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  3. I'll try to describe this so I don't have to bother you with the files. I'm compositing some extruded text onto an image of my desk. I create a material with the image in the colour channel, and add it to a background, then position the text where I want it. I then place a plane under the text and create a copy of the above material, and add it to the plane with a compositing tag. Everything works fine, and I get the result I'm looking for, however, if I add reflectance to the material on the plane, to simulate reflections in the surface of my desk, the edges of the plane are visible. The only way I've found to get around this is to make the plane larger that the whole image, so the edges aren't visible, but I'm sure I shouldn't have to, and if I want to add another object to catch shadows and reflections, a cup for example, I wouldn't be able to do this, so your help would be greatly appreciated. I'm lighting the scene with GSG HDRI Studio Rig, using GI and AO in R20
  4. For some reason the first couple frames (and last bunch) doesn't render all frames with quantized shading. It seems to be the specific camera angle in issue as an alt tilted angle renders properly for all frames. Basic scene using a collision deformer to make a tire track. Any tips? Thanks. SToon_error.mp4 SToon_altAngle_OK.mp4
  5. Actually if you look at my setup, I am using the cloner amount to drive the number of fractures. The number of fractures are fixed. It is random but at same time it is not random. It starts of okay. But the colours keep changing and shifting. It is nothing to do with random colours. If even if I turn it of and enable the colourization of the fractures, it is still the same.
  6. Looking for someone who can model this scene with some modifications. We will do the trees and plants so just need the bridge, river, river banks, and island in the background. This needs to be done in C4D, delivery of work will be the C4D project. PM me with an estimate of cost and demo of your work. Thank You Mark
  7. Yesterday
  8. I wonder if the HDRI rig might have something to do with it ? I have a vague memory of that being linked to something like this sometime back... CBR
  9. Threadrippers really are the wet dream of everyone that uses multithreaded softwares. Their speed is just insane and if you don't need the very fastest of them they're not even THAT expensive. I had the pleasure to build a Threadripper workstation with a buddy of mine about a year ago. I could not believe how damn huge those chips are.
  10. I've had this exact same Problem with R21 as well, but for me it only happened when I was actively using Octane. It doesn't look like you're using that though... so I assume you could look into updating your GPU driver to the newest available version.
  11. Well for this you have TeamRender. Look it up in the documentation, it's really easy to set up and works like a charm (in most cases). However, if you really want to cut down your rendertimes I recommend switching to a different renderengine. Depending on what you need there's loads of options that are all miles faster than the C4D render. If you want super realism there's Octane, V-Ray and Corona for example. If you want more stylized and less photorealistic looks there's Redshift which is really fast.
  12. . . .... DasFrodo, You are just amazing! Saved my work! It works perfectly! Thanks a lot!
  13. Hello. Imagine I have a cube that I want to walk forward by waddling back and forth, like in this video example. I have a workaround using lots of nulls, but is there a better way to set up a character to be able to do this? Something like animating the axis point of a group so I can keyframe where the objects rotate from each step. And this is not for a looping walk cycle, I'd like to rig a character to move around a scene with different step sizes as the direction calls for.
  14. Got it! It works with these settings: Up Vector does exactly what you want, as described in the documentation: "This mode deals with the problem of axis flipping (especially on bank) when particles are moving over a surface using the Follow Surface modifier. Often, you will want the particle to maintain the same orientation with respect to the surface despite changes in direction. To enable this, select this mode, which will make the Y-axis of the particle perpendicular to the surface. Note that this mode only works with the Follow Surface modifier at present. With all other modifiers it has no effect." Then to arrange the Cylinders correctly you have to change the axis on the object After that it worked for me xparticles_surface_orientation_fixed.c4d
  15. The biggest hurdle I have with C4D is render time. I create technical animations and they take days, sometimes weeks to render. Is there a way to render on a second computer without having to purchase a second license? Rendering on a second computer would cut my render time in half. But I don't want to purchase another license just for rendering. Any such solution possible?
  16. This happens frequently. My C4D interface becomes weird, partially black and buttons are missing. If I scroll my mouse over the missing buttons, they reappear. The only way to solve this is to reset the layout, but it keeps coming back. It looks like a graphic card problem. Never had this problem before and it is only with C4D.
  17. Hey guys. Im trying to do that a xpgenetor (with cilynder) moves around the surface object (a sphere, using the xpFollowSurface) keeping the normal direction from the sphere. I tried some steps: 1 - Enable Extended data Rotaion as Tangential, and set the Up Vector to Y axis. Here the born particles got the inicial normal direction - Done! 2 - I animated the particle using a simple xpTurbulence. Here the particles starts movinig around the sphere - Done! 3 - But, as long the particles moves around, each particle get stuck in the only one direction from the normal, from the first frame. How to solve that? To to de particles changes the orientation along the surface when they moves? Attached some prints and de c4d file. Thank you very much! xparticles_surface_orientation.c4d
  18. I use a combination of Macs and PCs with no issues. You may have to fiddle around a bit but it will work.
  19. OK @ChrisBZ, we have a new reason for this I didn't spot before ! There is another model in the scene, hidden from viewport but showing in render, and it is THAT showing through that explains the difference ! However that doesn't change the advice in this thread about topology CBR
  20. You could check example scenes inside content browser, I thik there´re a few cars. Check topology, mesh density, edge flow etc...
  21. Greyscale Gorilla support are by far the best people to advise about this. Also I will move this to plugins category, because as you say, it doesn't come with Cinema, and as the problem is specifically related to the plugin, shouldn't be in the Textures Section. CBR
  22. Hello all - I realize this is not native to the program, but wondering if anyone has experience purchasing the Modern Surface Material Collection from Greyscale Gorilla? I was able to download and extract the files, but they're missing the .lib4d file in order to install it. I'm not sure if I'm doing this wrong - am I supposed to download this separately somewhere? Any insight would be helpful! -Carolyne
  23. I might be wrong, but I don't think Unity has a equivalent to Freeze Transformation. Try looking in Unity and finding where the Freezed Transformation would even be shown. It's kind of a cheat in C4D to get the axis of object to seem like it was zero by giving it a unseen parent. At least that is the way I think of it. Therefore, in order to get it to transfer the freeze transformation a null could be put as parent of whatever you want to have frozen transformation. Give the null the same position, scale, and rotation as the original before making it the parent. I'm also a little unsure why this would be something wanted in Unity. The final product is supposed to be imported into Unity. If you want something like this moving in Unity give it some joints and import the joint movement. It should move exactly the same. Program the movement to activate when x direction is pressed and that is how running is seen. Character animation in Unity is something to be avoided. In Unreal there are a few tools, but I still try to avoid it. I am unfamiliar with Unity though. Maybe the character animation in Unity is great.
  24. Thank you! I missed the Project Settings part, and google searching never mentioned that. Thank you Very much!
  25. pls refresh page - added info to my last post... CBR
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