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  2. Just a quick note, if you want to monitor your GPUs you'll need something like Afterburner. This will give you the info you need while your machine is rendering including temperatures, fan speed, vram usage and overall gpu utilisation.
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  4. You could use a message box import c4d from c4d import gui def main(): gui.MessageDialog('only 10 days left') as in 'Hello World' ...
  5. Thank you both Westbam and Digivisions!! I now have a better understanding of the process used.
  6. Is there a way to model a trefoil knot using formula in Cinema? There is a material preview option which displays the knot so I presume it is doable :-) Would appreciate some help with this..
  7. Hello Cafe I am trying to make setup where first and last clone swap their places in short animation but find this surprisingly difficult to achieve. Anyone dealt with this before? thanks
  8. Actually, nevermind. I just got it solved by my own. But since it's here already, I'll share how to get days only to print in the string. You can also use some parts of it for logic script building. import c4d import datetime #Welcome to the world of Python def main(): global Output1 starttrial = datetime.date.today() # Date on your computer endtrial = datetime.date(2019,9,1) # Date on when it expires TimeComparison = endtrial - starttrial # Date comparison Output1 = "You only have " + (str(TimeComparison.days)) + " days before this rig expires..." #Print as String
  9. Hi Dan, Thanks for your advice! I tried to parent both the skateboard and the Skater in one parent Null, but the Rig itself (the skater) has animation that moves/pushes forward. I can't figure out how to make the rig stay still ( I don't know if this is even possible because of the way I imported it from Mixamo). Any Ideas?
  10. I don't get the relevance of the number of teeth. To turn any object 360 deg in 60 frames is 6 deg per frame so just multiply frame by the radian equivalant of 6 deg in XPresso. To make a loop, render frames 0-59 inclusive. 2cogs.c4d at that speed, there will be strobe effects, so stuff will appear to go backwards etc - Hollywood wagon wheel effect... I'm a big fan of Looney Gears
  11. How can I do single-point tracking in cinema 4d ? I want to track a single feature and the constrain an object to that feature. I've seen people do it in Blender and Syntheyes.
  12. Good Day! So, I do search some raw python codes, but there are so many, but I can't find one that is specifically made for Cinema4D R14. Do anyone know how to get the current device date and time and compare it with a time that I have set? I do want to use it in making a Demo Version of a rig I was making, but since majority of it's parts do work under Python Scripts inside Xpresso tags, I think I can use that certain part of code to disable the main module that connects the parts to make the rig work at all. Also, is there any way to print how many days remaining before the set datetime to arrive? For example, I want to print "You have " + days + " days remaining before this rig set expires". I can print it in console, but I don't know how it will be included in a string output
  13. Been a while since I used octane, but if I recall correctly you set the depth of field 0. Then you can control the Octane camera tag via the normal c4d camera settings. I would recommend avoiding autofocus via Octane, particularly given the type of scene you're working with where multiple items are crossing the view plane.
  14. Is there any reason you need to use constraints in this situation? You could probably resolve this issue using a hierarchical solution; have a single parent null with the board and skater as children. Animate the main null for overall position control.
  15. I don't wany do the gears math, but you could try to increase the framerate, and than use the frame step to render the normal fps again. Than you can place your keyframes more precise. Other idea is to extending your timeline, so you have 360 * 39 * 28 frames, this you can keyframe easy and correct, and then go back to your desired length (or render your desired length).
  16. Cloned cubes with the logo as object, dynamics to make them fall, but it is played in reversed. The circle is a sweep animation, that last "morph" is done in Post I would imagine. Pretty for sure, learned a lot from the man. What exactly you want to know?
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  18. Skateboarding_feet.zip Hello, Attached is a scene file of some rigged legs and a skateboard. The rig is imported from Mixamo. I Key framed the right and left feet so that the right foot would touch the ground when it pushes and the right foot so that it stays on the skateboard. Besides going keyframe to keyframe is there a way to make the left foot stick better to the skateboard (not move as much)? I tried a constraint tag on the bottom of the left toe (mixamorig:LeftToe_End point) and attached it to the skateboard, but I already have a constraint tag on the skateboard that is attached to the same left toe, That's how the skateboard is moving with the legs. Any Ideas? Thanks in advance!
  19. A bit of scissor trig for you lifter_0001.c4d
  20. You can do it with c4d, but really, it is way more easy using after effects and the Red Giant Particular plugin.
  21. Some more :P 131_Glue_Source_Falloffs(MG).c4d 132_Python_block_gap_effector(XP).c4d 133_Point_center(XP).c4d
  22. Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone knows how to make the below gif? or is it purely AE you think?
  23. It would probably be easier to retopo a low poly mesh on top of it and use that...
  24. hello, i'm looking to hire someone to build a similar rigged model like this for me, including the cloth mesh please ping me if you're able to do so and your prices
  25. i am hoping to find ways to reduce the polygon count of a cloth mesh efficiently, here's my situation: i have a cloth mesh on a model that is at an extremely high polygon count (800k). i tried using the polygon reduction tool (see screenshot) but i'm getting really bad breakage at the seams. any suggestions on what to do to fix this?
  26. The best one to answer this is the Beefdoctor himself he is on this forum. It looks to me like reverse order dynamic animations. There is this tutorial if you have the patience to watch it all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=cxglAH8Ozps
  27. Hi, Was wondering if anyone had any insight on how and what techniques was used for this morph? The morph I'm referring to is at the beginning of the website below: https://digitalmeat.uk/ Thanks in advance!
  28. This one can probably help you out if you're going with method 2... CBR
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