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  2. Thanks Rectro! I found it: https://forums.cgsociety.org/t/restrict-simulation-to-2-axis/1690057/6 Unfortunately, the described method is only for objects not points if I understand Srek correctly (Srek's example scene is no longer online). Yes, I guess the only way is xpresso and iterate though all points to restrice the Y axis, hmm.... I still don't understand why connectors are not working.
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  4. Update: So I figured out a way to do this and wanted to share it with you guys. I found a very good tutorial on this problem. Around 4:50 into this video you'll see him put the growth into a volume builder/mesher. That's what I did. So I would have 1 plane as my ground, then the growth on top of this. That way I can have the ground in one color and the growth in another color. Hope this helps anyone with the same problem I had.
  5. my msa always renews in september, and i am german.
  6. No, volumetric light is not part of alpha. You need to render a multipass, and it's in the atmosphere pass of that I think... CBR
  7. It's a good question Kent. I just hope that MAXON have given some thought to how their changes will impact plugin developers - but given the rush to subscription you never know. The most comparable situation for me is After Effects. While it's sub based, it still has a very active plugin market - including quite a few well north of $500 - Trapcode et al. As a general rule they are perpetual with a yearly upgrade - but often the older versions still continue to work in the updated AE - certainly through the mid cycle updates. I guess the key question here is how often will future C4D development break your plugins. Let's hope for everyone's sake it's not every single update.
  8. I didn’t know that. I always thought the MSA just started from whenever you bought it. For me that was May.
  9. I really do not understand the discussion. Adobe and now the MAXON move show clearly, that there are people that prefer perpetual and others that prefer renting. If you stick to one of the two you will loose quite some customers. That is basically what the discussion is all about. If MAXON committed itself clearly to offer both for the future they would not have produced this uproar. (poor communication or bad intentions) If you find a not to complicated way to offer both for fair prices (that should be possible) it will lead to better profit for you, and better offers for your customers. offering more features but force half of your customers into a licensing scheme they hate, or can not afford is not an option I would think.
  10. This poll might not list all the quitters. In germany for example all the MSAs are running from January to December. therefor they all get the R21. If they want to quit they will do it after the R21.
  11. I think there are several things that must be considered and to simplify it down there needs to just be more options rather than few. Rent to own has two in one, a rental option, or an ability to move to perpetual. Perpetual still needs a subscription for a cheaper means to upgrade if you chose. Some plugins are so cheap it would not matter if you just purchased a new licence when a new version comes out, while others are just way to expensive given the large scope of users who may use it. The more commercialised plugins become the more expensive they are, and are harder to obtain by the hobbyist or starting freelancer. The other issue is the fact that some features that are supported by plugins should be there in the Core application thus avoiding more pay outs to bolt on features C4D should have. Rent to Own. Pay final fee to convert to perpetual, if you chose. Perpetual with paid for upgrades as and when they are ready. Free compatibility updates within 3 versions, and free bug fixes, why should users pay to fix problems that should not exist anyway? You dont go and buy anything that has a fault and be expected to pay for their error, why should software or plugins be any different. I own plenty of software that gets free bug fixes for free, but lets be honest its not actually free, iv paid for it upfront to have a working piece of software. Games are sold with some bugs, you dont have to pay again to have them be fixed. Being forced into a subscription from perpetual is poor business ethics, and shifting the responsibility onto customers for compatibility changes due to changes of the core with C4D and 3rd party plugin vendors by means of forcing a plugin upgrade with no grace is also poor. As of r21 onward I loose Vray because Im expected to either stay on r20 or rent Vray when I was quite happy to stick to my perpetual, I dont even get a choice to upgrade to a newer perpetual version. That dont only mean I loose Vray I loose all that knowledge and time spent learning it, all the cost of training. The whole system has been made far too complicated. Just give me a serial key, keep your last 3 versions upto date with latest C4D, and produce a worthy upgrade that makes me want to voluntary upgrade because its so good. If it has bugs dont charge your customers to fix them, the customers didnt pay for software that dont fully work as it should, they pay for features added.
  12. I purchased just one plugin for C4d and will not do that again. When I was running R19 I spent almost $500 on a license of x-particles 3.0 was upgraded to 3.5. Went about just fine using the plugin until I upgraded to R20. Then I find out that I would need to upgrade to the newer version of x-particles for another $400 or so because the license for 3.5 wouldn’t work with R20. It it wasn’t even a year and the plugin I was still learning to use and had for less than a year was suddenly gong to cost almost $1000. Spending that much money on a plugin that I couldn’t even use in the newest version of cinema without having to basically pay the equivalent of buying it twice in a 1 year span has thought me never to buy another plugin for cinema again. On the blender side you can buy a very impressive fluid simulator for $76 ( when it’s not on sale ) and I believe receive free upgrades when they are available. No maintenance or subscription schemes. https://blendermarket.com/products/flipfluids Or Khaos, a smoke and debris simulator for $35 again with free updates https://blendermarket.com/products/khaos-ultimate-explosion-simulator I have no problem paying those prices and knowing the plugin will still be viable and usable 9 months after I buy it. Fume fx, real flow c4d and x-particles are all great but I’ll never pay almost a grand for something that isn’t going to work if I’m ever inclined to upgrade cinema to a new version.
