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  2. Other than the fact that the models are visually based on the 2D versions, they have nothing in common after that. So don't use splines in this at all, from Illustrator or anywhere else ! Just load your 2D picture in as reference, and begin modelling your character using the normal polygon tools. Nearly every form in those models is best started with a simple primitive I would have thought... The most interesting / challenging bits of this are the hair and torso / bust sections. I would make these from incredibly low poly boxes initially, which I would then combine into the general forms, and immediately smooth subdivide, which will give me those sort of shapes very fast, and they can then be quickly altered / perfected via the sculpt brushes (no sculpt tag necessary). For the hair pieces, these look something like metaballed spheres, so that might be something to start with for those bits, although the volume builder would probably give a nicer (if denser) result, topology-wise. Personally I would build a guide cage with metaballs, then build brand new ultra-efficient topology directly over the top of it using the HB Modelling bundle's excellent retopo setup, but that is only necessary if you will be subsequently animating / deforming the model. CBR
  3. Thanks Jed for the explanation video. Much appreciated!!!!
  4. hey guys, i want to model characters ive created in Adobe Illustrator to turn them into real life objects on C4D Reference project: https://www.behance.net/gallery/78278089/Character-Design-3D-and-2D?tracking_source=search|cinema 4d Any idea or tutorial how can i do this? Do i do it the old fashioned way, save it as Adobe Illustrator 8 then model every Spline individually or is there a more efficient way? Thanks!
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  6. Hi, so I put a rigid body tag on an object, and then inserted a wind force. When starting the simulation from frame 1, everything works fine -> the object moves because of the wind force. But what I discovered: let's say I want the wind to affect the object at starting frame 200 for example. So I put in some keyframes for the wind, frame 200 zero force, frame 220 50 force -> nothing happens. Can I extend the calculation duration for the dynamics somewhere? Seems like its getting only calculated to a certain frame (60 or something)
  7. Hrvoje, thank you, that was exactly the solution I was looking for...so cool 8)
  8. Excellent models, in artistic and topological aspect!
  9. Will have a stab at this :) EDIT: Here we go. Use Fracture with multishader. That way you can load many images into multishader easily (from folder). If you are wondering how to build the Logo from rectangles simply create a plane with desired density, convert and place empty selection tag. Then simply load the Logo as field into selection tag and play with settings until you are satisfied. Then simply delete everything except selection itself. Important step is to select all faces and disconnect them otherwise they won't be considered as clones under Fracture! Hope this helps :) assembler.c4d
  10. Well with that GPU you're not going to be happy for long and run out of VRAM really fast. Redshift, just as Octane, benefits from high-end GPU's and the 680 is not even midrange anymore.
  11. Good point, Icecaveman ^^ This is actually just one of the 3 houses. The concept is: you have a house for worries, one for the good things in your life and one for your dreams or things you would like to see different in the future. Kids can draw on these houses to illustrate what they go through in daily life or what they like to change, or write keywords to have a better look at the situation. It's a great way for kids to express certain things that are hard to talk about. I only sketched one house (have 2 more to go) but made that one in 3d because I thought it was fun to do =)
  12. I enjoyed this short more than >90% of the YouTube/Vimeo ones I've seen. Bravo!
  13. This is absolutely SUPER. But I am puzzled about something... I don't see *three* houses. I see a three floor-house and a tree house... But anyway...the composition is a dream. I work primarily with special ed clients, so I am curious about the 3 houses...
  14. Thanks @natevplas I can make a try today. (I've solved my problem in a complex way yesterday. I used a few particle effectors like attractors and shrunk the particles to the point after i distrubuted them around. But this was the temporary method. I will try FBX.)
  15. No, the max fileformat can realy only be read by 3D Studio Max. Maybe ask nicely on a max forum for someone to convert the max file to FBX.
  16. Wow, many thanks! I have no programming knowledge and I have no Idea how to edit it. I tried to open the CSC file with an editor (WordPad, Notepad ++) but only an incomprehensible cascade of characters appeared to me. I can't even figure out which of the two versions is the best, ie the one above( def main(): doc.Flush() ) or the one below( def main(): doc.FlushUndoBuffer() ). If I could have an attached version it would be great. Anyway, the question was about "How to flush memory in C4D" and not specifically only about my old script. It was only an example. I asked if there are other methods, maybe more up-to-date and effective, to make the memory flush, because - as I said, this that I attached was just an old script. Many thanks!
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  18. most welcome :D Off to bed for the night but this i'll be the model coming in the next few days :D
  19. Hi @Union, it's not that tricky really (...well maybe it is): You mainly need to rely on IK spline with 2 handles, one right behind the head and one 2 joints before the end of the tail, to bend the curve. In the picture the Pyramid is the root node responsible for translation, and the neck handle rotation is handling the curve. The last joint will act for corrective rotation to achieve that characteristic inch worm movement. Have a look at the draft to figure it out, otherwise let us know if you still need further help.
  20. Thanks so much natevplas, this is exactly what I'm trying to do! I didn't know it was as easy as aligning to spline, I guess I was making it harder than it needed to be. I really appreciate the extra suggestions for making it look smoother, thanksyou!!! And thank you all for your input!!!
  21. Hi Guys We're trying to set up team render in our studio. We have 4 floating licenses of C4D all running from a central server. I ran the team render client on four of our machines and connected to them from my own. All had green lights, all contributed, it was a dream. I tried it again the next day and haven't been able to get them to connect since. Our ips dynamically change every day, but I've had them reserved now for each machine while we try and figure this out. Thing is, the team render window, that shows available machines, finds them, but the little connection icons stay red. If I try and connect, they time out. The ip addresses are correct though, and the system information (RAM and CPU etc) shows up in the UI next to the machine name. Anyone else had this? Any help would be massively appreciated. Thanks Gaz
  22. Hello, I am trying to rig an inch worm to move as it does. Back end of the worm moves toward front and middle section raises up in a rainbow-like arc, then the front moves forward and resets the arc down...repeat. Well, I cannot get the correct hierarchy of joints/controllers to manage this. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!
  23. Wats up guys so make sure to check back regularly as i'll be updating the original post with new models (added 5 more tonight), so you don't have to scroll through a million pages :D
  24. Can I import .max file by using that plugin without using Max software? (I don't have Max software)
  25. Please start a new thread next time. I just found this with a quick google search: http://www.3dtoall.com/products/maxtoc4d/
  26. #2 - Importing Max File to C4D. How can I import .max file to Cinema 4D? I don't have 3ds max.
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