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  2. I thought those maps slots were only for greyscale bitmaps ? Have you ever seen that working with vertex maps ? Only I can't find any mention in the manual that suggests they do... maybe @Rectro knows more ? CBR
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  4. Thanks for your help. Quick question, does it matter if i bake my dynamics first and then my particle emitters? As in, does the order i do it in matter? Is there a bake/cache workflow/order i should adhere to? B
  5. Thinking outside the C4D box here: perhaps consider switching to Eevee in Blender for this job if you need a quick turn-around time? A 1920x1080 frame takes less than 2 seconds to render in this case. Frame render times varies a bit from 1.4 seconds to 1.8 seconds. I made a quick example which is similar to yours in concept to demonstrate how quickly Eevee renders. It includes depth of field. The nice thing about Eevee: everything looks pretty much the same in the viewport while working on the animation. What you see, is what you get. This 165 frame animation took a little under 5 minutes(!) to render at 1920x1080.
  6. Good to have you here Marco. Cant wait to see your work!
  7. Sure thing. Send me a PM when you want to discuss the details.
  8. What's been said above, IPC (Instructions Per Cycle) and Ghz, you want the best of both worlds, until software developers move from single threading to Multi-Threading (alongside GPU acceleration), the 28 cores Xeon in there runs at a base clock of 2.5 Ghz and go up to 4.4 (on a single core) for a short period of time before going down and stabilizing on a much reasonable Ghz for longer periods. for a similar core count (24 and 32) from Threadripper 3960X and 3970X respectively they run at a base clock of 3.8 Ghz and 3.7 Ghz and can go up to 4.5 Ghz. I will put this here and see myself out.
  9. Yes, funnily enough we just found this last night and were thinking of giving it a go. You've given me some food for thought now and we have a bit more time as we've decided to go with a simpler first stage launch then update with animation at a later stage. I will definitely be in touch at some point soon I've no doubt. Would you be interested in helping in an advisory capacity? i.e. We'd be happy to pay you for your help as it might get a bit complex
  10. No problem. Let me know if you have any questions or run into any issues. Scene prep is important so try to optimize for Unity before export. Are you familiar with Sketchfab? I use it to test/share/preview client models.
  11. Thanks so much, I was starting to think I was on my own with this one. I've had a post on the animation board for a few days and it's just tumbleweed. Will look into that then.
  12. @RectroCould you show this as an example because I have no idea how to do that? The new Version with the hole is in the attachment tigre_ready.c4d
  13. Hi, Many things in C4D are still single threaded, including dynamics, simulations, particles and similar, you need high clock IPC cpu (4+ GHz), like latest Intel i7/i9 or AMD Ryzen 3XXX series, in order to get higher viewport fps performance. That Xeon is good for rendering, but for things like dynamics, simulations and similar you need high IPC cpu. Dane
  14. Check out my newest weekly fun little live-action VFX shot! I'm going for more of a cartoony/realistic vibe. So it's not to scary, and more fun. Animated in Cinema4d and rendered in Octane! Only 10% of my viewers are subscribed to my channel! Make sure to subscribe for more fun videos weekly. https://youtu.be/xFGFk5iKCDE
  15. Hello everyone, When I do an interior scene I always put Portal lights, to bring more light to the scene, but they also bring to much noise. The solution is to raise up the settings in the Render settings. In AA I put a high value, and also in DMC. Gets better. Then I turn on the option "store with irradiance map"(in the Portal lights). Resolve the noise but than comes the blotches... Personally I don't like to use so much the "store with irradiance map", because blurs the image and I lose some detail. What I should do? Using Portal lights should be a solution and not a problem...
  16. Hi French Creative AD, I work in motion design and digital advertising. Started 3d more than 20 years ago with 3d Studio. Switched to cinema 4D 10 years ago. Now I mainly use the software for prototyping, proof of concept, style frames and short animations. While, given enough time, I can generally produce what I need with cinema, I hope to discuss in the cafe about workflow optimisation, time saving tricks and neat features with experts from all over the world.
