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  2. More and more people are going freelance? Why? Well the simple reason is that there are more and more people who want to do the work, but the amount of full time jobs isn’t growing as fast. Also with the amount of different skill sets available, most studio’s don’t need a lot of these people full time. For example I mostly do character rigging these days. Most studios don’t need a character rigger full time. They need one just a couple of times a year perhaps, or maybe even just once ever. So freelancing in general a better distribution of labor. There is a dark side to this trend though which everyone should be aware. A lot of studios hire freelancers because they know that most people are terrible at figuring out what they are worth and can be exploited. pressured and manipulated into doing waay more work for waay less money. Many studios will hire freelancers to avoid paying benefits or giving paid leave. This is my advice to every budding freelancer. Don’t do it unless you have no choice. Freelancing is hard. Finding clients is hard, standing out from every other freelancer is hard. There are 2 real reasons anyone should be a freelancer. The first category is people who can’t get stable employment and simply have no choice, and the second category is people who simply HAVE to be able to manage their own time, their money, their projects etc. Take me for example, I’m a freelancer because i simply have no choice in the matter. There is no way i can go into an office every day. It’s simply not in my DNA. And i also love all the aspects around being a freelancer. As a kid i really enjoyed playing economic sim games, where you get to run your own business. Being a freelancer is pretty much just like that. Except you can’t always just pour more money into something, sometimes you just have to do the work. You have to build your brand, handle advertising and marketing, promote yourself, negotiate prices, manage expenses, plan for catastrophes and a whole bunch of other stuff. So if you are thinking about being a freelancer, think about if you enjoy all this. Or does it stress you the ^%@! out. Because to lots of people it does. And if you just want to make animations or design characters, perhaps you are better off looking for employment where other people who are good at things like marketing and negotiations will take care of those things for you. Because remember there are only so many hours in a day. And you will be competing with people who really love what they do. If you want to go freelance, i always recommend teaming up with someone who complements your skills. So you can pull each other up. Or reach out to someone who is already freelancing and let them know what your special skills are. This leads me to the next topic Special Skills you need to have something that sets you apart. Being a generalist is important and as a freelancer it really helps if you are aware of the entire pipeline around you. BUT when you email someone or talk to someone, you need a hook, you need to be remembered for something. Some little piece of info, so when they are thinking “Damn i need someone to do this” They will instantly think of you. This kind of niche specialization also helps with google searches when people are looking for someone who does what you do. How many people are you competing with in your primary category? Know your competition and pivot so at least somewhere you come up at the top of the list. The last part of this post i want to bring up something very important and that is: “Love what you do” . Because if you are doing something you are not passionate about you will lose. Why? Because you are competing with people who LOVE what they do. Especially in the creative industry. So always think long and hard about how you are presenting yourself and what kind of jobs you are attracting. If you enjoyed this article, make sure to follow me. I got a whole series lined up. Next i’m thinking of writing an article on how to set prices and charge for your work. What do you think? Cheers, Aleksey The post Starting out as a freelancer in the 3D/VFX industry appeared first on Ace5studios. View the full article
  3. Yep, it's that. Your Phong angle was set to 180 degrees. Reduce that to 40 and all is better. Is that what you mean ? You can get it potentially better than that by selecting certain edges, r-clicking and choosing Phong Break Selected if you need more precise control of what breaks where... in the same menu you can also select phong breaks to see what's what, and unbreak selected if you go wrong applying it... CBR
  4. At first glance I would say that looks like a phong issue.. hang on - I'll check your file, and get back to you... CBR
  5. everfresh, apologies for the very late response!!!1 You solved my problem. A thousand blessings on your household. best regards, David
  6. Looks like you stripped the animation out, but that's ok. I animated it with position keyframes and it's working great. Hilos_04.c4d
  7. Hi all Ive not seen this happen before so hoping that someone will show me the way... Very simple carton shape for a packaging visual and when I drop it in a thickness surface which normally give me a nice little thickness to replicate card at the sides its doing something else that altering my UV's. Ive even re unwrapped it after making editable. but seem to get the same things happening. Its not having to use a nurb to smooth as isn't necessary but the effect is a bit similar to having artefacts. Hopefully someone can help here. Lang carton_thickness_prob.c4d
  8. The main quality settings for RS are under the Basic tab under Unified Sampling. The default settings are VERY low, so don't be afraid to crank those up. The rule of thumb is to double the number each time you increase it. I think RS likes even numbers, but I just heard that somewhere so I don't really know if it makes a difference. If you're using GI and/or have some moderately complex stuff going on in your scene, don't be surprised if your Samples Max is over 1000. Here's a good tutorial to get you started: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LcxjkHFS-2k
  9. thanks, i attach you the project, i simplificat the C4D file because i can't attach a file that weights more than 5mb, hope is usefull. Hilos_03.c4d
  10. Yeah, I also noticed the hair is very flickery when it is there. Probably has to do with the way you are animating the lines on. I'm guessing you're using a Sweep and animating the start/end? You might have to have the whole spline move so that the geometry you're putting hairs on doesn't change over time. If you want more help, attach a project file and I or someone else can take a look.
