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  2. Does these help, actually I'm stuck again with this project but not gonna give up.
  3. Hi, and welcome! I'm surprised no one responded by now. Did you ever get this solved? I'm guessing it's a render settings or camera settings issue. Perhaps when you did the 'real render' you used different render settings, or different camera? In cases such as this you will get quicker, more accurate responses if you can provide a stripped down version of the file for us to investigate. Or at the very least a few screenshots of the settings/attributes involved.
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  5. I tried it. but it´s not working. the time field doesn´t repeat the formula modifier. Am I doing it right?
  6. The only things I found that made any difference was 1) cranking up the Bias (Abs) distance. When I did this, those harsh lines softened out the higher I went. 2) Increase the sampling radius (max is 20) and then setting the Sampling Radius Boost to High. Perhaps some combination of these two things will be your best solution. I've never mucked about with shadow densities, so I wish you good luck! Edit: I used the Male T-Shirt preset model with no material applied as a test object.
  7. Need to share the scene it will help us help you much faster. Dan
  8. The c4d viewports are a disgrace, flipping to boxes at the slightest move of a camera. Why won't MAXON bring them up to a 21st century speed?
  9. Load your formula as subfield of time field and set offset in time field to negative value (which equals your frame rate) :)
  10. Ahhh, cool. Thanks a lot! edit : Has the "Solved" topic moderation action been discarded ?
  11. It's a hierarchy issue. When I take the Eyes symmetry object out of the Lizard group, the Lights are excluded as expected. Doing this removes the eyes from the SDS, but they already seem to have enough geo so nothing is really lost. It definitely seems to go against the logic of the include/exclude function. The case seems to be that the SDS being a generator imposes a specific hierarchy to all objects under it as a requirement to its function.
  12. Hey, I want to create a waveform effect with the plain effector. How can I tell my formulamodifier inside the plain effector, to start the animation at frame 0? Right now the formula begins in the middle of the animation. Kind regards
  13. Ok, well we can't really tell from a picture with no lines visible... CBR
  14. Thanks for the tip @danijelk! I tried it with the same settings but all it seems to do is softening the grey line.
  15. WOW your result looks very cool :D However I am going for a Full colour hologram look. this is what i have so far... What do you think? How could I improve this scene?
  16. Thanks 3dkobi, I'll give that a shot. You've both been really helpful.
  17. Hi, Try checking both Alpha and Straight Alpha in render settings, and put Anti-Aliasing to "Best", with Min=1, Max=4, and Filter="Gauss (Animation). Dane
  18. Looks like this object is not under a subdivision Surface object like it should be if it was made low poly. CBR
  19. It has flyaway hair in the clump settings yes. Easier Im not sure as the only other hair system I use is C4D own native one which does not have flyaway hair feature that Im aware of. As I know C4D own hair system much better its not fair for me to give a comparison between them. but for me the main differences are results are more predictable between what I preview in the viewport to the actual render. There are so many operators /Tags that you can stack up on the basis of order or operation which really seems to be very flexible while at times over complicating things. Ornatrix deals with some of C4D of hair system downfall that being collisions, in they the guides respond to the distance set. Secondly, which is a major one is the interpolations of the roots and hair growth, I don't get so many hair intersections in Ornatrix right off the bat, and that's before I added the operators that deal with that very issue more head on. Its faster to add hair groups, and when it gets added braids will be a huge one. There is two types of dynamics in Ornatrix, one is full Moove dynamics, the other is the Oscillator which is nice for small movements like fur. Dan
  20. Thanks, great texture! I tried it out with RedShift with some fantastic results! I used the same texture in the Bump channel as well, just scaled down a bit. And a little SSS goes a long way to get that chocolate look :)
  21. Thanks for the tip, I was actually thinking about killing the lights' specular but I'd really like to know why the exclude/include thing doesn't seem to work. On more complex scenes it would really help to use its flexibility. I uploaded the scene here (+ an AE project) for another question about compositing, if any of you want to have a look and hopefully find the culprit, that'd be great. PS : I used a "privacy friendly" alternative to WeTransfer and it looks like it's quite slow to get the files, sorry :/
  22. Actually one thing still haha! Why does this look like this, what I'm doing wrong with texture and colors? It looks soft end edgy and over all not real.
  23. Thanks (again) @natevplas, antialiasing is default Physical render I guess ; Cubic (still image). I did not tried yet rendering in 32 bpc or exporting alpha alone, but if you want to dive in, I uploaded a zip of the C4D and AE projects here (If you have extra time to look at why my lights are still reflected in the eyes despite adding the latter in the lights project tab, that would be super cool). edit : lights problem solved
  24. If you disable reflectance in the material it won't reflect a thing, so not even the lights. That's a way. You can also disable specular reflections in the lights so they only light the scene, but do not create specular on any surface.
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