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  2. Hello everyone, I've never rigged anything before and I'm a bit unsure how to tackle this job. I have a pretty complex headset that I need to rig. I would like to be able to hold the top center area and have the rig stay together as I move it around. I also need each piece to be connected so that when one piece moves the attachments all move accordingly. So if a diode is moved the black cables move along with it. What would you rigging masters suggest as the best method? Spline IK or Bone IK or something else? Thank you for your advice... Rick
  3. I read the first tut and there wasn't any mention about texturing. The second one gets pretty detailed about steps regarding poly-groups, smoothing groups, uv packing, baking cages.... I got lost in all of the details. So it seems that they sort of automate the uv unwrap process at a particular stage, which makes sense for very detailed models that would take too long (in the gaming industry) to unwrap by traditional methods. It's really interesting stuff, though.
  4. Yep, that was what I was trying to say, but you did it much more efficiently :) CBR
  5. Guys, I was searching for this for some time. I'm searching for same result, but with clonner and effectors (even this solution, if I add an effector to control de X scale doesn't work, they overlapse)- If you can help I´d be much appreciated :) Thank you!
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  7. Thanks so much for the reply. I am running into two issue with this. 1. The spherical mapping isn't entirely accurate. There are cards on the top where they should be blue but are pink. 2. This example is just a test scene, my plan is to use cards with alpha's on to create feather on my object. I need to use the texture to drive color because my bird is very complex in terms of color and pattern. Hand doing areas won't allow for a realistic transition. Any help is much appreciated.
  8. So far the Cycles4d is pretty good. My biggest issue is that they only allow one computer activation at a time per license. It would be nice to be able to have at least two enabled at a time since I have a work computer and a home machine. Even something like an auto activation/de-activation option like Marvelous Designer has would be nice. Of course an Internet connect is needed each time for that to work. Edit: Ok so I was wrong. There is a setting in the preferences to automatically turn the license on and off. I'll also say that Cycles seems faster and more interactive than the native built in rendering engines. I haven't compared it to any of the others, but I'd guess Redshift could be faster if using a GTX card.
  9. If you used command "Save Project With Assets", did you open/edit/update *.c4d file from that saved folder or still use the same scene file as before saving?
  10. Plus one with @natevplas. Here's the workflow. 1. Make a low poly version of the Coin in C4D starting from a disc or a cylinder. Make sure the dimensions are very close to the high poly model. Maybe use a soft selection on the center of the upper side to replicate that concavity your coin has. 2. UV that in C4D or any other dedicated package you may have. Cut the 2 caps and one cut on your cylinder. Lay them down on a high res texture (2048 or 4096) 3. Take the low poly back in Zbrush and duplicate it as a Subtool. 4. Import your high poly coin in the scene 5. Subdivide it the low poly to match the count of the high 6. In the Subtool menu rearrange hierarchy having the remeshed high poly on top and the original high poly right below. Now Save. 7. Choose the remeshed high poly and have only the original high poly visible (or to be honest the exact opposite, that confuses me every single time) and click project details While it's calculating don't touch your keyboard 8, Your remeshed model should look identical to the original coin. 9. Go to Geometry, on the Remeshed high poly and lower your subD to let's say 20k 10. Go to Normal map menu, press Generate and then Clone NM. 11. No go to your texture menu and export that texture to your specified folder. 12. You may need to go to Photoshop and flip the image vertically. 13. Export your 20k Coin as Fbx or OBj. 13. Back in C4D apply the new normal map on the newly exported Coin (and check your Y/green channel if looking right up) and done! VH
  11. Thank you for the input Cerbera. I'm only using booleans in non planar extrusions/intrusions. For everything else I find it much faster to model in SubD directly. I tried just for the sake of it to UV and retetxture bought game assets to no satisfactory result. The labor was just too much and the end result far from optimal. Perhaps someone who works or has worked in the gaming industry can shed some light.
