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  2. Doesn't work for me? I have R20, and get an error that this file is too old and can't be read except by an older version, see below. Is anyone able to convert this for me? --------------------------- CINEMA 4D Visualize --------------------------- The file: (...)\Design\metalcollection\metalcollection\metalcollection.c4d is too old and cannot be read. It was created with Cinema 4D R11.5 or older. You can still convert it with any Cinema 4D version up to R19. ---------------------------
  3. Hey guys, I've been moving computers and trying to merge my C4D work into the new computer and everything keeps getting lost. Been working on C4D for around 6 months and i still haven't figured out the proper and cleanest way to work with textures. Everytime i copy paste an object with texture from one document to the other, it loses its associated images and it goes missing, it's been all over the place. What is the best procedure to work with textures and materials in a way that saves all the textures of the document in One Folder and anytime i open it on a different computer it works and doesn't lose everything? Of course, i am saving every scene "Save Project with Assets" but still this doesn't seem to be working, all the files keep getting lost and almost everyday i have to link up the textures which is draining. And if i want to copy a textured object from one document to the other on C4D how can i do that and maintain its textures? Is there a way or i have to save it individually then Merge with Objects onto layers? Thanks
  4. Substance painter is a great program to bake PBR maps for unity and a host of other programs.
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  6. There's Pixelberg, that let's you try your maps as PBR materials without leaving C4D. http://frostsoft.blogspot.com/ Have a look and see if this suits your workflow.
  7. Thanks so much for the reply. For some reason, when I turned OFF the character rig and turned it back on....everything was back to normal. I've not idea what happened...but I'm back at it! Thanks!
  8. No, this is about Animation, so that's the section it goes in. I have moved it for you, and retitled the post in a way that will make it usefully searchable later. We can help a lot faster / more effectively if we have the scene file. Pls can you upload it ? CBR
  9. This is a known bug in the R20 Mesh Checker, but pls report it anyway (via the MAXON website) as I'm not sure previous reports have correlated it with object size. CBR
  10. I just noticed that I'm also unable to move or rotate any of my character controls. This has GOT to be a simple thing...but I cannot figure it out.
  11. Hi and to the Cafe Would be easier if you posted a scene file, however you can always use spline tangent data for orientation. Check this example :) tangent.c4d
  12. Hi all! I'm asking this here as it seems like something very basic. I've read 10 or so posts that offer a few good ideas, but I'm in a tight spot and cannot figure it out. I am building a character for animation. The mouth is controlled by pose morph and works perfectly, but when I keyframe an object..let's say a null object and record motion keyframes. The animation of those keyframes appears to have been turned off. I've got "use animation" checked...and everything was working fine...but I think that my cat disabled something...and for the life of me, I cannot figure out how make those animated keyframes appear in the viewport.
  13. Hello, I'm new to the forum, so first a big hello to all. I'm using c4d R19 student edition for this question.... What I'm doing: I'm animating points on a cylindrical sweep, this was done by using a joint tool on a spline and creating handles (nulls) for each joint/point (method is here ). This way I can animate the nulls and the sweep stays live (not editable). It all works well. I've put a cap (arrowhead) in the null at the end of the spline/sweep, which looks great when vertical (top left image) but when the null (spline handle) is moved (straight across with no rotation) the joint/angle of sweep rotates and the arrowhead stays vertical (top right image). The bottom images shows what I'm trying to do, but have faked in photoshop. Does anyone know of a way to align the arrowhead with points, polys or edges so that the arrowhead will stay in line (perpendicular) to the cylinder? For animation purposes the sweep has to stay a sweep (can't make it an editable object). Maybe I'm doing this all wrong and should be using another method entirely? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  14. I've made materials in Unreal and there are so many custom nodes and materials so it can look good in real time the materials have to be made from scratch to look right. If the defaults are used it's really generic and looks bad.
  15. You'll need a PBR workflow for to get your materials look right in any game engine. So @mlewy what you're saying is that you have already tried to generate Color, Normal, Roughness and Metalness maps inside C4D and then bake them and export them?
  16. Does anyone have any advice on going from c4d to unity and having similar materials - I have tried to bake them but it still doesn't look right.
  17. Instead of random effector use a combination of plain effector, cloner as field and random field :)
  18. My beautiful wife works as a social worker at the juvenile court, and she uses the signs of safety-tool: the three houses. These three houses are a great way to talk to children about the good things in their lives, their worries and the dreams they have for the future. She made an example sketch for me, so I had a very good idea of what she wanted. I made a new sketch (below) because she really likes the old skool pencil-on-paper style. I thought it would be cool to make a 3d version of the house, so here it is!
  19. I'm trying to build a library of my own materials, but I don't want to bog my startup drive with gigabytes of texture maps. I noticed GSG's Redshift material .lib4d file doesn't contain these maps, which is why you have to manually point to a location in the preferences after installation. But when I drag my material into the content browser, it seems to save the maps automatically and I can't seem to find a way around this. I can right-click on the saved material and select "update texture paths" but nothing happens. I spun my wheels long enough on this, and the MAXON Help file on this subject seems to be a little thin on info. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers
  20. Hello guys! My pretty useful free ArcSplineRig XPresso preset was updated and now supports Cinema 4D R20, works faster and do not contains any python or coffee nodes! Check it out here, hope you like it! https://mikeudin.net/product-category/free/
  21. Thanks! I have watched a number of videos on fields. I still can't figure out how to get the exact outcome I need. I basically want to trigger a random effector in the location where a cloner passes through the object. But I can't get it to recognize a cloner.
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