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Wanna know the difference between Redshift, Cycles 4D, Octane and ProRenderer then click HERE!  Nerv, one of ours Cafe Contributors made this very useful topic, so feel free to visit and comment. :compEnjoy:

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    Linked above, but make sure to check out our full New in Cinema 4D Release 19 playlist on Cineversity.
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    Started a fat character a while back, never finished it as it wasn't going in the direction i wanted so i shelved it. today i decided to scrap all of it apart from the head and start over, starting with modifying the head. The model is Combination of poly by poly modelling and sculpting tools. pretty pleased so far C&C welcome.
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    A while ago the Polystein Kit for MODO (see https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/98647-polystein-kit-for-cinema-4d/ ) was introduced to me. From that moment the idea kept growing in the back of my head to provide something similar for the Cinema 4D community. Once other priorities were out of the way, I started working on some scripts to test out the feasibility of my interpretation of the idea. Once a working concept was obtained using several scripts, I contacted William Vaughan, the original creator of the Polystein Kit, in order to obtain approval to take his idea and turn it into a Cinema 4D plugin. Working from the scripts made earlier, I started implementing this new plugin, which I named "PolyGnome". Explaining the choice of the name would be a story too long to tell here, so I 'll prefer to leave that for long, cold and dark winter nights ... The current state of the plugin does use it's own library implementation, instead of using the Content Browser. There is more than one reason for this, but since quite technical, I'll omit to explain these as well. As mentioned in the video demonstration, the current beta version requires a two step preparation of assets. I have some ideas to automate these steps, but more important features need to get implemented first. The plugin will be available for Windows and MacOS, R17 and above (hopefully R19 won't break anything SDK related ... fingers crossed). Possibly R16, if there is enough interest. Depending the feedback from beta testers the plugin will be available sooner or later. Release date and price to be announced. Here's already a teaser, explaining the different steps: As for my other plugin(s), which all have their dedicated threads, I'd like this specific one to be the home for discussing anything PolyGnome related.
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    Hello Everybody Here is my fan art version of Tyrion Lannister Game Of Thrones. Iv been working on him on and off over last two weeks mainly at night. Iv done tons of iterations, and still am tweaking stuff, but need to let it go. All feedback and questions welcome. He was totally modelled in C4D including some sculpting along with Zbrush for the very higher frequency work. Minor Photoshop Post, Rendered with Vray4C4D 3.5. Images are much larger, click one each image 3 times to view full size. Time lapse Video Sessions. Modeling: Dan
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    It's a combination of a few factors - We do actually do a bit of editing, cleaning up the live edit by patching in ISO recordings and demo reels (to avoid double-compression) We add section markers to make it easier to navigate and find content We don't have dedicated staff to the task - it happens twice a year and we run lean and mean. We publish in batches because 21 videos all at once is a bit overwhelming for folks, and smaller batches helps each presenter to get more attention We should have the first batch of presentations up later this week. Thanks for your patience.
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    I found this comment quite offending when it was posted. And I still do. Something might have been lost in translation, but as I had made clear I was working on this plugin I would have expected cheering ... instead of bitching. People seem to expect things to be done for them immediately these days. Not appreciating all the time and effort it takes ... ehm! Well, for those who do appreciate ... here's a short video demonstrating the first beta. While basic features are implemented I would prefer to polish quite some things before release. After finalizing the script concept, I contacted William Vaughan (author of the original Polystein Kit for MODO) in order to obtain authorization for making this plugin based on his idea. While there was legally no need to obtain his permission, I found it only logical to at least let the man know about my intentions. However, my implementation of the plugin is only inspired from the idea, and hence might not provide the same features available in his or others version of the plugin.
