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  2. Meet the new list (pretty much the) same as the old list: Much better viewport / object manager performance. I.E. Rapid looks development whether 1 object with a million polys or a million objects with 1 poly (to use a cliche example). Don't care if it's CPU / multi-threaded or GPU-based, just want it to work much more smoothly than it does. Better UV, retopology worklows. Not really my gig but I know how many other people need this / tire of using third party patchwork of solutions. Proper symmetry modeling tools. I think virtually everyone can benefit from this whether you do Disney style animation, motion graphics, or something else. Continue to polish the new nodal materials system and integrating with available renderers, particularly ProRender. Continue to polish the new OpenVDB workflow. I'd be real happy with any 3 of those. I don't even care which 3 although #1 is far and away the most important and holds greatest potential benefit for all users IMHO. Hopefully the promise of the new core is realized in a couple months.
  3. I did a test on takes. Unfortunately, Same as Layers, hide polygons doesn't work on takes either. So far, I'm stuck here.@_@, T_T
  4. issue appeared to be x-particles. seems I found a glitch. when i removed x particles motext showed up.
  5. Hi @Cerbera do you use spline patch in your modelling workflow? I’ve been lost learning Houdini where coons mesh is very common.
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  7. EDIT: Ah! Your use of the formula + Decay + delay makes sense! I think I'm now able to get the effect I want. Thank you!! Thanks! That's a pretty cool approach. I especially like using the formula field to drive it, but: I'd like to give it sort of a rotation as it moves towards the center as well, so that it does a little flip. Basically, I want to use an effector to alter each instance chronologically. Inheritance is good, but it seems a little limited. Any other thoughtS?
  8. I have this scene where I blow up two buildings... I have the video plate after which I did the tracking and inserted the models (in Cinema 4D). Now, in After Effects I compose them (the scene with the models are rendered with Alpha channel). My problem is after blowing up the building there are the same building standing in the video plate. I know I would have to mask them out (and track the mask as well along the scene)...but then how do I replace the blank space there with the blue sky seamlessly (and add eventually some more trees and maybe some other buildings, like they were behind the buildings I just blown). Not sure where to start...any ideas?
  9. And i can make them all show up if i change the Display > Lines And then change it back. I can save the project after, but when i reopen, all those motext files are invisible in viewport/render until i turn them off/on. If i then send to render farm, they do not show up.
  10. Been working at this for a while and can't figure out a solution. I have a cloned set of stacked rings and I want them to scale from their bottommost point and remain at the top of the previous ring. Is there a procedural way of doing this? As you see in the file each ring overlaps more and more with the one below it. I don't want any intersection but instead have each one perfectly stacked on the one before it while increasing in scale. Any ideas without using complex xpresso? cacti.c4d
  11. This is a recent render to a renderfarm No Motext, which seems to be the main issue, images are working now.
  12. Motext/Images are not appearing until i turn the layer off then back on. When the project is opened up the text is missing. Turn the layer off on, and its back. Any ideas? This is one of the strangest issues I've ever encountered.
  13. Nice! Kangol hat, wind breaker, color matched attire, fat laces..he's all set for the classic breakdance competition. ;)
  14. You can generate a matrix on voronoi pieces which can be set to make thinking particles. The use some effectors on that. If that is not sufficient you will have to dive into Xpresso....
  15. This popped to mind, usually inheritance is best approach, hope it helps :) HexTest_0001.c4d
  16. This is a question that comes up a lot, and recently came up on a FUTUR livestream with Gary Vee. As always the answer is: “it depends”. Some people think the answer should be a hard no. Others think it’s not such a bad thing. I think the answer to this is pretty simple. If you want to do free work to get your name out there, pick the client yourself. Offer your services to a charity or any nonprofit organization that you care about. Or even if it’s a for profit organization, do it for them as a gift, but pick the company yourself and make like an homage to them. If someone comes to you and asks for work in exchange for “Exposure” that should definitely be a hard NO! That job is going to be hell, and going to drag on forever, and you are not going to get any exposure for it. So if you do free work, make sure it’s on your terms and you’ve picked something that will give you exposure. Make sure they have a large following on social media, and a large following that’s relevant to your potential clients. If you do character rigging, 13-18 year old fans of knitting won’t really help you. For example recently I saw a Bee farming non-profit was asking on instagram about getting a character done, so they can educate children on the importance of Bee’s to the environment. I like the cause, i want to make a bee character for my portfolio, win win. The other option is if you are doing something you have never done before and it’s something you want to figure out. Then perhaps thats a good deal for the both of you. BUT you got to remember the wider picture. If you agree to do free work, that means that company is 100% not going to pay someone to do that work. So you’re potentially either taking money away from your fellow workers, and maybe helping a business that has no business doing what it does ( since it can’t secure funds to pay you for your services). There is also the option if you are working in an intern capacity, where you are not being paid, but you are actually learning valuable skills that you want to get. In these cases, remember you can always leave, don’t let them exploit you. Make sure you are still benefiting from this experience. If you’re just photo copying stuff and getting people coffee, you aren’t really learning. You might be building relationships for future work, but thats pretty hard to assess, so go with your gut. So to summarize: Make sure you are benefiting from this free work. If you believe in the cause thats also great. DO NOT work for “exposure”. Hope this was interesting for you. What do you think? Do you ever do free work? Cheers, Aleksey The post Should i work for free? appeared first on Ace5studios. View the full article
  17. Ok, I tried that and it works (no flying through the cube). But how that 1 cm scale affects the rest of the scene? I see now the debris flying and bouncing way too much (although the friction is set to over 100% and bounce to 0 in dynamics for each Voronoi Fracture). Do I have to increase the gravity in the project settings? Ok, I have increased the gravity and seems it solved that bouncing around...
  18. Hi all, This feels like something that should be simple, but I just can't figure it out. Attached is my scene. I have a cloner. I'm animating the clones inward from being pushed away by a target effector. - I'd like to have all clones start out fully affected by the effector, and then one by one they lose the effect of the effector and move into their original position. My plan is to then use a delay effector to blend it a bit, but I'd like that control over it. So, I'd consecutively have each clone animate in from being far away. Thanks! HexTest.c4d
  19. That mainly fixed it for me, but to solve it completely you also need to do what I suggested back on page 1, and check your Dynamics Scale, in Project / Dynamics / Expert which you have set to 100 cm when your fragments are absolutely tiny fractions of that number. Set that to 1 cm, and tell me if they get through now, because I've just done that and not a single piece makes it to the other side for me... CBR
  20. Have you tried a floor ? Nothing gets through a floor. CBR
  21. I tried with the cube thicker...and it is a ghost cube. The problem comes at rendering time. I won't render the cube but the debris going through the cube will be visible in rendering (and I don't want that). That's why I opened this post searching for answers :).
  22. How important is the thickness of the cube? I found just making it thicker stopped bits going through. If the thickness is important you could just put a ghost thick cube in place.
  23. I tried all the shapes and none works (including Automatic). It seems that setting the steps per frame to 25 solves this problem, partially...but now the dissipation of the debris in the first phase (when they are sucked up before spitting down) is increased greatly, and I wouldn't want that. See the project file I attached (and the image below).
  24. Here is the scene: https://www.dropbox.com/s/58xtgf31w3i5meb/check3.c4d?dl=0 I increased the steps per frame...but this also increases the dissipation of the debris in the first phase, when they are sucked up before spitting down (and I wouldn't want that). Sorry about posting in the New Users :) ...
  25. See also Dynamics scale settings (Project / Dynamics etc) - worth checking that is in the same order of magnitude as the scale of your dynamic pieces.. CBR
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