  13. Oh I thought this was deleted. I didn't saw this in the lounge, turn out it was moved. Yes, hopefully, the forum front page loading gets better in time.
  14. Hi, any tips on helping me get my volumetric light into the alpha channel? As you can see in the attached image, it's not coming through in photoshop. Thanks in advance for any suggestions
  15. Thanks for clarifying. Yes I agree with you on this. I don’t mind the yearly lock-in but having to pay upfront will still be difficult to do for a lot of people. I hope they reconsider this and allow to pay the yearly amount in monthly payments. Also an indie tier would be good to have as well.
  16. Blender lifting it’s game is probably good for the whole industry, so thoughtful comparisons between it and C4D like the ones you’re offering now are useful ICM, hopefully you can stick around and let us know how you go as you dig more deeply into it.
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  18. I'm getting swallowed up in a non 3D work project but in a week using Blender I felt immediately comfortable doing some modeling, doing a cloth animation, playing with particles, and was quite surprised at the ease of use (and quality) of their fluid sims. Fire, smoke, particles, Grease-Pencil, better modeling and UVing, two quality renderers (fast Cycles and real-time Eevee)...there's a lot to like. MAXON beats it some ways, no doubt, but in many ways Blender smokes c4d. And the investment in learning c4d...a lot of it transfers right over to Blender. The principal BSDF channels in Blender default materials are exactly the same as I use in C4d Octane.
  19. Yes, I totally agree with you. Blender is a real danger for MAXON and Autodesk. But Autodesk realizes this, as we can infer by the Maya and Max indie versions. But MAXON seems to be totally blind about this. I'm software agnostic, even though Cinema 4D is my favorite app. Professionally I use both C4D and Maya, usually together (Maya for characters and animation, C4D as a hub for everything else). And I always tried to use Blender but it was UNUSABLE before 2.8. But with Blender 2.8 I just needed to change the keymap preset to "industry compatible" and, in 10 minutes, I was able to quickly model, texture and render a figure in a very similar way to what I would do in C4D (similar right-click contextual menus). And as I you noted, Blender is actually MORE powerful than C4D. it's actually on par with Maya - but now is friendlier. I fear for MAXON future if they don't lower their prices ASAP. Sure, they will survive for some years because they are the standard in motion graphics but this won't last without either a lower price or more features.
  20. Exactly my point. And it's also illegal in some countries. False advertising.
  21. I suspect a lot of people who do stay on board are going to find R21 largely useless. It's going to break the great majority of plugins, and some plugin vendors will choose never to provide an upgrade path....it's going to be quite a big hassle now for them. Certainly Insydium and Otoy...the bigger players will sort it out and continue onwards. Others won't. Some of us rely a lot of plugins and thus the idea of purchasing one final MSA--one last perpetual license-- just has no appeal at all. It's a case where a big anchor* on little boat** ...isn't something to sensibly take out to sea. * breaking of needed plugins, MAXON phoning home, new insulting corporate style ** meager new features: 4k dpi, bevels, weighting enhancements
  22. The MAXON tour referred to earlier is probably this one, just announced. Looks good, I wish it would come Down Under. http://www.shootonline.com/spw/3d-design-motion-tour-hit-26-cities-worldwide
  23. Ahah yes. I think I managed to get it right. Thanks a lot @everfresh!
  24. That is correct. The hair object doesn't require an object at all, other than to define where it initially puts its guides. Indeed it can even be added to an empty scene, though no guides will appear if you do that. But aside from that initial guide placement, there is no hierarchical link at all between the Hair object and its source in the Object Manager (other than the Link field in the Hair Object). CBR
  25. Not a fair comparison. If you agree to Adobe's discounted, 1-yr contract you pay on a monthly basis—not one, lump sum. Not so with MAXON's Annual Subscription; where the price is displayed with a monthly figure ($59 [USD]). This is why people are upset. If pricing was $59 / mo, billed monthly (i.e. month-to-month)... they might be on to something [good, for many people / "the world"]. (Heck, throw in Redshift at $59 / mo and people would, probably, be quite excited! ) In reality, your price nearly doubles once you go from Annual to Monthly Sub. -- I, personally, refuse to subscribe, going forward, and can't stand the 14-day "call-in", either. This is why I am not planning to upgrade, in any form, including Perpetual. (Too bad for INSYDIUM, Next Limit and other companies, too!) I have never pirated MAXON's software, nor have I ever violated their license agreement. I just don't like the "new way". (And, I fully understand the flexibility of it, too.) I don't like how MAXON has handled this announcement—at all. (Which stinks, because I can only guess how much work goes into an annual event / release like this. I feel like the pricing and offerings are not consistent with what they're marketing.) I have been a long-time customer of MAXON. (More than a decade, now!) But, I'm feeling pretty upset for people that purchased a full, Studio license in the months leading up to SIGGRAPH—in addition to the long-time customers / supporters / MSA subscribers / etc. -- We're all just giving our opinions. (Some are more factually-based than others. Ha-ha. ) Just trying to make sense of all of this—even though I have made other plans, moving forward. (Not sure whether to be angry or grateful, at this point. I guess I don't fit their ideal customer profile any longer.)
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