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    UX is one of those jobs from the outside looks incredibly easy and anyone could do it, but that's only because the UX designers make it look easy. UX design is as much a science as it is a creative endeavour, human factors is a very interesting area of research. Even in the tiny field of 3D we can see relative successes of UX design and the failures. C$D is right up there with the very best example of UX, not only is it highly consistent it is extremely intuitive but contrast with that an App like Blender seems only a great user experience for those who've been hardwire to think a particular way. I'm not surprised UX jobs are hard to fill given every single App developer worth their salt will have at least one UX designer on their team and the potential benefits of being in a successful startup App team is very attractive. The better the UX the better the sales, if Blender had a better UX many more people would use it, the feature set is not holding Blender back, the UX is! The importance of UX design cannot be underestimated, it's literally make or break.
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    While beta testing Cinema 4D R19 I decided to make a little short out of my fracturing testing. I imagine the earth is tired of waiting for humans to get their act together and it must cleanse itself the only way it knows how. All 3D completed in C4D with a little help from SpeedTree and rendering in Redshift (minus the tree fracture shot which was Physical Renderer). Comped in NUKE. Breakdown
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    Hey guys, here is an overview of new Cinema 4D R19 :) https://www.maxon.net/en/products/new-in-release-19/overview/ Exchange Alembic R19 Alembic module is now based on Alembic 1.6.1 SDK Alembic now supports subframe interpolation Other Attributes option enables the import of additional point attributes Export now supports the LOD Object Alembic Generator Other Attributes option enables the import of additional point attributes Several workflow improvements Alembic Morph Tag FBX R19 FBX module is now based on FBX SDK 2017.1 Support for FBX LOD Groups added (import/export) Selection Only option added to export the selected objects only Global Coordinates option added to save objects with global instead of local coordinates New Media handling DDS exporter added RPF can now save Material IDs OBJ New option Groups (combine name collisions) Houdini Engine Integration Updated to Houdini Engine 16.0.633 The integration now also supports particle rotation. Workflow / UI New Feature Highlighting Highlights new features in the current and previous version Highlights fade when used Custom highlight sets can be created New Media Handling Core Better media support in Cinema 4D Data gets loaded more efficiently Layerset chooser now supports multi-page/stream images (e.g., in multi-page TIFF files) Layerset chooser now allows access to and selection of streams in a movie Support for an arbitrary number of alpha channels Format presets for all image/movie formats Option to adapt the Movie Data Rate if the resolution changes Textures can have their own color profiles Embedded color profiles for textures can be loaded Anamorphic formats can be recalculated in the Picture Viewer TIFF files can be compressed Pixel aspect ratio can be saved/loaded Better support for CMYK and YUV images 3D texture view supports the greyscale color profile New Load Substances from Folder command in the Substance Asset Manager Various new behaviors when inserting an object with multiple objects selected Image/movie options of loaded files are remembered, images and movies can be saved with the same settings The Content Browser now marks Substance assets with an overlay The Vertex Color tag has a new option with which the vertext colors can be constantly shown The save dialog window in the Picture Viewer can now handle anamorph videos Animation Weighting Improvements Improved weight mirroring Joint matching algorithms (hierarchy-based, coordinates-based, name-based) Improved point matching algorithm (improved nearest point, normalized closest point) Mirror tool integration /w 1-click functionality Weight Manager integration Weight Manager improvements Several workflow improvements in the Weight Manager WM refactoring: Separated Weight Manager from the Weight tool, Weight Manager per scene Multiple Weight Manager windows Improved joint list workflows (more consistent, custom list order with new Weight tag sort including folder support, list supports hiding joints) Improved spreadsheet workflow (more consistent filtering, new filters) Expose functions to the scripting API Weight Tool improvements Tool refactoring and performance improvement Normalization fixes Select joint influences in the Viewport Improved smooth workflow Improved Picker workflow New rigging specific layout Improved commands (bind multiple objects) Character Morphs PSD (Pose Space Deformation) added Undeformed version of an object can now be used for rigid body simulations MoGraph Improved Voronoi Fracture Auto Connector" to automatically create a setup of Connectors