  11. I am experiencing a fair amount of grain in a Redshift render. When working with Physical render, all controls that affect the quality are found in 1 place + GI. With Standard render, the options are set in the materials. Which approach does Redshift take? I found the override options in Basic tag and some in the material, but none for the Shadows quality.
  12. Thanks bentraje! It's so funny. I just came across this tutorial via a different online search. I'll watch it over lunch break :) Meanwhile I also realised that the "Link View to Object Manager" command/button might also have been the reason, why LockDown didn't see the keyframes of his animation layers, as with this activated, only items in the Object Manager show up in the Timeline's Dope Sheet/F-Curve views. However, Animation Layers seem to solely exist within the Timeline and the Motion System tag, hence they refuse to show up, when this button is activated. Bottom line, the Timeline window in Cinema 4D is always working somehow, but it's not always very straightforward/logical to understand why certain things don't show up (not being on the Main Take is another big reason, why things are 'missing' sometimes). Either way, I'm looking forward to watching this tutorial and learning more about C4D!
  13. I have no direct solution but have you tried checking this comprehensive tutorial?
  14. Hi, over a year later, but I've got the same issue. I'm trying to add keyframed animation on top of a couple of Motion Layers (it's a character animation from Mixamo). As LockDown already mentioned, the keyframes only show up in the small timeline underneath the viewport, but not inside the Dope Sheet / F-Curve window. On top of that, I can add keyframes to certain joints and things work as expected, while adding keyframes to others causes limbs to bend in the strangest way, whereupon I can't seem to add further keyframes to rectify the crazy positioning. Any idea. how to fix this?
  15. hey cbr, i examined your quilt file, wunderfully built, thanks a lot for that, also extremly helpful to understand stuff by playing with the file! triple thumps up .. marian
  16. this might help https://nitro4d.com/product/magic-puzzle/
  17. I finally succeeded that effect, but i don't understand why the hair disappear after a few seconds of animation. Fils_low.mp4
  18. That looks like simple glass "tubing" to me. Inside these tubes are small emissive spheres that move along that tube.
  19. Hi, looking at your screenshot i notice you only activated the; move,scale and rotation, you didn't activate the point animation and FFD uses the points for deformation.
  20. @bezo Thanks but I can't upload the file, due to contract contraints. @Cerbera Thanks for the advice, yes I've been doig it the manual way, the untriangulate command didn't do anything useful, so I've been going through and melting points, and dissolving faces. I'll take a look at the HB Modelling and Instant Meshes though, thanks for the heads up.
  21. Hello everyone,How to make the electric current effect like the picture above?
  22. I have done it anyway - the easy way - I have to reduce the topology using polygon reduction as much as possible to make it simpler to apply the boole as attached....
  23. To be honest, for licensing queries, you should contact MAXON directly.
  24. Correct. With dynamics you'd have to reverse it in post, or by baking to keyframes and reversing those. Plain Effector makes things a lot simpler. CBR
  25. God I hate those files :) If I have time and budget I rebuild wherever I can. If not, first I try various untriangulation angles, which occasionally score you quads on the first hit, but more often than not fail spectacularly in giving you anything helpful. In those cases, I try and make huge ngons with liberal melting, then go in with the knife tool making cuts I think won't cause the surfaces to fail. Then there's good old reliable HB modelling bundle with its amazing retopo setup, which gets used by me again and again, quickly rebuilding shittily topo'd stuff, often by just drawing a few splines all over it. And when there's millions of polys and they're all awful, then I head over to Instant Meshes to try a brute force quad and flow replacement in one hit... So there are things to do, but even with help it can still feel like an uphill battle. I find some solace in the knowledge that I am there for the greater good, improving the standard of models and modelling in the world, one god-awful STL at a time :) CBR
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