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  2. Yes, I was looking there and I did pretty much the same (what MQ said)...except I don't have a specular map but a metallic one and a roughness map . Is Glossiness same as Roughness?
  3. No, it's a bit more complicated than that. See this post from the Substance Designer help... https://forum.allegorithmic.com/index.php?topic=9757.0 CBR
  4. I have these textures: color, normal, glossiness, metallic, roughness Where usually they should be put, using the Physical renderer? I put the color one in the Color channel, normal in the Normal channel, glossiness in the Reflectance channel (in a GGX layer, in Reflection Strength), roughness in the same Reflectance channel (in the same GGX layer but in Roughness). Where do I put the metallic? Also, is that ok where I put the others? Thanks.
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  6. Wow cool thanks you! Also by mistake learned that holding option (on Mac) and clicking will select the invert. So good. Thanks.
  7. Yes. Hold Ctrl as you change to Points mode, and selection should be converted. CBR
  8. I see selection tools for filling a selection and Outline Selection, but is there way to go from an edge or polygon selection to point selection?
  9. Checkout how a rail tames this helix sweep - try with and without rail helixrail.c4d
  10. That’s awesome. Much appreciated...
  11. You need a rail. I usually just copy the main spline and drag it to one side. Sometimes it needs to be alongside, sometimes concentric - scaled up. Concentric would be for something like a helix. rail.c4d edit: re seamless - align to spline only goes up to 100%. My bit of XP uses modulo to go 98%, 99%, 0%, 1%, 2% ie goes past 100% seamlessly, without a jump.
  12. I only use Redshift now. I bought Cycles at the NAB sale but I'm not seeing the same speed that I get out of Redshift. I will definitely give it a good go though to see how well it works with certain aspects of XP. I don't go near Physical, Standard or ProRender.
  13. When I implemented your first Xpresso I didn’t have that seamless loop you told me about. The object was going back to its initial position instead of keeping moving along the spline once the cursor hits the last frame, no matter if it was the 90th or 200F. It wasn’t a continuous loop because I didn’t do it right probably. But your second code is really good, I love it. It does exactly what I need. I experimented a little with it and I took the camera and the cube out and had a pyramid on the circle. I wanted the tip of the pyramid to be on the circle facing the moving direction which it does, with the spline going through the middle of the pyramid. It’s looping seamlessly and I can adjust the speed which is really nice. However, at some point on the circle the pyramid flips having the base facing the direction and back with the tip after that. Now the Up vector null doesn’t fix this problem. It might require some work in the Xpresso code. What do you think? File attached. Pyramid .c4d
  14. How did this became a Mac bashing thread :) ? Either way, market and users will react accordingly to all decisions ever being made by any company. This is valid for Apple too. Let's keep the topic on right path. Who of you folks is actively using Redshift?
  15. I'm not sure what you mean by this. Maybe show some pictures.
  16. I'm puzzled about the 'carry on at 90F' business - what you up to ?
  17. Oh, this one is really nice Jed. I can adjust the speed with the control and it’s quite smooth. Thank you so much.
  18. I found this very old reply at the PluginCafe, and what you want seems possible. Maybe start a new thread at https://plugincafe.MAXON.net/ can't say I understand the answer
  19. The seamless loop scene was designed to loop (from zero) several times in one anim eg two and a half passes over say 200F. Another way to generate any movement is by addition - adding a small value to the current position every frame. By changing the amount added, this method has a kind of 'speed control'. Due to the adding, the value sticks when you wind the anim back to zero. Most people see this as a problem, so put some kind of 'reset at frame zero' code in. This seems to be the behavior you are looking for - position value remains when timeline restarts. In this file I have put a reset button in. run-reset.c4d Bear in mind that any scene that uses addition 'jumps' when you click in the viewport, although you can disable XP for tinkering purposes.
  20. Hi Jed, How do I go on a seamless loop using your xpresso tag? If I set the constant to 100 or 120 I like it goes really slow, but ones the cursor hits the end of the timeline the object goes back to position 0. I would like to have the object keep moving along the spline. I can have that by increasing the frame numbers to let say 1000, but how do I achieve that on a 90F. Thank you.
  21. Thanks for your response. I am confused that this should not work. I thought of something like constantly clicking "refresh texture" only X times per second via python script. The workarounds you mentioned don't seem to work for me... Cheers Rembert
  22. Yep, I do actually agree with @VECTOR despite my comments. Either his lower half needs to match the top bit proportionally, OR, if more cartoon-like proportions are OK, like he says, go totally the other way and really accentuate the difference ! My point was more to avoid the middle ground. CBR
  23. If your leaves all have the same amount of polygons you can use Polygon Step in the Variation Shader to vary a texture on a per leaf basis, and then load a gradient into the base shader component therein to get (presumably) the effect you want ? If that doesn't answer this, then we'll be needing more detail on what you are trying to achieve... CBR
  24. Thanks. I’ll try later today. Have a happy Easter
  25. This was made into one object and rigged with ik joints: Link
  26. Are you going for a stylized/streamlined character. Your lines so far would have me think of this (which is not a bad thing at all obviously as long as it's intentional)
  27. only started myself a while back, very useful but easy to get messed up too, if not doing the right things with the right takes, i.e. if you want a global change across all takes, make sure you are working on the master take. You can also save individual takes out to files if it all gets out of control. D
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