between pieces. Geometry Gluing to merge pieces together Detailing to give pieces a more realistic look Sorting has been moved to a new tab New sorting mode Object New Piece Scaling functionality, to scale voronoi cells The effect of Offset Fragments can now be inverted, this will create one object consisting of the gaps Hull Only can now have a thickness The fracturing results can now be saved in the .c4d file format Vertex maps can now be created for inside face selections, outside face selections and edge selections Much better performance when fracturing high-polygon-count objects. New Noise Falloff New Sound Effector New user interface New, interactive Frequency graph Sampling the sound with several probes. Sampling modes: Peak/Average/Step Different modes to map probes to clones (Iterate/Distribute/Blend) Different ways to colorize the clones Improved precision for source falloff for effectors Improved speed of the volume effector Materials New UV Tile Offset mode for the Variation shader Variation shader now also work in Hair materials Rendering ProRender, a new GPU-Based Render Engine Based on OpenCL 1.2, works on NVIDIA and AMD cards on Windows and AMD cards on macOS Multi-GPU support with very effective scaling Interactive preview render in Viewport Support for native materials and lights New PBR-based light and material type Firefly filter Bucket rendering for large resolutions Viewport Enhancements Faster and better-looking reflectance channel preview by physically-based shading Reflectance channel roughness map support Reflectance channel per-layer bump map support Fast and accurate illumination from rectangular area lights Depth of field effect with Bokeh (support for Diaphragm shape), closely matching the depth of field in Physical Render Screen space reflections Area lights can be now shown as solid in the Viewport Spherical Camera New Camera option to create 360° and dome renderings New Field of View helper in the Viewport Supports different mapping formats (lat-long, cubic-cross, cubic 3x2, cubic string) Supports stereoscopic rendering TeamRender Improvements Support for Frame Steps Changed reordering strategy Clients continue rendering, even if the server is not reachable Support for encrypted web connections New automatic service discovery New Tone Mapping post effect Speedups for Standard Renderer Speedups for simple transparencies in Physical and Standard Renderers Supersampling setting for the Hardware OpenGL Renderer Shadowmap filtering improvement for the Hardware OpenGL Renderers Instant material updates Modeling New Modeling Kernel First incarnation of the new, modern modeling kernel Currently used by Plane Primitive generator Reverse Normals command Align Normals command Polygon Reduction generator New command option dialog with Reverse User Normals option for Reverse Normals and Align Normals commands. Level of Detail Object Switching level of details levels on different criteria (user-defined level, user-defined-value, screen size horizontal/vertical/surface, camera distance, project LoD) Different modes Children mode Simplify mode Manual Group node Polygon Reduction Generator Polygon Reduction is now a Generator New reduction algorithm Reduction can be set as a percentage or as number of remaining polygons, edges or vertices Better UV handling Can handle multiple objects either as one object or each one separately Displacer has new Options Process Normal tag Type (RGB (XYZ Tangent) Motion Tracking Scene Reconstruction Reconstruction of the recorded scene, based on the Motion Tracking 3D Solve data Creates a Point Cloud or a mesh Motion Tracker Enhancements Manual Tracking now can work on R,G,B or custom channels Footage can now displayed as "Tracker View", e.g. Red Channel only. The Tracker can now work with a circular tracking pattern UV Editing User Interface modifications Improved UV Selections including Grow/Shrink Selections, Select Connected and double click to select Islands for UV Polygons and Points Convert Selection now supports UVs Coordinate Manager now supports UVs New Numerical Editor for UV points BodyPaint 3D BodyPaint is now based on OpenGL New BodyPaint save options Demo Version Rendering Resolution Limitation has been removed, The Rendering will have a Watermark instead ------------------------------------------------------- https://www.cineversity.com/vidplaylist/new_in_cinema_4d_r19
