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  2. Please take care to post in the correct section, which is not 'The Lounge'... I've moved it to Miscellaneous Questions for you, which is where things go when you are not sure which category they belong in. Also, 'R&D' is not a helpful post title, which should contain keywords pertinent to the problem. Please read the thread on How to Post for more info. Lastly, you are referring to functionality (Cloner / Mograph / Dynamics) that your stated version (Prime) of the software doesn't have, which confuses the people trying to help you, so please make sure that the version listed in your profile is the version you are actually using ! CBR
  3. Don't know if its in later versions but there is a really good tutorial in the C4D R18 help files about character modelling, I was quite impressed with it having no character experience at all, heres a couple of grabs showing the start and finish of the hand they walk you through. Deck
  4. Still too high poly, if you're not going to rig this character , it would be ok to model it 'in pose' but you're not really going to learn the fundamentals this way, I'd watch the tutorials @Cerberasuggested, also download some of the models in my free models thread, this will give you an idea of low poly style character topology and construction https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/106363-free-character-models-n-stuff/
  5. Dear People, I am currently doing R+D for a Projection that will be used as part of an independent Opera piece. We need Logs that float on the surface of Water. The setup should be easy to control and allow us to play with different directions and movements for the flow of the Logs. Sometimes it will be almost static and sometimes we need the appearance of a River that carries the Logs quite quickly. i attached an Image that shows the desired complexity. Currently i am not sure which direction to take. X-particles, Mograph, Dynamics ?? .. so if someone can point me in a direction or share some ideas i would be very grateful. Looking forward to some feedback. ciao Marcel
  6. Today
  7. I would jump in at this point to remind you that character builds require edge loops in very specific places (principally the joints), and that the amount of radial segments in your tubes is way too high and your polys are rather uneven at the moment... Also not a good idea to start the arm with 2 capsule objects, and not with a 90 degree angle between elbow joint and fore-arm. I suggest you watch some videos on character design for animation so you at least know how these things should go together, and what is important... One of the best examples of these tutorials is right here on the cafe... This is a huge video series, as befits a task of this magnitude, so although the episode you need for the arm is probably this one... ...you should watch the entire series anyway so that you understand where the arm fits into the character model as a whole... CBR
  8. Thank you! im definitely a newbie but just starting to catch on with modelling :-) I was capable of creating the 2 cylinders as you've said like the below I have yet to join the 2 layers (using stitch and sew i suppose after Connecting them together), but their shapes look too rigid, shouldnt they have rounded edges to merge in together? i want to see what is the best position for the upper arm to work with the elbow so i will need to experiment and see what the best shape looks like, but right now without the rounded edges it doesn't help a lot..
  9. Of course. I'm not sure if I'm aloud to post work due to ND arrangements but all I can say is that it would be easy stuff to render with the standard/physical renderer in C4D. Its all basic shapes in terms of geometry, nothing really advanced. You could argue that the subdivision surface that a lot of shapes use is quite high being Sub edit 5 and Sub div 5. I tried dialling those down and I don't think it helped much. The vray lights look pretty default. Hope that helps? Thank you Best regards Jools render_settings_grabs.zip
  10. Hey how's it going ? Not sure of your experience level in modelling , but looking at the question and the way you're attempting to do it I'd guess not very, are you planning on using subdivision? If so a capsule isn't the ideal primative to start with, you can use it , but I'd just use a cylinder instead, also the segment count is way too high, I also wouldn't recommend having the two cylinders nested together to form the arm like that, this isn't how you would properly model an arm, personally I would lower the rotational segment count to 8, have a single cut in the middle of the upper arm and loop select the end of the cylinder were it attaches to the shoulder and scale it larger to create the taper, also join another cylinder at the elbow instead of having the 2 pushed together like that, if none of that makes any sense it might be worth looking at a few low poly character modelling tutorials on YouTube
  11. taper deformer should do that quite nicely for you. Deck
  12. Hey guys, Modelling a character's forearm: Using the Capsule how can i make the upper rounded corner bigger in size than the lower? Attaching 2 examples to understand what i mean. I converted the shape pressing "C" so i'm just asking which tool would make me be able to inflate one part of the arm to get bigger. Thanks! the right side is how i want it to look
  13. Is anyone out there who knows about a script wich merges materials by its name ? Like "delete duplicated materials" function, but it should compare the materials by name and merge them to one mat. Regards Mathias
  14. There will still be resellers and distributors, but their roles will change. As Kent pointed out, things have to change with a subscription based system. I'm not involved in this part of operations, but from what i know the sales part will become less prominent but the customer service part will increase. MAXON has a lot of very active distributors that are not just selling C4D but offering a lot of additonal services to users and MAXON. I would expect those services to define their role more prominent in the future. MAXON always had a strong tendency to work with local businesses all over the world to adjust to the local markets and more. It served us very well There is no reason to cut these ties now, especially not if we want to realy provide Cinema 4D for the whole world. Roles will change though.
