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    Hey guys, Mat from beta team wanted to share great and very useful plugin for everyone. So feel free to check his website and download 'Selection to Object Split' plugin for free!! Once you download it, simply extract the folder to 'Plugin' section of Cinema 4D. :)
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    Hi Cafe folks :) I have noticed that quite a few questions which require more complex solutions and deeper knowledge are sometimes unanswered on Cafe. Also, I receive daily requests for help via pm for complex problems where I unfortunately mostly can't help due to lack of time. This also shows that real high quality stuff is not really shown anywhere, apart from bits and pieces scattered all over. Most tutorials that are available are revolving around localized, specific effect or with issues of medium complexity. Given this I am pondering with the idea of creating a "master TD" section where I would show some really advanced rigging, setups, TD stuff. For example, are you interested to know how to create interactive rubik cube? polymer rig? custom python effector? L system rigs? pond drops? slinky? gravitational waves? or any effect that pops to your mind? Let me know then and we can think about how to set this up if there is interest. Since this would require a lot of work we are thinking about creating a small section in forum which would be accessible for small fee to members. Recording this tutorials would take a lot of time so some compensation is expected. The final result would be video training per project, scene files with documentation and comments throughout the scene (Annotations, Xpresso comments, code comments) to help user dissect and understand the logic and principles used. If you have questions simply fire away! Cheers
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    Hey guys, working on a commercial project at the moment creating a variety of cool models and assets and thought i'd share a few shots of a vehicle i've been working on, i figure it's a generic model of an existing vehicle as opposed to the other stuff designed just for the project so i should be okay to share these, after delivery of the model i was free to add the extra bits of detailing that weren't needed for the project version. C&C are welcome :D click full size for 3k renders.
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    NAB HALF PRICE SALE TIME – All INSYDIUM products included, just apply coupon code NABCF at the checkout. New X-Particles License Now £225* New Cycles 4D License Now £92.50* Bundle Deal X-Particles & Cycles 4D Now £300* Upgrade from 2.5 to 3.5 Now £75* (You’ll receive an unlocked License) Buy now at offer expires (UK) Thursday 27th April 2017 at Midnight, remember to apply coupon code NABCF at the checkout. Please spread the word, and share this post with like minded friends & colleagues *not to be used in conjunction with any other offer, prices are shown in GBP ex VAT - valid from the 20th – 27th April 2017.
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    C4D sketch & toon + a neat little program called StudioArtist 5 makes a great couple. it's basically a sketch and paint effects preset library with the option to adjust parameters of the filters. apparently it can do a lot more, but it has a horrible UI and at least to me it's logic is rather unintuitive. but you can get a variety of good looking sketch and also really sophisticated paint effects out of it.
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    I reckon someone just didn't notice it was 2 years old, and replied as if it were current, and that started everyone off again :) We could probably just close it, but in the meantime, here's some positivity; I still really really like C4D, and remain, for the most part, very happy with it.
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    All tutorials from Daniel Danielsson on Youtube are excellent, useful to even the most advanced of us, and amongst the most well-made of any I have ever seen, but this one is particularly clever and rewarding, so thought I'd share it here for those of you who haven't seen it yet. We're using Xpresso as a shader network to mask some puddles onto asphalt, and not letting the kittens get wet, so it's all good. Enjoy. CBR
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    Daz character (Olympia 7) some zbrush, rendered in vRay, some minor postwork
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    This might amuse someone. I've been chatting to member Tans who wanted to make a dynamic car drift. Must be hard IRL because I found it impossible in Cinema. However, I came up with one idea - to ditch the motors and drag the dynamic car with a spring on a spline. Then you just got to keyframe the rear wheel friction on the corners. The front wheels point at an object a bit ahead on the spline, so it looks like it's steering. I had trouble posting this earlier, so apologies if it appears twice
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    Cool, so there is interest :) We will start with this in few weeks, I have to choose some good topics and construct few scenes.
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    Hi guys just wanted to share something I worked on for Farm Simulator game mod these few past days. I also wanted to say how new Knife tool is really a game changer for Cinema, with little bit more polishing, it will be for sure best modeling tool up to date, at least for me.
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    There is a rumour that a new MAXON labs project is just about to go out.
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    I'm happy for the thread to be locked. BTW it aint all plain sailing for Modo either. There's some unhappy users over in the Modo forums. Doesn't matter what 3D app you use, most users are very passionate about their 3D software.
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    Personally, I think C4D is absolutely magical.
