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    This is a detailed 8' x 4' firewood shed, modelled on the basis of a PDF plan available at https://www.construct101.com/. The firewood shed has approximately 1200 polygons. It is not UV mapped and does not include textures. Enjoy! Cheers, Wolfgang


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  4. Hi guys! I'm a poor noob trying to make a living, the thing is that when I render my rigid body simulation and the falling cubes hit the ground (floor) object they appear to leave a mark why is this happening? Thanks!!!
  5. Welcome to the Cafe. Look forward to seeing you progress. and sharing your work. Dan
  6. Welcome mate and have fun learning!
  7. Howdy folks ! My name is Eric Tremblay and I'm illustration student currently in my second year of college. I've been on and off 3D software, predominantly Blender, for quite sometime but got an opportunity in class to work in C4D and was reeled back in. Came to the Cafe to expand my knowledge of the program and improve my craft, super excited to be part of the community Cheers!
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  9. Some more lighting studies in this set.
  10. Hi. I don't understand how to align TP(or matrix) properly. I create simple scene with volume(vector) and plain. Then i put plain in the volume(vector) and create field force. Then in the force, throw volume like volume object and create TP from matrix. After this cloned Piramids on the matrix. (Every polygon of the piramid colored) Particles attracted in the center of spherical field. --------------------------------- But problem in Piramids axis. They don't want to be line-up properly with polygon normals as you can see on the screen. Think, becouse vectors in the volume not a 2d (another word: " not in the UV coordinate system") or particles must be generate not all, but step by step, OR particles are not aligned on the surface at all. You can see, some Piramids still blue and all not align into the normal of polyfon. But i dont understand how to do this. It's create soo many posibilities when this issue is resolved. Please, help.
  11. ...or multiple cloners with spline effector/animated offsets
  12. And even more Substance Designer work. Rendered in Unreal Engine 4.
  13. I use Dropbox for large files. You get 2GB free storage. After signup there's a Dropbox folder on your pc that is mirrored in the cloud - any file put there is uploaded. You just R-click the file in your pc folder to get the Dropbox link, then post the link here eg https://www.dropbox.com/s/eadx8wd7kv2bnwr/plane.c4d?dl=0
  14. You can use external file sharing service for larger files and post links here, however I made a quick setup, so check the file. Sampling effector by Xpresso gets it done jiggle_sound.zip
  15. I should have mentioned that @everfresh helped me out with some of the rigging for the bra clips at the end. And of course many other clips were collaborations, but I directed and/or played a lead role in all the work seen here.
  16. Hello If you have 2 minutes free please watch this video of mine and you will see the problem I am having
  17. Thanks for repliing! So I need to make a dozen of multi shaders? Isn't there a more random & easy solution? Attached you see an example file. As you see, now the texture looks identical on every seat. I want to have on a different position on every seat in the cloner groups (-> without converting the cloners into single objects. If I convert them then I would use "x+rnd(100)" ) Here is the file (size a bit too big to attach...): https://www.file2send.eu/de/download/1z61ujgJ43S5QpYZD0SUHfI3jRNAFxCqznmBKjoCXixKKopLDFef1WysvCEOaDzq Greets
  18. Hello, I have tried to attach the zip-file, which size is 5MB. Unfortunately upload limit is 3MB. Should I send it per e-mail? Which address, please?
  19. that's too bad. I have two dual x5690 nehalem machines that are still pretty capable machines. One is still my main GPU rendering machine and I can't use Q-Tile Pro which I bought for Redshift/Octane use and I can't use the HDR Lightstudio R21 plugin. This AVX requirement is really starting to hurt now, but I guess it's to be expected and I'll be able to save up enough money for a new PC one of these days.
  20. Glad I could help That's what we're here for after all, nobody profits from keeping secrets.
  21. I've worked it out. I grouped the camera into a Null and scaled down song Object Mode. I asked this question prematurely, but it might help someone else
  22. I have a project with an animated camera. I just realised that everything was at the wrong scale so I grouped everything into a Null and scaled it down to be correct. This is a technical project and dimensions need to be correct. Unfortunately it hasn't scaled down the camera motion keyframes, is there a way of doing that? Cheers Ash
  23. Hey DasFrodo! That certainly did the trick and I learned some interesting things about xPresso along the way. Thanks so much for helping me out with this. I really appreciate you taking the time. Hope you have a great weekend my friend!
  24. thank you al, I'll investigate, apparently the IP 4/6 lines are not active. OS is XP 10 both sides, there are no other devices inbetween on the cable
  25. Lighting is normally the one that has the most issues so try overriding it 256, 512, 1024, 2048 e.c.t/ I normally jump right up from 4096 to save time. If it rendering fine on your own local machine then it sounds like a rendering farm issue just going by logic here as I dont use a farm. Failing that its worth popping over to Redshift forum where there are more experts on Redshift. It may also be of use to look at this thread. an
  26. Just checked my refraction pass and its completely black so thinking its not refraction now
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