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  2. It has to be a simple tweak either in light settings or render- antialiasing, but I just can’t find it myself.
  3. And I need the sky's texture tag left on spherical projection please. It doesn’t show ripples in frontal but I’m not interested with that. Thank you.
  4. Can you post a scene file or example image? Not really sure what you are after. Sounds like you would need a cloner with Multishader...
  5. For some reason the png screenshot is worse. It shows a rainbow of those ripples. Here it is.
  6. @Fastbee Very nice. Thank you for taking the time to make this example. After playing with this over the past 12 hours I'm now going away from dynamics totally. I'm now simply trying to create rig where I can adjust each diode and the rubber cables move along with them. It's a bit mind blowing but I think I have a solution of attaching nulls to one side of each cable and then constraining them to the diode object. I also thought of using Cactus Dan's tools for this and I posted a question on the Discord board for Insydium since they are hosting the plugins. Sadly, they are not working in R20. I may have a go in R19 just to see how much easier his tools are compared to what I'm trying to do with IK in R20. Since I'm not using dynamics at this point...any other advice is welcome:) --Thank You!!! Rick
  7. Come on Tesa - is a TIF viewable in a web browser, and is nearly 3 MB an efficient use of space to show us a picture ? Jepg, jpeg, jpeg :) CBR
  8. Here is what I came up with. Everything is controled with the joint at the top since that is what you wanted. It's using joints with IK dynamics. There are spline dynamics between the joints which can be used to control the spline that can become the wire. To have the points of the spline constrained you do need some geometry so in the example I put two planes. Adjust the dynamics setting to get it to move exactly the way you like. Instead of joint ik you could also try spring constraint. Cactus dan's spring constraint is pretty great if you wanted to download his tools for free and use those instead. egg rig.zip
  9. Today
  10. Here is the picture. I’m talking about the blue ripples. Ripples.tif
  11. I'm not sure how to achive that. I used a shader for that in a different software, that generated a gradient based on all connected surfaces in mesh. Ideal to shade variation of leaves (leaves more then one polygon) in a tree. So I guess in C4D that needs something like vertex colors, or? Well then how to get that done.
  12. I think side view looks weird too. Mass of arm increases in a very unnatural way and too much in comparison to the lower arm for me... Also from the side, neck is too thin, and too thick from the front. But the greater problem about this, to my eye at least, is the legs, which look like they might collapse under the weight of the rest of him - it's almost like they are from a different character... I guess he has to be muscle-bound everywhere to look right... But I do like the hard accents, particularly on the chest bit... reminds me of an Oscar award... CBR
  13. Why are you using a PBR light with standard Render ? Those lights are for ProRender only. However, you have no PBR lights in your scene - just a standard Area light, and I can't see any of the rippling you are talking about... pls screenshot that for us... CBR
  14. Hi, I’m trying to get rid of the ripples reflected on the floor by the PBR light. Usually they show up in render. Any ideas? File attached. Thank you. Light Reflection Issue.c4d
  15. Gotcha. Thanks for the response specially number 1.
  16. 1. yes, but front view looks weird. side view is fine. i think it's because the shoulders are to beefy compared to the chest. i'd make the chest a bit more beefy and the shoulders a bit less. also the thigh shape is a bit off... 2. the accents kinda work, but i think you should push it even further, exaggerate, make it more obvious..
  17. Hi, I'm trying to create a character with a muscular built. Thank you for your feedback.
  18. Hi @Rembert, so here are some thoughts on your idea: It's not going to work for a few reasons: C4D is referencing a set texture with as a set of fixed properties (file location/resolution/format etc). To be able to update it means that the texture is changing inside a different software, therefore it's not yet set for referencing. A workaround would be to export several different versions of your HDR scene with the light sources placed differently in C4D Sky texture as layers in luminance. Then by adjusting the sliders you can hide or unhide or move lights in an interactive fashion. Another one would be to load up a video as texture and have it play, but obviously that's not interactive. PS. Whenever someone tells a person "It's not going to work", then chances that person is on to something...
  19. This can be caused by a number of factors, but the UVs are quite high on the list of suspects. Please can we see your UVs for the model ? CBR
  20. Yeah, it's not in the tool. Look for the Symmetry item in the hair commands menu... CBR
  21. Practically speaking, no. The sort of polygon density you would require to get this level of creasing would bring the cloth system to its knees in the first few frames of simulation. Also hyper-thin plastic like this just doesn't move or crease anything like cloth does... CBR
  22. Hi Unstable, in your file I found no UV set created. -Make your cuts and save them as selection, go to your UV layout -click the magic wand button and choose a resolution (say 2048), -then pick a top view in your viewport -go the UV commands on your lower right and choose frontal projection -then Relax UVs with the edges selection tag in the box choose ABF and press apply -then Realign -No back to your Material tab, choose UVW mode and increase the UV tile number (The file included is just a guide on your project, by no means this is optimal UVing) RingUVs.rar
  23. Hi, you need to go to the material editor tab, and change the "default" to 1024 or higher and you should be able to see the texture clearly.
  24. @jed haha...I wish I'd tell you I put it there just to pull your leg!!! (but no, that C4D's auto routine and spoiled it for us)
  25. Try this and it may get you close enough. If it's a static scene these days I'd just model and sculpt it manually for better control over the detail. Best VH Bag_Dynamics.c4d
  26. @Vertex Helix Ahhh - set driver. Was going to pull your leg about the unnecessary range mapper in your scene with 1:1 correspondence
  27. Hi, I'm trying to learn how to UV map properly beyond just a simple cube. I saw someone post a link to a series of videos that really helped me understand (I thought). But when I started, I found I couldn't do the simplest thing. I'm looking at this tutorial video and at time mark 1:50 thru 2:12 he's sizing the projection cylinder and the numbers are changing size. No UV map created yet. I believe he's using a 4k material. Note how crisp his numbers look on the object and how tightly they are to each other. I can move and size the numbers by manipulating the projection object, but I've tried a 512, 1024 and 4k texture and still can't get my numbers as sharp or as close together as shown in the video even when I scale the projection object. Can someone please let me know what I'm doing wrong? I've attached my practice scene with materials. Thanks uv_practice_ring_02.c4d
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