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  2. https://blog.textures.com/how-to/2018/12/14/how-to-use-texturescom-materials-in-c4d you can try it on standart render or pyscal. material system is can be different on other render engines but logic is same always. you can google it: "how to use pbr materials on c4d xxxxxxx render"
  3. Please post scene file with texture. Hard to say without to see a scene...
  4. Hi all, I am working with R20 Studio and am currently trying to install it on a new Mac with OS Catalina. I downloaded the current installer from MAXON ePortfolio and after mounting the disc image it says "“MAXON-Inst” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should eject the disk image.". The OS is a fresh installation and I have downloaded the installer twice, always the same problem. Does anybody know this issue? Thank you in advance. Best Hanna
  5. I have download the maps but i can’t get the same result im not sure if the emplacement of the texture is the good one
  6. Today
  7. Hi, I've got a Shader effector with an animated random noise driving color of clones via a color shader. Works as I'd expect when cloner is linear. Get the random coloring on the clones. But when cloner is radial the clones are no longer effected on an individual basis just as a whole. Why? I can't figure it out. BONUS - I'm cloning a piece of pie radially. But when I subdivide the pieces aren't flush to form a circle. So I use a connect object but that KILLS my animated noise coloring. How can I get around this problem? see attached. Thanks for looking. ClonerRandomRadial.c4d
  8. Hey! Im adding these particles onto a sphere with some particle dots on them. In the emitter tab, I set it to emit from texture, and I am driving the scale and position of them using a regular material with a noise on its color channel (picture 1). I try and do the exact same thing on another object, but it's not doing anything (picture 2). I have no clue what I'm doing differently. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  9. Does Ornatrix work with the standard or physical render?
  10. Welcome to the cafe When you say you can't reproduce this, have you downloaded the maps (and there should be more than 1 of them if you have) or are you trying to make this from scratch in Cinema ? CBR
  11. Hi all I start in c4d texturing and for my project i need to reproduce this texture https://3dtextures.me/2018/11/19/metal-001/ But i just can’t get the same result. Where i need to put the map for that ? And need i to change some value after ?
  12. As I keep getting requests from potential customers using R21 I have again made available my plugins for purchase. I still haven't heard back from MAXON about a fix, nor when one might become available. As such I have provided a short video demonstrating the current drawing issues (reported on 2nd December 2019, using R21.026 and R21.115) I leave it up to any potential customer to take a look and decide for themselves if they can live with the current drawing issues. The link to the video is provided on the order page of the website of Tools & Pixels.
  13. Hi all Ive recently got right into Octane and so far am loving the instant feedback. I have come across some issues though that the native render and settings seem to do much better. The main one though which im finding is that if I want to exclude a floor reflecting (through the comp tag) into my objects for a packaging visual its near enough impossible or am I going about it wrong way? Im attaching a visual (screen shot) that appears from the Octane Master Course where its quite clear that the lights go from the base of the objects to the tops without the floor being reflected. So my question to any Octane experts out there is, is this possible or would it have to be done in post or as two renders comped together after? Thanks in advance Lang
  14. Welcome. Look forward to seeing your works soon. Dan
  15. Hi there I have animated a scene with 15 insects and want to export a matte for all 15 of them. Now I added 15 objects buffers but for some reason it takes a looooong time to render and it renders each object buffer into each one png sequence. Now I don't need that, I want one png sequence for all these 15 maggots so I can easily apply it in After Effects. I tried putting the compositing tag on a null but it did not seem to work. Is there a way to just quickly put out an alpha for this? In the file there are several other objects in front of and between the maggots. Because it would have taken 13 hours to render and since I have the exact same scene except for the maggots in After Effects, I thought it would be smart to render only the maggots and use object buffers. But it stills takes about 10 hours and it does not only generate the object buffer file but also an output file even though I disabled "save" on the output. It'd be awesome if you guys had tip for me since I'm also close to a deadline with rendering. I thought this would be very easy and quick to render since it's only an alpha matte but I guess not.
  16. In this tutorial we will again create a real-world object and model a detailed 12' by 16' wooden shed based on a PDF plan, modelling to scale and not using the metric system but Inches this time. We will, for the most part, create this object pretty much like you would in real life. We will use MoGraph for modelling a lot and learn how we can create and position quite a few of the components for the shed with the Cloner object, and we will work with instances a lot in order to keep things more efficient and any repair work to a minimum. We will learn how to fix issues and modify things as we are working our way through the PDF plan to put the shed together, and we will also see that using the Cloner and instances will make modifications and corrections a lot easier in many cases. You can view and/or download the PDF plan required for this tutorial here: https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/newshedplans/12x16_Shed_Plan.pdf In the tutorial I am using the "HB_Solo" script from the HB modelling bundle a lot. You can buy the HB Modelling Bundle here: https://motionworks.net/shop/hb-modelling-bundle/ I hope you will enjoy this tutorial. Thanks for watching! Cheers contrafibbularities Chapters: 00:14 Introduction 02:10 The Floor 29:44 Side Walls Framing 48:11 Back Wall Framing 1:01:19 Front Wall Framing 1:23:58 Framing the Roof 1:58:25 Creating the Wall Panels 2:44:52 Fascia, Roof, and Door Frame 3:27:16 Adding the Vinyl Siding and the Corner Trims 4:01:23 The Doors
  17. Worked flawlessly! Thank you so very much! Sometimes...when you're up to your butt in deadlines, you forget how the simpler stuff works! You're appreciated!
  18. Yesterday
  19. Great to see you here Andrew and welcome. I realy like your work especially the girl on the bear. We both share a simular interest so look forward to seeing your workflows and new works. Dan
  20. Here's my latest tutorial: Cell Packing without Cloth or Soft Bodies. Fully procedural, and can be MoGraph Based, and Animated... I am a genius (and very good looking). Please Subscribe, Press all buttons, Like, Comment and tell everyone!
  21. Yes - lighting is much better. I agree with Al's notes above - I think the DOF is really working against you here on scale. I don't think a photo like this would have that much blur. Keep going - it's much improved! Check your wood texture on the desk - those posts have the grain going horizontal and they should be vertical.
  22. Hey guys, I have this design of a hat and leaves, I want to have the leaves falling in the same way as this tutorial video: The problem is the leaves are only one file under a Cloner + Random Effector. How can i make the dynamic for the initial leaf and then it automatically applies to all of them to fall individually? Is that feasible or i have to convert the leaf under a Cloner to be multiple leaves then apply the Dynamics to each separately? Thanks!
  23. Inside info? Hmmm...I think that is hoping for too much. Glad to see Paul Babb getting the bump up to Global Head of Community and Customer Service (or he was there already....not sure as the last I recall he was President of MAXON American). I met him at the Adobe/MAXON Power Integration tour through Boston many years ago. Very humble and unassuming individual who simple introduced himself with a handshake and a simple "Hi. I'm Paul". I had no idea who he was but he certainly knew his stuff. From what I hear, those who report to him also hold him in high regard. So (IMHO) he is a great fit for a role that involves the community and customer service. Just my 2 cents. Dave
  24. The lighting is definitely better. Try making the tiles 50% smaller and reduce the depth of field by a lot. Going in the right direction though!
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