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  2. Hm that's strange, when I do it with the parent constraint everything works fine, all controls with all rotations
  3. Vilandra, thank you for your answer. I did what you said. That's what happens this time. 1- The background looks very bright when I make the rendering. 2- I'm placing objects on the background. The objects look transparent.
  4. Interesting stuff - thanks for posting these. I'd seen some of them before, but certainly not all. I do agree with the general premise of this thread - it's an incredibly weak area for C4D. The first proiority for me would be to get the basic solvers - rigid body / soft body / cloth etc - all working well, controllably (no 'explosions' please) and fully integrated with each oher. A few years ago I was working on a job that really needed some very controlled ripping and soft body dynamics. After about two weeks of effort trying with both soft bodies and cloth we gave up and dropped the shot.
  5. Hi Why dont you just apply a different animation to the model if its already got hair attached and working fine? Bake the current animation to a motion clip, merge the second model into scene with different animation on and also make a motion clip. Delete that model and apply the motion clip to the model with the hair. I assume you have tried storing the hair position, using the root tool before you found it didnt work, generally it dont transfer too well. Assuming you have the hair on a hair cap you can stick the cap to the other model of you wana go that route by using the Surface deformer. Best workflow iv found is to make the hair on a hair cap, apply the hair cap to what model you want. You can constrain it, surface deformer or using weighting to the head bone. If you can upload the file I can have a go for you. Dan
  6. Hi, another question about hair sims in C4D. My basic question is that I have done grooming on a particular model and I want to basically copy that hair and have it attached to the same object but with different animation (and so simulation will be different). I have a .fbx of the second model where I need to add the hair. The polygons/mesh are identical only the animation is different. When I make the exact same selection on my new .fbx model and copy-paste my old hair object and put the new selection tag in the link under guides, it doesn't wanna seem to move with the mesh but stays in one place while the walk/animation goes on beside the hair and the hair being attached to a "ghost scalp" that isn't in that position anymore. Adding a new hair object to that same selection does work and moves with the head but defeats the purpose of copying the groom. Is there anyway I can get it to stick to the head? I'm linking to a video showing the same (apologist for the frantic mouse movements ) https://we.tl/t-KY4u9Knckj Thanks in advance nihonjin
  7. Okay, it seems to be working more correctly but only for one object. How to apply it to all isnstances? nearest_point2.c4d
  8. I will look into this, thanks
  9. In this case it is so few points to move that you might as well just do that ! But you do need more segmentation along the length of the selected part so that it is able to match the curvature of the surface behind it - at the moment there are not enough polys in this to do so. Once that is done, just use regular selection tools to move edge loops back to the right place... the same equally applies in the other direction if you want to match vertical curvature as well... If there is some reason you can't add segments to that part (ie it must remain straight relative to itself) then you should be able to just select the last 6 points top and bottom of each end and move them back instead... Or am I misunderstanding you what you want ? Also you have Inverse normals there you need to fix (the blue ones). CBR
  10. This issue would solve so many problems I have with Xpresso. Is there a way to get any objects size like you see in the coordinates tab. I cannot get the size when it's a generator object. I currently use the "Bounding Box" node which produces vectors but only for polygonal objects. Can this be done with Python? Is there another route to implement. I haven't seen a solution online. Thank you in advance. Object > Bounding Box > VectorToReals > Result
  11. Hi, I have attached an image of what I have, what I would like to do is to wrap the selected part around the saucer, i have tried projecting but that does not work. I have tried manually moving points and it looks passable but I feel there must be a better way, can anyone help? Thank you so much.
  12. In my experience, especially with Octane, never touch the driver unless you absolutely need to for a new Octane Version or something. I have never had issues with C4D with any drivers, no matter how outdated or old they were. Could be different for S22 of course but unless you have problems, why even update / change it?