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    There was a huge update to Cycles4D in the latest release 2.78c and there seems to be a lot of confusion about Cycles in general, so I'd like to clear some of those things up. A list of new improvements can be found at this link. Optimizations: Several memory savings & speedups, support for CPU groups GPU rendering: support for GTX NVIDIA 10×0, improved support for GTX 980 Ti and Titan X, memory improvements for CUDA & OpenCL Better Subdivision & Micro Displacement experimental feature improved Smoke volume support for Velocity and Heat attributes Fluid simulation mesh support for motion blur and motion vectors Point Density textures now support vertex color, weight and normals This is a 2.78 release-compatible update with important speedups, especially in Cycles and for Dependency graph. Most notable will be faster rendering of Motion blur with hair, which has a 5-10 time speedup – important for production rendering. Additional things not on the list: Support for AMD GPUs though OpenCL. From what I've seen it's as fast as a similar Nvidia GPU. Denoising built in that works really well. It also seems to me that the caustics seem to be faster, there is an option for thin film now, glass looks better, there are less fireflies. Maybe I'm crazy with this though. People seem to also be confused as to how to use Cycles right so I'll write a bit here on how to get clean firefly free renders in the worst conditions. Step 1) Try setting the Min Rey Bounces to the same as the Max Ray Bounces. In some cases I've found this works well. This like all the following can be seen if it's working in the Real Time preview. Step 2) Try turning off Reflective and Refractive caustics. Often this does not add a lot to the scene and will give faster renders without anyway. Step 3) Change the Clamping for Indirect and Direct lighting. The way I understand it is these work as such. A 1 means the max brightness of a pixel will be the max brightness of a pixel that can be shown on the screen without HDR. Setting it to 2 would mean 2x brigher than can be seen. When rendering it blends together the pixel values obtained for each pixel together to get the final result. If one result for one pixel is 1 billion X brighter than all the other samples for that pixel it will offset the brightness so much for that one pixel it will be seen as a firefly even with high passes. The solution for this is to set the Clamping for Direct and Indirect light. Usually I find Indirect is the culprit. Setting it to a high value like 10 can solve the problem and give great images. Samples high enough to be a final render helps greatly with this as it gives each pixel more samples to blend with. Things to help with faster renders: 1) Don't use Branched Path Tracing. 2) Do the things for fireflies 3) The new Denoiser works wonders and still gives great results. Probably lets us do half the samples and still get great quality. 4) When using GPU use a large tile size. 256 or bigger seems to be the point for me where it does not make much of a difference after that, but for really fast renders a larger size might work well. 5) Set the Light Paths and Ray Depth to the smallest possible. With the real time if the preview if something is turned down and it does not look any different with it down keep it down to get faster renders. Hope this helps people with using Cycles. Please feel free to share any other tip below or ask any questions.
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    Free software doesn't integrate itself for free into a product. It doesn't automagically connect itself to the object system, animation system, material system, ... It also doesn't test itself or designs it own User Interfaces and workflows!
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    I am a freelance Illustrator working for schoolbooks and storybooks for children. I use C4D Studio since version 9 and have invested a lot of time and effort in the program. After all these years 3D is only a small fraction of my work. I still make most of my illustrations in Illustrator and photoshop. My clients are very pleased if i make illustrations in 3D but drawing them by hand is much faster. I struggle to make 3D work profitable. So if i look at new features in C4D i want tools that can improve the efficiency of my workflow. There are several long standing bottlenecks in the modeling and texturing workflow of C4D. They get repeated every year around this time but never get addressed. I am growing more and more impatient. My personal most wanted list: • global falloff system with visual feedback on the model This would make the deformers much more usable as modeling tools. And please add a Fit to Selection button to the deformers, similar to the Fit to Object button. The functionality is already there but it takes too much time to be usable. I want to use my time creating not positioning the deformer cage. These are the kind of tedious tasks that really should be automated as much as possible. Holger Biebrach showed with his excellent modeling bundle plug in what can be achieved with the current feature set and some python scripting if you focus on workflow. MAXON: hire this man. This is not about the underlying technology, no need for a new core for this, this is about UX, speed and efficiency. • UV unwrapping An essential part of any 3D workflow, we should not have to use another program for this. MAXON sells C4D as an all in one solution so they should deliver. I think the UV tools almost changed nothing for more than ten years. It's another area where you can do it with C4D but it takes too much time. • global symmetry • retopology tools, as automated as possible • realtime preview rendering in the viewport For me these would be true headline features, that would have a big positive impact in my 3D work. Anybody else who feels like this? Or do you see things differently?
