMJmD-I6GLq_90Qy0IUOhi23Zm/view?usp=sharing
  21. It would be helpfull to have a scene if nothing else, you never know what might be the issue.
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    Glad to have you with us, welcome and enjoy! Dont forget to share your work mate!
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