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  2. Reposting here a previous post by contrafibbularities There's a free script called "AngleSelect" by Geespot you may find useful: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showpost.php?p=3963058&postcount=17 You need to be registered at CGTalk to download it.
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  4. The question came up in another forum about how to create Proc3Durale type 3d meshes and here is an example file of one way to use various 3D noises at various scales to create any such mesh required. I am getting more excited about X-particles on a daily basis! xpSkinner Modeling 7.c4d
  5. So, what I would like to be able to do, is drag a spline into the top field, then be able to have a python script that would reference that spline and allow me to "move up sequence" using the float control. I know that I can access the "move up and down spline sequence" controls from the Mesh>Spline drop down menu, but I want to be able to control this with Xpresso which would allow me to always come back to the "exact" sequence based on the number in the float control. I can do the Xpresso, but I have no skill with Python. I was able t find this: "c4d.CallCommand(12563) # Move Up Sequence", but have no idea how to utilize it the way I want to or make use of it with the Python node. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  6. This looks great! I made one a few years ago that isn't nearly as fun. I hope you rig and animate it!
  7. Thank you for the feedback I have taken it on board and made some adjustments I found 2 Tri's in the model that slipped through the net I think they have all gone now. Thanks, Charlie
  8. I'd love to switch and move away from Adobe. AE's development really hasn't progressed much since they moved to slavescriptions. Alas, fifteen years of experience and tons of purchased scripts/tools makes it tough to abandon.
  9. This is too damn funny. HiFly must be my cosmic twin. I was going through the exact same same tutorial yesterday and having the EXACT SAME PROBLEM. I kept wondering what modeling step I was doing wrong and then I finally rewound the video to see that the instructor had different settings with the symmetry object. Once that was changed it worked perfectly. Toby Pittman and Making it Look Great training is...awesome! Cerbera + Toby Pittman =learning heaven.
  10. Nice Job! I don't spot any Tris. Maybe a few poles, but hard not to do that. If the DoDo's personality is older or shy or afraid or ...I can see the eyes set back as they are. But take my advice with salt....I'm not serious modeler yet.
  11. Hm, I don't understand. If you apply to extruded parts you are talking about complete mesh since everything is extruded? That is simply one material for whole object..?
  12. Not a bad effort at all! looks pretty clean, i think i can see a few triangles in there though ;) one thing id adjust is how far set back the eyes are into the skull, i'd bring these out a bit more and make them not quite so flat :)
  13. This is a little DoDo character I'm working on I really don't have much experience with character modeling so he's a pretty steep learning curve for me still lots to do need to model his wings and clean up the mesh somewhat and figure a good way to add some feathers possibly with hair not decided yet I'll have to science it. I hope you like my progress so far. Cheers Charlie.
  14. @Batz There is a new video on youtube that you might like since it shows a setup quite similar to what you are after :)
  15. As soon as you change the point order, or delete or add any polygons to a mesh that has a UV map applied, you break that mapping. You will need to UV the head part again, and line up the new polys you created with wherever they appear in the UV map, then stitch them back to the neighbouring polys. CBR
  16. heyyy people , i had a character with a long hair ! and i wanted to short that hair so i cut it and then filled those holes using "bridge tool" after that my Texture has filled those holes in a wired way : it look like the whole texture have been compressed in this small polygons and i couldn't fix that !! any solution ?? im using Cinema 4D last version "R20 .059"
  17. Been thinking to make a move for some time. Held back by how much time will take me to feel comfortable in there....but the precomping and lack of sound in AE is killing me
  18. No, i didn't focus on the disc yet, i want to get the main shape right then focus on the disc..
  19. Ahh, I really appreciate you looking into this and for the work around. Amazing. Amazing. You've made my day, I can get on learning now but the upshot is that I feel as though I at least know the symmetry tool pretty well now after focussing heavily on it trying to fix this issue. Thanks again, especially for the work around. And your time. ;-)
  20. OK, well, you are doing everything right there, and I can confirm that errors every time, so looks like you have discovered a new bug in R20.59 ! Bizarrely, it works fine until you release the mouse button, at which point the new broken surfaces appear. That is not a trivial problem, so I will report that via the normal channels, and to @Igor directly. In the meantime there is a work-around. Do a zero-extrude, then use Normal Move to get the polys where you need them instead... PS - you have 2 stray points at the base of your model. Points mode, Select All and Optimize to fix those. CBR
  21. Hi, I wanted to make the question as simple as possible. Of course, your advice works. I thought of extruded parts. But what if I wanted to extrude further and would I need to apply the material only to the extruded parts? Is there any shader? Temp07.c4d
  22. I had problems uploading the images but have now attached them to the previous post. Attached to this post is the .c4d file. Much appreciated Handle.c4d
  23. Connect and Delete only makes the objects one mesh - it doesn't also connect all the points - you have to do that either via optimize, welding, or stitch'n'sew. But far better to have made all that character out of 1 mesh like I did so that these steps would be not needed... Also the topology of your disc is highly suspect at the moment - those are not even squares are they ? CBR
  24. No pics attached so far... but when you do add them, could you also please upload your project (.c4d) file. Thx. CBR
  25. thanks guys! I was capable of drawing the shape with primitives like so However, when i Subdivided the selected Poly it still didn't treat the object like one shape. The corners are still rounding in unwanted places and i've tried to Connect Objects + Delete as well, making it one but still the results look like the below Is this because the polygons need perfecting? what am i missing here?
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