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  2. I'm working in linear workflow with input color profile srgb checked. The rendered multipass looked all right on Photoshop and so, I proceeded and did the adjustments there until I exported it to jpg, I got color banding. I tried to save it as png yet I got a very dark image. I went back to the psd file to check its color profile and I found out that it's in linear space not srgb. When I changed it to srgb profile (on photoshop), the image became very underexposed so I had to pull up the exposure to get the desired output. I'm still confused with how color management works. Your help in this regard will be highly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Man, that paint looks good, will definitely try it. Thanks a lot.
  4. How big a network of tunnels are we talking about - just a few or hundreds ? CBR
  5. I can get that result perfectly with the Poly Reduction Generator, but not, for some reason, with the deformer version. Your guys is using R20, so it's not that... confusing... CBR
  6. What if you center the mesh object's axis, make note of the world coordinates, undo, create a null and move it to the noted coordinates, then placed the mesh into the null? The mesh maintains its original axis so instances are not affected and you effectively have an axis at its center as well. Alternatively, if you're importing instances of an object which are supposed to be N units away on a specific axis, then could you simply place the original mesh object into a cloner to space them out correctly without having to import the instances? I may not be completely understanding what you need. Some visual aids might help.
  7. What’s the best way to make a system of cave tunnels - with off shoots on the side if the tunnel.
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  9. Yes, I could do that, but still, I don't see a way to get such perfect looking triangles as he did. I also wanted to replicate exactly how he did it.
  10. What if you model it straight and get the geo where you want it and then use a spline wrap to get the bends....?
  11. I can't figure out how the guy in this tutorial created such perfect looking triangle polygons. He doesn't mention how to do it. My setup looks the same as is but can't seem to get it right.
  12. Nate has already given you the information you are looking for hasn't he ? CBR
  13. I think I can see what you're trying to do, and I can see why it's not working, though can't tell what you did to break it. You have non-manifold edges lining the cutout. As mentioned in other posts, when a tool won't let you make a cut you want it is usually because there is something else wrong with your geo. But using a spline has not helped here. You could make this same shape from polys and SDS very quickly... Here's the ideal topology you need to start with... CBR
  14. ok have updated to the correct version of C4D, now can you help me please?? thanks again
  15. Great modeling! I think your car paint material could use some work. Needs more layers to be believable. I don't speak German (don't know if you do) but this seemed helpful:
  16. Visit your profile, then look for the Edit Profile button near the top right... CBR
  17. do you know how to update your profile as it doesn't seem to give me an option to show what version I am on?
  18. It's really not :) Remember you are using a version that is heading for 10 years old now. Our modelling tools have got exponentially better since then, but they weren't awful in version 14 either - I managed to do 2 years of extremely complex client modelling work in it with no issues at all back in the day. You need 2 additional loop cuts, but you have greater problems than that at the moment. See those green lines ? Those are ngon lines, which tell you where Cinema is making up which cuts it needs because you haven't told it where it should cut them. There should be no green lines at all on this model. You need to cut out to the corners with the knife tool to make them go away. Then you need to delete the excess points along all your radial edges. And see that jumbled mess at the centre ? All those points need to get welded into 1 to fix that. Only THEN should you add 2 control loops inside and outside the circular form with the knife tool in loop mode. If Loop mode doesn't go all the way round the model that means you still have unaddressed modelling errors you need to fix first. CBR
  19. Great tutorial by the way Natevplas! that's the best clear example i've seen in a while :-)
  20. thanks guys, I think i've figured out the geometry thing a bit better I'm getting a little unwanted detail I'd like to smooth out more.. Do i need to create another loop cut? appreciate the advice.. I am persevering with this :)
  21. Im trying to use the advection system from explosia Fx to move particles. I can do it with the standard explosia going up but I want to know what parameters to change to make the explosion go outwards ( X & Z Axis rather than Y). Ive tried adding turbulence but either still goes up or just doesnt move as much as i want. Should I just Cache the particles exploding up and then rotate the cached file afterwards? Cheers!
  22. I do have to laugh because coming from a technical product design background the surface modelling in C4D needs much improvement, i have to say while it's good for animation and characters, which isn't my expertise.. It's lacking for more technical simple commands.. Anyway that's enough of that ;-)
  23. The problem you have here is proportions, this is especially evident when you look at the deltoid in comparison to the bicep/tricep also the shape is off, either make the rest of the upper arm larger or make the deltoid smaller and less rounded at the bottom , the shoulders also look off from the front view, if you're going for the muscular look then these should be more rounded almost sphereical, might be an idea to take a look at some pictures of bodybuilders, so you can see better what I'm referring to, these are about as close to super heros/stylised proportions you're ever gonna get
  24. All credits go to the Scott Ayers. Attached is a plug-in. After installing, you'll be able to select a folder and all OBJs in the folder will all be imported. batch_importer.pyp
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