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  2. Thanks Cerbera! I like the way you created but I'd like to try it to be more natural by using Cloth.
  3. Have you been able to make this using only C4D?
  4. Is it possible to do that with an older version of c4d? I don't have the volume mesher options.
  5. I have tried 'cloth' with a tear map. But, It worked like clothing, not like paper. Please see the attached the working file below. Box.c4d
  6. , just bought Rizom too. Wish this post came pre-Black Friday, lol.
  7. Adrien

    What is this... :O

    But yeah, he is clearly hinting at a new UV editor...
  8. In my company we use https://garagefarm.net/ They have 24/7 online help. They support Arnold, Corona, V-Ray and native renderers. Plugins: X-Particle, Turbulence FD, Real Flow, Greyscalegorilla. To start with, you get $ 25 and a limited number of nodes. Then the number of nodes depending on the selected priority. We are satisfied.
  9. Hiring for Helping on Project -- Retopologize 3D scan model & -- Mocap data edit I'm basing in London and it would be even better if we can meet and work in person. Please email me at yuting.chung@network.rca.ac.uk If you can do it in MAYA or Zbrush , it is also welcome to apply!
  10. Please upload the scene file. We need to see your entire setup to know what could be going wrong here and what to do about it... If it's too big to upload directly, put it up on Dropbox or similar, and link here instead... CBR
  11. I animated a 3dscan model character and apply motion capture data on it. However, the cloth didn't collide on the model. (I have add the collision and cloth tag on cloth and character.) For now, to deal with it, I baked the rigged model with mocap data together( it make the file size of bake model very huge.) However, Once the character starts to move in the space, the cloth doesn't stay on the character... I have try and see many tutorial but it dont have too much resource about it Please help me on this matter. Thank you!!
  12. I was hoping new update will fix that, but nope. Hotkeys are randomly stopping working in Timeline, like it's window isn't activated, so I press "spacebar" and the tool switches to previous one instead of animation playing. Going back to main window and to timeline back sometimes helps, but it's all random. Very disturbing bag I have to say, fix it ASAP please
  13. Yes, cloth can be a struggle, but it is the fastest way to get tears in stuff. If it was me, I'd brute force model it into a polygon, get some bend deformers with restriction tags going, and keyframe the whole lot ! Just one section setup to curl in the quick example below, but you get the idea hopefully. Much use of set point value in axial and crumple modes combined with posemorphs would enhance that effect I'd imagine, and would lead to quite a papery look, especially if you kept your phong tag angle low and defined some realistic phong breaks... CBR
  14. Dave is drunk posting again
  15. PSA: 21.115 (this update) requires an update to your MAXON License Server (if you're using that licensing method - if you're simply logging in and letting MAXON handle the license distribution, disregard the rest of this post). IF you're running a MAXON License Server locally, on a Linux machine, note that after updating the MLS from 21.001 to 21.100 your licenses will likely be unavailable. You'll need to create a help ticket w MAXON to have your licenses released, and then manually re-assign them to the license server via the Web GUI. At this time, it is best to wait on the update to 21.115, create a ticket requesting licenses to be released. Once licenses have been released, proceed with the MAXON License Server update, then update the C4D application. Again, this only pertains to users with a MAXON License Server running locally on a Linux machine. It seems that all others are unaffected.
  16. If you´re on MSA, use your ID´s. Now Cineversity use My.MAXON user accounts as login data.
  17. Well - you have given it a hell of a lot of lines and dots to generate, and unfortunately that is still a 1-core process AFAIK. Don't think there is anything you can really do about that. No - you can't ask mapping to be one thing AND something else. CBR
  18. But surely imminent new UV tools would have been announced at the R21 release? Especially since they know we have been waiting so long. Even if they had said 'coming soon'.
  19. I cant login in to Cineversity. Even made a new account, reset my password etc , just got this: Am I being dim? I wanted to use the CV Toolbox plugin which will install, but then hangs and does nothing when I try and verify my login.
  20. i *just* bought Rizom, dammit.
  21. Hey guys, would you possibly know why this image: takes more than 6 minutes to render? I attached the .c4d Is there any possibility to optimize the rendertime? cheers, kws Also: is there any way to have the material to be set to "camera projection" while having the world map still on "spherical mapping"? Thx! dotTest.c4d
  22. C4DS

    What is this... :O

    A new UV editor ("U haVe ...")? About time. Now I can finally stop adding features to Seamilar.
  23. How does this work? I installed the update. I unchecked the online checkbox (and before that the external browser checkbox) I downloaded the correct language help package from Maxons website and unzipped it into the help-folder within my MAXON Cinema4D R21 folder. Nothing. I checked the folderstructure inside the help folder and made sure it looks like help/de help/files help/icns help/redirect.html … I restarted Cinema. But as soon as I disconnect the network, my help-window stays blank when I use the contextual help on anything. I’m on a Mac. Environment variables are not a thing here. Any Ideas?
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