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  2. Hi, I figured it out, I ended up parenting a null to the bottom left toe joint and using a global matrix in/out port with espresso then baked the keyframes out. Link below if anyone is interested in the global matrix. https://forums.creativecow.net/thread/19/881482
  3. update for you guys, I made no progress with this haha
  4. ok, you don't need to make it geometry you can use correction tag and vertex point + fields lol, I solve it by accident :D. you have to make two identical setups. transferred color from setup 1 to set up 2. Change something in your geometry you just need to update correction tags and move your field and it will fix itself. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ewan5svztp7odia/Redshift_Materials_Fields_01-adam2hack.c4d?dl=0
  5. So simple when you know what you are doing - thanks a lot!
  6. He could bake out a displacement, Normal Map. The Knife tool will do what he wants with the splines. Dan
  7. if you don't feel like redoing retopo wit details i would say sculpting could save you but you will probably be finished with big polycount witch could be oke if you are not planning to do massive animations on top of it.
  8. I'd say your initial poly density should be something in the region of this sort of thing... CBR
  9. you can use vertex maps but it needs to be geometry Redshift_Materials_Fields_01-adam.c4d
  10. in the Princibled BSDF just put the metal slider to 1 and spec to 0 and you have instant metal
  11. Yep - what he said. You need an edge flow that includes those forms. What you have now may be all quads and regular, so some points for that, but that is not the topology or edge flow you need to describe this surface because it doesn't take into account any of the secondary forms, upon which the whole mesh should be based, from the ground up ideally... To be honest, if the only thing you have modelled before is a fork (which might be considered a month 1 project, a trainer like this is sort of a Year 3 project, so you have made a massive leap in ambition and skill level required. With some effort sculpting could save this, but if you are trying to improve your poly modelling skills, I'd forget booles, sculpting, cloth, or splines, and just do your retopo again so that you incorporate those forms and still keep everything regular quads at the lowest resolution you can get away with, which isn't very low, given the complexity of the pattern... Poly Pen will do this fastest for you. Also make sure you are using symmetry if that is an option - no need to be doing more work than you have to... Top Tip: Once you have laid out some polys, the sculpt tools (which work on regular poly objects too) can be very helpful, specially the Grab Tool, if you use FX Modifiers to add a little smoothing into the tool, which will help keep you regular as you shift things about in a way that no other tool in Cinema can... Lastly, the HB modelling bundle would make this easier still, with its dedicated retopo setup and reprojection options... CBR
  12. Hello, I am selling my licenses of X-Particles 4, ZBrush, Redshift and Cycles 4D. The prices are very attractive. If you’re interested, please send me PM or email on ric.skiba@gmail.com Please note, that as I’m selling from EU (UK), it is legal for me to sell my ZBrush license. Kind regards, Ric.
  13. In this file I added some more parts lifter_0003.c4d
  14. Hi, I have a scene with a few splines in a cloner, which are then effected by a displacer using a spherical field. I then connect these using a connect object and sweep them using a single sweep nurbs. I would like to use Redshift to control the material over the fall off of the spherical field only but am struggling to work out how in the shader graph. If anyone has any ideas / tips that would be great - scene file below. Thanks! Redshift_Materials_Fields_01.c4d
  15. HI, and welcome to the forum . This is not a bad effort for a beginner. There are some fundamental things to bear in mind when rigging a character; First of all the order of the joints the hierarchy. I know that logically you want to start with the head and go down to the feet but the waist/pelvis lower spine is the first joint in the chain ending in the head. The arms are parented to the spine shoulder joint and the legs to the waist/pelvis. You then select all the joints and align them. If you are using ik tag on the limbs you need to bend the elbows/knees before applying the ik tag, and move the poles in front of the knee and behind the elbow to prevent the joints from flipping. Good luck.
  16. Hello, and welcome. Ideally, you should have included the shapes within the retopo, this is the best way to make best use of retopo. To sculpt along a spline you need to activate the snapping tools from the bottom the left of the UI and make sure Spine Snap is on. Your going to need a faily high level of sculpting Sub divisions to get it clean. Your also need a decent UV map on the model to make a displacement or normal map. Doing it this way will loose you the full flexibility of selection sets for multiple material groups. If it was me Id do retopo again. Dan
  17. @jed Wow this helps me out a lot! Thanks A lot!, I will try this on my project, thanks!
  18. Personally, no. I'm from Asia, so the mileage may vary. My reseller doesn't also have their own payment system on their website. They just send me a paypal link from their own account.
  19. Greetings fellow C4D Cafe Gurus, So I just scanned this one, and I've spent unhealthy amount of time watching tutorials to retopo the scan and create some clean-ish model. this is literally my second modeling attempt after the fork tutorial (probably every beginner did start with). I know I skipped a boatload of lessons and tools to learn and here I hit the wall of my ignorance and stubbornness. I can't figure out how to add the surface engravings to the mesh I retopo-ed, I tried spline>loft> then boole, but it won't give me a proper result. Thought of sculpting, but was wondering if I can make the sculpt brush follow the splines I projected on the surface to get a more precise detail! Or maybe Cloth > bulge but have the splines to block it to create the look without loosing actual shape? I don't know how to do this though, I just played with the cloth tag today. I would appreciate any guidance. thanks in advance.
  20. But since we're on the Cafe, I'm thinking Mograph and an animated Noise controlling size of several objects or materials on planes. That sort of thing.
  21. Yesterday
  22. Hi all, I am trying to render out a material with an alpha channel. I have created an Octane Diffuse material, loaded the alpha map into Opacity and changed the opacity type in the material editor to "Alpha", but it is still displaying my alpha as white. Have I missed something?
  23. Viewport Settings / Display... CBR
  24. Hi, I tried every option in filter or display, how do I get rid of the white subdivision lines when I select and object in R20? Thanks
  25. Hello, I received an email from MAXON wanting me to pay my MSA through email, not trusting the email I tried to log in to the website and look into the matter that way, but for what ever reason, the MAXON website does not recognize my email. I have registered my products a few times in the past, so not sure whats ups. Anyone experience anything like this?
  26. Hello guys, I have a little problem. I am a beginner in Rigging actually. I work with IK-Chain and Constraints (Hardsurface Rigging). When I move the pole vectors, the Joints are twisting. The Problem then is that the Constraint-Objects not match very nice at the knee for example I tried the Joints Limits Option (Kinematik Tab) but the doesn´t work very well. Have someone a idea to solve this issue, for no twisting Joints when i move the pole vectors. File:https://we.tl/t-pukhDGJfN3 Thanks for answers
  27. After a whole year I thank every day I have to model or uv that I don’t have to use C4D for that. I use it for the rest, but the workflow in C4D is so for away from productive. Pardon, just my thoughts. Maybe in R21 they realize the mess and remove selection tags from being such a pain the as. Or have something like copy paste polygons.
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