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    It's really up to MAXON to give the paying customers something to be happy about and address long term issues. Until then there's going to be negativity. Sadly I predict, many won't be happy with R19. R20 could be a different story and I'll be the first to sing their praises if they deliver big time. Yeah no need for personal attacks and offensive posts and the new owners are more tolerant than I would be. I've been highly critical of MAXON but I've never resorted to personal attacks (I think). The people at MAXON are nice people trying to do good things for their customers and their heart is in the right place.
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    You can be sure, that our programmers mainly focus on programming and not on UX Design, testing or Productmanagement. Which doesn't mean, that they don't support the Designers, Testers, ... Creating such a complex software as CINEMA 4D is a team effort. You don't have to wait until you win a job at MAXON, you just can apply for one: Assist me in Productmanagement: https://www.MAXON.net/en/header-meta-navigation/about-MAXON/jobs/description/junior-product-manager-mf/ Help Quality Assurance to make CINEMA 4D as stable as possible: https://www.MAXON.net/en/header-meta-navigation/about-MAXON/jobs/description/quality-assurance-engineer-mf/ Support us in making CINEMA 4D fun to use: https://www.MAXON.net/en/header-meta-navigation/about-MAXON/jobs/description/user-experience-designer-mf/ And much more: https://www.MAXON.net/en/header-meta-navigation/about-MAXON/jobs/
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    I agree with Cutman for a change. The new super fast C4D when it comes will look much the same as it does now and function much the same. C4D is a modular type application so modules like MoGraph plug into the core application. A lot of work and thought would have gone into how to rewrite the core without having to rewrite the modules. Some however like modelling and Bodypaint have likely been largely rewritten. Re R19. Think I pretty much nailed it with my predictions. I picked it wouldn't be the big one, Prorender would be big feature, some MoGraph enhancements, no UV / Bodypaint enhancements apart from some token gesture stuff (grow / shrink selection), no modelling enhancements apart from some under the hood stuff then the usual list of assorted enhancements. So for R20 here goes: Super fast object handling, nodes everything including materials (if you want), updated / rewritten UV tools, proper symmetry modelling. Possibly with R20 or coming later a replacement for Thinking Particles. I would expect with the enhanced node system to be able to do some cool procedural modelling type stuff / animations but you'll need to be willing to put some time into learning how all the nodes work. Re plugins for R20. Since the new core will be fully functional plugins / 3rd party renderers will need some major work to work with R20. Just speculating big time here. Anyway, fun times ahead.
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    im guessing you have never had to edit a couple of hundred hours of video ;)
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    Performance is the key here, even in the areas where you don't expect it. For example, let's say you load a video file into a material, apply to some geometry. Upon playback, R18 and prior release would struggle and had to do one pass to cache it, now it is all nice, smooth and fast from very start :) Of course, it was designed with having difficult areas in mind :)
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    The Hardware OpenGL Renderer, LOD Object Houdini Engine support are the standout features for me and will have me buying the M$A again. Forget GPU rendering Hardware OpenGL or nextgen API viewport rendering is the future and I hope this continues to get some serious attention in future updates to bring volumetrics and as a heavy user of Sketch and Toon I'd love to see the viewport be 100% perfect representation of S&T. ProRender looks nice but very sluggish from the demos and I doubt it was running of low end hardware. I think we need hardware specs and benchmarks ASAP. There's no hint of core changes to things like Xpresso/TP which is what I really want to see. If the new core speeds up object handling like it appears to have sped up media handling it will be impressive but will the toolset be deep enough? I don't see much evidence of that. The Sound effector looks well thought out and looks exactly what I needed a year ago for a project where I was visualising a person's synaesthesia. It would've been very useful. But it's just one effector... Someone start the R20 thread, this R19 thread is so yesterday.
