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    Hi, I've stopped designing since 2009 and now i come back after 8 years of being away and I am really blown away by the changes/progress! I feel too lazy to do anything even though i purchased a new machine / AMD tr 1950x / 32Gb ram .... so i don't understand how to motivate myself :( well, maybe i must share some of my work even if it incomplete , I will update the topic if I make any progress or any test . sorry for my english Here some of my tests i did on last week, i spend most of my time trying to recover my skills Zbrush & C4D / physical render C4D - vray short animation with no story C4d - physical render
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    Finally managed to complete my little movie! Rendered with Octane. Took a while on my single graphics card. ;) But was totally worth waiting for.
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    I remember back in the day each challenge would be fun and challenge me to go beyond and work harder than I ever would have. To try to spread that joy and learning I'm putting together some challenges here on the C4D Cafe for everyone. The first challenge is to make a single chess piece. The rules have been relaxed from the old days to let people have more of the freedom of an actual work environment. The rules are C4D must be used primarily. Any render engine, plugins, sculpting program, or paint program of your choice can be used. Houdini may also be used for anything. All models must be made from scratch. Any textures can be used. Some textures resources for reference are the C4D Content Browser, taking your own picture, Filter Forge, Genetica, textures.com, Allegorithmic, and Megascans. Everything should be gathered into C4D for the final render. Photoshop should be used lightly if at all for any post work on the final render. If it looks like too much Photoshop was done in post on the final render points will be deducted. A scene file may be asked for at the end if something is questioned. If a file is asked for it will be checked by hitting render on the C4D file to see how close the render looks to your final image. People can enter multiple times, but each entry should have at least 2 works in progress (wips) before the final image or images, so it can potentially help people learn how to make things and so know it was indeed made from scratch for this challenge. For this challenge, there will be a scored on a scale of 1 to 100 on each of the following areas. Lighting, Model, Materials, and Fun Factor The person with the highest score will be the winner. If you would like to help judge the entries send me a PM. Judges will not be able to compete in the contest. Wips can go on this thread. Post your final images here. Final entries must be submitted before December 15th at 23:00 on the GMT -8 time zone. First, second, and third place will get a badge here on the C4D Cafe so as free video tutorial by it's own choice! Cheers everyone John
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    Having CEO posting on Cafe is very reassuring and shows that MAXON is indeed changing for better. To reiterate, whatever is done, please don't kill perpetual license!
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    Hey. My good friend Rectro has been helping me with some mocap. As he said I have been using CV-AR - here’s my results so far https://youtu.be/Kxb66xr-Bxg Im about to do some beta testing with them and hope to see some new features like increased fps, better export options, mocap smoothing and more control over animation track Have also just discovered a paid app called FaceCap which is also very promising - though haven’t had time to play with it yet. https://vimeo.com/268775501
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    Here's what I'm working on in Blender at the moment. Have to say I'm warming to Blender but it's modelling tools are still away behind C4D and Modo. However it handles a lot of stacked modifiers (deformers) much better than either C4D or Modo. The model makes heavy use of the shrinkwrap modifier where you have a hidden high res mesh. Then on top of it you have your mesh that you cut holes out of. By shrinkwrapping the lower res sub-d mesh on to the high res mesh you maintain correct curvature, something you often lose when Sub-d modelling.
