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  2. Thanks, I was guessing that. Regarding my second question, I tried rigging and weighting with the sculpt layer on the low poly mesh but it's sketchy. You always need the freeze option to see the rig deforming the mesh then you can't tweak the sculpt. It's also causing the mesh to look full black, with or without textures. I guess it's not meant to be used together. The sculpt layers didn't slowed down the viewport though so I guess I could just do a "Current state to Object" and have an easier time with fine tuning/point morphing without longer render times.
  3. Unfortunately SPD is very, very slow in the C4D render. Standard and Physical are equally bad here. So yeah, I can imagine it being slower than the sculpted model. If you don't get any issues like running out of RAM or something similiar I see no reason not to use the sculpt.
  4. Is the alpha you want to use in the textures alpha channel? Because if you set "texture type" to alpha it tries to load the alpha channel of the linked texture, not use the texture as alpha. You don't need to do anything to use the texture as alpha.
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  6. Thank you C! so many options which is a good thing if you know how to find them.
  7. @Sam Waldow Hi Sam! Good news: you don't need to pay the $50. MAXON is providing a free Exhibit pass with the promo code MAXON19. That's how I'm planning to visit. I used that savings to buy a ticket to the Computer Animation Festival ($50), which is Monday and, in my opinion, highly worth it. You get to see a showcase of all the latest shorts and VFX breakdowns from studios all over the world. I saw many of the Disney & Pixar shorts here (as well as some other extraordinary ones by independent studios). The vibe is very fun and they program the best computer animation in the world. I have been to SIGGRAPH three times prior to this and MAXON provides full days of talks from industry professionals from Tuesday to Thursday. You could spend all day at the MAXON booth. The talks in the past have been pretty motion graphics-heavy (I would prefer more character animation talks and it seems like there are more of them this year), but I have learned loads of good tricks and tips for managing projects, workflows, and demos of what Cinema can do. It's also when Cinema 4D releases its latest version, so you learn about the new features and hear product announcements. The rest of the conference is a mixed bag: sometimes you get awesome panels from filmmakers, but a LOT of the conference is for the technical achievements in movies (WETA, Double Negative, etc.). The solutions are way over my head and you can quickly find yourself in the wrong room. I think an Exhibits pass and Computer Animation Festival will be very satisfying for me...I can skip the rest with no problem (I'll go to CTNX for the Animation Filmmaker Panels). You can download the SIGGRAPH 2019 app to see what all the Exhibits pass gets you (Opening Ceremony, VR Theater, Appy Hour, Exhibits, & Frontiers Talks). As for if it's worth going at all: we Cinema 4D users are a pocket within the CG world and I think it's nice to meet "birds of a feather." If you have any really particular questions, you can talk to experts after they do their talks. In years prior, being able to talk with Tim Clapham, Nick Campbell, Chris Schmidt, etc. has been great - getting to see live demos from very able Cinema users and to thank them for their contributions to our community. If money's tight, though, C4Dlive is all of the content (and you can be choosier about which ones you watch), but you don't get any of the networking or excitement around the conference. Hope to see you there!
  8. In this tutorial towards the end he talks about the hierarchy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBADEehcDWs
  9. Im very new to the C4D world but Siggraph is taking place near my house -- I really dont have the budget for a more inclusive pass and was curious if any of y'all have been before, and if so if it's worth going with just the $50 Exhibits pass. It's so much cheaper than the other passes to the point where im curious if its so limited that it might not even be worth going with it at all. I dont know anything about the conference so very curious!