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    So...Here are some pics of my steampunk walker (Steampunk AT-ST or ED209.....your choice) that I started when I was first learning C4d. Thanks to this forum-I was able to get past some of the more confusing aspects of modeling. Sad to say..........I got busy with home repair and work and stuff-BUT I think I am ready to start over again and finish this guy. I also added the reference-the original art that I did when I first created my walker. My first love is paper sculpture..............c4d is fast becoming my second. Forgot to add the reference.
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    Although we should note for comparison and fairness reasons that MAXON only just fixed all the R18 knife tools (nearly a year later), and still haven't made OpenSubDiv work with UV's, meaning that here, on the verges of R19 announcing, that is a feature that has not worked in the entire life cycle of the version. That's something of a first for MAXON, and something I hope is an anomaly rather than the future norm... after all, MAXON's reputation for rock solidity and working features would take a severe bashing if there was much more like that going on... Don't get me wrong, I love C4D, and I'm already in until at least R20, but unfinished stuff does worry me when MAXON were previously on my list of 'stuff that just works when released'... CBR
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    I am starting to get back into sculpting again and thought I would make this quick video for others to show how you can make a sculpting brush in C4D that behaves a bit like the zbrush clay brush.
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    Thanks for sharing my patreon page ♥ C4D is insanely amazing, isn't it? :)
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    It would be great to see one of your mega reviews again Nigel. I have recently been looking over the sculpting part of the R14 2012 review. Brought such a smile to my face, all those great gifs and good memories. For those who don't know what I am referring to you can see it here.
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    In addition to the above ideas, here is a simple xpresso scene file whereby you would move an null object along it's X Axis and the strength of the Rest Hold is changed too. I've added a comment node so that you can read a little about how it works. (You'll to have the timeline paying for the hair dynamics to update correctly as you drag the null). It's not the most flexible expresso solution, but will get you most of the way. You may find the suggested vertex map options better though depending on your needs. Rest Hold Control.c4d
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    CINEMA 4Ds SDK (Software Development Kit) is changing constantly. This has to be done to reflect new functionality and changes under the hood. While we try to keep the SDK as stable as possible, from time to time, we have to introduce bigger changes. Sometimes, even smaller things can cause bigger changes for the 3rd Party Developers. With R12 we switched from single to double precision. This isn't a huge change by itself, just adding some digits to make numerical calculations more precise. But this also meant, that no old Plugin would run anymore and each Developer had to adapt and recompile his plugins. So changes in the SDK are happening all the time, sometimes they are bigger or can have a bigger impact. We've announced some time ago, that we are working on new foundations for CINEMA 4Ds future. A project, which we have been working before this announcement and which we are constantly working on. As you can imagine, such internal changes will also influence plugin developers. In fact, they already did. The changes developers will have to face (our developers, as well as external developers) will have sometimes more impact, sometimes they won't have that much impact. Thus you can expect Releases with a huge impact for Developers and Releases, with just a minor impact. We will try to balance our development in such a way, that we don't hurt 3rd Party Developers too often and too much, but to proceed, we will need to put an end to old functionalities and introduce new functions and behaviors. So there is a high probability that future releases will have a bigger impact on our SDK, as more and more of the core functionality will get replaced in a way that we can't make a very smooth transition for developers. I won't give any information about R20 here, so please don't start asking. We will announce news, when it is time to announce them.