  17. Oh, sorry I hadn't seen your comment -.- Yes that is highly likely
  18. Now your going into the realms of Vector Displacement if you want over turning frays. When it comes to paint chips, do you mean particals, or just missing pain with no bump? For things like that Substance painter does a better job as you can use cavity as masks. Dan
  19. Which is exactly why I said he's probably a Lebrov viewer
  20. Well, strangely enough there is a tutorial for exactly that. But I think the OP is referring to the same effect of the guy in the video, he always has the firefly jar composited into his background and he is certainly one of the more influential C4D youtube people:
  21. Hi everyone, I'm a creative director of boutique CGI studio specialised in animation and visualisation for branding and packaging. I decided to expand our work toward motion and FX and thought of X-Particles as perfect addition. I'm currently trial the software with great chance to buy and incorporate in our workflow. However since first testing, on a really basic scene (xp system with single emitter, xp domain and gravity, simple as that) we experiencing a really slow FPS, around 5-10FPS. Which for these extremely starting scene is no-workable at all. Looking at some video online on similar starting scene the viewport speed is more than double. Current setup is a new Mac Pro 2019, with 28core, Vega Pro II Duo module and 96GB RAM. On the latest Catalina 10.15.5 and C4D R21. A very powerful machine but I'm wondering if it is something software related and you can help me with, or embedded problem and related to the OSX, etc. Indeed I don’t seek for hardware debate, decision, etc. But if it is something related to X-particles / C4D specific setting, or other issue/process that runs on background and makes the simulation really slow. Or any specific hardware compatibly issue. Having seen same starting scene setup on a window machine with way less specs but much higher FPS, I was wondering if we made a bad decision getting the new Mac Pro or there's some hidden issue/thing to be fixed around software and parameters to run it better. Or, sadly, worth sell back and buy a windows machine instead, something like “hey, this performs worse on OSX so nothing to be done”, and we need to embrace and work around it as it is. I'm used to the OSX system and mainly got the studio based on it, so ideally I'd avoid this as much as possible. Would be extremely helpful if you can help me out with this. I've included a screen record and screenshot of what happening here https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qi2khodotd69s2u/AAALDBPHGODmIMJFGTvTPgF8a?dl=0 PLESE NOTE: this also happen with any simply soft body sim, etc. No really strictly to X-Particles I guess. Thanks a lot to everyone Marco
  22. Ok I have now inserted a hole but how can I now the edges brittle and fray out the back as in the attached picture?And how do I make these paint chips
  23. Hi everyone, I'm Marco from Valencia, Spain. Started my journey as 3D Artist in UK long time ago. Founder of a CGI boutique studio started while ago in London and now based in Valencia. Shifted to C4D recently, so happy 3D to all! Cheers M.
  24. Hi, The frizz parameter is being limited through a vertex area under the texture slot. But as you can see in the illustration below, the frizz is still applied on the whole mesh. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gmw8e6vk9131n0l/c4d267_hair_frizz_texture_not_working.jpg?dl=0 You can check the sample file here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nrdzhp5z51snvcf/c4d267_hair_frizz_texture_not_working.c4d?dl=0 Is there a way around this? Regards, Ben
  25. @Rectro Thanks for the clarification. I did a quick test for both hair mat and interpolation clump enabled. And it indeed gave me a more appealing clumping. Basically, have the hair interpolation clump as the low frequency detail then hair mat clump as medium and high frequency detail. P.S. Also, is it possible to be tagged in a post/response? For some reason, I don't receive any notification from the forum unless I am tagged (@),
  26. I know it's bit a late response but maybe still will be of some use. To split stream of particles, you could use a Birth Number as a custom particles channel. Then using math node in modulo set to 2, you can send every second particle to a different group. Remember to set the condition node data type to Link and drop the names of your particle groups there.
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