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  2. Hi! I wanted to show you my last animation project. It's a lyric video for the last song of Tom Rosenthal: Love Loosens Limbs. I co directed it with Magali Garcia (https://vimeo.com/magaligarcia). We combined 3D scenes with 2D animatinos, stop motino and live shooting stuff to make a large zoom out. It talks about a boy who feels awkward and stiff when music starts, till someone special makes him feel loved and free :) Making of and some extra stuff are coming. Good vibes! Hope you like it :)
  3. 19.068 doens't appear in the dropdown, it only goes up to 19.053. I'll send screengrabs when I get a chance. The scene file is 1gb with the cache. The cache takes 30 minutes so I doubt you would want to bake it.
  4. Thank you for your response! I wasn't able to control the data rate it in Final Cut Pro...maybe I'm doing it wrong? But I clicked on "export master file" and exported it out as an Apple Pro Res 422 HQ file. Maybe I can upload it to a compressor and change it.
  5. Moved to correct section. Please try and post in the right place. You are not matching the spec on data rate at the moment. Did you export with a fixed data rate (as opposed to variable), and were you able to control what that was ? If so, what did you set it to ? CBR
  6. Hi, I'm very new to editing and I'm making a video that needs to be the specifications shown: I rendered out all my scenes in C4D as PNGS, put them in after effects and exported them as Apple Pro Res 422 HQ files. I've then put them all together in Final Cut Pro for my final editing. When I exported the video and saw it in Quicktime the specifications were as shown: Do these match the specifications needed? The video file is very large and the current size seems to be bigger? Thank you to anyone who takes the time to help me out!!
  7. it works when I made a new file with the shadow catcher ..but with this file I didn't figured out what's up
  8. A new laptop I bought with this version.
  9. 19.24 ?! Why haven't you updated to the latest version of R19 ? CBR
  10. No. If you have that you do have the latest R19 with all the fixes that brought with it... although if your profile was updated to say that, we wouldn't have had to ask, so please make sure you do ! :) It is kind of difficult to diagnose something like this where objects pop in and out under a complex cloner setup, especially if we don't have the scene to play with, or even any screenshots of the viewport or object manager so we could see in more detail what the setup is... So to help, we have to start simply guessing. My first question would be 'does anything change about the object you are cloning onto during the course of the animation ?' CBR
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  12. It's R19.068. Can't afford to upgrade to R20. Could that be it?
  13. So which version of the software have you got - your profile says R16.5, which doesn't have the shadow catcher. CBR
  14. What version of Cinema is this ? Your profile says 19.24, and of course there have been several key updates to R19 since then. Or is your profile wrong and your software up to date in which case please change it in your profile... CBR
  15. I have an object cloner with an object count of 20,000 animating to a sphere with 1 plain, push apart, delay and two random effectors. The object has 120 polys so that puts it at 2.4 million polys. About 5 times in the animation some objects appear on the sphere out of nowhere and it looks glitchy. I tried to disable Render Instances and re-cached. I did a hardware render and it seemed to work, but now the full renders take twice as long. So if I want it to work, I'll have to wait 14 hours for the animation render. I have 2x1080ti, Tthreadripper and using a licenced copy Redshift so it shouldn't be so slow. Here's the order of the effectors from top to bottom: Random.01 Plain Push Apart Random.02 Delay Any ideas?
  16. Thanks for the help! I will try it and see where it gets me :)
  17. I guess it entirely depends on what quality you need, but I don't think you can get anywhere near this without plugins.
  18. You can do the same thing in octane with a Blend Material. But instead you use the gradient between the two materials, the lower one being the glass, the upper one being the coating you want to blend.
  19. If you are on a private machine, try disabling your firewall for the update.
  20. Well you can work with instances, for example. All these trees can be instanced. So can the chairs and probably a lot of other stuff.
  21. Hi guys,, I cannot find why the shadow catcher which I'm applying for the plane doesn't give me the shadow of the object in an Alpha channel as supposed to be. what Im looking for is something like this video but this is the result I got so..any advice pls ! thanx ..
  22. Hey folks. Selling a Cinema 4D R19 Studio license for $2100. US / Canada. PM me if you're interested and I can supply verification digits. Thanks!
  23. Thanks guys. @natevplas thankyou very much for putting that together — Nailed it! The issue I have now is that that as I'm using Octane and the materials don't translate very well. Would you know anything about that?
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  25. Assuming all the legs are roughly the same size, just scale the unwrapped uv polys to the same size. If the legs are different sizes, it will be trickier, but the idea would be to scale the uv polys to the same ratio to one another. If you unwrap each one before relaxing, rotating, and scaling, then they should be roughly proportionate to each other. Then just arrange them to fit into the uv space as you want and scale all at the same time to maximize the space being used while keeping them proportionate.
  26. AA try decreasing to max level 4x4 or 8x8. Reflection depth... you should get away with 2-3. Decreasing ray depth also speedps up rendering. I understand this will be an animation? If so,you can choose GI mode that it better suited for animation. Your chosen mode QMC +LM is quite slow in your case. my 2 cents.
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