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  2. Hi Cafe Im guessing this is a simple thing for all you topomasters out there, i think i could get this done but thought i would ask for tips and best methods before I start the hair pulling. This is just a test project, so its not this shape specifically Im after but more the principle of chopping this wedge off of this cone. Ive set this one up with a boole to get an idea of the shape, I did clean one up to an extent but Im wondering if I should start with more rotations. Part of me says to make the cross section and then model off that but maintaining the cylinder then becomes tricky. Then there is the second shape with two flat sides and a more rectangular top, now that looks a bit tricky to me. All tips tricks and advice most welcome Deck Liptip test 03.c4d
  3. Hi ivanpais, Sorry, I don't have anything like you're asking for. Have you tried marketplaces like CGTrader or TurboSquid? I've used a few interior scenes for renders, but I work in the signage industry. So I just needed some interior shots to show the signs mounted (wall mounts, ceiling mounts, projection / flag mounts). My main goal wasn't to show the interiors. There are some really good series of tutorial videos on interior render passes for archviz, but it's for Modo and not C4d. Some of the principals should translate somewhat across applications. https://community.foundry.com/playlist/1043/architectural-interior-lighting-tutorial-series https://www.3dartistonline.com/news/2017/08/modo-tutorial-interior-arch-vis/ Is the class a general class or is it specifically aimed at Cinema 4d? There's also Richard Yot's stuff, also aimed at Modo, but some of the techniques may transfer. https://richardyot.com/training Hopefully someone more dedicated to Archviz will come along and can help you better than I can. Good luck! Edit: Also if you haven't seen this website before, it has a lot of really good stuff on it. https://www.ronenbekerman.com/
  4. Render passes for post processing in a bitmap editor and using a LUT (Look Up Table) afterwords can help. There are plenty of tutorial videos for these on YouTube, Vimeo, etc. Something like this GSG tutorial may help you get started: https://greyscalegorilla.com/downloads/gorillla-grade-luts/ Edit: Also, some apps already install some LUT libraries and you can find others on the internet. They don't have to come from GSG, but those guys do have a lot of quality add-ons for C4d.
  5. Thanks for the feedback srek!, I'll have to check that setting, but I didn't change any of the defaults on my end. Would that sort of setting be saved in a file someone sends? The only way I could see that that would have been disabled is if the guy that set the file up did that and it came with the file. I did use the texture manager to fix the textures, but it's really odd to me that the only clue I have that the alembic files were missing is an extremely tiny red mark on the alembic icon in the object browser. Luckily for me there were only three, but what about when a file might have a lot of these broken file link paths? Especially if a bunch of them might be buried in closed groups. Again, I find it extremely odd there isn't a prompt for missing items like this. The first thing that happens in Adobe Illustrator when I open a file someone else made, is to warn me of missing fonts, missing eps links, missing linked images, etc.
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  7. Hi Zeljka It should be in demo version, maybe something went wrong during installation. Here is house builder, please try if it works this way for you, you can save it to content browser. If not please contact me via private messaging system :) Cheers House_builder.c4d
  8. Love Nitroman....
  9. This should only happen if "Show Texture Errors" in the rendersettigns has been disabled. It is on by default. To relink textures use the texture manager.
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  11. I did not contact support yet, but deleting my preferences fixed that particular issue. If I run into another weird issue I’ll likely reinstall R20.
  12. I'm new to C4d and I'm not getting any type of warning pop up when the path for textures and other linked files (alembic) are broken. I received several files to render, and all of the file paths were of course broken because the paths were pointing to a folder on the guy's machine that made these. That's understandable, but WHY didn't C4d tell me these files weren't loading? Is this standard operating function for C4d? Every other graphics / 3d app I've ever used has given me a warning when links are broken / missing. I shouldn't have to sift through the whole object browser tree to manually find any paths that are broken. The textures were easy enough to find and replace, but I still think there should be some type of warning prompt of what is missing in a file. I've now rendered a movie that took a day and half that didn't turn out correct. Thanks, Simon
  13. Hi Hrvoje and thanks for the welcome :). Yes, I have just reinstalled C4D and downloaded once again all the libraries but it is still not there :/. Any clue what else could it be?
  14. Hi Zeljka and to the Cafe Did you download all content libraries? If so, it should appear in tools and helpers
  15. jed

    Nitro4D and R20

    I used to have a lot of fun with Nitro4D's SoundFx (triggers a sound on collision), but around R17 or R18 it seemed to no longer work in C4D. However, Nitro has upgraded most of his plugins to work in R20, including SoundFx . A quick test - if you click bake, it writes the sound to the timeline. https://nitro4d.com/product/soundfx/ well, it amuses me...
