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  2. Hello. I'm Trying to rendering a cloth effect on plane. It is showing on Viewport and on Octane, but when i put to render, the cloth effect not showing up why it is happening? and how i can solve it? screenshots - https://imgur.com/a/SR72xGl thanks
  3. Hello café community, I'm working on an idea which is fairly common where a bunch of photos go flying past the camera to form a logo. I'm wondering with the new fields options if it would be possible to take a logo, then somehow break up that logo into uniform squares or rectangles where I can then assign from a lot of 200 plus images. How to actually do this, I have no idea. I'm just brainstorming at the moment. I also considered using mograph with the shader effector which could work by assigning a different picture to each clone and those clones merge to create the logo at the end. Any ideas or thoughts? cendrick
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  5. Thank you both for responding to my question, much appreciated. I'm going to takeHrvoje up on his suggestion and post a file that shows what I'm trying to do. To clarify better, the spline I'm animating isn't growing, its just moving around (wiggling) on a plane (2 dimensions). The spline points are the nulls, and moving them (hopefully in a random motion setup) will animate the spline. It's also set up this way because I want the polys to be a fixed number as I'm going to assign a different material to different poly groups and don't want the number of polys to grow/change. All of this will be subd'd and corners will be smoothed. The problem is that the top two points (nulls) determine the trajectory of the sweep, and this is what I want the cone (arrowhead) to dynamically follow, or stay aligned to. I'm wondering if I can set up 'dummy' geometry on the surface of the sweep, link the cone to the sweep surface, or make a guide line between the points that the cone can align to (or be perpendicular to). Other ideas? If there are any ideas how to do this please let me know, I'm stumped. Thanks! Arrow.c4d
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  7. Speaking with the client at the moment. MORE effin' changes!!! I'll try to capture a video of the tool in action and post it tomorrow.
  8. Well, you say it's working, so I have obviously misunderstood something you are doing at a very base level. I wish I knew what it was ! CBR
  9. I meant the geometry loop knife, NOT in sculpt mode. Sorry. It's working fine again after a reinstall of the r20 update. Basically, I select the geometry that I want to subdivide, choose the loop/path cut knife, set it for selected only and cut the polys in loops. The cuts appear on both sides now. Before, when I would select the polys and use the subdivide tool, the rig was going to hell because there was no mapping for the new polys, but with the loop tool, it simply cuts the geometry in half and maintains the weighting. I've got to get back to it now. Thanks so much!
  10. There is a function in the Loop Cut tool 'Symmetrical Cut', but that is symmetry within a polygon loop, not across a model. Could we at least see a screenshot of this working for you, so we can see what tool you have active ?! CBR
  11. Now you're REALLY confusing me - the Sculpt Knife tool can't alter polycount or add new loops at all - it just creases / alters the topo that is already there. Trying to think what else you could mean... CBR
  12. Believe me, I've got the order of operations down, but my client couldn't care less. For some reason, the knife tool in the sculpt mode is NOW cutting loops symmetrically. I might need to reinstall the update for r20, because I'm getting all kinds of weird quirks. Thanks so much!
  13. Oh it will work with the sculpting symmetry because that's its own independent thing, but of course the knife tool there does something very different... I've been using Cinema since R10 and I swear I can't remember any of our poly knife tools ever being able to symmetrically cut a non-symmetry object. This is (partly) why order of operation is so important in C4D character work - modelling should be final and nailed down before any rigging starts. CBR
  14. So, the loop cut tool in r18 wasn't supposed to do what it did? I'll look through my literature, but I'm positive that it worked with both the sculpting knife and the loop knife tool. I'm from the zBrush world, but have come to love C4D for it's mograph and animation tools. The inability to slice a perfectly symmetrical model created from a symmetry object to the mirrored portion of that model, but then optimized to make a unified object...the cut tool doesn't appear to be capable of the very thing that I had come to depend on.
  15. No, if it's no longer in a symmetry object, that won't work, and I am going to venture never has ! I'd be very interested to see a demo of that working in R18... Once an object loses its symmetry, how can the knife tool, which has no memory of the history of an object know what the other side is ? But you should be able to tick 'reuse cuts' to be able to do an identical cut on the other side manually... CBR
  16. Unfortunately, the scene file is nearly 450MB with the mesh as it is. Basically, what I could do in r18, I cannot in r20. I selected the polygons that require a cut to effectively subdivide the polygons within the hands of a character. When I select the "loop or path cut" tool, I can slice one hand along a path within the selected polys, but the cut doesn't appear on the mirrored portion of the model. This is not a symmetry object created with half of an object with the symmetry modifier, but instead and model that was build with symmetry and optimized to create a singular model.
  17. AFAIK, there is no difference in the knife tools between R18 and R20. If your mesh is in a symmetry cutting one side should also cut the other. If that isn't the case, we'll be needing the scene file to find out why... I bet it's the rigging that's the problem though. You should only ever rig a mesh when the model is complete. Changing topo afterwards is usually a very bad idea and will probably involve a re-bind to take into account the new point count and order. CBR
  18. Hello all! I've got a rigged model set to animate that requires a bit more subdivision in a specific area (namely the hands) to smooth out aberrations in the mesh when bending a joint. In r18 (my previous version before the update), I could select the knife tool and cut on BOTH hands of a symmetrical body, but it appears to no longer exist in r20. If that is the case, how would I go about creating a cut on one hand and have it apply to both hands of the symmetrical object? THANKS!
  19. Thanks, it was the rotation of the Bender that was the problem. Much appreciated!
  20. I beg to differ :) Deformers work with parametric objects just fine.. CBR
  21. Could you upload the scene file ? That pic doesn't show us how the bend is applied... I mean we can see it's rotated wrongly, but not exactly how. CBR
  22. Hi, you need to make the cube editable.
  23. So after years of asking, I finally got my boss to upgrade from R14 to R20, and I'm discovering I have a ton to both learn and unlearn (although I was the opposite of an expert anyway). But I digress... I'm trying to make a very simple bend in the middle of a plane. I've parented the Bend deformer to a plane (as well as a cube, tried both but same results). I've rotated the deformer and added plenty of subdivisions to my objects, checked off "within box" and as far as I know other options are set properly. Clearly I'm wrong about this, as the result I am getting is to turn my object from a flat panel to a wedge shape. All I'm trying to do is create a seamless background, so I just need a bend in a large plane or flattened cube. How do I get this to be a rounded bend? I had no problem with this in R14, so I'm assuming I have the basics of bending down. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  24. Thanks vector, As generous as ever.
  25. whats up guys, so gonna be putting up some free models over the next few weeks, some older ones and some more recent ones, most of these are characters i've either never used or have recently updated, going to take me awhile to clean up and sort through them, but i'll post up some new ones when i can, for the moment here's Hammy, a fat little toon hamster! hammy.c4d
  26. Thanks a lot guys! =) @natevplas: Sketch&Toon? Ha, no thank you! =D Never fancied that, way to tricky and complicated for me! @CApruzzese: Thanks! I saw this trick on a video of @Neil Stubbings: using spheres, connector and hair. Did cost some time to get it right, but works pretty good.
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