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  3. Hi Helix, Thanks so much for posting, generating flat cards and using my material with an alpha does give me the feathers I am after but the problem lies with the texturing. Each card is being given separate uv's which isn't what I am after. I am looking for the cards to utilize the same uv's the hair does when you plug in the texture map to drive the color. Attached is what you get. When you use just hair you can see the colors are accurate to the base texture.
  4. Looking to buy a Redshift 3d license. Please PM me, the price you are willing to let it go for.
  5. @Tesa Demiur if the camera's going round more than once, here's a little seamless looping dodge I use a lot modulo means count up to (but not including) and start over. Dividing this by the constant gives 0-100% repeating (actually 0 >> 1 in XP).
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  7. Hi Vertex, When you get a chance let me know why did you put the expresso tag on the camera. I’ve been trying to figure it out and can’t find the answer. Myself I only dragged the Up null into the target field and fixed the camera from rotating when goes around the object. I didn’t need the second object on the spline either. I’m sure it has a good reason but I can’t see it on my own. Thanks.
  8. Ok, thanks for those details. Very sure I had the same settings but I'll double check. I made a mistake once, guess it could happen again :) :) :).
  9. I sometimes get 'spikes' in a render of a Bake made from a sculpted object. The baked object looks fine until a render is made, and then random spikes jut out from the surface in the render (plus the render usually takes a much longer time that normal). Does anyone know what causes this? Is it an issue with the UV map perhaps?
  10. Hi Richard, you can go to Hair/Generate/Flat. That will give you planes/cards ready for texture application including alphas. Should you need to go cross platform later, you can manipulate the Hair cards in C4d (with the Hair tools and from inside the hair texture tag: frizzing, clumping, etc) and then bake them for use in any other package.
  11. Got it, awesome. Thank you again for your time.
  12. That's your frame interpolation. You need to find your keyframe mode and make it linear instead of spline. To find it quicker go to the Animate Layout and click the F (for F-Curve) view. It's in there Best
  13. Yes this is what I need. Can you make the curve smooth so it will have a constant rotation without slowing down? Thank you.
  14. Hey Tesa, please have a look at the file above and let me know if I understood you correctly and if the file addresses your issue. (To move the camera just animate the slider)
  15. Hi Vertex, I need the camera to move around the object in a circle but not flipping 180 degrees every 30 frames, just like I showed in my file. Why it does that I have no idea. Please take a look. Thank you.
  16. I was following an advice from another thread with the target on the null. It didn’t help anyway. First I had the target and the path tagged on the camera, but same behavior.
  17. So you mean avoiding the camera flipping (gimbal lock)? That's because you need an Up vector on your target Align to Circle_Up.c4d (you need to animate the slider for animation on the path on this one)
  18. Hi Jed, I was trying to go around the object in a circle path, but not having the camera rotate every 30F for unknown reason to me because it rotates the object also with it. Can you make the camera go around without rotating? I checked your file but I need the camera and the path as I showed it in my file. Thank you for your time.
  19. It's not very clear what you are trying to do, but I normally put the cam on the spline and the target tag on the cam - pointing at the object. You had the target tag on the null. Align to Circle2.c4d
  20. @Vertex Helix Thanks for that tip. I do agree that this stuff is fun but time consuming. Sadly I need exact control of each diode location and when the diodes are moved they also move the cables attached to them the correct amount without losing connection to the other end. I know there are so many ways of doing this but I'm unsure where to begin. I'm watching an expresso tut now. I'll keep working on it.
  21. I went and tried a different way: Soft body proxy. Not too much control, but good fun none the less. Grab the Collider Control to move your diode rig doodle around. If that works for you, you'll set it up in no time. Otherwise with Spline Dynamics and connectors you'll have more control, but will take a bit longer. Best VH DiodeRig_Proxy.c4d
  22. Hi, Camera is rotating 180 degrees every 30 F when following a circle path around an object. It obviously rotates the object with it too. Same behavior if I put it in a null. I need the object to remain in the same position. File attached, thank you for your help. Align to Circle.c4d
  23. My first thought would be Spline Dynamics (on the cables) and Connectors (on the Diodes), not bones necessarily.
  24. NIce.. this will be helpful for me if I ever get Z brush. Thanks
  25. Thank you for your response Vizn. So I read a few more articles and apparently this is NOT the industry standard. So at least for AAA games people retopologize with specifiic topology flow in mind, which in turn would have UVing making sense again.
  26. Hello everyone, I've never rigged anything before and I'm a bit unsure how to tackle this job. I have a pretty complex headset that I need to rig. I would like to be able to hold the top center area and have the rig stay together as I move it around. I also need each piece to be connected so that when one piece moves the attachments all move accordingly. So if a diode is moved the black cables move along with it. What would you rigging masters suggest as the best method? Spline IK or Bone IK or something else? Thank you for your advice... Rick
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