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    @vandale here's the math image updated - typo
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    I am working on a new gothic animation, not Lovecraft this time. I thought I should give him a rest. So I am working on Staley Fleming's Hallucination by Ambrose Bierce. It's taking aw while. I am taking a break from learning Blender to do this little project in C4D. Starting with some props. The bed and table are all me but the chair is part me but mostly an office chair model I had modified. The character will be hard as usual, but i think I have a workflow to get them done that is improving each film. This will mostly take place in one room ( a bedroom) so I am putting extra attention into the props.
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    Aston Martin DB5 / A 3D replication of the infamous Bond car, and my first attempt and modelling a full car using polygon modelling. Modelled in Maya, rendered in Cinema 4D using the Physical render engine. Enjoy! Full Project Here:
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    Quiet week in between commercial projects so found some time to do some personal explorations with colors and shapes TYPE - Explorations 2 (click for highres)
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    this is really incredible and well worth the time to watch. how the professor set this up is inspiring.
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    Just checking you've all seen this, on MAXON's site, about the new short film by Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. It's some properly lovely character work, great C4D use, and is SO shiny :) And comes with a load of cool little breakdowns, and making-of's even though we can't see the whole finished film as far as I can see... So, enjoy that :) CBR
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    3 Part Introductory tutorial on using Release 13's Walk Cycle CMotion system. Tutorials by Cafe admin Horganovski. Video 3A - 'CMotion 101' - the basics of using the new procedural animation generator in R13. Watch this first! Video 3B - CMotion part 2 - demonstrating how to make a spider walk along a path and over an uneven surface. Video 3C - CMotion part 3 - the pros and cons of using CMotion for realistic human and animal walkcycles and some tips for using it alongside regular keyframe animation.
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    Another update... The way to go for now seems to be a Daz script to export additional data to the FBX and write a C4D script to import these data. At the moment I'm learning how to export the data from Daz Studio.
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    Here it is :) Move the object on Z and it will automatically roll. I don't have the time to polish this one so be aware that: - If you want to use another object you must replace the current cube with that object in Xpresso nodes - Object must be polygon object in order to work - Front end is missing (user friendly rig interface) - This is a simple prototype This could all be compressed into single python node, cleaned up, but it would take me some time, hope you find it usable as is. Cheers roll_it_0003.c4d
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    Wait till you see what's in C4D R19 then come back to us and talk about lacklustre. As mentioned Modo 11 is being rolled out over several releases. Those of you expecting R19 to be a big release with new UV tools, faster object handling etc are going to be mighty disappointed.
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    Loving the Red Shift Render, Just email'd the devs for an alpha copy (if possible) to help with testing and from what I can see I'll defo be getting a licence. I got Cycles 4D on impulse and a little underwhelmed if im honest, might be typing a refund email. But Redshift looks epic!
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    Thanks Cerbera and VECTOR - means a great deal. :)
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    You are not allowed to use the student edition for commercial work. You need to buy the software in order to make money from it. And to be honest, if you can't even do basic texturing like this you are not qualified to take on a paid job, and it would be unfair to do so and then expect us to tell you how to do it for free. CBR
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    Funny thing is, I was right in the middle of implementing something similar to extend my Seamilar plugin. Now of course that plugin is focused on UV editing, still the knowledge I gained from implemented that feature made me think I could provide a similar feature for simple edge selecting. I saw this post right after it was created, and was thinking of replying to it. But since working on Seamilar does consume all my time, I didn't want to make fake promises. Well, one day later, I couldn't resist and starting working on this python plugin. Took me 2 hours 10 minutes to get it together. Much longer than I wanted to, but aging mind ... you know. Anyway, here's a video demonstration of the plugin, called RingLoop It does not have a fancy name, nor does it have a very elaborate UI. Simply two buttons: "Ring" to create a ring selection from currently selected edges. "Loop" to create a loop selection from currently selected edges. It's up to the user to decide what combination is needed. (python plugin R16+)
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    Hello everyone, here I wanna share my latest work. Done in Cinema 4D, rendered in Keyshot. Was done as a part of a tutorial. (Btw username is wrong, working on it :)) All feedback is welcome :)
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    Hardly, my friend :) Look at all those unnecessary triangles and the way too dense mesh. Clean would be modelling it properly using SDS poly modelling, 100% quads, and no edge loops you don't need.. CBR
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    It´s a good start for a first project I would say. Would be more helpful to see topology to say anything more. But form what I can see here, as a critique I could tell you that shapes are still a bit plain, and could use bit more detailing. All in all not bad start, keep going!
