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  2. Ok, here's how we can make that split junction I highlighted red in the post above... This is one of those situations where a boole can come in quite handy, and as long as we take the 30 seconds required to clear up after it, this is a perfectly legitimate use for one. 1. I started by making 2 sweeps, (along the lines Nate originally suggested), using carefully aligned path splines, and 8 segment n-side profiles (interpolation Linear) 2. Caps were turned on initially in both sweeps, so we have solid volumes to use with the boole we can place both sweeps within, set to Union Mode, with all option boxes ticked. 3. Now we can make the Boole editable, which, if we set our options right, will give us a single mesh when we do so. First order of the day is to weld all the coincident and near-coincident points, which I like to do manually so I choose which point they weld to. Now we can go on to adding the 3 knife cuts (Line Cut, visible only off, orthographic view) that will make this quads... 4. ...so that it works under L3 subdivision surfaces, giving us an attractive, artefact-free divergent split (despite the 6 point poles). We can also delete the caps at this point, so we have a section suitable for joining to others via Stitch n Sew... So, with the 2 techniques above you can make each section of the spline you need then simply combine them all together to get your completed 3D model. The last step would be to stitch half-spheres onto each end, which will give the impression that the whole thing could have been a stretched capsule. Think I showed you that in a previous topic. Hope that helps CBR
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  4. Yeah, sorry Nate - don't mean to be contradicting you, and I certainly agree some of it could be fixed by altering Z position, but not a lot of what's going on the right hand side... If we sweep this, the yellow bits will intersect most of the way up those peaks, in a singularly unattractive way and in the red bit, that would have to be another sweep / spline entirely, as we can't split a junction like that in single spline. But I think there are probably other things to try first... For example, one ridiculously easy / fast way if you didn't need actual geo would be render it with hair. And fortunately, as is usually the case, where automated means fail, if we do need it true 3D, good old proper poly modelling can save us. Let's look at the concave peaks first. The ideal topology for those isn't obvious, but should look something like this.... Note how beautifully sharp and defined the peak is under subdivision, using a bare minimum of polys, and all of them quads. I made this in seconds using the Clip Symmetry tool from the HB modelling bundle, but it is equally feasible to make it by hand (double symmetry your friend here) if you have seen the topology you are aiming for. Ask if you're not sure how. In the next post, we'll use a similar / related technique to solve the split branch highlighted red above... CBR
  5. No, it won't work out of the box, but I thought it was a good starting point. @AlexisB I don't really know what you're trying to achieve- like a neon sign look where the spline bumps up/down on Z to avoid intersections? Or does the spline need to stay perfectly flat?
  6. Guys, a sweep is all well and good, but not when you have a spline that has junctions along it, surely ? One of the first rules of splines is that we can't have a 3-way junction, and OP's source spline has several of those, so slightly confused as to how anybody is expecting that to work... wouldn't it be full of horrible intersections, if it works at all ? CBR
  7. I would love to see small projects as you did with Ice cream, that was really good since it shows usage of many things. Thanks for all the work you do :)
  8. Check this thread or whole category https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/forum/184-buysell/
  9. thanks a lot @natevplas Deformer freeze is a simple one. I am passing points from left to right mesh and then simply "freeze" the deformations at that current point in time :)
  10. This is with an n-Side radius of 2cm. I like to use an n-Side instead of a circle because it's so easy to control the number of subdivisions, but you can use almost any shape you like.
  11. Hi there, I'm looking to sell my version of Cinema 4D R18 Studio - £1100 (buyer pays transfer fee). I also have a perpetual license for vRay 3.6 up for sale (works for R18 - R19). Please DM me with any queries or questions. Cheers, Nick
  12. where you have the capsule you need to place a circle spline Deck
  13. I use that renamer - it's OK on R20.
  14. This might help..not sure about the compatibility, but it's worth a try: https://lesterbanks.com/2016/11/c4d-renamer-pack-materials-objects-tags/
  15. Here we go, my final attempt. I didn't realise initially that you had done the inner extrude on all 3 flaps together and that in turn made me wonder about the 3 edge loops cos I could only see 2, but once I worked out the first part then the 3 loops made sense. I forgot to put the loops in on the panels so mine is a bit looser around there. It all got a bit lumpy in the transition to cylinder and Ive pushed a few points out of place, probably had a better one earlier, but Ive got the principle of it. After the talk of carving candles I wondered if it would work with sculpt, but that wasn't like making 3 cuts at all. Thanks again Deck
  16. I added both the Spline and Capsule under the Sweep as per the attached, i still didn't get the result.. What am i doing wrong? thanks
  17. Use a Sweep with Fillet Caps. You'll have to play with the Z position of some of your points so they don't intersect on some of those loops.
  18. Hey guys, I've imported this Spline from Adobe Illustrator, I want it to be modelled according to "Capsule"'s shape as attached.. So for it all to be smooth and rounded like the Capsule, but following the Spline's shape... How can i do this? Thanks!
  19. unfortunately i cant find any tips for that. The olny solve is to write a custom token. Tip is just this - standart dos command "../" work as go to parent folder
  20. I think this does it. I used clamp and iteration rod6.c4d
  21. Quoted for Agreement. I'm also a big fan of ExtremeTextures.com. I would buy the Friendly shade stuff if I needed it for a specific client job and could bill it back to that. Poliigon gets me about 85% there on most jobs. Their quality isn't up to this standard, but speed and convenience (load all channels via the plug in) is killer.
  22. Hey! I am looking forward to buying Cinema4D Studio license - preferably R19 version , but if you have R18 for sale, I would love to hear the price also. Contact me via Private Message or mail: dziukiewicz@gmail.com
  23. That Winding one is genius! So fun to dissect! Very clever on the Sine Wave too. Could you explain the Deformer Freeze and how that works? I couldn't make sense of your Xpresso, and have no idea how you're even turning it on and off. Thanks so much for sharing!
  24. Yeah, I get that. To be honest, I haven't bought the pack myself since I don't have a current use for it. I just wanted to share some quality stuff if other people were in the market.
  25. Ah OK. I am probably not the person to answer this, but just wanted to get your requirements clear so when our Xpresso geniuses get here they know what they're aiming for... CBR
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