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  2. Hi @Freemorpheme, there's 2 ways to go about this: - You sculpt whatever you want and then retopologize (and then UV the retopoed version. Then project the mesh details of your high poly sculpt on that retopoed version via raycasting, which in turn will generate a new high poly model with the proper topology and UVs. Then you bake the maps of this model and use the normal &/or displacement map backon the low poly retopoed UV model) - You have a base shape in mind and you create the right topology from the start. When the shape looks alright you UV and check the result with a checkerboard texture to check for problematic/stretched areas. If happy, you duplicate your model and subdivide it further to start scultping until you have what you want. Then, most often you end up baking the maps of the high to the low poly. So the note is: You'll never be able to UV efficiently if topology doesn't allow you to. Good topology makes your life easier every step of the way. Finally for a rock in C4D start with a Hexaedron sphere, use an FFD defromer to taste and a displacer deformer with a noise to get you started. Keep everything parametric until you have an acceptable shape; UV that, test it with a texture, and then start step 2 above. You can bake the high poly maps in Substance later. Hope that helps VH
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  4. Er... no - I'd say that is a little too far removed from the final mesh to be a good UV map. TBH if that 3rd pic is your sculpted final that doesn't have millions of polys so maybe you could make it editable and UV unwrap it from there, although seam placement is a little challenging on that mesh. But I'd wait for someone with Substance experience to advise you further because they may have legitimate reasons why you should keep a low poly mesh...
  5. 1 byte = 8 bits target bitrate 220 Mbps = 27.5 MB/s = 1.65 GB/min if your clip is 3 mins, file size = 4.95 GB it's a high bitrate...
  6. Can't resist a challenge radio_0001.c4d
  7. In this Cinema 4D tutorial video we are going to create an actuator using the Constraint Tag in Aim mode, this will allow us to have two objects pointing at each others pivots. If you would like to support Digital Meat, or follow me on social media, see the below links. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/DigitalMeat3D Merchandise: https://redbubble.com/people/digital-meat Support: https://digitalmeat.uk/donate/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/digitalmeat3d/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/digitalmeat3D Google+: https://plus.google.com/+DIGITALMEA BEEF DOCTOR: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC66f69qhgxy6YnZVMNaCtiA
  8. Thanks. Here are pics of the low poly, high poly and textured mesh so you can see what I mean. You think I should have UV'd the original first?
  9. Generally speaking it makes no sense to UV a sculpt - whilst technically possible it is practically implausible to be shifting around what could be millions on milllions of polys in a UV layout window with the rather limited tools we have available... However what makes excellent sense is to UV the base mesh, which is actually a requirement of successful baking of sculpt objects in Cinema (if you don't use the auto methods). But is there any point in UV'ing before you sculpt ? I'd say that depends on how close the shape and form of your base mesh is to what you will be sculpting later. So if you have a low poly figure you will be later sculpting additional minor detail into, then you could reasonably UV that before sculpting. But if you start with a cube, there is no point in UVing that if you then subsequently turn it into a totally unrelated form during the sculpt. In that case you would do your sculpting, then bake out to a higher level than 0 that did roughly approximate the form of your high res sculpt. I don't use Substance yet, so am not the person to tell you the best workflow there, and what it does with hi and lo res meshes, but that is the thinking behind the sculpting / UVing plan, which might clarify some stuff before you get there... CBR
  10. Select one cube face, menu-select, set selection (give it a name). Make sure nothing is selected and do same for another face. If you don't deselect, the next face is added to the previous selection.
  11. Hi there, I thought I would make a rock to practise making something in C4D and sending it to Substance and rendering with Octane. So I made a low poly mesh and used the sculpt tools to make a big blobby rock with 2 levels of sculpt subdivision. When I brought in a premade Substance, it looks OK at a distance, but up close its a bit of a mess. I have to use Cubic mapping to get anything, as the UV mapping is horrific. So I thought I would unwrap it and actually send the mesh to Substance Painter to texture it. My question is, what is the workflow to unwrap a sculpted mesh? Should I make the hi-res mesh editable and use that? Should I have unwrapped the low poly box mesh first before I sculpted it? I see a lot in Substance workflow instructions about 'low poly mesh and high poly mesh', is this what they are talking about? Should I save them separately somehow? So many questions, if anyone can help, thanks.
  12. We certainly can... it's an interesting problem. In R20 there are probably nodal setups that could do it very easily, but back in R19 I suspect Xpresso might be the only way to go... I bet @jed can tell you pretty much as soon as he sees it :) CBR
  13. Can we keep this open and maybe someone else can chime in on this??
  14. In the case of the OP, almost certainly not, as this thread is over 2 years old, and guests aren't even allowed to post anymore ! :) CBR
  15. Thanks for this...I'll have to learn about set selection so I can understand how this works.
  16. could you explain how it works?
  17. Fix viewport speed fix viewport speed Fix viewport speed fix viewport speed Fix viewport speed fix viewport speed Fix viewport speed fix viewport speed Fix viewport speed fix viewport speed Fix viewport speed fix viewport speed Fix viewport speed fix viewport speed Fix viewport speed fix viewport speed
  18. Hi everyone - quick newbie question. When updating geometry in a C4D file with geometry from an Archicad file, why does the Merge function sometimes updates the scene and sometimes adds an additional folder of Archicad geometry (instead of updating the folder that is already in the C4D file)? Or simply. what have I done to the Archicad folder (raw geometry) in C4D that would not allow C4D to recognize it as the folder requiring an update. Otherwise all material settings need to be reconfigured every time. Thanks e
  19. Yes this sounds like it will work I will give it a try, I am using MoCap from mixamo and Motion Clips so animating the sequence again will only be a few minutes :D THX :D
  20. Yeah I think so too. Something similar can be created using xpolsia in x-particles
  21. I'm not a Mac guy, so don't know about FCP, but I'd be surprised if something that high end didn't have a media encoder that allowed to you to change every aspect of a video's export settings... the equivalent I would use in either Adobe Media Encoder or DaVinci Resolve would both allow you set a specific date rate. CBR
  22. Sorry, no nothing changed. I'll have to get you the screenshots later.
  23. Thank you - we should update that, so will tag @Igor in there... Yes that's obviously unpractical. But a screenshot or 2 showing some apposite settings might equally help... ...and you didn't answer my question ! does anything change about the object you are cloning onto during the course of the animation ? CBR
  24. Hi! I wanted to show you my last animation project. It's a lyric video for the last song of Tom Rosenthal: Love Loosens Limbs. I co directed it with Magali Garcia (https://vimeo.com/magaligarcia). We combined 3D scenes with 2D animations, stop motion and live shooting stuff to make a large zoom out. It talks about a boy who feels awkward and stiff when music starts, till someone special makes him feel loved and free :) Making of and some extra stuff are coming. Good vibes! Hope you like it :)
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