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  2. To be honest, for licensing queries, you should contact MAXON directly.
  3. Correct. With dynamics you'd have to reverse it in post, or by baking to keyframes and reversing those. Plain Effector makes things a lot simpler. CBR
  4. God I hate those files :) If I have time and budget I rebuild wherever I can. If not, first I try various untriangulation angles, which occasionally score you quads on the first hit, but more often than not fail spectacularly in giving you anything helpful. In those cases, I try and make huge ngons with liberal melting, then go in with the knife tool making cuts I think won't cause the surfaces to fail. Then there's good old reliable HB modelling bundle with its amazing retopo setup, which gets used by me again and again, quickly rebuilding shittily topo'd stuff, often by just drawing a few splines all over it. And when there's millions of polys and they're all awful, then I head over to Instant Meshes to try a brute force quad and flow replacement in one hit... So there are things to do, but even with help it can still feel like an uphill battle. I find some solace in the knowledge that I am there for the greater good, improving the standard of models and modelling in the world, one god-awful STL at a time :) CBR
  5. Enter toggles point mode - edge mode - poly mode
  6. Heard it in a tutorial. He used a shortcut. How do I switch to polygon mode?
  7. Yes thanks I know, but couldn't be done with dynamics right? I used a Plain to control the animation. Found some usefull content with the tip of Hrvoje
  8. Any animation can be run backwards. If sequence, just reverse.
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  10. Thank you so much bezo. Is there a way to keyframe the explosion backwards? So the pieces will come together.
  11. Maybe the best choice is attach scene here, because from your screens hard to say where could be problem. Maybe deformer disabled for render for example, or different settings for SDS if used, really hard to say...
  12. Use Connect object. https://www.dropbox.com/s/unk10utyzoh2k2q/CR videologo_0001.zip?dl=0
  13. Please, could you attach some simple mesh/model/object here for testing?
  14. I'm selling Cinema 4D Visualize R20 because I need Broadcast version. If someone is interested with exchange Cinema Broadcast R20 to Visualize R20 please let me know.
  15. Does anyone have any tips on getting the cleanest mesh possible when importing .STEP CAD files into C4D? They import easy enough in R20, but still require a lot of clean up work before I can add any thickness (with Cloth Object or Extrude) to the mesh.
  16. Hey guys. So my peacock's tail seems to be rendering weird. As you can see, if I render it in the viewport, the tail looks fine. It is being bent via FFD. However if I render to the picture viewer, same settings, the tail is not deformed the same. It comes out of his butt instead of tail area. Any ideas? thanks - Mike
  17. Fracture is your friend, check the attached file :) Jig_proto.zip
  18. Scene file would help a lot since we can't tell this way...anyway, here is a quick generic example where 3D pieces are formed :)
  19. Have a look at include + exclude in the light's project tab.
  20. Hey Guys, I'm wondering if anyone has had this issue. I downloaded the R20 demo on my Mac and when I click on "click here to register and activate" nothing happens. Any idea what might be going on? This is the first time I've installed the R20 demo on this computer. Thanks for any suggestions!
  21. hello!!! I have a scene, with a puzzle (lot of pieces) , and I want to map the whole surface with a photo (portrait), then move some pieces of the puzzle... is it possible? if I import the puzzle after going trough an uv editor, it arrives in C4d as a single object... Maybe there is a way to "explode it", and to keep the single map on the surface of the puzzle??? well, I don't know at all how to do that!! thank you for advice!!
  22. Your use of the word 'definitely' doesn't make it so unfortunately. Sometimes there are no shortcuts, and you can't avoid some hard work. Even though it's a lot of point, the polygon pen and spline snap would make this as tolerably short work as it can be. I could do it in about half an hour I reckon. How long have you spent looking for lazier ways, just out of interest ? Longer than half an hour ? ;) CBR
  23. Hey guys, so i have this scene set up with one light to the left and one to the right, its giving great lighting on the greenery that's dark but burning the plastic in blue typography. is there any way i can control the lighting so that it works as it is on the greenery but with very minimal effect on the material of the typography? the blue material used is plastic..
  24. this topic is as near as to what I want...if only I could get this script and know how to use it! https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/65547-spline-to-edge/
  25. see the file I uploaded please, it was another attempt... and no...NO WAY I WOULD DRAW ALL THESE DETAILS AGAIN! definitely there must be some kind of a solution which I can convert spline to edges of an object OR fix that boole problem in the other file!
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