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  2. Hello cafe, I'm dealing with fbx export/import for the last week (S22) - I notice a strange behavior. No matter what configuration I make the export, there is always this problem: even when I have only 2 keyframes on a certain object, the exported animation (fbx) track has spline keyframes for every single frame in my animation. My "clean tracks" option is checked and my "bake all frames" option is unchecked. Maybe I'm missing something here? FBX exports from other packages only contain the keyframed frames, they don't turn every single frame to keyframes, so I believe there is something missing/wrong on C4D side. Would love to learn!
  3. Some new setups 183_Block_face_rig(MG+XP).c4d 184_Field_selections(MG).c4d
  4. I tried that. I added a photo The arrow shows the jellyfish and I marked the spline path. It is "jelly 2" in the objects viewport. The other two I scaled up but lost the animation. I believe I scaled the lathe. I am unsure at this point because i think my brain is fried haha. Thanks
  5. Ohh Yeah! It works!! Now. I just need to play with the settings and get what I'm looking for. Thank you very much!
  6. Did you try scaling in Object Mode as opposed to Model mode ? CBR
  7. Hello, Im pretty new at animation, i imported an fbx from Daz to c4d and got it up and running, then i did a separate tutorial to animate a jellyfish. I merged the file into the scene but I need to scale up the jellyfish since its really small compared to the Daz model. i tried all different ways to use the scale tool but it seems to be not working.. i am imagining there is another way to scale up one animation imported into a scene without the scale tool. I am currently facing recreating the whole jellyfish larger, but i was hoping to avoid having to redo it. let me know if anyone has an answer Thanks in advance!
  8. Are you trying to write to an existing file that is already open elsewhere ? CBR
  9. damn... how you know everything Bezo :)) Thanks man
  10. Hi, I'm using a background object to preview a photo backdrop (final compositing will be done in Photoshop). In the View Panel: is there a way to turn off DOF for the background object? Thank you!
  11. Hey, I'm new to C4D so I still don't know a lot about it. Yesterday I rendered something and it worked out perfectly. But today for some reason I get this error. I've already tried to change the location (different folders and even different hard drives). I don't know what to do. (Here are the output settings)
  12. Although there were clues, you didn't mention this as being a low poly scene, so I assumed this was merely a starting point for something more realistic. But if you are trying to get the rough, low poly look, then it'll all be horrible triangles anyway, and so modelling rules in general, and the stuff I was saying don't really matter here, as you can mash anything into anything for this sort of scene, and it'll probably be fine. However, if it was me I would still start this whole thing from a single triangulated plane and the first thing I would do on this plane was make a poly selection for the river. Then I could just invert that (U,I) to get the inverse, which is all the other polys. CBR
  13. Hi Can you please update your profile for your C4D version as the advice given can change according to the version you use? Without seeing what this pivot is doing its hard to tell but normally the pivot object gets added after making a motion clip. When you say "pure clip data" do you mean keys? Pivot objects that have keys on can be added to a motion clip so you will need to provide the scene, a video so we can get a more visual idea of what the issue is. Dan
  14. Thank you!! You from the forum are always so helpful
  15. Here you go. Trick is to simply select all Circle splines and reduce polygon count inside AM, more precise you can alter Angle of Immidiate Points to cca 35 degree and you gonna get much less polys. spaghetti_V2.c4d
  16. Seems like you are right about serapate models here
  17. Unfortunately that simply not working here. We tried many times having challenges but people eather don't have time or they are afraid to participate. I wishs we can brings those back soon, but I doubt. Thanks for sharing!
  18. So can we combine them and then achieve this selection?
  19. Thanks Cerbera. so you are saying I should not do this as some rivers with displacement for a good looking low poly map? I guess I can just select some polygons and put my grass, right? what it has to do with those different topology you are saying?
  20. No, they are separate objects, so one can't know what the other is doing. There is no way that I am aware of that is quicker than just drawing it in with the live selection tool in top view... However, this is not the way to do this, as you will end up horrible jagged polys because your rivers topology has nothing in common with the terrain. You need to create the latter from the former ideally so the edge flows match... CBR
  21. Hello guys. so I have this simple scene. imagine that is a river over a terrain. so how can I select only those landscape polygons where there is no river? so I can put grass for example. can we somehow do this without manually selecting the polygons in top view? maybe a faster and more precise method? because in large scenes with many objects this can take a lot of time. thanks. test.c4d
  22. You should update to R22, which has a much improved UV toolset... CBR
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