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  2. I'm still on R19. Have you managed to come through to getting a similar effect? :D
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  6. Thank you Jed, I will have a look at the files straightaway. I knew you could solve it.
  7. Yes this is also the case when storing the hair guides, and transferring them to another object and restoring them after rooting them, the hair can go crazy out of position until you rock the timeline forward then back a few frames. Dan
  8. HI, i don't know if this would get you closer to fixing it, but i have isolated your text with the motion S&T tag and animated it manually on it's own without any effectors and render to picture, and the streaks did appear in render.
  9. Yes after you re-link it, you would need to reset the timeline / redraw the viewport for the guides to update to the new shape. CBR
  10. Just making the spline uniform would get the 2 things in sync, but here's 2 ideas for you. One has a 0-100% controller for both objects that you could keyframe, 2nd is animated to and fro. tex1.c4d tex2.c4d
  11. Thanks Jed, i have just got back, i created an example scene of what i got so far, i am sure you will have a better solution. i also like the null to go back to the beginning of the spline. I want the texture and null to be linked in speed and location. Thanks for looking into it.( it's R-15 file) Here: Animated_tex_TEST_ 1.c4d
  12. Blender may be the route I take and if I sell my license then I may invest in computer hardware instead.
  13. Its ok Dave, I wish you all the best, where ever you decide to go. 🙂 Make sure to visit us sometines! 😉
  14. Personally I think that it has more to do with Blender 2.8 than with anything else. I guess a lot of people already knew Blender or used it for some projects and when 2.8 came out just said f*** it. If you don't mind me asking, what are you planning on using in the future instead of C4D?
  15. Sadly I'm leaving after many years of C4D. The subscription option was the final nail in the coffin for me. I believe that very soon that will be the only option. Just as I did with Adobe, I refuse to be dictated to about my software buying options. This may well not be the case with MAXON but I'm not prepared to spend money and then find out. I'd rather invest my cash somewhere else. Personally I don't think there is any thing going on with the amount of people selling their licenses. I just think folk are at the same or similar crossroads as myself.
  16. Yes of course, you can find them here... https://www.3dmotiontour.com/
  17. Are there details about what will be happening in each city? Seems very sketchy.
  18. Can you provide a scene and an exact description of the effect you are looking for ?
  19. Just tried it again and it worked, maybe because the hair count was small in the beginning it didn't show.. Thanks! will see if theres someone who knows something about this
  20. The problem is when i linked it, it occupied the mesh shape of the original object which is the Sphere. I want it be on the cube but following the cube's shape..
  21. Dave, no idea, it could be the case that some of the beta testers did that but on the other hand, no one knew this was coming, not even beta testers, just internals, so this could be a pure coinsedence. My comment was due to seeing Icecaveman leaving and now you. You guys are here for a looong time, so seeing you leaving makes my hearth hurt.
  22. Yes, just copy the hair object you have set up in the Object Manager, and link it to a different mesh in the Guides Section. Do the same for any hair material by copying that in the Material manager., and dragging the new one over the copy of the original texture tag. Of course - when you animate things inside a metaball you are changing the underlying geometry and point count, which will cause the hair to have to adapt / recalculate every frame, thereby breaking any dynamic animation that may be going on... Not that I am aware of. For me that makes hair simply unsuitable for use with metaball objects... CBR
  23. Hi, i want to link/sync with xpresso the gradient texture v position animation, with a null animated position along the same spline. I have managed to get them to animate individually, but couldn't find a way to synchronise the speed and location along the spline. I think Jed probably have the answer? Thanks in advance for any help or direction. DV
  24. Or maybe it was just one of those coincidences that makes you think something is up, but in reality it was just your brain seeing a pattern
  25. Hey guys, Couple of questions on working with Adding Hair Object. Question 1 - I "Add(ed) hair" on a metaball and chose its properties and texturing details (Hair Count, etc). I want to add more Metaballs and add the exact same properties of Hair for all of them (hair length, count, etc), only change basic things like color, etc. Is there any way i can replicate the values automatically over the different "Hair" Objects by Copy Paste or i have to go over everyone individually and re-add the numbers corresponding? Question 2 - When I add the Hair to the Metaball this is what it looks like When i move one of the circles inside the Metaball the Hair gets messed up Is there any way I can move around the circles inside the Metaball without affecting the overall Hair Object added? Thanks!
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  27. You can. To make it look really good though I'd recommend xparticles. When I think of magical stuff I think of lots of particles. Little glowy bits going different directions and such. Xparticles can also do fire and smoke. It all depends on what you are trying to make exactly. The energy ball specifically could be made all in c4d with no plugins if you just want a glowy cool looking ball with swirls or something.
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