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  2. Your use of the word 'definitely' doesn't make it so unfortunately. Sometimes there are no shortcuts, and you can't avoid some hard work. CBR
  3. Hey guys, so i have this scene set up with one light to the left and one to the right, its giving great lighting on the greenery that's dark but burning the plastic in blue typography. is there any way i can control the lighting so that it works as it is on the greenery but with very minimal effect on the material of the typography? the blue material used is plastic..
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  5. this topic is as near as to what I want...if only I could get this script and know how to use it! https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/65547-spline-to-edge/
  6. see the file I uploaded please, it was another attempt... and no...NO WAY I WOULD DRAW ALL THESE DETAILS AGAIN! definitely there must be some kind of a solution which I can convert spline to edges of an object OR fix that boole problem in the other file!
  7. Booles have never worked with splines, so no idea why you expected that to be fine... I can't think of any way to do that without modelling it properly out of polygons based using the spline as a visual guide. Fortunately you can use symmetry multiple times to make this less hard work, but it's still going to be quite a lot... CBR
  8. here is another file with the boole effect...I only need this to work properly....why the hell are both objects disappear?! try it please! https://www.mediafire.com/file/8m72ob7eo88mysx/fanosss.c4d/file
  9. I am gonna upload an image here to understand what i want, the spline is the part I want to remove from the mesh to make it hollow, the spline was imported from illustrator, then used projection on the object plane...why? because the boole never worked well....the whole object disappears and it takes sooooo loooong to load, and I am really in a neck of time here! again, the boole is a catastrophe....theoretically it could work but practically i don't know what it wrong here!
  10. Yep, terminate it in the middle of a surface, rather than at an edge, or control loop... CBR
  11. maybe try this way https://www.dropbox.com/s/eehikdcu07ms1w1/closed_loop.png?dl=0 (still stretched little bit, but has not any influence on edge loops for SDS, could be bit adjusted simply sliding middle edge to the center of poly and points to middle of poly too) something like this https://www.dropbox.com/s/b1collhxsx16e62/adjusted_edge.png?dl=0
  12. I tried this, but it's not working well. Any other idea?
  13. I just masked out that section in After Effects I suppose that's good enough. Thanks.
  14. Hi Guys I'm teaching a course on Interior Rendering, and the last session is about after effects compositing. Sadly I don't have time (and the payment doesn't pay off to do it) to prepare different realistic interiors but I'd like to composite a few scenes for them and let the students practice. Does anyone have interior renders they can or would like to share for this? If not do you know any tutorial I could buy which has project files that are arleady rendered scenes with multiple passes? Thanks
  15. @digitvisionsThank you for your suggestions. Yes, you are correct. I was trying to use multiple objects which was giving me all the issues. I'm not wanting to connect all the objects due to wanting to use them in other ways down the road. So I found a video showing how to connect cables to a plug so they can be moved around nicely. I think this will work for me on this job. I've learned a lot in this process and I appreciate you all helping me along. Here is the video showing what I'll try to achieve at this point.
  16. It's been a while since I've modelled. I forget the technique on how to close a loop end, as shown in the images. Can someone refresh my memory? Can.c4d
  17. Hi there, I want to create a character wich explodes so I extruded a vector from the font character and applied 'Voronoi Fracture'. But when it falls down the pieces aren't actually 3D. It's a stucture of flat pieces wich create the 3D character but the character is hollow. I clicked on 'optimize and close holes' in the object tab. But because it concerns the letter 'r', this option also closes the gap in the character and it gliches when I start the animation. I also tried to make the 'R' editable after extruding. This change came with almost the same effect and the pieces were still 2D. Is anyone able to help me to make the pieces 3D?
  18. I finally got to try it and this works perfectly (of course). Thanks so much Cerbera amd digitvisions. I didn't find this the first time because I was looking for the default property, instead 'default' was the value of the Texture Preview Size. Thanks again.
  19. I think I have nailed it with these textures.
  20. I was trying to see what I could do with this before but It doesn't seem to work for me. Are the "Kinematics" limits thing supposed to act like a protection tag? If so, they do nothing and I can't seem to understand what these actually do when finecking with them.
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  22. Glossiness normally is the exact negative of the roughness as it describes how "glossy" a surface is (white glossy, black rough).
  23. I figured that something like the following would do the trick (testscene with only one mat and bitmap in col chanel). I do get an update of the material\color shader. Only the bitmap itself does not reload (other than the post on plugincafe stated). Any thoughts on this? import c4d mat = doc.GetFirstMaterial() shd = mat[c4d.MATERIAL_COLOR_SHADER] shd.Message(c4d.MSG_UPDATE) mat.Update(True, True) c4d.EventAdd()
  24. No, I reckon Glossiness is Specular. Roughness is Roughness. Metalness we can't use unless via the method in that post... CBR
  25. Agreed on updated modelling Selectors, Set Flow and Creasing. I've been learning Maya and all these are great in that package. UV editor updates and stability. My UV editor crashes C4D all the time on higher poly meshes. Bodypaint and Sculpting could use some love. Something more like Mudbox would be amazing, but stable (unlike Mudbox). Overall Speed. Medium sized scenes really kill Cinema and super detailed stuff isn't very do-able. As for thinking particles I'm fine with XP or Houdini engine. There's already more community support and current information out there for theses. I don't think MAXON would really be able to dev something competitive anyway, especially with Houdini. Price drop would make sense too but after they raised the Maintenance price that's doubtful. I feel like MAXON is going to have a really hard time acquiring new customers at the current price. There are a lot of other interesting value propositions especially with Houdini Indie and Blender. I didn't pay for this round of Maintenance and am likely jumping ship if R21 isn't more compelling.
  26. Yes, I was looking there and I did pretty much the same (what MQ said)...except I don't have a specular map but a metallic one and a roughness map . Is Glossiness same as Roughness?
  27. No, it's a bit more complicated than that. See this post from the Substance Designer help... https://forum.allegorithmic.com/index.php?topic=9757.0 CBR
  28. I have these textures: color, normal, glossiness, metallic, roughness Where usually they should be put, using the Physical renderer? I put the color one in the Color channel, normal in the Normal channel, glossiness in the Reflectance channel (in a GGX layer, in Reflection Strength), roughness in the same Reflectance channel (in the same GGX layer but in Roughness). Where do I put the metallic? Also, is that ok where I put the others? Thanks.
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