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  2. We removed content, that is why view count seems lower and channel is few months old. It would be hard indeed to record all the trainings again in newer versions...
  3. Hi all I just acquired v-ray or rather the trail to give a go with glass rendering particularly. Ive used it a bit in the past but always just gone back to the native for ease more than anything. The problem Im having here though is that I have a displacement that ive set correctly i.e behind the main texture and ive also got a selection tag to make sure it should only apply to the front but its not. Its showing through both sides of a glass that I have to displacing the front and back. I think there must be a way to deal with this as I cant believe it'll only work on solid objects. See attached file, its using the most up to date version (3.7) i think as only downloaded it today. Any help will be much appreciated. Lang vray_disp_test.zip
  4. Hello, ok So I am trying to add a MoCap animation from MIXAMO of a guy dancing to some live action footage. I have done the tracking and the animation materials all looks good to me. If you take a look at the pic you can see that the guy has a shadow, but I am not sure if he should have a shadow. I have an HDRI in the scene that I have made on the location that the guy is dancing at. It is placed in a dome light and it works good but it did not cast a shadow, only a small circular shadow under the guy. I added a Infinite light and placed it where the Sun was at the time of recording this video. made it cast the shawow as it does. But if you take a look at the picture where the girl is standing there is no shadow under her and she is also in the shadow, same location of the footage same time.... Obviously the scene needs some collour correction to make the guy blend better but I think I am making good progress, what do you think how can I improve this? Also I could not figure out how to make a Redshift light act JUST as a shadow caster...??? C4D standard lights have this option.
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  6. Hi, New to Cinema 4d.. (apologies I posetd this in the After Effects section of the Forum but I think it belongs here) Trying to create a 3d earth with pulsating dots of light on it (pulsating the scale of each dot) I initially did this all in Afx just using spherize (see attached gif), but I want to be able to zoom very close in to the horizon of the earth to reveal a new scene so trying it in C4D, then import C4D file into Element. Overall I want this to have a flat color 'vector' look. Steps so far: 1. Import map and Dots as separate illustrator files into C4D. 2. Extrude map and dots 3. Use wrap deformer to spherize map and dots 4. create second sphere and centre (to form the sea) Problems,: 1. Don't want he dots to be extruded, want them to sit flush with surface of the earth 2. Don't know how to make the dots as separate objects that can pulse? Thoughts: Should I try to place a null at every dot in C4d and use that position data to map my dots around the earth. (But then they are not in the same 3d space? Should I do the pulsing animation of the dots in c4d? How do I do that! Too many questions I know! Hopefully the attached images help to explain the shape of the problem. even if you can suggest any good resources to learn about how to do this, I have looked but its like needle/haystack.. Many thanks in adv...!
  7. Given the entire channel with all its videos only has about 50K views, it's not like you'd of earned more than a few dollars anyway. If there are videos that are offensive to YouTube, remove the offenders or move them to a separate channel. Either way it would take a significant effort to bring the content up to standards that will get enough views to make it all worthwhile.
  8. There is a way using sweep with few other c4d objects which improve drastically quality of default sweep, but can´t say it´s bulletproof (maybe 99 percent)
  9. Since R20 there was a lot of changes in SDK and plugin has "old" GUI, plugin itself is loaded by c4d thru Insydium bridge, but his interface is not "readable/visible"
  10. I have the old version - seems to work on R16 but not R20. Guess it must be COFFEE https://www.dropbox.com/s/cmdvl9g6wswmoiy/IvyGrower.zip?dl=1
  11. I'd say it's a safe option (rather than ideal or best practice) that will work in most circumstances, and will certainly give that material a reasonable appearance in renders, but it would be a shame not use other maps if you have them. Reflectance (or specularity) maps can make a great deal of difference to the look of some materials, although I wouldn't say it was a particularly vital part of this wood texture. Likewise, I'd say displacement was largely unnecessary on this material - so it varies from surface to surface - sometimes color and bump (or normal map) is fine, other times the other maps may be more essential.. CBR
  12. We'll have some news soon on this. We've heard your feedback and are working to address it. - Rick
  13. Okay, thanks. So using the color channel and the normal channel would be best practise in most cases?
  14. RE: I want to set up passes where a specified objects primary rays are ommited from a render, but it still provides secondary rays to what is being rendered. Not sure if I understand. My assumption is that the "primary rays" mean camera rays and "secondary rays" are GI, AO, Reflection etc. In that case, just add a "Compositing Tag" and untick "Seen by Camera". If you are using a third party rendering plug-in, that will require other steps.
  15. There is no Diffuse channel in a Standard Material - don't get that confused with Diffusion, which fulfils a different function in that context. Your Diffuse Map should indeed go in Color channel as you said... CBR
  16. Hi CBR, The strange thing is that CGaxis.com, where I got them, did not have any info for me on this. What confused me is that there is no color file, but I guess it's the diffuse is the one I have to use, since that is closest to the actual texture. But should I add that to the color option or to the diffuse setting? Thanks, Maarten
  17. Normally you can get your clues from the file naming conventions, or if you can remember the site you got it from, their FAQ should tell you everything you need to know about what the maps are. Also worth mentioning that you may not need to use all of them - often these things look fine with just color and normal maps loaded, which is helpful as they are the easiest to identify. CBR
  18. Hey guys, I come from Softimage background. I want to set up passes where a specified objects primary rays are ommited from a render, but it still provides secondary rays to what is being rendered. Is this possible? Any help would be invaluable. Thanks, Morgn.
  19. If using C4D standard or physical GI also has to be enabled if you really want it to emit light to light up the scene from the sign. If using Cycles, Redshift, or Octane it's different. In Cycles it would be put on the emit node and it would work.
  20. From bottom up I'd say color, diffuse?, bump or displacement, normal, reflection. Though just play around with putting them different areas and see what looks good to you. Sometimes you get a surprise that looks good even though it was not intended to be in that channel.
  21. THats awesome Jed, thanks for sharing!
  22. Hi, It's gone again, any as a copy to share please ? Thanks !
  23. Well, I certainly disagree with their decision and this also made me dislike platform as whole. Our content was not even close to being offensive at any level.I am working on resolving this and will provide training material in future independently of 3rd party platforms
  24. Your scene has an Xref which fails to load (since it is not provided). Simply turn off gravity in project settings (hit ctrl+D and set it to 0 on dynamics tab). In your dynamics tag for emitter make sure you have individual elements set to all
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