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    Well, you make the center 9, and the other 4, so you have 1 piece, than you can clone that piece to form floor. For the random, you want to use a Shader effector, with a Noise, set to WORLD space, this way EVERY piece will be modified different. I attached a scene showing this, it is R18 (yeh testing it) so I hope you can open it. Also, I am was working on something using the formula effector, so I can randomly rotate pieces 90 degrees. I think that can look nice on for the grain in the wood texture. (look at it in line mode). FLOOR2.c4d
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    Hi all, been pretty busy lately with everything but 3D but between stuff I found time to pick up an old (actually my first) sculpt I did of a Mass Effect character, one from the Salarian race. (This was that first sculpt lol Since A new Mass Effect game came out weeks ago I decided to see what I could do with that old Sculptris sculpture and release my skills on it that I required since that first sculpt. So I took it into cinema 4D and did a retopo which you can see here. The head is done as well but I'll show that once it's finished. Today I started with the body armour which is pretty hard for me. It's only going to be the upper body so not a lot to do except adding details in Zbrush and take it into Substance Painter for texturing!
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    Hey Jim, welcome, Somewhat un-intuitively, I wouldn't use GetChildren() anywhere, but instead this handy function commonly passed around (here called GetNextObject()) that iterates over every object in the scene. So what you'd like to do might be: import c4d from c4d import gui #Welcome to the world of Python def GetNextObject(op): if op==None: return None if op.GetDown(): return op.GetDown() while not op.GetNext() and op.GetUp(): op = op.GetUp() return op.GetNext() def main(): obj = doc.GetFirstObject() while obj: if obj.GetType() == 5100 and obj.GetUp(): obj.SetName(obj.GetUp().GetName()) obj = GetNextObject(obj) c4d.EventAdd() if __name__=='__main__': main() See if that does it :)
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    Interesting new tool in the lab by the way
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    More marbls... animated: still:
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    What's funny about this conversation is that I had this same one back when I was starting out as a graphic designer (many....many years ago). One thing to remember is perseverance-never lose site of your goal. Don't fret over the hacks who seem to be getting jobs for sub-par work. Life gives some people the luck of the draw while punishing those who diligently hone their craft. As @HSrdelic, @Cerbera and @VECTOR have said (either outright or implied) is that patience, lessons and standards are essential. Know what you want to do and don't let anyone else deter you from your goal. There are too many opportunities out there to get stuck with the one right in front of you. Rembrandt painted haystacks till his hands bled. Michelangelo wasn't the original artist in creating the statue of David. Jeff Bezos lost BILLIONS of dollars in failed products and services (just heard that one on the radio). .....and I am saying this because you have time on your side. This is my second time going around.
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    Hey people! I came across this video, and thought id post it here as I think it helps put things into perspective how much we achieve when us solo artist, freelancers work on a project. Its is a big deal to model something that has colour, surface, lighting, and animation all done by one person, and this video shows just how much effort and time a whole team puts into a Animated movie. Dan
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    Doable with MoGraph, Cmotion and Xpresso. Here is an Xpresso version so that you can have most control and no keyframes :) Cheer Animation_Setup_0002.c4d
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    I dunno about fast - have just woken up, so relatively bleary-eyed at the moment ! You might need a plugin rather than a tutorial if you are not in R18, don't have access to Voronoi Fracture, but still want to do that type of shatter. Nitroblast by Nitro4D will just do it quickly and easily and isn't too expensive. Failing that, there a some free versions of similar things floating around the web, and older lesser versions that N4D gives away free. Or, you could look at your existing tools, like explosion FX, which can also shatter the object, but only into its component polys (or groups of them), hence why it's not ideal. Subdividing your model may or may not work because of the normal tag your model came with. They are very difficult to work with when you start adding geometry by subdividing, for example, and may even break your mesh if you change the poly order by adding new points. So, all things to be aware of... CBR
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    Ctrl+D , dynamics , expert , scale (set it to smaller value ) does this work ?
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    NO NO NO!!!.....Im so sorry. I edited my post. It's supposed to say "your post made me laugh out loud!" I changed it right after I posted it but it must not have come through before you saw it. Not mad at all I thought it was funny.
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    S - Solo V - Visibility R - Render M - Show in managers L - Lock Layer A - Animation G - Generators D - Deformers E - Expressions X - Xrefs
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    They may be lost on the cafe, but you need the people who downloaded it originally ! Like me. And I still have this one :) Here you go... Water Caustics.c4d CBR
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    @deadpixelx nice! @SIgor looking forward to seeing what you cook up! Here's another recent one.
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    Great model and nice GI, but bloom is way too porny. Unless this is the set for Emanuelle 7?
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    I am aware you already submitted this to MAXON but can you please try the following? Make a safe copy of your R18 installation then delete Mesa folder from this location: /resource/libs/win64 Does it start?
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    You can also use all info from Project setings etc...