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  2. There will still be resellers and distributors, but their roles will change. As Kent pointed out, things have to change with a subscription based system. I'm not involved in this part of operations, but from what i know the sales part will become less prominent but the customer service part will increase. MAXON has a lot of very active distributors that are not just selling C4D but offering a lot of additonal services to users and MAXON. I would expect those services to define their role more prominent in the future. MAXON always had a strong tendency to work with local businesses all over the world to adjust to the local markets and more. It served us very well There is no reason to cut these ties now, especially not if we want to realy provide Cinema 4D for the whole world. Roles will change though.
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  4. From what understand they will. It's just not called MSA. Its a yearly update for your perpetual licence that will be a combination of all the subscription features released during the year. They are offering both perpetual licences and subscriptions.
  5. Dumb question time. Why can't Cinema 4D have a perpetual licence with annual maintenance i.e. MSA then also a monthly / annual subscription plan for those that want to rent Cinema 4D / don't want the hefty outlay of buying a perpetual licence. Don't give me any BS that it can't be done. The Foundry offers both for Modo. Everyone is then happy.
  6. The tour details (linked further up) actually look pretty good. Attendees pay $95. They get to attend whatever happens at the show with Andrew Kramer, the GSG guys and Chris Schmidt, EJ Hassenfratz, Noseman and probably other local artists, and then meet and chat with them all. They also get access to related tutorials and follow up webinars, and a 30 day license for Adobe Creative Cloud, and a three month bundled license for Redshift and C4D R21, plus other bits and pieces. I wouldn't be surprised if they win a good number of people over. https://www.3dmotiontour.com
  7. for Houdini Indie I pay $269 for one year or $400 for two years.
  8. Conveyor Candy Transform with Logo from Airbusch1 [Beginner-Intermediate] [Requires Mograph] In this Cinema 4D tutorial we'll transform chunks of chocolate into disc-shaped candy pieces using Cloner Blend and Sort Mode. Then give our chocolate confections a bright candy coating using the Shader Effector, and the Multi-Shader to assign specific colors to each candy piece coming down the conveyor. And before the candy is finished, we'll imprint each candy morsel with a C4D logo! Lots of fun stuff in this tutorial and I think you will learn some interesting things about coloring clones and using the Cloner Blend Mode! So let's get started You can also view on my website airbusch1: https://airbusch1.com/2019/08/11/conveyor-candy-transform-with-logo/
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  10. I still haven't had a chance to try R21 yet, but if the auto weighting algorithm for character rigging is as improved as people are suggesting, then that's worth the price of admission for me on its own. Looking forward to playing with it in September.
  11. Press 'R' to exit Region Mode ? CBR
  12. I have somehow enabled a selection mode for the Keyframes / Dope Sheet and I cannot figure out how to turn it off and obtain the default marquee selection behavior. Could someone help a new guy out? So sorry for the dumb question. It seems specific to this file, too, as I created a new file and it doesn't exhibit this behavior in the dope-sheet. Here's a screenshot of the problem. When I marquee, instead of selecting things it draws a box in the dope sheet: Thank you in advance!!
  13. Makes sense to go down this route. We will see in a few weeks time I guess.
  14. This used to be the way how things were handled in most (if not all) European countries as well. From my understanding of the "3D for the whole world" this will stop with the release of R21. No local reseller, no local distributor. All via the one online shop or MyMaxon account. I understood this would also apply to New Zealand and other parts of the world.
