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  2. Thanks Dane Will give that a look too Lang
  3. Hi, For UV work I'm using 3D-Coat, great tool for uv unwrap and similar, you can give it a try ;). Dane
  4. Thanks CBR Thats a good idea I'll give that a go. As for the transform tool now part of R20/21. Ive downloaded the demo now but cant see anything obvious so how would I go about using that? And would it be better for this? Thanks Lang
  5. Found another one! If you are inside a camera while using ProRender in the viewport, and leave the camera again the position of the camera will be somewhere else to where you initially placed it. Even if you have a protection tag on it. Solution is to disable the ProRender viewport preview before switching any camera, but that's just a workaround.
  6. You need to add an Octane HDRI Environment object. That is just a C4D Sky object with a Octane Environment tag added. Inside you will find a slot for a texture where there's an Octane Image Texture already added. Go inside that and add your HDRI. There is no special step to make any material reflect the HDRI. Octane is physically correct spectral rendering, so anything inside the scene will be lit correctly by the HDRI automatically.
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  8. Hi, Redshift/Octane for rendering and RTX 2080, or 2 x RTX 2080 if budget allows. Cpu is not so important here in terms of cores count, aim to high IPC cpu, like 9800X/9820X or Ryzen 3700X/3800X. First two has 44 pci-e lanes, which is important if you plan to add more then two gpus, for just one or two gpus, 3700X/3800X are good. Dane
  9. Yeah, but Autodesk did these substantial releases even before they went with subscriptions. I love Cinema 4D but since I started using it (with R12, some months before R13 was released) I couldn't help noticing how much more robust Maya releases are. You would need three Cinema 4D releases to reach a similar number of new features of just one Maya release. By the way, i don't wanna start a flame war of Maya vs Cinema 4D, especially because I use both professionally and like both. But I hope that MAXON starts releasing substantial new features like Autodesk now that they are trying to emulate them.
  10. Thanks. We should tell Admin @Igor about this - I didn't think guests were able to post at all ! CBR
  11. Yes, the Magnet tool, with the right radius settings could sort that out from where you are now, but it would be difficult to keep all the UV points even that way. So a better option would be to select all the top points of the UV and do 'Border to Circle' which will make a decent arch with them you can non-uniform negative scale so it matches the curve of your label. Repeat for the lower points separately and use 4,5,6 keys (move, uniform scale, rotate) to further adjust them until it's all lining up in the perspective viewport... CBR
  12. In this C4D Quick Tip we take a look at creating our own custom default settings, this way we don't have to keep repeatedly setting our project FPS or render settings. If you would like to support Digital Meat, or follow me on social media, see the below links. Website: Digitalmeat.uk Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/DigitalMeat3D Merchandise: https://redbubble.com/people/digital-meat Support: https://digitalmeat.uk/donate/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/digitalmeat3d/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/digitalmeat3D
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  14. Hi all, I am still a relative novice at C4D and attempting to make a material that reflects the HDRI of my scene. What would be ideal is this process in blender -> Any tips and walk-throughs would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Autodesk is subscription only though right? The issue with MAXON is to do with Perpetual licences. Every feature that gets released needs to be matched against sales. So you either be a subscriber and pay during the year and get updates, or you go perpetual and get all the combined updates when you pay.
  16. Hey thanks for the feedback! Wouldn't it be better to aim for GPU now that I am looking for a custom built? I am currently on iMac and CPU rendering is... is.. well it's sh** basically lol
  17. Hi bezo Is that a feature in R20/21 then? Will have to investigate if so. As for trying to do it in R19, is there anyway to do it? Thanks Lang
  18. I'm in the UK and I get a lot of mailshots from Scan - they make some pretty mental pcs eg their 3XS range. On that Scan page, you can click configure for different components. For cpu render, cores rule and Ryzen cpus give very good bang/buck. In this chart their flagship 12C/24T 3900X is near the top at a fraction of the price of the equivalent Intel. I've recently built a pc based on the 8C/16T Ryzen 3700X.
  19. 9, scenario UV Edit Layout When in UV polygon mode selected some polygons in VIEWPORT and accidentally in Move mode moved with them, viewport is not changed (what is expect), but selected UV polygons are moved in Texture UV view window. While moving with selection, is visible appropriate movement of uv polygons in Texture UV view. (some kind of Deja Vu, working here, result in other window...) In R20 is not visible movement, but result is the same, when released mouse button, selection jump to position of last mouse position 10, UV Transform Tool(UVTT later) and undo/redo select few uv polygons, enable UVTT, make another selection, enable UVTT, make another selection, enable UVTT...Press undo,undo,undo...redo,redo,redo Looks like UVTT don´t remember multiple selections (or did not actualize itself) 11, UV Transform Tool(UVTT later) and undo/redo 2 select few polygons (with live selection), enable UVTT and press undo as many times as nothing selected and disabled UVTT. .....(when was mode switched to UVTT, everything for viewport was disabled - live selection, M,S,R.) If now in viewport create selection (without switching to selection mode, just clicking on polygons and with Shift increase selection, UVTT will automatically cover with own UI only FIRST selected polygon. All other polygons in selection are ignored by UI of UVTT, but can be moved,scaled as expected with normal behaviour of UVTT, only non-uniform scale is restricted only for first selected (UVTT UI covered ) polygon
  20. Hey guys, What custom PC built would you recommend for 3d rendering? What nVidia card What monitor Processor Type Does motherboard matter Windows 10 or Windows 10 Pro Where to buy (in the UK) The budget is £2000 - 2500. Thanks!
  21. Hi, I need someone who can make high quality high poly 3d models of kids watches, like these examples https://www.google.com/search?q=smartwatch for kids&sxsrf=ACYBGNTPSVCRUptVrx5YWxiptvgQaIjwKA%3A1568659631381&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj7hejAgNbkAhXF2aQKHVdXB9IQ_AUIEigB&biw=2560&bih=1298&dpr=1.5&fbclid=IwAR3Xf02XMopJHtlWME7V46KqmTr5Y62IXg6qG8qF0elCN8fBSrKQySOtLSI. Models needs to look as close as possible to real products, maximum possible accuracy, they will be used in further commercial animation projects. Let me know your time and cost estimate in PM or to danijelk83@gmail.com Cheers, Dane
  22. necker UV_0001.c4d New UV Tranform tools is exactly for this kind of editing...Did you tried Demo? Not sure if that need to be rounded or linear...
  23. Same thing with Autodesk. They have around 3 major point releases each years and they usually have more new features than a whole release from MAXON. Just check Maya 2019.2 which included the new Bifrost visual programming language.
  24. Could it be because MAXON is a German company? It may have something to do with the European legislation and the European competition law, that is extremely restrictive. Or I’m just plain wrong and they simply don’t care...
  25. Hi all Im trying to apply a UV mesh to a label that will go onto a bottle neck. The original labels' cutter guide is curved so as to fit the shape correctly when physically applied but how would it best to get this into the correct UV? I have tried a couple of things and found some ok'ish tuts online but this is one I haven't really come across. Ive also tried using cylindrical projection just to see if I could get away with that, but no. Been playing around with UV's in bodypaint but I cant see anything obvious so hopefully someone out there with heaps of UV experience will be able to help or suggest a better way? Thanks Lang neck label UV.zip
  26. Personally I think that's BS and just a convenient excuse. The Foundry has no problem putting out 3 versions / updates of Modo each year and I pay an annual maintenance.
  27. Maybe some coding issues or the poster did not know how to insert videos.
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