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  2. I think having a proper particle system would be just to offer option A, when we alredy have a well functioning option B (X-Particles) When things are already so well integrated to the software, I dont see the point honestly. A lot of things you either need a plugin or another software (Marvelous, Zbrush, etc) The thing that I feel C4D needs more love is with Character Animation, since we dont have any plugin that can re-work that, or it is not something that can be done outside of C4D and used inside the software (character rigs, etc..). But then again, I might be biased, just because that is what I work with hehe. Or a nicer bodypaint, since we already have a good layer system inside the texture making part...but we dont have symmetry.
  3. Adding a 'Mean' filter cleans up a small amount.
  4. And to specify, I add the motionclips to the joint hierarchy only, not the whole character, so there should actually be no conflict there
  5. Hi! Using the Mixamo control rig to control over keyframed Mixamo animation (as is the standard when importing Mixamo mocap data) works fine, as can be seen in numerous tutorials. But what if I made motion clips from the Mixamo data? It seems I am not able to override the motion clip expression with my control rig. Is there any priority setting somewhere or any way to achieve this? I find handling animations with motion clips so much easier than with a bunch of keyframes ... Grateful for any input / experience on this
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  7. ps. there is a misconception about other software. 3DS max (which i can speak for from my personal 15 year experience on it) has no power without its plugins. And actually now with tyflow things got to a nice turn. Every software except houdini needs plugins if u are serious about ur simulation work.
  8. I totally agree with this thread. Not on the part of particles though. C4D native particles will never replace x particles which is an excellent if not the best particle system out there. Extremely easy to use, great results. Same goes for TFD. Extremely fast and 100% reliable, the thing doesnt even crash. I dont even think voronoi needs anything more. C4d is a mograph software aint houdini, will never be vfx tool imo, so I try not to compare apples with oranges. Cloth though + soft bodies, well they are way back from other software. Ofc the art directability of both is excellent. But cloth with collisions is simply not possible. Soft bodies with nice geo either. Only low poly stuff. Something like vellum, would make c4d a complete software for me. I am already learning houdini (i know marvelous) but both not by choice. I am forced cause c4d hits wall in that department. Thanks guys for bringing this up. This year in IBC i spoke with devs they listened, but i dont think this is on their plans soon. And i think c4d shouldnt take any other direction rather than solidifying its main purpose: mograph
  9. Hi , I just renewed my educational license S22. When I installed S22, it recommended a nvidia driver update (442.00). When I went to Nividia site, there are a lot of different versions. Is it optimal to just upload the most recent version 44.2 (in this case 442.74) or to just go with the most recent and anything after 442 is optimal. I use Octane and sometimes it is really sensitive to which driver. What is the general rule of thumb with updating various softwares and plugins? I feel I'm missing the fundamental knowledge of this stuff. Thanks!
  10. Yes, that will happen because the construction of those notation elements is entirely unsuitable for use with soft bodies. All the time the symbols contain internal faces, ngons, and other modelling errors, you can't really expect to make softbodies work. Fix your geo so it's legal, and then things can start working predictably... CBR
  11. First frame of my soft body dynamics i get this. 3079_vumetermograph.c4d
  12. My guess would be that the shoulder's influence is probably not the problem, but rather another joint that has influence over a part it shouldn't have. The automatic weights can be pretty weird sometimes, check if there are any other influences to that place. I had times when moving a chest spine control would move parts of the mouth. Take the subtract tool with 100 % strength and just paint over the problematic place for every joint in the arm to take away any potential weird influence and see if it helps. Alternatively give the shoulder and upper arm joints 100% weights to the problematic area and smooth afterwards, that should theoretically also kill all other influences.
  13. Can this be just the weighting issue? I smoothed my weights out and the issue is still there. The rotation happens on a shoulder joint, so when I reduce its influence, other arm movements look bad Can it be positioning of the comtrollers / components on the Adjust stage ?
  14. Did you check if the joint weighting is correct? Is the video showing the original result that the Character builder's autorigging gave you?
  15. Got it I think... here's Mr. Transparent Stick Boy...
  16. oh thank you, good to know - then it won't work with my 2070 unfortunately and I only missed it by one tier ....
  17. NVLINK: Does work on: - All Quadro RTX cards - Titan RTX - RTX 2080Ti - RTX 2080 super - RTX 2080 - RTX 2070 super (not sure) Does NOT work on: - RTX 2070 - RTX 2060 super - RTX 2060 - GTX 10XX (needs confirmation) Source: https://hothardware.com/news/nvidia-geforce-rtx-2070-gpu-will-not-support-nvlink-sli-but-why (the 2070 super is based on the 2080 board, i guess that's why it is in the supported list)
  18. Great, thank you, I may consider just buying an additional one then
  19. I cant share my scenes at all due to an agreement with companies I produce images for, but I did find the solution. I deleted my Preferences folder and restarted the program. everything is fine now! though idk what I did originally to cause this.
  20. Hey all, Im trying to position my character so that its hand sits comfortably on the hips. Example below: Im doing that by sliding the elbow rotation controler, so that the elbow isn't bent backwards. This makes the whole shoulder flip and rotate in a weird way. Anyone experienced that before? Any fixes? Thanks guys!!
  21. I think it's 2XXX series cards only, but yes, it does work / is implemented. There are quite a number of users on the forum with NVLink setups.
  22. Yes that is right. would love to see the look of octane and ther versability of redshift. But look often has to do with the presets that where choosen by the producing company. But for redshift, besides that Nürburgring Video I have not seen much impressive stuff
  23. May I ask (hope this is not leading too far away again) did you ever try to link your GPUs' Ram with NVLink? I heard that you could combine the VRAMs (to 24GB in your case?) does that work in practice? I read contradicting things about that
  24. I would have beleeeved you anyway only thing that I miss is the 2d trancparency (that culls away everything but the firts ray contact). Like the left figure, not Like The right. but impressive anyway. havent seen this amount of fexibility in the other GPU renderers I used.
  25. Yep - tht's a good GPU. I've also got 8GB GPUs (3x 1070 Ti's ). So far that's been enough memory for the sort of work I do. I'm going to look at upgrading when the new 3XXX series GPU's hit he road - hopefully later this year.
  26. Just to bring this thread back on topic for the OP: My main reason for getting into Redshift GPU a few years ago: speed in lookdev. I found nothing more frustrating in CGI than the 'tweak material - hit the render button - wait - tweak material' cycle. Redshift made serious inroads into fixing that.
  27. i have an RTX2070 with 8GB of RAM. I am still rendering mainly on my i9-9900k, but when the next generation of GPUs with the new architecture comes out I think I will switch to mainly GPU. I think I can get mostly any scene optimized to about 15 GB (if there are no alembics necessary), so if that becomes the standard of VRAM i will definitely join the fest What's great with Arnold is that you can run one render task on your GPU whilst running another one on your CPU, so I will not abandon the CPU rendering completely
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