  16. Have you checked this topic? https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/104182-create-instances-from-selected-objects/?tab=comments#comment-683399
  17. thanks for sharing... the problem i have with bundles like that is that you almost never have use for more than a couple in that bundle. most times when i'm in need of textures im in need of a very specific one. so i actually prefer to buy them one by one when i need them. but looking at their single texture pricing i think i prefer other sources, like poliigon or textures.com, which are much cheaper. but the quality is really superb i have to admit, definitely gonna bookmark it...
  18. I have script here, that selet all Instances of a Mesh Object. However it does not work on render instances. Anyone knows how to do that? Also when deleting an Object that has Instances the Instances don't get deleted but are just broken Instances. Is there a function that does not only delete an object, but also its Instances?
  19. Hi, I have just downloaded C4D demo R20 and I can find the House Builder Tool. When I go to Content Browser, than I go to Presets -> Visualize but there is only 3D objects, Example Scenes, Materials and Presets. There is no Tools and Helpers. Is it places somewhere else or is it because it is demo version? Thanks!
  20. Omg, I did try to do that but apparently I'd been trying to rotate the null and not the camera itself so it would either cause the camera to disappear or simply nothing to happen. This worked!!! Thanks a ton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 I keep making these noob mistakes ahh. Thank u!
  21. Put your camera in a null and align the null to the spline. Then you can adjust the camera back to 'normal'. In the video, the plane is in a SDS and he is rotating the child.
  22. Hello, I'm working on an animation where I need a camera to move along a spline, which it does perfectly. My issue regarding this is that I would like to add a rail spline where I can manipulate points in the rail spline to change the tilting of the camera as it moves along curves, but when I create a rail spline and align it with the camera, the camera tilts 90 degrees. I cannot rotate the camera back to its normal position using the rotate tool (the tool won't work). Could someone possibly help me out with this? xo Here are some screenshots of the problem. I've labeled the regular spline that the camera is aligned to (yellow) and the rail spline as (blue). https://imgur.com/a/fhITazC I've even tried to look up a video on youtube for help and landed on this one: (start at 2:25 and end at 2:52). In this video the plane object also tilted after aligning the it with the rail spline, but somehow the person managed to rotate the plane back to normal, which for some reason isn't working for me. I'd appreciate any help!! <3
  23. Not sure if this is 100% relevant to a 3D workflow, but for my multirotor panoramas I use MS ICE (free) or Hugin (also free) to stitch single pics into VR composites, and then Marzipano (also free !) to turn that into an interactive Web thing... My UAV parks itself in the sky, and rotates its camera around a single fixed point, and only takes 18 photos per panorama, but still ends up with pretty decent results, and both those programs can cope with any amount of source images... all you would have to do is rotate your camera around, tripod-stylee in the same way, and render at each stop. I'd say this method was better than QTVR in pretty much every conceivable way. And in perfectly alignable 3D-land you wouldn't be plagued by the problems inherent in trying to do this from a free-floating platform battling 60 kph winds at the top of some mad hill ! :) http://aerocam.org.uk/panoramas/st-peters-terwick-77-ft/app-files/ http://aerocam.org.uk/panoramas/Harting-down-w-sussex-350-ft-nov-2018/app-files/ CBR
  24. I'm a former Director/Flash guy myself... My thoughts? QTVR is dead. If anyone wants to do more in this realm.... The future of Interactive web 3d is going to be tied to these technologies: glTF webGL WebVR USDZ If you want baked 3d you can use HTML5/javascript approaches, but these are the future. Also...if you want a lazier but pricier approach you can embed SketchFab in your web pages.
  25. Thanks Deck for your speedy reply. I never thought of that solution. I could only think of the old Macromedia Director as an approach or Flash. I will certainly give your solution a go. Cheers Deck.
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  27. Getting better all the time :) I like all those additions, except possibly the user avatar cloud, which I reckon makes it substantially harder to see who is online at a glance and takes up more space !! ;) CBR
  28. As you said in your last post, it is a very broad set of questions you're asking - getting the sort of look you are after is a combination of modelling, textures, lighting and rendering, so you are unlikely to find any one tutorial (or forum post) that covers all of this - it would have to be hours and hours long. But people do ask about this sort of look surprisingly often, so it is worth searching the site to try and find all the posts where we have already advised with most aspects of this. But because there is no standard name for this sort of 'soft look' knowing what to search for is somewhat more challenging. Maybe best to visit the Rendering and lighting sections, and just go back through the posts until you find the similar questions, which are there if you look for them... Or, if you can narrow it down to one question at a time, about 1 specific image we can probably help with that in this thread. Otherwise, it's a all a bit 'general' which is why I suspect you are lacking replies so far... CBR
  29. Is there a place where I can learn that basics of this?
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