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  2. FBX and Alembic are your best bet.
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  4. Really awesome!! Great print material!
  5. Igor


    Very nice details. Good job!!!!
  6. Is there a way to export a scene from Maya, with simply animated geometry (just position on rotation). Plus camera animation. So that it can be imported into C4D and retain all the information. I don't need to worry about lighting, texture, shaders or anything like that. It's simple scene with an an animated camera that I have been asked to shade with C4D's sketch and toon. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much
  7. First off, leave the hair right where it is, you will actually slow things down further if that becomes editable geo. Just turn down the number of hairs / guides you see in the viewport to get your speed back there. It'll be the cloners that are slowing things down for the most part. You can set Level of Detail to low to reduce the viewport count, or try different modes of multi-instance to speed things up that way... Don't know about Forester specifically, but you can try putting each cloner in a connect (weld off), then hitting C to make that editable, then once you have all the cloners done you can CO&D them together into a single mesh. That is what will speed thing up most, but then of course you've lost all your editablility, so I wouldn't do that unless nothing else was working... CBR
  8. Yeah but at some point the handles cant be dragged out any longer, if i want a steeper curve at the inflection point. Then i need a keyframe in between. The dopesheet gets so cluttered then. In After Effects there is this plugin "Motion 2" where i can adjust ease in, ease out plus the steepness in the middle without aditional keyframes. But maybe even the Smart Tween plugin for C4D didnt do that? We now found https://nitro4d.com/product/magic-animcurve/ by now, but that also just quickly adds curves that you cant do by yourself without using additional keyframes. Not so bad though. Plus it's free.
  9. I am trying to make a mountain. That mountain should have some grass scattered (but not on top of the mountain and not at the bottom...somewhere in the middle) and also some different trees and flora. For the grass I used Hair from Cinema 4d (1 million hairs) and for the various trees I used the Forester plugin (I used several Multicloners+trees). The mountain is a regular Landscape object from Cinema 4D with 1000 segments and 3500x3000x3500 cm. After all these my viewport is slow like a snail. I want to use Connect Objects and Delete to make one single object from all these...but it's only half working. I get the mountain but I only get very few hairs as grass and none of the Forester multiclone trees. See the image attached (on the #1 you see how it looks before applying Connect Object and Delete...on the #2 you see how it looks after applying Connect Object and Delete...and above all these you see how the objects look in my viewport before and after applying Connect Object and Delete (the mountain object, the Hair and Forester multicloners). My question is how do I make all these one object so I can work with it and won't bring the viewport to a crawl? (I intend to add an explosion with Turbulence FD)
  10. Welcome to the cafe What we need is better words and more of them. What sort of cracks, and how do you want them animating ? Be as precise as possible about what you want, and ideally upload some photo reference. Also a good idea to indicate what your level of experience in Cinema is, and what you have tried already. Also helpful to confirm the current version of Cinema you are using - for example R17+ has Voronoi Fracture, which might be very helpful for this... CBR
  11. Thanks Jed for explaining this! I found a tutorial as well that explains this but yours has better info. I think this should work for what I'm trying to do. Many thanks!!!
  12. kbar


    Means its not a final version. Still might contain some bugs and not all workflows are complete, which is why it is so cheap and also on patreon. It's there for people who are interested in using it. I have also added this version to my main site as well if you don't want to use Patreon. https://www.plugins4d.com/quadriflow.
  13. Animating cracks on a surface using c4d
  14. thanulee


    Thank u!! Says alpha plugins. What does that mean?
  15. Looks like some quality stuff. Best of luck to you.
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  17. Omg! that gif is very close to what I imagined. I didn’t learn about mograph selection before, I’m giving this a try tonight. Thank you so much!
  18. I think MoGraph Selection is probably your friend here.. you can use that in the dynamics tag to make just some bricks react to stuff, like so. Hopefully this simplified scene file will set you off on the right path. Also note that the selective Dynamics only become active on contact with the smashy thing by using the On Collision Mode of Dynamic Activation, which saves a lot of tedious pre-smash calculations and 'settling'. Smashy Wall.c4d CBR
  19. Hello members, I'm trying to punch a whole in a brick wall, while the rest of the wall stays standing solid. I couldn't figure this out using dynamics ( I tried to on/off gravity, turn dynamics ON on collision, increase follow position) I have a feeling that Voronoi Fracture is the way to go, but I couldn't manage to get a relatively realistic brick arrangement, also the simulation took forever. Did anyone have to build something similar that could share thoughts on this? edit: I forgot to mention that I have this setup now as a mograph contraption, but it is far from any good Thanks folks
  20. Corona only has annual license. You can only rent Corona. Octane you can buy a perpetual license. I like Cycles 4D a lot which you can own and runs on GPU or CPU or both. Cycles 4D also makes materials with nodes just like is made with Cycles in Blender if you were thinking of trying Blender. This means if you lean how to make mats with Cycles 4D the skills transfer to make mats in Blender. Redshift is can also be owned and is great if you have a good GPU which you don't. As far as quality goes all 4 render engines can do about the same quality stuff fast with the right hardware. Fastest to slowest $ for pc $ in order would be Unreal Engine, Blender Eevee, Octane in faster mode I forget what it's called, Redshift, Cycles, Octane regular mode, Corona. Corona is the fastest CPU render engine, but it's only competition is Cycles. $ for pc hardware $ Corona is not great since it needs CPU and that means a whole new rig per CPU. If you already have a good CPU or can only do CPU Corona can do great stuff. I'd say pick one and get good with it. They all can do great stuff. The licensing is what turns me off the most on Corona. As I'm switching more to Blender, Cycles 4D meshes perfect with that.
  21. I think there is a difference beyond the CPU / GPU discussion actually. Corona makes really beautiful images - and encourages you to use it like a camera. Emulating reality is at its core ethos, which is why arch vis people like it so much (as do I - although I use it for product visuals). Octane also makes really nice photoreal shots, but But AFAIK can be a more versatile engine if you want stylised imagery. Which lots of mograph/vfx prople do.
  22. kbar


