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  2. it's working as expected. it's flipped, but you can easily change that by rotating the axis of your ornament mesh. maybe you should try to explain what you expect it to look like. as an alternative there's a free plugin called magic projector by nitroman. https://nitro4d.com/product/magic-projector/ btw, you should check "regular grid" on you extrude to avoid those shading artifacts.
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  4. Sure! of course i don't mind.. But since i am in this to learn, it would be great if you can share with me what the best solution to get this to work.. it's a shame it might be problematic with Booles, it seems super easy on basic objects.. the file is attached Thanks! WE ALL HAVE A HUNGER 44.c4d
  5. Hey guys, I'm trying to get this pattern onto my model and for some reason its not working?? I split the back cus i thought it might be too heavy and now added a uvw tag to it, it does something now atleast but its reaally slow and still doesnt work like its supposed to, does anyone know why?? or does anyone know a different way i could get this pattern on it? project file https://www.dropbox.com/s/mbh0djis279qd91/JM ASSET.c4d?dl=0 x
  6. Booles are problematic enough on their own, but booles within booles even more so, especially if you just accept the default settings, and ignore the limitations booles have around not working with non-contiguous meshes. You should try the volume builder for this sort of thing ideally - it is a lot more powerful and is likely to give an ultimately nicer result. We could also probably persuade your booles to work with a few settings changes, but you'd need to upload the file... CBR
  7. hey guys, i am using Boole to substract a circular shape from this character like the attached, so far it's worked good. Now i want to do the same thing but substract the character itself from inside a box. It doesn't seem to be working, what am i doing wrong? The character and box are correctly overlapped so i'm sure theyre on the same XYZ.. this is a screenshot of what it currently looks like And this is a quick sketch to explain what i want to do exactly.. Thanks!
  8. you might be better using the INSYDIUM online forums or Discord. But that said. Try FluidFX and constraints to get that effect.
  9. You are using procedural animation techniques with the noise in the fields. It is very hard to match the in and out point of the animation this way. Most likely the problem is the noise setup and not Octane. Renderers do not change animations. You could try to animate the noise intensity in at the beginning starting from zero percent and animate out in the end down to zero again to have a matching frame.
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  11. Hi thank you, I'm just trying to figure out if it's in octane or its in cinema itself because the animation seems to work. But then when I render it in Octane it doesn't work. So I'm just trying from both angles. Thank you for your understanding
  12. You don't need to do multiple posts about this in different sections. It is true you are using Octane, so that should be in the title, but it is not yet clear if Octane is the problem, so this doesn't necessarily belong in the 3rd party renderers section, hence why I moved it to miscellaneous Questions for you. I'll retitle this thread which seems to make most sense now. CBR
  13. Yes, with Cloner or Fracture and time offset in effectors :)
  14. Hello, I would highly appreciate anyone's help on this. I have this video in Loop - Where you can see in minute 00:29, the loop jumps. it happens everytime the loop closes(every 900 frames = 29 seconds). Please I just need to set these strings to rotate randomly and close the loop. It is rendered in octane, and when I do test with the cinema render, the movement is fine, and it looks like the lighting is jumping in octane. But from many other tests I did, it looks like maybe its the loop itself, becuase the light of this scene is only an HDRI environment which doesn't have any animation. Please, I really need help as it its for a big project. If you have maybe another solution to create the same effect that can close the loop I will be thankful forever! Shira
  15. You can find 2 TP presets in the content that do this. One for guiding particles along a spline, the other to make them follow exactly
  16. Hey Guys ! Hope someone can help me here on a x-particles 4 Simulation.. i have to render a cream effects so simulation with viscosity and stiffness, indeed near from toothpaste too. i finded this tutorial: https://vimeo.com/122409448#t=274s and i though to myself, wow damn ! this is exactly what i have to do !! problem is that the xp fluid solver has changed between x-particles 3 and 4, and with the news solvers of the fourth version, i failed to approach this kind of render... with the 2 fluid solver, i havent at all this render : i tried many ways, but if someone know, a tutorial, or have an idea to approach this render, its save me ! Tks
  17. I believe the gradient tool was rewritten for R20, and it looks like your image there involves quite a lot of those. I wonder if that has something to do with it... CBR
  18. I open the same file in R20 and R19. As far as I can see, the settings are the same. Colorspace is the same (sRGB), no compression tif, 16bit, etc etc. But R20 renders image with desaturated colors/less contrast ... it's slight but also obvious. Anyone else had this problem?
  19. @Macurt the script is just for flying my legocopter in the viewport (for fun). When I used to dabble in helicopters, I had a different system for movies - a convoluted XPresso method (using similar math) where the aircraft follows a target on a spline using the distance to target to control speed. Here's a Black Hawk flying round some free buildings from Pixel Lab and here in Greyscalegorilla city free Black Hawk https://free3d.com/3d-model/black-hawk-uh-60-12229.html free buildings https://www.thepixellab.net/freebies
  20. Yes - just extended the timeline into negative frames. CBR
  21. So I have a cloner set up with an animated object inside. Im using the time offset to have them start at random times. Is there a pre run or a way to pre run so they are all animating at 0? Thanks J
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  23. I have a flower model that i've animated to open and bloom. Animation runs about 50 frames. I've placed instances of this flower around a logo and I want them to bloom in a random/staggered fashion. I tried to use a Time track on an instance but they don't seem to support it. I also tried using an Xref of my flower with this Xretime plugin, but I don't think it works in R18. I could use a cloner, but i need to be able to hand place my flowers and I don't think i can do that with clones. The other option is to have unique animated flowers for ever instance, but I think my viewport would die. Is there any way to retime instance-like objects in C4D?
  24. As I understand FumeFX doesn't have GPU-accelerated simulations--as does TurbulenceFD. It has viewport GPU acceleration only. And Arnold support only? It will take a lot of rich features to convince me not to just stick with TurbulenceFD.
  25. That looks really good and powerful!
  26. Those are looking too good :) Add some dust, rust and scratches!
  27. This is great news for c4d and vfx https://www.afterworks.com/FumeFXC4D.asp
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