  13. I'm pretty sure the guys at MAXON already know about most of the technical papers presented at SIGGRAPH for the past decade and all the different techniques they could use to make a nice "multi-physics" solver for Cinema 4D. Lots of cool techniques (some geared toward more accurate/realistic behaviors where others are optimized for speed): - SPH (Smoothed-Particle Hydrodynamics) - (Houdini, Realflow) - FLIP (Fluid Implicit Particle) - (Houdini, Realflow, Mantaflow, Flip Fluids) - PBD (Position Based Dynamics) - (Realflow) - FEM (Finite Element Method) - (Houdini) - PIC (Particles In Cell) - MPM (Material Point Method) - (Maya "Bifröst") - CD-MPM ( Continunm Damage - Material Point Method) - (SIGGRAPH 2019) - ADMM-MPM (Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers - Material Point Method) - (SIGGRAPH 2019) - HOT-MPM (Hierarchical Optimization Time - Material Point Method) - (SIGGRAPH 2020) The list is too long to post here, so i will just put a few wild SIGGRAPH videos here ranging from (water/cloth interaction, water/hair interaction, cutting a piece of meat, baking some bread and cookies, shredding a piece of bread, lots of rubbery/elastic silliness and more...) There is so much new techniques and methods to have cool Simulation harnessing the power of Multi-threaded CPUs, Multi GPUs, AI, etc... just waiting for ppl to implement them
  14. Here's my latest attempt, if someone would be kind enough to take a look, and the gltf it exports. It's not weighted yet as I keep trying different things with the rig and got sick of weighting it every time. Archive.zip
  15. What is important to achieve this look is more the lighting than the materials, I think the main factor is having a very large point light that draws supersoft shadows and. The material of the walls seem to be quite simple, maybe the first and last use a bit of sheen - what render engine are you using?
  16. Hi! I have been asked to create a room similar to this for someone, I have been struggling to get the lighting and materials to look as realistic as the examples. I am relatively new to C4D so any tips will help. Thanks so much!
  17. Is the layers tab still in your layout, and what happens if you click it ? CBR
  18. Thanks for your advice! when I swap out the PSR for the Parent I loose the connection(rotation) to the forearm joints. Unchecking the the local rotation did the trick. thanks again
  19. The holographic stuff - near the end - is really quite mind blowing...
  20. Hi guys, here's a silly question, I've just pressed a keyboard short cut, hit the wrong key, and now i can't see my layers? any idea what I've pressed and how i can get them back again? I can still see my model in my view port cheers
  21. Just throwing this here (Octane, Brigade, Physics, Bullet and/or PhysX) starting at 1:22:31
  22. If you want to align them by bounding box, Lazaros´ s Magic Sweep plugin is the simpliest solution for that (especially if you want to align hundred of objects )
  23. Honestly, Topcoat has created more instability issues with C4D than any of my other plugins. Learning the shader system is a far better way to go. I purchaed Topcoat right after R16 just to get me around the new reflectance channel but that was a mistake. Another mistake I made was to add it to my layout so it was active with each new release up until R19. Every C4D crash I experienced was always root caused by MAXON to Topcoat. It is no longer part of my layout nor do I load it into my plugin directory. If anyone has any contrary opinion about its stability after R19, I would be interested to hear it (I did pay for it after all). Dave
  24. You can also use different animation units, for example seconds or SMPTE (min:sec:frame mode) and together with HUD options Frame and Frame Time you ca have absolute control over actual frame/time state...
  25. TLDR: I think the solution is to add a joint to an existing advanced biped rig so I can bind to it and rotate eyelids that way – I have searched for a long time and can't find how to do this. OK, so after another day and a half of wrangling, I can get the eyelids to blink well in a few different ways but none that are going to export in a usable way. My constraints in getting this model to blink as part of a rig, due to elements of the model being called by javascript, are: It has to be exported as gltf which has limits https://labs.MAXON.net/?p=3360 I am only allowed polygon objects named as follows: Body, Hair, Eyes My initial attempts included selecting polys of the body and doing PLA which worked fine until export. I've tried Pose Morph animations with only 'Points' checked as an option, both with and without a target to morph to – both look great until export – this is supposed to work according to the article above. I've just tried a combined eyelid / eye object (which isn't in the rig, but is psr constrained to it so I can rotate the whole eye quickly). That didn't work. Any help gratefully recieved, I'm sure this is probably child's play for some of you but as I'm new to rigging, it seems such a steep learning curve. I am learning a lot along the way though – thanks!
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