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    •   Yes I guess Mocap is the way to go but what if you can't have access to a Mocap studio? What if you want your animation to sit right in between stylized and Mocap? Also you are approaching my question with the industry in mind where I just want to work on this on an artistic/experimental level. I guess I'm miss-using the term realistic here, what I want is an animation with realistic qualities.   @Visionnext got it right, I need to dive more into xpresso, complex rigging and scripting. I've done a lot of small rigs but reach a point where it became hard to make them better on my own. Also some stuff I've never been able to figure out, like how to limit the feet of your character to a surface or animation blending.     
    • Report bugs using this MAXON Support form https://www.MAXON.net/en/support/how-can-we-help/ If you can, also send them the screenshot and/or file you posted here to show how it used to work in R16.   You can always get this link in Cinema 4D by going to Help>MAXON Support...
    • where can i report it ? theres no bugreport page on MAXON website
    • Hi there   I think we need to fill the gaps of information.  You say "it needed some corrections, so i corrected it"  If you corrected it which would normaly mean bending a limb then making corrections then you would not be having this issue, so Im taking it the corrections you made have nothing to do with weight painting corrections?  Bad deformation such as your bending is down to weighting by selecting the appropriate joint and adding more influence to the corresponding points that belong to that bone.   You need to set a key frame at 0 for static pose and then at say 10 with the limb bent. Double click on the weight tag for the mesh such as the leg and use the paint tool to either absolute add, subtract, or smooth the weighting to get a better bend while using the time line to move the limb.  Shift clicking on the weight tag will open the weight manager in which lets you have even more control, this is where I do most of my weighting as you can select points and apply influence to the selected bone.  Make sure you have deformed editing turned on Alt + V so you can view deformations when in any component mode such as points, faces, edges.   If you have Cinvercity you can learn all about weighting.  You can find videos on youtube and Vimeo too.   Dan
    • The challenges sound like a great idea, maybe we could get @Igor involved and come up with something.  I know a lot of people here don't have printers, but they could still design something and the prize could be a printed version of their model?   Filament does seem to go a lot further then you think.  I printed out a chest from a Zelda game for my lads birthday recently.  I went a bought a 1kg roll of filament as I didn't think there was enough left on a 500g roll I had.  Turns out I could have printed a couple of chests out of the old roll!!   Depending on what slicer you use, some give you an estimated amount and cost of filament each print take.  Really useful when you're printing things you intend to sell.
    • Can you explain what you mean by change the values? Do you mean move points of the spline or do you mean you can't move the whole spline? If it's the points, are you in Points mode?    
    • Hello Everyone! :( I have a big problem that is stopping me from my work..... recently, I have started combining my ideas to make a big animation.I found a rig online. I downloaded it (The rig is a minecraft rig, i am developing a minecraft animation) ..... it needed some corrections, so i corrected it.... lets get to the point.The bends are destroyed.... both the hand and the legs bends are destroyed......... here is a picture of it: CAN U PLEASE HELP ME!  
    • Wow that is really some crazy fluctuation on price. Are they trying to catch people out?   @DanLSKI hate it when orders get split up and it doesnt always arrive together hope you get sorted.   I would love to see this sub forum get more active so when you all get up and running let us know how you get on.   Maybe we can have design and print challenges (although I am pretty sure I would lose against the CR-10)   @TheJimReaper is it my imagination or does filament go a long way? I am surprised how much I am printing out of a 500g spool.
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