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  2. Thank you very much for your help Sr.Digitvisions. Didn't catch what you said at first. But after googling a bit found a tut and everything you said was crystal freaking clear to my dumbass skills. I'm posting that in case someone finds it useful. PS. Sorry for posting in the wrong channel at first. Cheers to y'all !!!
  3. Nice one bro, characters have really come along over the years
  4. @jed I've only just seen this - been snowed under with work the last week. Oddly enough out of all thang's video this elliptical gears one was one I watched! As you say, quite impressive that C4D handles this so well. Thang has some incredible knowledge of these mechanical designs.
  5. Hey C4D Fans! Here is Ragdoll effect simulation test with Cinema 4D dynamics Workflow and Tutorial:
  6. Hi. I'm new to Octane and I'm sure I'm doing something wrong here. Basically I have a mini city scene that is on a coast of water and has a glass tube where shuttles fly through it (scene attached). The water and tube have this weird flickering noise when I render the animation. What I've tried: - increased the samples to 512 (I had it at 256 and it looked totally fine with the AI denoiser before I added these two materials) this is a tiny scene and only 3 seconds does it really need to be a 2+ hour render for this to work? Am I crazy? - AI lights turned this on and played with different strengths (this was a suggestion when googling - increased specular and glossy depth I'm out of ideas. I tried googling this but it seemed people were talking about a different type of issue than this so I've uploaded my files. The water material does use a noise texture but the glass tube doesn't so I really can't pinpoint the issue. Increasing the samples didn't seem to stop it. FYI the 2nd file (sata-city-2.mp4) is where I tried 512 samples and AI lights turned on. click to see flickery animation download scene files <-- I've never used gofile before please let me know if it doesn't work thanks!
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  8. brom

    Render Error

    I cannot upload the scene its 1.5GB file sorry for that. It is cinema 4D R18. Standart renderer.
  9. Cerbera

    Render Error

    Pls upload scene file. We don't have enough information here to help - you don't even say which renderer or version of Cinema you are using !! Also don't know what you mean by 'closed'. CBR
  10. Mi biggest issue with Unreal Engine is the Outliner, Blueprints are awesome, they seem difficult at first but are really easy to use. Navigating, hiding objects, isolating objects, cloning, symmetry, variance in colors, and stuff we take for granted in apps require some work in UE. Assets Blueprints help a lot. But if your C4D scene usually is a mess of box.1 - box.999, you wont get far in Unreal Engine You also need to learn a lot of tricks for reflections and once you are comfortable with you will gain a lot of speed for sure, but UE4 render engine is not Arnold / Redshift. Anyway, I dont see how this is a VS thread, since you cant model assets in Unreal. I dont have a lot of experienc, I only have done two virtual sets using Unreal Engine ( Im uploading examples of the latest)
  11. Hello all, I am rendering with Irr. Cache + QMC with Standart Renderer. Cinema 4D R18. I cannot upload the scene file its over a GB. Object glow is not on. The car leaves a blue trail in the animation. Anyone has any idea what might cause that? Thank you
  12. I often just do a search for his res images and see what come up where, but I have these in my books because I was going to them a-lot. https://nasa3d.arc.nasa.gov/models http://planetpixelemporium.com/earth8081.html
  13. We do concept/ set vis, rather than arch-viz, but are increasingly incorporating more Unreal Engine & I've been learning it hard the last few weeks. The performance & rendering stuff is awesome but it's a steep learning curve - the game engine doesn't have near that level of user-freindliness & interactivity that you get with Cinema or Maya, sometimes things that are trivial in Cinema are a nightmare of node-spaghetti with nothing to interact with in the viewport. It's pretty cool though, I'd advise anyone who's interested & can make some time to give it a go, I think it will only get more widespread outside of games but you'll want a Cinema/ Maya / Blender whatever to feed it stuff for the foresee-able future.
  14. Hi, I am having problems getting an Attractor to work with a Voronoi Fracture object. I've followed this tutorial and can't figure out what I'm missing. The Attractor doesn't affect it at all. Any help would be appreciated! Tower.zip
  15. I would be interested if you have found planetary textures at any sites other than the one's I am familiar with....and those would be: Celestial Motherlode NASA Earth Maps (or Visible Earth) Earth from Space Dave
  16. Thanks guys... I am encouraged to do more. I worked on models of Saturn and Io yesterday as a possible new short in this vein.
  17. Render Perfect option is maybe some kind of developer´s jokes :-). Maybe Nick from GSG wanted to keep this option for his nice "sphere all around" renders. Who knows... Or would be fine have this option for every single object in the scene, something like btw, how many polygons are rendered on sphere with enabled render perfect option?
  18. You might want to have a look at this: https://gumroad.com/l/fTRFN
  19. Good job man, keep them coming!
  20. Problem is getting the same random number twice. If that's not an issue then this works (click in viewport to update) - link_clones2.c4d also, one man's random is another man's 'I see a pattern'. Exclusive random numbers are possible in Python - like lottery results
  21. They definitely need. My friend used to teach Cinema 4D and After Effects online and he switched to Blender and have now like a huge amount of students taking his classes, helping spread the word, etc. Specially here with the taxes that we face, low currency conversion and late payment by clients, free or cheaper software is a must. This Friday Max/Maya Indie will also be available. Full software for $250/year. I just let my Modo maintanence lapse and will probably follow with a combo of Blender and Max. Do I prefer Cinema? Yes ... I always had a love for Cinema, but it's just too expensive.
  22. It seems to be tied to the fact that they are on the same plane, if you use a random effector or similar to just change the position in that axis slightly it renders fine, like grab below. Deck
  23. I've set up a flat grid of "lights" in cinema using a simple sprite with an alpha channel going into a mograph cloner. The alpha channel works and cuts out the sprites relative to the background but where the clones overlap each other the alpha does not calculate correctly. The alphas do not seem to calculate "inter-clone-ally" I have already set this scene up with actual lights and it works but it renders slow and I'm trying to save on render time by faking it with sprites. SpritesExample.zip
  24. Has anyone managed to get the FREE CamTRackAR .py to work into Cinema4D?
  25. Some kind of helper could be Nitro4D´s MagicXrayTool... https://nitro4d.com/product/magicxray/ This way you could save few clicks (but still must select splines manually)
  26. Found this issue myself when using single lights. From memory the lights are counted down from the top when single lights. So if you put in your 8th light and cant see it, then you can move it to the top of the object manager to see it and the last one on the list will turn off. Deck
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