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    One of my favorite models..I might visit her again some day
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    I disagree. You cannot compare Houdini pricing and licensing to C4D because Houdini (perpetual) is more expensive and node locked. You can not just install the software on a new machine when you need to, you will need to change the activation and as far as I know that's pretty restricted with SideFX Houdini. You cannot just open your projects again years later without paying again and maybe by then the older versions are not even available anymore. You cannot use your scenes created in Indie in the full versions. Next example MODO, a software that is available with perpetual perpetual license (I wonder for how much longer) but requires online activation that seems to cause problems for legit users (because the Foundry online activation system failed repeatedly) to an extend that users loose customers because they cannot deliver is worthless to me. Then AD, people complain that C4D is expensive the AD subscription fees are just crazy expensive for the fact that its only rental and will never be owned. Now Vray is subscription only, requiring the workstation to be online all the time (even to display material previews), what a BS. At least we C4D Vray users can keep and use the old version. I love the MAXON Cinema 4D and NewTek LightWave licensing models. I'm a hobbyist, not making money with 3D, just using it for fun and personal interest. I purchased C4D Broadcast + MSA and later upgraded to Studio + tons of plugins, and I'm so happy with it. There are way more expensive hobbies. Take photography for example, a good lens or SLR body costs as much or more then C4D Studio. Or you can buy a race bicycle for 10k. Or expensive musical instruments. Or oldtimer cars. There is no way I'm going to rent software / use subscription services for my main software. The day C4D comes as subscription only, node locked or requiring online activation of any kind, I'll stop upgrading. I will most likely rent Houdini Indie for 2 years out of interest but I will not make it my main software. I find it unfair of pirating commercial software towards the paying customers and the developers when all these free options are available. More shameful even are people who use a pirated software for commercial purpose and making money of it and I know there are many of them. Who doesn't have money he can always use Blender nowadays.
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    That looks like a fun challenge. Does the chess piece have to be a traditional one or can it be something of high detail such as this? Can it be sculpted or does it have to be totally modelled? Dan
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    Insydium release his own solution for using/loading plugins (R12-R19) and using them in R20. ...and it´s free (registration needed) https://insydium.ltd/products/bridge/ Thank you very much Insydium Team, amazing job
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    My first project with R20 and Octane 4, I felt like designing some jewellery:
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    So I am an educator and freelancer. Here are my thoughts. From what I have seen more students are striking out on their own as opposed to getting hired by studios and companies. Contract work is becoming more common and having to purchase something as expensive as C4d Studio can be difficult. While I know Cinema 4d and Adobe products are quite different, I wish Cinema 4d's price was more in line with Creative Cloud pricing and if you really compared what you get, I would argue it is quite comparable. Even something closer to what Houdini does would be an improvement. I also like what Octane was doing (before V4). I think perpetual licenses are important, but offering a subscription is also beneficial. I think there should be an advantage (either monetarily or feature-wise) for perpetual licenses, but nothing that is too drastic.
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    Dave if you are reading this, please keep the perpetual license model alive. C4d owes its popularity to the indie scene. I don’t mind paying my MSA every year as long as I can keep a copy of c4D.
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    While I support the request for more affordable educational software licenses, I find nothing in your argument that justifies pirating software. A starving person stealing a loaf of bread to survive is one thing, but C4D is a luxury. Having it fulfills no basic minimum human need. By itself, C4D does not provide warmth, shelter or food. It is a want, and not a need. No one is "entitled" to it...plain and simple. If they are stealing it, it is through greed and nothing more. And don't give me the argument that they could use it to make money. To be able to earn some income from it requires weeks if not years of training, dedication, practice and skill. You don't just steal it on Monday, open a business with it on Tuesday and start eating again on Wednesday. Sorry, they are not stealing it to put food on the table. They just want it and as such I cannot justify any reason that makes its theft acceptable. Now, I firmly believe that in all options for providing hobbyist or educational licenses, MAXON needs to generate some income. I posted previously that hobbyist licenses should be resolution limited and there was push back. Honestly, as a hobbyist, the most you should hope for is being able to render something that looks good on your PC's screen. You do not need print or HD resolutions if you are a hobbyist. If you want higher resolution, buy the full license. Asking MAXON to offer the full package at a reduced price without reduced features is not a long term path to financial success for MAXON. ...and believe it or not....I want MAXON to be financially successful. I want them to have enough cash to be here for the long term and hire top notch developers to continually grow the program. Yes...I am a hobbyist and about 6 to 10 years from retirement. C4D is going to be a big part of my retirement years so MAXON better be around for at least 40 more years until I am either too blind to see the monitor or too arthritic to hold the mouse! if not, I am coming for you Dave....I am coming for you!!!! Dave
