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  2. This is a rookie question, I'm coming from Maya. My viewport scale, rotate, and move tools disappeared. How can I get those back. Thanks, Jarrod
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  4. Alright Union I went through your file, so let's start from scratch here: 1. Draw a linear spline parallel to the floor. Just 2 points, start and end. Make your spline Bezier. Name this "Control Spline" 2. Duplicate that spline, choose the 2 vertices, right click subdivide.Choose again the new vertices and subdivide again and then one more time. 3. Choose all the vertices, go to Character/Convert/Spline to joints. 4. Name the root of this Chain Spline IK. 5. Take the first joint and apply a Spline IK. Use the end joint as the end and the CONTROL SPLINE with the 2 points, as your reference spline. 6. Now go inside the Spline IK tag and press Add & Create twice. No you have 2 handles that will control the curve of that spine. Essentially what they're controlling is the tangents of the bezier curve, 7. Zero out/Freeze the two nulls you created. Inside the tag of each null color them and shape them to taste. 8. Use protection tag on Translation/Scale and all rotation axis apart from P. 9. Now try out that spline curving, and go back inside the IK Spline menu to play with the distances. See my previous picture to pick on the ratio: Head to Tail controlling distance is almost 1/5. 10. Now it's time to create the head and tail joints. I think you know how to do that. Just parent them accordingly (use the image above) 11. Zero out everything 12. Don't bind your mesh until your joints are working as they should . Best VH
  5. Hey Max, so what you need to do is place a Sketch Style tag on your extruded text. Then make a material and use only the luminance channel. Pick your color for the Caps (in your image it's red) and place the material on the model. On the Selection tag of the material write "C1" (Front caps) On your 2nd material for the sides (in your picture it's white), choose another color in the luminance channel. Place it on the material and write in the selection tag "R1" That should do it Best VH
  6. Does anyone know what are differences of these nodes? Thanks,
  7. So, no GPU involvement. That’s a really sad moment in my life right now. I just got a computer with an RTX 2070 installed. I guess it's useless without 3rd party renderer.
  8. Hello. I've been searching forums for an answer, but the ones concerning ‘Bake Object’ or ‘Bake Texture’ doesn’t seem to include everything of the render, from the GI to the shadows. I’m sure I’m missing something. Simply, I’d like to bake the photorealism of this render, for import into Unity. Seems like it’d be a straightforward baking thing, but boy, I’m just striking out. Thanks for any and all help! Tom
  9. I would hope MAXON would take a more innovative philosophy to expand the power of all in one C4D. They have a great support for Adobe, but they aren't tied together (unless they are.. by some contract.. I don't know). In any case, it's a dream that probably won't ever come true. If you want nodal compositing, the options aren't great. I don't like what Blackmagic has done to Fusion... but I guess I should feel lucky standalone Fusion is still being developed at all.
  10. C4D Standard and Physical renderers are all CPU based. More CPU cores and speed will help render times.
  11. No worries Union, we'll help you get there. I m on the road right now, give me a couple of hours and we ll do this together
  12. Hi, Since I don’t use third party render engines as Vray, Octane, Arnold, Redshift and so on to render out my design I was wondering what component C4D uses to render my frames when I choose either Standard or Physical renderer, in terms of CPU and GPU. I’m asking this because I’ve tried to render on two different computers with two different CPUs and GPUs, one with a more powerful graphic card than the other but the cpu slightly identical. To my shock not much difference in rendering time between them. Why is that? Thank you.
  13. If that doesn't work for you for some reason, you could always create your camera moves in reverse, then render normally and reverse the sequence in AE.
  14. Great! That's a nice model to work with, and your materials are looking sweet.
  15. If a dynamic object is stationary (and not subject to any force) for about 2 seconds, the dynamics switches off. This may be what is happening in your scene. You can over-ride this by setting linear and angular velocity threshold to zero. The default setting of 10 is the value the object must be less than for the effect to happen. I first encountered this with dynamic cars that refused to move after 'waiting' at a junction.
  16. Sorry if this is the wrong place for this and sorry if it has already been asked and answered (I have looked but to no avail) I want to make a sketch and toon with the front face in one colour and the sides in another There is an image attached of what I am after, hopefully someone can help! Max
  17. Hi Rasputin, I hear ya but I doubt this will happen due to current integration with After Effects via Cineware, unless maybe MAXON did something like have an integrated After Effects Lite in the same way After Effects has Cinema 4D Lite.
  18. Or use the aspect ratio of the picture in the coordinates of the Material Tag, that way you can basically move the picture along the surface of the plane and choose what you want to be visible. That said, if you just want to see the entire picture use Cerberas Method.
  19. Thanks so much for your reply, and for trying to help me "get it". Unfortunately I can't re-create what you show. I guess I don't know how to create the handles? or are they "goals"? I currently am hand animating the joints with keyframes. After many different re-creations of goals and IK attached to different joints in the chain, I gave up. inchworm.c4d
  20. @Cerbera True! I didn't think to do that this time, but will try to remember the next.
  21. Lols. It's nice when it's something simple isn't it And thanks for posting your findings ! But there is another lesson here. If we'd had a screenie of the Object Manager in the original post I'd suspect we'd have been all over that :) CBR
  22. @Cerbera @natevplas Thanks to both of you for trying to help! I really appreciate it! Cerbera, if you hadn't moved this over to a different section natevplas may not have seen it. And, natevplas, if you hadn't asked to see the file, I likely wouldn't have seen the problem (at least not for a while longer I'm sure - I've been scratching my head over this one for a couple of days at least!) SO - the problem - so stupid - I had a left an extra copy of the shoe model inside the fracture. I usually make copies of stuff before messing around and changing things up too much - turning off the visibility keeps them out of the way - BUT, apparently fracture sees the things inside it even if they're not visible. If you're having weird problems with fracture (like even the mats rendering out oddly), double-check to make sure you haven't left anything extra inside it. P.S. If you're interested - the shoe model is by M aciek PtaszynskiI, and you can get it from here - https://www.behance.net/gallery/6410899/Nike-Air-Max-1-Premium
  23. Just checking everyone has seen this, a brilliantly comprehensive guide to the entire photogrammetry workflow in Cinema from C4D Grandmaesters Chris Schmidt and Aaron Coverett. Includes a properly genius technique for transferring the UVs and textures of a horrendous model onto a really good one ! https://youtu.be/VRfytVKkNQw Then feel free to pop over to Patreon, and help pay Chris's doubtless massive electricity bills in gratitude for this, and his regular Wednesday wisdom Rocket lasso live streams, which continue to be similarly excellent ! :) CBR
  24. oh my! this is gonna take like 2 months for me to digest as i move forward! I definitely agree, looking at the 3Ds it's clear that most of the shapes used were basic, and the difficult parts are the hair and chest.. I am experimenting with this and so far i've done Sweep on the facial features with n-side, the upper hair part clearly doesn't work like that so i have to refer to your post. It might take me some time to get around this but thanks Cerbera!
  25. Also try cloning some lights and adding effectors. Depending on what exactly you are after, things may be quite simple to achieve...
  26. I don't think there's something like start and end times with dynamics. You might have cached your dynamics which plays the animation precalculated until you release the cache again. You can find that in the Rigid Body Tag in the submenu "Cache". Hit "Clear Object Cache" or "Clear All Caches" depending on what you need. That should fix it.
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