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  2. Yeah I'm on R21, don't know where that came from. Haven't been on here in years but also don't think I ever had R6!
  3. Another short little video I forgot to post. Not much 3d in this one but the fly's were animated in Cinema 4d and rendered with Octane.
  4. Good god man, are you really on R6 of the software like your profile says, or do you need to update that ?! CBR
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  6. I have a new, slightly overweight character in C4D, rigged with the Bendy Limbs Rig. The HWC controllers are buried deep inside his chubby torso, meaning I have to hide his body every time I want to grab them. Is there a way to assign a null in the object browser to each of these controllers so I can just select the null instead? Cheers then!
  7. I think its a case of B having a shadow and A having no shadow. ie A is well lit, whilst B has no light in that area. Thats how it seems to me anyway without the aid of a scene file. Deck
  8. Actually percentage of the Align To Spline tag has very little to do with real length of the spline unless interpolation is set to uniform. In any other case percentage is taken based on number of points, so.. in your example first cusp equals 25% and second one is 50% . Yeah..I was shocked too.. In case you needed to set interpolation of your spline to uniform, you can use offset in the Xpresso spline node. It ignores interpolation set on a spline as long as you keep Use Uniform Distribution unchecked.
  9. Okay....here it is 9:30 PM and I have just finished work for the day and will now indulge in a bit of mindless TV. So as you can see, I don't watch a lot of TV. Maybe an hour during the weekdays and two hours on the weekends. So I go to YouTube. The videos are short, and I can usually get through 3 to 4 short clips before I fall asleep (hey....it has been a long day that started at 5:00 AM...so no judging). My guilty pleasure on YouTube is Corridor Digital. Yep...I am a fan. Their "VFX Artists" react segments is what drew me in (Niko Pueringer gives some really good critiques which are very educational by themselves), but their short films are hysterical and side projects (like playing Jenga with cinder blocks) just keep my hooked. Also, the things Wren Wiechman does with a drone are pretty insane. He is also a mechanical engineer (like me - I would love to find out where he went to college) and so I enjoy it when he tackles engineering problems with a good CAD tool and a 3D printer. Very clever stuff going on there. They also use C4D at their studio: Corridor Digital. Well, actually Clinton Jones uses C4D at their studio. You can sometimes spot him wearing a MAXON T-shirt during their pod-cast. So I am really looking forward to seeing Clinton Jones present at MAXON's 3D Motion and Design Show on July 21st. Based on the work done on the Bosstown robot videos, I am sure it will be a good talk on photo real visual effects. But if not, he can always set himself on fire again....yes...they did that too. Good wholesome mindless entertainment for the work-weary. Dave
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  11. I don't know how this happened but A has a red-color shadow and B has a normal one. Image: https://imgur.com/a/rVaMF6G All of my active lights have 100% density and the shadow color set to black. Any idea?
  12. I had a scene recently with a camera aligned to a spline, and I wanted to pause the camera at the spline points. The halt points were cusps - To stop at each cusp, I needed to know the exact % for the align tag - is this possible ? I managed it with a workaround using multiple splines and snapping, but using 1 spline and knowing the point positions would be better. Any ideas ?
  13. And thanks @bezo! I should know this stuff! I'm blaming the heat, and the fact I've had my head stuck in XP all day... forget all the basic stuff. Thanks for replying
  14. @deckThanks so much! I'd converted the objects in my screen to editable, and had to change the axis to 0,90,-225 which seems really random.. but yeah, If I started again and set the axis to plus Z its all good. Thanks for helping me with my brain fart
  15. In this tutorial we are going to create an abstract piece with a "Wire" style. This only works in R21 and onwards as you need the Field Force object for it.
  16. In this tutorial we are going to create a complete Synthwave-Style Landscape from start to finish, including Color-Correction and some other additional effects inside After Effects.
  17. I only noticed while trying to add support for edge and polygon selections that the original version already supported edge selections. I thus have now added polygon selections as well, added some undo support, and perform some clean up afterwards.
  18. Months later, I'm still having trouble understanding how to approach this, and really how the formula field works in general. Any advice?
  19. @bezothank you! I will have a look at this
  20. Symmetry in Cinema 4d seems non-existent except for the Symmetry object...but in order for that to work you have to cut the object in half first. I have a complex character I imported into c4d from another software and cutting it in half is not something I'm not willing to do. I should automatically be able to edit the geometry symmetrically because the model is symmetrical. Unless there's something I don't understand about the way c4d handles symmetry. Is there a button somewhere to turn on symmetrical mesh editing?
  21. Well...you folks are doing a great job. So far, from where I sit, this seems to be going smoothly. Dave
  22. THanks Dave. Still more to come and to do. Regarding browsers, I am waiting for Big Slur update of the mac to test new Safari, it look promissing...
  23. Loaded fast on both Chrome and Edge. Overall, I am enjoying the new Edge better than Chrome right now so glad to see it working on Edge. Chrome is a little bit slower but I got tired of Google tracking everything I do across multiple apps so I loaded the Duck-Duck Go app to be spared the spam advertising on Chrome without having to log out. That may explain the speed difference in load times....not sure. Dave
  24. its probably the axis of the cloner object / cone. You want that on plus Z with align clone ticked in the cloner object. Deck
  25. Fantastic this has been annoying me so much it should be like this in c4d by default. Thanks a lot
  26. I think this is really easy, I'm sure I've done it before, but for some reason I'm having a real brain fart today! I just want to have my cloner objects face away from the surface normals of the distribution object, e.g. spikes on a ball. Changing the Up Vector doesn't work, and I can't find a magic check box for 'normal align' or similar. It's been a long day, please tell me what I'm doing wrong! Thanks in advance
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