  15. I just want to throw out a different perspective on this. Here in New Zealand we have to purchase C4D through our local reseller. We don't have an online website. It is all done manually by a real person sitting in an office. With this in mind think about how their businesses run. By having the MSA (or the new billed yearly subscription) that means the reseller only has to process a single transaction once per year. This means me emailing them, they contact MAXON to lock in the rate based on the current exchange rate, the reseller then emails me an invoice, I agree and make the payment, the following day they receive the cash in their account and confirm it via another email, a wire transfer is initiated to send the funds through to MAXON, this is received and the licence is then sent to the reseller, who then forwards me all the details. Now this only happens once year. The reseller takes some % of that transaction. Lets say 10%. So of the new subcription the reseller gets $72 from that $720 amount. This is enough to pay the costs of the person doing the work in NZ. Likewise MAXONS costs are covered on their end by having a person managing things from their side. Now imagine this happens every month. At $60 that means the reseller only gets $6. And they have to do the same amount of work every month for every subscriber. Then on the MAXON side they also reduce their income. So the way around that would be to increase the price to $100 per month (as a purely monthly subscription). This adds $40 to this to cover the cost on both sides. Perhaps now the reseller gets $30 per transaction and MAXON takes $10 to handle it on their end. So this would make sense and could be one of the reasons why they offer that purely monthly price as they have done along side the billed annually version. Those in Germany, US and UK all have online stores I believe, so this could be automated. I am not sure but maybe those stores are all independently operated as well according to each countries specific tax laws. But keeping the entire operation consistent for now does make sense for this first transition. MAXON is not the same size as Adobe or Autodesk. They can't have a single online presence for selling software and handling International sales for these monthly subscriptions. Plus its actually nice that they use local resellers since that provides business to these countries. Now MAXON may be building something to handle this in future, I don't really know, but going by their Jobs page (https://www.MAXON.net/en/header-meta-navigation/about-MAXON/jobs/) they always seem to looking for people in ecommerce type rolls. Or potentially Nemetsheck could build a worldwide system and incorporated MAXON sales in there. Again I am just speculating, I don't know anything about it. But I would feel for the resellers if this was the case. Anyway, that's just another perspective on how some of this may be working from a business case in countries like mine.
  16. By default, Cinema will show you a general approximation of any noise in a material in the viewport, which runs nice and fast. If you need that to be more accurate you need to turn on noises in the Viewport Options. Now what you see in the VP will match the render, at the cost of a little VP speed... CBR
  17. Hello. Selling R20 perpetual License for £1100. I can provide receipt of orignal purchase ect. If you'd like to upgrade to R21 with the msa I belive you would have to purchase before the end of the month and then buy the msa. send me a message if interested. Thanks
  18. cool great thanks, sounds like it's the samples i need to address cheers
  19. Hi, I put a standard noise bump on an object that looks as intended in viewport, and doesn't render the same. Can anyone please help? Thanks in advance for any ideas.
  20. OK, will do Cerbera, thanks so much!
  21. Thanks Rectro! I found it: https://forums.cgsociety.org/t/restrict-simulation-to-2-axis/1690057/6 Unfortunately, the described method is only for objects not points if I understand Srek correctly (Srek's example scene is no longer online). Yes, I guess the only way is xpresso and iterate though all points to restrice the Y axis, hmm.... I still don't understand why connectors are not working.
  22. Update: So I figured out a way to do this and wanted to share it with you guys. I found a very good tutorial on this problem. Around 4:50 into this video you'll see him put the growth into a volume builder/mesher. That's what I did. So I would have 1 plane as my ground, then the growth on top of this. That way I can have the ground in one color and the growth in another color. Hope this helps anyone with the same problem I had.
  23. my msa always renews in september, and i am german.
  24. No, volumetric light is not part of alpha. You need to render a multipass, and it's in the atmosphere pass of that I think... CBR
  25. It's a good question Kent. I just hope that MAXON have given some thought to how their changes will impact plugin developers - but given the rush to subscription you never know. The most comparable situation for me is After Effects. While it's sub based, it still has a very active plugin market - including quite a few well north of $500 - Trapcode et al. As a general rule they are perpetual with a yearly upgrade - but often the older versions still continue to work in the updated AE - certainly through the mid cycle updates. I guess the key question here is how often will future C4D development break your plugins. Let's hope for everyone's sake it's not every single update.
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