    The Quadriflow plugin is now available on Patreon for R20 and R21. For both OSX and Windows. https://www.patreon.com/plugins4d
  23. Thank you so much! Im going to try this out!!
  24. @jennifer I'm also on a Mac so I understand your dilemma. You can, however, get an external GPU (also called ePGU) box and use Nvidia for Octane and Redshift. It works, but you still have to get HIGH END cards to make the software really fly. If you want to stay on an underpowered Mac, the this investment makes sense. Decent cards can start at $700 USD to over $1,000 and you would most likely get at least two cards. Now, if you already have a "fast" Mac, then you might not be able to spend a couple grand again. That's where Corona comes in. It's cheap and you can go monthly and it's much easier to get a nice result than other render engines IMHO. There are some limitations on achieving certain realistic effects with GPU that Corona can handle. Çertain refraction and caustics can be issues on GPU from what I've seen. If you have an iMac and not an iMac Pro, then you can only go so fast either way. Corona gives you three nodes you can use for Team Render which is nice, plus you can bye more. Now for the not so great when it comes to Corona. I've been using it since the Alpha version they have come very far now, but there are still several major features that have yet to implement and some that are still buggy. There are still major issues with Mograph Cloners and Render and Multi-Instances. Some motion blur problems, some Team Render wackiness, but the developers are active on the support forums and publish their roadmap so you can see what's going on. Some of these issues seem to be Mac-only problems from what I've seen. But the output of this engine is so nice and pretty darn fast that I keep using it and am hopeful the other features will come online soon. We are using it for animation and the only parts that are proving challenging is super bright refections having white pixels that don't go away with the denoiser. It's just a matter of find the pain level between letting Corona go for as many passes as possible and still get your project done. My profile has a link to an album of Corona still renders if you want to see. Hope you like cars. There's a German artist that added an eGPU to his Mac Pro trashcan and loves it for Redshift: If you have any other Corona questions, feel free to reach out. We've go two brains over here. Good luck.
  25. Just by manipulating curves in the F-curve editor ! I find I very rarely need any other types than the presets, but if I do I just draw them... CBR
  26. I've been using the Bake Texture tag to bake spherical renders out to proper UV maps for a UV mapped environmental projection job. This process is very slow and ties up a workstation. We have a render farm but I can't figure out how to send it to the farm to distribute to the nodes. We use deadline to set up our render farm jobs. Can anyone think of a way to go about this? Would it be possible to add a python script that tells the nodes to execute the tag? Any thoughts would be appreciated! Gary
  27. Hello; I have a "new" plugin available by name of Collie Project Button Bar on my Patreon (accessible on the 5$ level and higher): https://www.patreon.com/posts/plugin-collie-5-30897175 This plugin shows a button list containing the currently loaded projects (with an automatic and a manual mode) for ease of access and convenience. The dialog can be docked into the layout. It is possible to show the file paths (or abbreviated versions thereof) and to reorder or limit the buttons / projects. An English and a German internationalization are included. The manual is available as separate post (public so you can survey the functionality) but only English at the moment: https://www.patreon.com/posts/plugin-collie-5-30830191 The plugin has been developed to serve as a sample for the Python: Spoonfed tutorial series. Since the code is a bit more advanced than the tutorials, I'm publishing it separately as an appetizer. If the tutorials find enough support to get there, we will examine the code in detail. The basic idea is mostly like xsTab, as I have found people asking for a replacement when the xs plugins disappeared (were discontinued?). You can use the plugin independently of the tutorials; no need to know anything about programming The plugin has been written in Python for R21 (and higher) and should work on PC and Mac with no further installations; just copy the plugin's own directory into your preferred plugins directory (not into the script directory), and it will run. I do not guarantee for versions below R21, and have not tested them, although it may run there too. If you have issues running the plugin, or ideas on how to improve it, feel free to leave a note. If you like to see more plugins, or wish to join in to the Python tutorials, you may want to become a Patron: https://www.patreon.com/cairyn
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