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  3. Hi thank you, I'm just trying to figure out if it's in octane or its in cinema itself because the animation seems to work. But then when I render it in Octane it doesn't work. So I'm just trying from both angles. Thank you for your understanding
  4. You don't need to do multiple posts about this in different sections. It is true you are using Octane, so that should be in the title, but it is not yet clear if Octane is the problem, so this doesn't necessarily belong in the 3rd party renderers section, hence why I moved it to miscellaneous Questions for you. I'll retitle this thread which seems to make most sense now. CBR
  5. Yes, with Cloner or Fracture and time offset in effectors :)
  6. Hello, I would highly appreciate anyone's help on this. I have this video in Loop - Where you can see in minute 00:29, the loop jumps. it happens everytime the loop closes(every 900 frames = 29 seconds). Please I just need to set these strings to rotate randomly and close the loop. It is rendered in octane, and when I do test with the cinema render, the movement is fine, and it looks like the lighting is jumping in octane. But from many other tests I did, it looks like maybe its the loop itself, becuase the light of this scene is only an HDRI environment which doesn't have any animation. Please, I really need help as it its for a big project. If you have maybe another solution to create the same effect that can close the loop I will be thankful forever! Shira
  7. You can find 2 TP presets in the content that do this. One for guiding particles along a spline, the other to make them follow exactly
  8. Hey Guys ! Hope someone can help me here on a x-particles 4 Simulation.. i have to render a cream effects so simulation with viscosity and stiffness, indeed near from toothpaste too. i finded this tutorial: https://vimeo.com/122409448#t=274s and i though to myself, wow damn ! this is exactly what i have to do !! problem is that the xp fluid solver has changed between x-particles 3 and 4, and with the news solvers of the fourth version, i failed to approach this kind of render... with the 2 fluid solver, i havent at all this render : i tried many ways, but if someone know, a tutorial, or have an idea to approach this render, its save me ! Tks
  9. I believe the gradient tool was rewritten for R20, and it looks like your image there involves quite a lot of those. I wonder if that has something to do with it... CBR
  10. I open the same file in R20 and R19. As far as I can see, the settings are the same. Colorspace is the same (sRGB), no compression tif, 16bit, etc etc. But R20 renders image with desaturated colors/less contrast ... it's slight but also obvious. Anyone else had this problem?
  11. @Macurt the script is just for flying my legocopter in the viewport (for fun). When I used to dabble in helicopters, I had a different system for movies - a convoluted XPresso method (using similar math) where the aircraft follows a target on a spline using the distance to target to control speed. Here's a Black Hawk flying round some free buildings from Pixel Lab and here in Greyscalegorilla city free Black Hawk https://free3d.com/3d-model/black-hawk-uh-60-12229.html free buildings https://www.thepixellab.net/freebies
  12. Yes - just extended the timeline into negative frames. CBR
  13. So I have a cloner set up with an animated object inside. Im using the time offset to have them start at random times. Is there a pre run or a way to pre run so they are all animating at 0? Thanks J
  14. Last week
  15. I have a flower model that i've animated to open and bloom. Animation runs about 50 frames. I've placed instances of this flower around a logo and I want them to bloom in a random/staggered fashion. I tried to use a Time track on an instance but they don't seem to support it. I also tried using an Xref of my flower with this Xretime plugin, but I don't think it works in R18. I could use a cloner, but i need to be able to hand place my flowers and I don't think i can do that with clones. The other option is to have unique animated flowers for ever instance, but I think my viewport would die. Is there any way to retime instance-like objects in C4D?
  16. As I understand FumeFX doesn't have GPU-accelerated simulations--as does TurbulenceFD. It has viewport GPU acceleration only. And Arnold support only? It will take a lot of rich features to convince me not to just stick with TurbulenceFD.
  17. That looks really good and powerful!
  18. Those are looking too good :) Add some dust, rust and scratches!
  19. This is great news for c4d and vfx https://www.afterworks.com/FumeFXC4D.asp
  20. Happy Friday! Thought it would be fun to share a beer tank I modeled recently for a project. I will update with a contextual rendering. Cheers!
  21. I don't have Gorilla-cam but I do know it has a single button QuickBake Option, and that's probably what you need. CBR
  22. The small details are satisfying, like the wall base contours, electric outlet, crown mould at the soffit, pamphlet display, and the fire sprinklers. The lighting and overall feel is a bit stark, but I understand you needed to adhere to the standards of the designer. Nice work.
  23. Hi. I have an animated camera with Gorillacam. I need to copy the animation of GorillaCam to a camera with keyframes. I want to use this animation in a render farm and it does not support the GorillaCam plugin. I thought maybe there is a way to copy the movement of the Gorillacam camera to another camera. Can anybody help me? Thanks!
  24. Great work and funny concept! Would be funny to have some coffee beans be hyper little characters, and the coffee maker guy just nonchalantly dumps them in the grinder and obliterates them!
  25. Hard to say without the scene file... could you post that please?
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