  15. From what understand they will. It's just not called MSA. Its a yearly update for your perpetual licence that will be a combination of all the subscription features released during the year. They are offering both perpetual licences and subscriptions.
  16. Dumb question time. Why can't Cinema 4D have a perpetual licence with annual maintenance i.e. MSA then also a monthly / annual subscription plan for those that want to rent Cinema 4D / don't want the hefty outlay of buying a perpetual licence. Don't give me any BS that it can't be done. The Foundry offers both for Modo. Everyone is then happy.
  17. The tour details (linked further up) actually look pretty good. Attendees pay $95. They get to attend whatever happens at the show with Andrew Kramer, the GSG guys and Chris Schmidt, EJ Hassenfratz, Noseman and probably other local artists, and then meet and chat with them all. They also get access to related tutorials and follow up webinars, and a 30 day license for Adobe Creative Cloud, and a three month bundled license for Redshift and C4D R21, plus other bits and pieces. I wouldn't be surprised if they win a good number of people over. https://www.3dmotiontour.com
  18. for Houdini Indie I pay $269 for one year or $400 for two years.
  19. Conveyor Candy Transform with Logo from Airbusch1 [Beginner-Intermediate] [Requires Mograph] In this Cinema 4D tutorial we'll transform chunks of chocolate into disc-shaped candy pieces using Cloner Blend and Sort Mode. Then give our chocolate confections a bright candy coating using the Shader Effector, and the Multi-Shader to assign specific colors to each candy piece coming down the conveyor. And before the candy is finished, we'll imprint each candy morsel with a C4D logo! Lots of fun stuff in this tutorial and I think you will learn some interesting things about coloring clones and using the Cloner Blend Mode! So let's get started You can also view on my website airbusch1: https://airbusch1.com/2019/08/11/conveyor-candy-transform-with-logo/
  20. Yesterday
  21. I still haven't had a chance to try R21 yet, but if the auto weighting algorithm for character rigging is as improved as people are suggesting, then that's worth the price of admission for me on its own. Looking forward to playing with it in September.
  22. Press 'R' to exit Region Mode ? CBR
  23. I have somehow enabled a selection mode for the Keyframes / Dope Sheet and I cannot figure out how to turn it off and obtain the default marquee selection behavior. Could someone help a new guy out? So sorry for the dumb question. It seems specific to this file, too, as I created a new file and it doesn't exhibit this behavior in the dope-sheet. Here's a screenshot of the problem. When I marquee, instead of selecting things it draws a box in the dope sheet: Thank you in advance!!
  24. Makes sense to go down this route. We will see in a few weeks time I guess.
  25. This used to be the way how things were handled in most (if not all) European countries as well. From my understanding of the "3D for the whole world" this will stop with the release of R21. No local reseller, no local distributor. All via the one online shop or MyMaxon account. I understood this would also apply to New Zealand and other parts of the world.
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