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  2. Try Mesh > Conversion > Polygon Groups to Objects.
  3. Cool! Obviously a young Mace Windu. The headphones seem out of place from a Star Wars perspective, but the work is awesome.
  4. Hi, I have a bunch of objects that I turned into a single one using Connect Objects + Delete command. After a while now I would like to explode or disconnect them back because I need to do some individual work on some of them. What’s the command to reverse it? Thank you
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  6. Hi All! Thanks for the response. Yes, I'm going after a stylized look. Looking at it now, I guess I need to make the legs a bit shorter (but not necessarily stubbier), as pointed above. The character just doesn't look like muscular with the smaller shoulders anymore compared to previous iteration. Wdythink? I'm happy with how the accentuated hard edge accents look in the chest but I'm not sure with the shoulder. Also not sure with the other flow (red lines) of the silhouette. If you have time, can you look over the revised character below?
  7. Here's a great tutorial for helping model circular geometry from flat surfaces:
  8. thanks for this, any chance you could upload a C4D scene file so I can look at how you set it up? Would really appreciate it if you can. cheers
  9. Looks like a simple bump map from a seamless concrete image texture. There should be basically 0 reflectivity and maybe the color channel has a little bit of the bump map texture. Then maybe a subtle displacement with a soft noise to get the larger bumpiness you see in the circled area:
  10. you also need another cut across the middle of the whole block to give you the eight edges to join to your centre hole Deck
  11. I wish I had a better answer for you, but I tried a couple things and didn't find a great solution yet. Here's a tip for importing: change your import preferences to match what you need for the scene scale, etc. Then you only have to select your preset and hit 'enter.' I couldn't figure out how to change the Default preset, however. Anybody know how to do that?
  12. use the poly pen tool and it should all snap together, same problem with your previous model, you just hadn't joined it together, weld will also do it and even an optimise command if you have the perimeter hight enough. Deck
  13. Hi, I am looking to try and create two materials. One like the concrete you see with the pink bits on it, it does not have to be the pink part just the realistic concrete look. The second is is like the materials you see on the hexagon shape, any colour will do. I am using R16 and standard GI or Physical Renderer. Please can someone set up a quick material test so I can look through the channels to see how you set it up as I am struggling to get the realistic bumps / dents etc. I hope you can help Many Thanks Ben
  14. I got help on Isydiums forums. For anyone-else experiencing this issue: Under the xpGenerator object> Object> Scale,Rotation, and Offset> Scale Using: Source Object Scale. By Default its set to Particle scale. Ha HA and with all things CG it twas one button that solved my problems:)
  15. @DNEG It's hard to say without looking at the actual scene. I can look at it and see if I can find the problem.
  16. Hi, I've been trying unsuccessfully for the past hour to import multiple files into one project. The only way I have found is to use Merge, but that is one at a time. It won't let me select multiple files, and when I drag and drop files into the Objects tab (top r) it makes each one into its own window. I'm with a neuroscience lab and our meshes are quite complex - C4D seems to default import them to >1 km long, so I manually decrease the size, also for each mesh. There must be a better way! Trying to get a hundred neurons or so into one window. Any help would be appreciated! Here's a screenshot from an in-browser reconstruction tool of some of the cells we're trying to showcase. This is called the central complex and it comes from a fly brain. Thank you! Amy
  17. Screen grab attached.. I think it's the two points at the top below, which looks like they aren't connected.. How can i get the hexagon points to connect or snap to each other?.. Sometimes this program is so backward.. not sure why there isn't a feature that allows you to intersect one shape with the other? quite frustrating at times.. anyway, any direction would be great :)
  18. This is where I've got with it, you can see i've got that diagonal line which is causing issues with SDS.. Any idea how i can get rid of this line.. it seems this is stopping the SDS from completing a nice circle
  19. Hi guys, This is my 2nd attempt at this, the first time was ok. But i'm struggling to get a simple circular recess into my square shape.. If i drag the spline from the corner i can do a square indent.. but when I want a round indent, it doesn't complete the recess accurately and the geometry is all over the place.. Any ideas how i can do this properly.. I've tried a hexagon cut, but when i turn hypernurbs back on, it's a mess.. any help would be great thanks Sonic C3 developed v3.c4d
  20. Found it. In project settings "command-D" under Dynamics-Visualisation uncheck "Contact Points".
  21. ok I'll send another visual to explain what my geometry is doing
  22. Its a bit advanced for me but Im assuming it must be something to do with the live calculation, but agree it should be something you can switch off. Deck
  23. that's strange. when I cache the simulation they are gone. But what cause them to appear if not cached?
  24. I couldn't work out what the dots were apart from being related to the soft body tag. looks a bit different in R18 but it seems if you cache it then they disappear Deck
  25. Couldn't quite visualise what you were after but its not quite together on the inner curve you have. Grabs below, one from the inside. Deck
  26. Hi guys, I'm trying to model this table. I became stuck at the groove indent, as it won't let me make a cut without making this block in separate pieces, which ideally should be a square with a rad on one corner then copying the curved corner and moving the spline inwards to create the groove. Can anyone help? what's the best way is to do this?.. it's not a complex shape.. it's just my spline doing weird stuff i think thanks table test.c4d
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