  10. I ran across this super cute work on Behance by Renegades of Phong: https://www.behance.net/gallery/68651919/SOFT-BUDDIES-(Simulated-Friendship)
  11. Thanks folks for the amazing insights, I'm definitely going to retopo it again with Cerbera's attached example in mind. I really never did model before, I maybe did circle+spline loft sort of thing before then give up, but now I love the challenge. I probably watch 3 hours of tutorials everyday after work, better use those grey cells before it's too late. Before reading your replies, I ventured with proximal shader as a displacement, but it is so unreliable and slow, plus the engravings aren't equal. I will probably have to research Edge Flow before attempting retopop it again. Oh and by the way I have purchased HB modeling bundle. Amazing! Will send WIP once I get back home and work on this baby again :) Thank you so much everyone! Matt
  12. Thank you for your answer. I will change the joints hierarchy, hopefully it works fine then.
  13. Hi, I figured it out, I ended up parenting a null to the bottom left toe joint and using a global matrix in/out port with espresso then baked the keyframes out. Link below if anyone is interested in the global matrix. https://forums.creativecow.net/thread/19/881482
  14. update for you guys, I made no progress with this haha
  15. ok, you don't need to make it geometry you can use correction tag and vertex point + fields lol, I solve it by accident :D. you have to make two identical setups. transferred color from setup 1 to set up 2. Change something in your geometry you just need to update correction tags and move your field and it will fix itself. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ewan5svztp7odia/Redshift_Materials_Fields_01-adam2hack.c4d?dl=0
  16. So simple when you know what you are doing - thanks a lot!
  17. He could bake out a displacement, Normal Map. The Knife tool will do what he wants with the splines. Dan
  18. if you don't feel like redoing retopo wit details i would say sculpting could save you but you will probably be finished with big polycount witch could be oke if you are not planning to do massive animations on top of it.
  19. I'd say your initial poly density should be something in the region of this sort of thing... CBR
  20. you can use vertex maps but it needs to be geometry Redshift_Materials_Fields_01-adam.c4d
  21. in the Princibled BSDF just put the metal slider to 1 and spec to 0 and you have instant metal
  22. Yep - what he said. You need an edge flow that includes those forms. What you have now may be all quads and regular, so some points for that, but that is not the topology or edge flow you need to describe this surface because it doesn't take into account any of the secondary forms, upon which the whole mesh should be based, from the ground up ideally... To be honest, if the only thing you have modelled before is a fork (which might be considered a month 1 project, a trainer like this is sort of a Year 3 project, so you have made a massive leap in ambition and skill level required. With some effort sculpting could save this, but if you are trying to improve your poly modelling skills, I'd forget booles, sculpting, cloth, or splines, and just do your retopo again so that you incorporate those forms and still keep everything regular quads at the lowest resolution you can get away with, which isn't very low, given the complexity of the pattern... Poly Pen will do this fastest for you. Also make sure you are using symmetry if that is an option - no need to be doing more work than you have to... Top Tip: Once you have laid out some polys, the sculpt tools (which work on regular poly objects too) can be very helpful, specially the Grab Tool, if you use FX Modifiers to add a little smoothing into the tool, which will help keep you regular as you shift things about in a way that no other tool in Cinema can... Lastly, the HB modelling bundle would make this easier still, with its dedicated retopo setup and reprojection options... CBR
  23. Hello, I am selling my licenses of X-Particles 4, ZBrush, Redshift and Cycles 4D. The prices are very attractive. If you’re interested, please send me PM or email on ric.skiba@gmail.com Please note, that as I’m selling from EU (UK), it is legal for me to sell my ZBrush license. Kind regards, Ric.
  24. In this file I added some more parts lifter_0003.c4d
  25. Hi, I have a scene with a few splines in a cloner, which are then effected by a displacer using a spherical field. I then connect these using a connect object and sweep them using a single sweep nurbs. I would like to use Redshift to control the material over the fall off of the spherical field only but am struggling to work out how in the shader graph. If anyone has any ideas / tips that would be great - scene file below. Thanks! Redshift_Materials_Fields_01.c4d
  26. HI, and welcome to the forum . This is not a bad effort for a beginner. There are some fundamental things to bear in mind when rigging a character; First of all the order of the joints the hierarchy. I know that logically you want to start with the head and go down to the feet but the waist/pelvis lower spine is the first joint in the chain ending in the head. The arms are parented to the spine shoulder joint and the legs to the waist/pelvis. You then select all the joints and align them. If you are using ik tag on the limbs you need to bend the elbows/knees before applying the ik tag, and move the poles in front of the knee and behind the elbow to prevent the joints from flipping. Good luck.
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