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  2. Are you going for a stylized/streamlined character. Your lines so far would have me think of this (which is not a bad thing at all obviously as long as it's intentional)
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  4. only started myself a while back, very useful but easy to get messed up too, if not doing the right things with the right takes, i.e. if you want a global change across all takes, make sure you are working on the master take. You can also save individual takes out to files if it all gets out of control. D

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    Anything and everything 3d Star Wars related
  6. Thanks Vlzn I get it now it works!
  7. The cuts for the deltoids look off especially, you can certainly have sharp cuts there, but the way it is now doesn't look great, also, personally, in opposition to what cerbera has said, if you're going to have such broad shoulders and upper body then i'd work on the v taper of the character and give him smaller, stubbier legs, and a smaller waist, to accentuate the stylised look more this would give a much nicer look to the overall character.
  8. Let's have a look at the Mac facts here: 1. Pro res seems like an also-ran. At present. 2. Lack of Nvidia suport with no hope of it in the future. 3. Lack of AMD support for the industry standard GPU renderers 3. Apple dropping support for Open CL and GL 4. Integration just seems non existent with Apple's proprietary Metal, and where it does exist ( like in Premiere ) it seems to make the programs run slower. 5. Apples walled garden just seems to get higher and higher. 6. Where the hell is this Mac Pro Modular, they've been talking about it for years now? All of this and more just means we're at a point ( as OSX users ) where it won't matter if you spend £15K on a full spec bells and whistles OSX machine, it just won't run the renderers needed for C4D work. Apple Pro machines are no longer pro, they're just expensive toys. Enough already. And I say this as a nearly 3 decades Mac user sitting here with a 6 core I7 2018 MBP with a Razer Core X Vega 64 that is basically a dog when it comes to running C4D. It's time to switch to be honest. My next Mac will be a PC.
  9. Thank you. Never worked with takes until now...
  10. I can see the other animations as "takes" bring up your takes palette and you should see them all. about 7 I think, all seems to be working fine. Deck
  11. I have this FBX which I got from someone and he said that there are more than one animation in there, but I can see only one (like floating). Is there a hidden setting which can show me all animations in C4D? Thanks. Astronaut_Animations.zip
  12. Hi, I could be wrong but it sounds like you didn't make the splines and the object they connect to as one object? This would explain why the spline brakes away when bind and weighted to joints. You could probably overcome this by adding more weights to the connection area from the main object joint, so when the cable flex/bend away from the connection. Nearly forgot, you will have to do; Connect Object+Delete to be able do this.
  13. Sorry i was away, Yes as CBR already said in the material settings. Here is an example, i used another uv map. also added a uv tag for you. tex_fix+tire.zip
  14. After getting the animation correct again the project is once again very laggy. So I'm back to trying to work out how I can accurately convert this all of this to polygonal geometry. https://drive.google.com/open?id=18V6ipjBZFex9_sSOQthPPH8XA1rPieFU
  15. It's in the Editor Tab of the Material Settings. CBR
  16. digitvisions - I'm sorry, but I don't know where to find the default you're saying I should change to 1024. Vertex - It seems like your answer is completely off the mark. If you look at the video tutorial, he hasn't even created a UV yet. Did you look at the video?
  17. https://render.otoy.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=30 for answers.
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  19. You are using Octane, so this should go in the 3rd Party renderers section and it should mention Octane in the post title so that people who don't have that don't bother reading it... I will move it there for you now. Also your file has no extension, so we don't know what it is, or what will open it. After working out what it was I see it is just a picture, which doesn't tell us anything about your setup, or how your textures are projected. You need to do Save project with assets, zip the folder that creates, upload it to dropbox or similar and link it here. CBR
  20. Hi there! Need some advice how to overcome this kind of problem. Textures act very weirdly and somehow like distorting geometry. I'm sure it is very typical mistake I have made somewhere on the road..., but I cannot find solution for this. All polygons are alligned normally, there is no overlapping geometry... texture_problem
  21. @Fastbee I did update it. When you click on profile it errors but I was able to get in through the account settings option. I'm still stumped on how to properly rig this thing. I'm able to rig with bones fairly well but the skin breaks apart too easily where each cable goes into its end position. I'm going crazy
  22. @cendrick If you are using R20 you should update that in your profile. The big thing they advertised on Insydium was cactus dans tools working in R20 along with all plugins. Cactus Dan's tools also have a pretty good spline controller thing. https://youtu.be/iaTLCsomKsk
  23. Greetings all, I've been playing around with using the Proximal shader along with Thinking Particles, and I'm trying to accomplish 2 things that are working for the most part, but the finer points are alluding me just a little. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5tzeqmsfe7ckxbo/proximal-shader-particles-events_v03.c4d?dl=0 1) In the linked scene above, there's a hero Sphere who's surface is being deformed by the particles that land on it, by way of a TP Deflector node (using said Sphere as deflector geometry) and a Displacer object using a Proximal shader with the TP Particles as proximal's reference. This works well in general, but as the displacement accumulates as more particles hit the surface, some of those particles escape, or rather break past the mesh after they've stuck to it for a frame or 2. I'd guess this has to do with a threshold normal angle of whatever polygon each particle is hitting. I appended a PFreeze node off of the Event output on the PDeflector node, but this doesn't quite do the trick. I'm presuming what this should do is bring any particle's position to a halt at the exact frame it reaches the deflector surface, but perhaps this is incorrect? 2) Again, using TPs with Proximal shader, I want my TP particle cluster to have 3 different types of particles, differentiated by material color. Let's just say they are red, green and blue, hypothetically. I want each particle to create a small 'stain' on the hero Sphere as it lands in its surface, the stain corresponding the color of the particle, so a red particle would leave a red stain, and so on. Now, I've set this up so that there are 3 different TP Emitters pumped into 3 different particle groups and those groups are referenced by 3 different MoGraph cloners. This works perfectly well, but seems a bit inefficient, so I'm wondering if there's a less brutish way to set this up - so for example - wondering if I could: a) Have one single Emitter node split its single feed into 3 particle groups. The advantage here would be that I would not need to go into 3 separate emitter nodes in order to make global parametric changes to birthrate, speed, etc. In order to assign different particles from the same emission into 3 different groups, I'd imagine one would need to iterate some ID value to each particle as it's birthed, though I don't know how to do this. and/or b) Maybe there's a way to achieve the 3 color 'stain' effect as described above using only a single particle group and a single Cloner? Though it seems like this might be unlikely, since it's the receiving object's Proximal shader that defines the 'stain's color and shape; it doesn't inherit material properties from the object hitting it. Unless of course there is a way to do such a thing that I don't know about. and/or c)I'd be able to get as far as setting up the single cloner so that it iterates across 3 different colored clones though would be cool if there was a way to reference the 3 TP Groups from a single cloner so that each of the 3 different clone types are driven by their own TP Group, while we're still using only one Cloner.
  24. I've already tried 16-bit renders the same picture. Can you attach my file with your settings to see how it renders in my computer? Thank you.
  25. Nope, it is not a simple setting, and you can't find it because it isn't there ! This happens when your monitor cannot display a colour between 2 that it can. This is a well-known and specific phenomenon called Colour Banding, and is something that happens in all graphics software with all images with gradients like this. If you are using 8-bit image formats for web, you simply cannot avoid this completely, but may be able to mitigate it with a noise based on 50% grey in soft light mode over the grad, within a layer shader. You will also find it less of a problem in 16 -bit files because they have greater dynamic range. CBR
  26. It has to be a simple tweak either in light settings or render- antialiasing, but I just can’t find it myself.
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