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  2. So I have been playing with the texture size(now 8k) and the delta setting in the tile shader. I am getting better results. This is really fine detail so I guess the resolution really comes into play.
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  4. Thanks for the tip, I already had my jaw and tongue bones children of the head but I just noticed I forgot to add a constraint to the head bone! It's funny I couldn't see that before.
  5. I was following a simple tutorial but when placing my flapping wings into a Cloner they no longer deformed according to the Jiggle deformer and Vibrate tag. Am I missing something or is this not the correct order of operations? Thanks. Scene File (194KB)
  6. Hi The Jaw and Tongue need to be a child of the head bone. Because each bone is constrained to a controller you also need to put them in the correct hierarchy. Example file coming. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ly2lp6m1dgca5s/head rig basic2.c4d?dl=0 Dan
  7. I am using a square tile texture at .1% global scale but no matter how small I make it when I bake the texture the squares are baked much larger. Is there a limitation for the tile shader and baked materials?
  8. I've been working on the rig for my lizard and I got most of it working following this tutorial, but I'm a little lost on the head/jaw setup. It seems I can't get my head rotate with the jaw and tongue, and I'm running out of ideas about what could be wrong. I guess it has to do with my tongue rigged with a Spline IK. Anyone willing to help ? Thanks in advance! File here.
  9. After you do the above, you will have to groom the hair using the Hair tools to get it to lay flat in the correct areas, flow in the right direction, be shorter in some areas and longer in others, etc.
  10. These are the results I've been getting with the Plugin but this looks more like a cloud of smoke instead of an ink water drop like the one I've shown in the initial post.
  11. Thank you both for your replies. I'm probably going to end up also using filmed elements but I thought I should try to create it myself. Dan, I experimented with TurbulenceFD but never got this "Ink" look :/
  12. Looks like something Turbulence FD plugin would do. Dan
  13. Nothing in Cinema can do that that I am aware of... people tend to use filmed elements when they want this effect... CBR
  14. Hello, awesome people! Does anybody know how to create a simulation of an ink drop in water? I've been looking at some TurbulenceFD tutorials on smoke and explosion but I can't find anything on how to achieve the effect I'm looking for. Here is a link of some stock footage of ink drop in water to show you what I want to create. p
  15. I would advise against moving, rather do a clean install. What is safe to move is shortcuts which you can find in prefs
  16. HI, you need to tweak the hair material settings increase the random on the length, reduce the the frizz and curl, reduce the thickness of the tip of the hairs and make them longer.
  17. I heard that Cinema 4D will start shipping with a free baked potato. But it sucks because you have to buy your own sour cream.
  18. Hello, for everyone! I can't understand why fur on my pokemon looks like a carpet) I cant get close to film result...I tried to increase amount of hair but it didn't gave good result. https://www.dropbox.com/s/p1swyogu1x8xj3p/Pika_chu_red_shift0000.mp4?dl=0 (animation) And anybody knows comfortable way to hair modelling maybe in another soft, or technique in c4d except brush and cut tool. p.s. on picture i increased amount of hair
  19. So far I found 2 folders to move, MAXON folder in Applications folder and MAXON folder in the users/library folder... Is there any other files I need to copy over to my new Mac using R20 Thanks Dave
  20. And, since MAXON has publicly said that they're working on revamping their UV tools, I don't think anyone would be building a massive tutorial series about the current workflow.
  21. I love that. It is super-adorable.
  22. You're welcome! Hope you learnt a thing or two from the settings :) Optimizing rendersettings can be a huuuge timesaver if you know a couple of tricks and rules.
  23. Hi, Here's file with some optimization, for example frame 370 took around 11 sec now, on 7820X 4.4 GHz Cheers, Dane Elastic_Thinking_MASTER_23rd_July_2.zip
  24. Really appreciate you taking the time to do that, the frames are now super speedy without the GI and physical render. The bubbles/spheres suffer a bit material wise (which I can just render separately or adjust) but overall this has saved me SO much time - thank you!!
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