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  2. hello, In my search for "Where did this tool go between patches?" I found this place! Well as a complete novice i need every resource i can find. I look forward to getting to know this community, as i get to know the software.
  3. Hello, I made myself the scripts to load some often used user saved content objects/items. For example I have a palette button which starts the script loading Redshift Dome light with my settings. c4d.CallCommand(300000111, 1090) # Load Object Preset That object has ID 1090 in content manager, but if I save a new object to user content that ID changes and all my custom scripts calling often used user objects/items are broken (calling wrong item) and I would need to change new ID numbers in all of those scripts. My suggestion to MAXON developers is to make ID system that gives unique ID for every added item so that item ID stays the same no matter how many other items we add. Thank you.
  4. Thanks - that worked (change noise space) Subdividing mesh prior to cloning gives random color - but breaks the circular shape. Guess I could just subdivide a slice, bake down and then clone. That works. Thanks for help.
  5. I meant to post this link in my reply, but this is one way of making it work...but starting on the reduction at this point is almost like starting over from scratch considering the huge number of objects. https://greyscalegorilla.com/tutorials/rendertime-object-swap-and-the-variation-map-in-r17/
  6. I don't think that the LOD does anything for rendering. If I'm not mistaken, this only helps with your viewport functionality. I need to find a way to imperceptibly swap out high-poly background objects to low poly proxy models so that I'm not calculating hundreds of thousands of additional polys in my final render. Thank you just the same.
  7. I still love C4D but they have some pretty serious competition now with Blender 2.83 and hopefully as a result both software will benefit from this competition. I am definitely concerned that MAXON will somehow make my r19 unusable and I need an alternative. I am definitely not going with their new purchase programs. It is just too expensive and Blender 2.8 is FREE. I have been with C4D since R6 but they are not taking care of guys like me anymore.
  8. Well, by everyone should be "scared" but reallity is not how is might seems. There are still people out there that cant work with Blender, not becasue of its features but becasue the way it works etc.. I am one of them, I tried many other apps, but simply cant force myself to switch. So, no one should really panic at this point, Cinema 4D is growing every year so, still nothing to be worry about.
  9. Considering the new features of 2.8 as seen in his first video, I think I am discovering Blender at a great time in its development history. Look out C4D! Maybe competition will light a fire under C4D to speed development as they appropriately begin to sweat over Blender. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOKHwx1VCdgnxwbjyb9Iu1g
  10. Here it is in Python tripewriter.c4d it's just a string slice - square brackets with start and end indexes (starts at 0), colon separator, last char is limiter so not printed my_string = 'abcdefghijklmn' my_slice = my_string[3:7] # start and end index print(my_slice) # defg Can also be done in XPresso only - xp_writer.c4d
  11. Like all art, it's open to interpretation.
  12. @EAlexander @BigAl3D Here is my newest try. Did the new changes, what do you think now? On a scale of 1 - 10 how realistic is this? I want it to be photo-real, so far still getting a Game look feeling, something like NFS... In the download file you have 3 pics, the name of the pics tells you all you need to know. All of them have the same post work in Ae, using the DOF pass and some Curve standard S adjustment... The Portal light of the shop are placed on every window 1 portal light and the are all using the HDRI plugged into them... https://www.dropbox.com/s/h2plqfpeuj6y5dy/New Car Renders.zip?dl=0
  13. I will not copy paste this valuable resource, many times we had this question about where to find a list of all C4D Plugins, so I will just link it here as guy deserves some attention. So here is the list of many available Plugins for C4D: http://cine.wex.pl/C4D-F/C4D-1.htm
  14. @noseman is a Mac guy working with older systems. Can you you help us a bit here Noseman, any idea what might be an issue?
  15. It would be interesting to see would that same installer worked with another vesion of macOS. I am not sure could Metal be an issue from Mac side. Hard to tell really!
  16. Thank you, Igor! I've also contacted the support but would have needed the software over the weekend and they won't answer before monday. On their website I only found the installer for R21 or updates for older versions (but not the full versions).
  17. ohh thanks a lot i was just ignoring that you can add a texture to roughness. sorry for the useless post ! and thanks to all body
  18. I wish its on english, but even witouth it I can understand just with watching. Thanks for sharing, something I will definetly need in near future. By the way, what are you thought on the World Creator?
  19. Thank you DasFrodo. Im beginning to think Octane, whilst is amazing for some stuff is quite restrictive when it comes to simple stuff like omitting a reflection of something that you dont want to appear, its a shame. That said though if you look at the example of the render that I attached it quite clearly shows the light reflections running the length of the drinks can. Im thinking then that this could only be done one of two ways, either there is a way to exclude the reflection of the floor from the can or it was done as post. What you reckon? Im think im going to email the guy who has this course and see if he replies. Cheers Lang
  20. Octane is pretty restrictive when it comes to stuff like this as it doesn't allow to "cheat" very much. As far as I know there's not really a way to exclude objects from other objects reflections unless you're working with lights / emissive textures.
  21. Did the art kill him or IS that the art ?
  22. If you want roughness variation (which is what the roughness map is for) you need to use it as roughness texture, not as a mask. Otherwise all you're doing is masking the roughness which is a constant value. Also, don't use the Color Channel when working with PBR. Basecolor Textures go into the Layer Color in the reflectance channel. This is how it should look like: Or at least that's how I always do it and the result seems to be correct.
  23. OK, I'll check with Maxonians and see if I can find out for you. Also I would not hasitate to contact support.
  24. You seem to be after the sort of functionality that is normally only found inside game engines. R19 or 20 introduced the Level of Detail object which does allow you to specify what is shown into the viewport based on how far away from camera it is, but even that isn't a render thing - it is only designed to speed up your work in the viewport in massive scenes like this. Difficult to know what to suggest here, so I will watch with interest to see what anyone else says... CBR
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