  12. I will definitely be watching this tutorial soon!
  13. As soon as you do Save with Assets then you fix broken textures in the new folder you create, but those changes are not applied to the current file, which will still be using the old paths, so any iteration you subsequently make to that could still result in texture errors if you then load the new version from your existing path not the new folder created by SwA. The way to avoid this situation occurring is to simply to save your project before you start adding textures. CBR
  14. Short answer, yes, you should definitely create a low res mesh with displacement textures out of Zbrush. I've actually never used Zbrush, but that seems to be the typical workflow I've seen done. There must be a million tutorials on how to do this since it's a very common thing. Then I'm not sure how UVing works in Zbrush (of if you can set up proper UVs), but in Cinema I would create a new UVW map for it. Map the front and back faces flat, then map the edge in cylinder mode.
  15. That's strange- could be a bug? The easiest place for C4D to find textures is in a folder labeled "tex" within the same folder as your project file. Have you tried putting them there manually?
  16. Hello! I made a coin in zBrush and now want to apply texture on it in C4D. When I import my texture into C4D and use Camera Projection for my UV, the artwork does not match the object, what am I missing here? I have to keep tweaking the U & V and offset to get it to match, but shouldn't there be an easier way? would UVW mapping be the best way instead of Camera projection? When I Imported this .OBJ from Zbrush to C4D, it made my computer very slow due to million polygons from zBrush.....Should I create a "Low-Res" model and use that for Texturing? thank you
  17. on a somewhat related topic, by default the timeline window shows all things with keyframes, but when I drag in specific things so I only see those item's keyframes, how do I get back to the default "show all keyframes" view? thanks
  18. Even I use booleans occasionally if I am later retopologizing ! Take that Quaffle I made a few days back - that got done with a horrible boole initially but it gave me the perfect base shape to built my actual polygons on top of before it went in the bin once finished in that service... so if they are using it for quick iteration, and ZB is going to rescue it later, then that's entirely understandable... I have an idea why tris don't matter to UVs, but should leave it to someone that deals with UVing game stuff every day to tell you the best practices there... CBR
  19. That is really hard to do in Cinema because nothing we have in the way of physical simulation can make an object look like this. No doubt at all this would be easier and faster in Marvelous Designer. But if you do have to do it in Cinema, then you need a version that has sculpting really - had that arrived by R14 ? I'm not sure it had... But trying to do this with regular polygon tools would quickly drive you up the wall, and the results won't look much like the reference. If that is all you have, then honestly your best chance is go on Turbosquid and buy a model that has been scanned or made in MD... CBR
  20. Hi, I moved from US to Europe so if someone is moving from Europe to US please let me know. I would like to swap the R20 Prime license. I can pay a price difference if there is one. I can also sell for 700$ mpta3d@gmail.com
  21. Can anyone point me in the right direction in how to model a clear bag with creases that looks like it's being held and being affected by gravity. Something like the attached image. I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks, hope this makes sense
  22. Hey, sorry to reply so late, I rendered the file you shared from dropbox. Physical renderer was selected by default so there were only two buckets and it took more time (00:02:07) but when I switched it to standard, it rendered in 00:01:17. Could it be that you rendered with physical on your friends iMac but switched to standard on your MBA? Thats the only valid explanation I can think of. Edit: I did both renders on R20 in the aforementioned iMac 5K
  23. hey guys, i am constantly relinking textures in my c4d document using Texture Manager, but as soon as i'm done relinking all of them and then "Save Project with Assets", C4D is telling me many textures are missing one by one and if i want to relink them... Why is this? Thank you
  24. Hi all I want to have a given texture (lets say "HDRI_env.exr") to be updated every x seconds. Ideally this refresh would take the texture of the objects tex-tag that the python tag is attached to. Also update should happen when c4d is noch the focused application. What I try to accomplish: modifying/painting a hdr image and seeing results in c4d on the fly (much like HDR Light Studio does it). I did a little research but I am not quite sure where to start. Any thought highly welcome... Cheers Rogurt
  25. Hi. You need to use motion clips which is C4D Non-Linear Animation system and is designed for doing just what your asking. In order to get one clip to start from the location of the last, you need to use Pivot objects. These objects give the object a unique animatable pivot so you can move the entire animation to start at a different position. To see this workflow I suggest you watch my in-depth video on this subject, your then be making your own short animations in no time. Chapters can be seen on the youtube channel. at 0:44:05 it shows pivot objects in use. Dan
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