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    I don't accept that. There are plenty of us hobbyists paying for our 3D software as we can afford it. What I spend on my 3D hobby is peanuts compared to my cycling hobby. Studio is way over priced in my opinion. It wouldn't be so bad if you didn't have to supplement it with X-Particles and some other UV editing and 3D painting software. At the end of the day people should vote with their wallets and use / pay for whatever suits them. For me this is currently Modo but I'm tinkering with Blender as some things it does really well and of course it's free. It's certainly well worth keeping an eye on over the next few years. Nigel / 3DKiwi
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    Well you’ve asked for it and I could hardly say no. ;) Here’s my new video tutorial about lighting with Octane. Compatible with R20 and Octane 4 even though it was made with R19 and Octane 3. As promised, reasonably priced at 29 dollars (plus VAT depending on where you live). You’ll get a one hour long narrated (by me of course!) video showing you how to render this light bulb in various different lighting situations. The techniques and the resulting environments can easily be used for your own projects. Here’s the link to the product page for more information and download: https://gum.co/lightingmagic
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    HSRdelic and southpaw, I want to thank you two for your ideas on my project. I had avoided rigging (since version 6) like the plague but after going over the basics of it I see that I will use it a lot with organic modeling. I did 2 files from scratch just to practice my newfound skills: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dR11dXIDAluFgas9xehVUYpOU_jIhC58/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sYwAr2fGtH5T37IVMTSrBQX_MI2fZ1tk/view?usp=sharing
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    Felt inspired to make a little interior yesterday, took about 4 hours in total. Rendered in just under 10 minutes in Octane.
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    you can slide invisible collision objects across while its falling that will give it the impression of local air compression.
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    Me too, with the pentagram it has a creepily authentic look for a bottle of Absinthe.
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    Hi, an rnd for an upcoming project with octane renderer :) U can check some similar stuff here : https://www.behance.net/gallery/72236515/Le-chocolat Thanks!
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    Here is a perfect example of why I go nuts over C4D. I am modeling a nuclear pore complex and needed to show how the nuclear pore screens large molecules and lets the correct ones into or out of the nucleus and does so by one by one handing off the molecule to the filaments which are in the central part of the nuclear pore. I am just beginning the file so no finessing has occurred; be not too harsh. Check out how Xpresso lets me do exactly what I wanted. It even releases at the end. Both Hair and Xpresso are SO powerful! Here is the file: Nuclear Pore Complex 3.c4d.zip (updated but still early iteration file attached)
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    Everything's connected to everything in this file. It's not very elegant, but works with random effector. You might be able to modify it to suit your needs. joincubes.c4d
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    For a physical prize something like a post card from people at the cafe of a picture of them in whatever country they are in. Have some nice words on there. This would have been a wow look another country, and the people at the cafe are real, kind of thing when I first joined the cafe. If it's a Chess challenge and someone has a 3D printer over there the winning chess piece could be 3D printed out and sent to the winner. Actually a 3D print of some part of the scene could be a nice prize for most challenges. Even if it's a animation challenge a 3D print of the character that was animated could be a good prize. If it was a C4Dcafe tshirt challenge the winner could have their tshirt sent to them. The winners shirt could also be bought on the cafe store. There probably is a print on demand service for shirts in most countries so the physical shirt would be printed by the company and sent directly to the winner. This could cut down on costs a bit.
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    As mentioned I'm no longer the owner of C4D cafe. I moved to the dark side (Modo) a couple of years ago. Yeah I miss the challenges as well. My suggestion with restarting the challenges is to start off simple, nothing too complex. Something like an abstract Chess piece would be ideal to start with. I recall we did a chess set challenge and had some superb entries.