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  2. Do you have latest version of R20 ? Your profile suggests not... CBR
  3. If you are some beginner, with low skills, and can't offer some professional or semi-professional work to clients, than maybe you should work for free, some limited time, but in general, I would say no. Develop your skills, learn, practice, and make your Portfolio good looking with some quality there. Then you will have no need to work for free, because you will be able to request payment for your work, which is normal thing. Cheers
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  5. I'm trying to go further with my idea of animating drawn textures projected onto low poly meshes and I guess the "Bake Texture" command should help me distort the projection to fit the UV map. When I hit it's preview function, it shows something that look like what I want, but when I hit "Bake", it simply exports my original without any distortion. Do you know what's wrong here ? Here's a gif showing what I get : https://gyazo.com/1260e89eb41a212dde17a505f9e62b5f Thanks in advance.
  6. Actually, no scrap that - that gives me big problems in R20 ! We have possibly found a bug there, because cube 2 is NOT doing what I expect it to.... and nor is Cubic if we look closely... Could you try these (no relax) in R17 and let me know if your results are the same ? CBR
  7. Excellent, thanks. I don't use tracking much, so am not the person to help here. But if you can provide a link to a dropbox download of your scene (c4d file) and the footage it links to that means a lot more of us can look and investigate... CBR
  8. ...The hard way, in the absence of any method I am aware of that does not create your aforementioned co-planar polys. That involved: Doing 1 extrude to the maximum depth I wanted with ALL the center polys. Inserting 4 loops inside that Bridging the front polys between pairs to define where I wanted the indents Bridging the side polys between the various levels. Deleting the back polys where they were no longer needed to avoid internal geo. There is no easier way that I am aware of, although we should note that if you are good and familiar with all the tools, the above only took 3 mins. Another way to go is to start with your indented polys - that way you can build up the surface with careful selections and positive extrudes. CBR
  9. Hello, Absolutely, will add it right away.
  10. No, then I'd map it as cubic 2, then relax once I think... CBR
  11. ;D modelling is fun to learn so try to enjoy it :)
  12. Yeah, how did you do it without the edges poking out?
  13. OK, thanks. And if you had a cube of these objects? Do you make cuts and relax it twice?
  14. Welcome to the cafe. Please put the version number you are using in your profile (where it says 'none' at the moment) - very important we know what that is, especially if you think you have found a bug. CBR
  15. Frontal mapping (top view) + LSCM relax ? Could maybe do with a little straightening out, but it was 2 clicks to get this far... CBR
  16. Is this the sort of thing you're going for ? CBR
  17. Can anyone tell me the best way to unwrap this simple shape? It couldnt be any more basic, but no matter what I try I end up with a mess. There must be a way of flattening it out without separating the UVs into 4 or 5 different islands. Thanks crate1_test.c4d
  18. Hi, Take a look at this post. It uses Python, but I suppose it can be incorporated in your example easy enough.
  19. Hello, I have this problem when I do manual tracking in C4D. Whenever I uncheck the solved camera view and go outside and then back, I then can't place any manual tracks. So basically, if I accidently click the solved camera button and go out from my camera tracking view, and then back, then the manual tracking doesnt work anymore. I don't now if this is a bug I have or if there is any possible solution to it. Thank you!
  20. Hi all I'm trying to export a particle animation to unity, the idea is that the blood would flow through and eventually get stuck causing a clot. So the issue I'm having is once i add the espresso code (see below) then bake out the animation, the animation becomes jittery and the particles start to appear randomly and sporadically. I think the problem starts once a particle "dies" . Does anyone have a fix or able to point me in the right direction? Thanks
  21. Hi - what is the workflow for extruding in a load of polys without creating coplanar faces? I have a strip of polygons and I want them all to be pushed in at varying amounts, but when I try with pretty much any tool I get a mess of coplanar faces. I feel I am missing something super basic here. Thanks
  22. Once you get used to the additional features of Zremesher that control it such as the ZremsherGuides brush. and Adaptive size and curve strength along with polypaint color density your find that you will get some pretty impressive topology. Using the Alt key when pressing the Zremsh button gives you an alternate algorithm. There is also a paid for plugin called Zwrap which puts a perfect topology onto any head you sculpt. As you start to expand what Zbrush can do your soon realize why its so expensive, more so being you can get Keysot for it at a massive price deduction off the non Zbrush to Keyshot locked version. Dan
  23. Just started trying out Zremesher and it works wonders!
  24. Hi Cafe I have a job where I have to unwrap some legs of a monster type beast for printing and create the generic texture. I have to unwrap each leg separately and then UV Map each one and apply the same texture. No problem with that but how can make each map the correct scale to each other. The only way I can think of would be to put add a cube or something to the geometry of each one and then scale each map so that the cubes match. Hope Im making sense I don't do UV mapping of weird shapes very often. Im retopoing the legs so have a decent mesh to work with. As usual all tips, tricks and advice gratefully received Deck
  25. Rizom3D is a offshoot of Unfold3D, but there is a dispute between the two companies. They are in effect the same product as far as I can tell, but Rizom3D has more affordable options such as rent to own. With either of these two you actually look forward to Uv Mapping. Zbrush combo with 3Dcoat are a powerful combination. what Zbrush don't do well 3D coat does and vice versa. Retopology I do need to take a better look at 3Dcoat but I would not see if it has a smooth Uv brush, or a good symmetrical workflow. Blenders retopology addon looks very nice but for now as I own Modo I use that or C4D polygon pen. Zbrush Zremesher is more than just a auto reopology, it allows you to paint a density map, and direct the influence of loops, but in either case it wont make up for proper manual topology. Dan
  26. Thank you Vector for clarifying. I am currently watching tutorials on the different types of modelling, and i tried it with Volume Builder, worked without a problem too.
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