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    I thought bezo's loop would look good with a car - 'wall of death' style I turned gravity off, and pulled the car around with a couple of springs scene https://www.dropbox.com/s/ul5zv8xcq5xpvxv/mob4.zip?dl=1
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    To the Redshift community; welcome to the Renderstorm Giveaway, our promotion with the teams’ at Renderstorm and C4D Cafe Community. Renderstorm is a customer focused Renderfarm which partners with Redshift to bring the fastest possible render solutions for Redshift users. The fantastic prize includes: 1 Redshift license (node locked) 500$ worth of RenderStorm credits One month free subscription to TDMSC + free Xpresso tutorial Please click on the link below to enter for your chances to win! https://gleam.io/YCi7P/renderstorm-giveaway
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    Just stumbled upon this beauty: Play the Bézier Game: http://bezier.method.ac
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    +1 for everyone being so awesome and civil! In response to the idea of this thread helping people choose a GPU renderer, here are my thoughts: If I were starting today I'd pick Cycles4D over Octane. (I've never used Redshift.) When I switched from Blender to C4D, I was very surprised that paying money for Octane made a number of things more difficult than the free Blender Cycles. The way the nodes work is not as smooth, and a year ago Octane was lacking a few features like feathering the edges of a box-projected texture. But by the time Cycles4D came out I was solidly in the Octane camp though, just for the speed. I really wish Octane could mix displacements in its mix material, that's turned into a big limitation to me. In my experience Octane is much faster than Cycles4D. For the kind of scenes I do anyway. But Cycles4D is more enjoyable, its a comparable renderer, and way less money. And plenty fast enough. Now that I have 23 GPUs across my machines, I'm realizing that render speed is not everything, and I think I'll sell my five once-beloved but electricity-hogging 980TI's. (Don't forget to budget for electricity if you're getting a bunch of GPUs! I can get $700 monthly electric bills.) By the way, with Octane you can sometimes add 14 more GPUs across the network and end up actually slowing down your renders. Really takes some figuring out, but that's another topic. I think what's more important than speed is really getting your head into a renderer enough to be able to set up scenes quickly with predictable results. Cheers.
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    I am going to attempt to do a quick sculpt and paint every day. I have posted the first couple of full videos to my new C4DCafe Blog. I won't be posting all the videos to the blog since it is about 4D Publish and all its features and not just about sculpting and painting. All the sculpting and painting videos can be found at the following youtube channel: Daily Sculpt and Paint The videos will show various sculpting and painting techniques and tricks. So if you have never used the sculpting tools before then these videos could be of use to you. All painting is done using the 4D Publish Painting Tools. These tools work just like the sculpting tools so its easy to switch between them and reuse your existing knowledge. These are all going to be very quick sculpt & paints, its more about having fun for now. I like the clay/messy/organic sculpted look so most models will be made like this, at least for now. I will post the final octane renders here in this thread to keep things tidy.
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    Some of you may have noticed that I have started sculpting and painting again, and am uploading them here to the cafe. As I am doing so I am creating a list of new features that I will add to help make both sculpting and painting easier. If there are any Sculpting brushes or painting features that you would like to have then just let me know. If you see any features from zbrush, 3D Coat, Mudbox, Mari, Substance etc.. that you would like to have in C4D then just reply and add your ideas. Please don't turn this into an R19 / R20 c4d bashing why is this not in BodyPaint natively thread. I would rather just have this as a nice long list so that people like myself, MAXON and other 3rd party devs, can look at this and think "cool, I might write a plugin for that". Here are some of the things I will look at adding on my next release. Copy a sculpting mask to a BodyPaint Layer Copy a sculpting mask to a BodyPaint Mask Layer Respect the sculpting mask when painting Cheers, Kent
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    Ah, finally I can speak about some stuff :) First, let's resolve the falloff object thing that was seen in video prior to release. It was moved there since Fracturing now supports falloff, it was simply renamed to suit the purpose. Now, many people are excited about ProRender and various other stuff, but for me personally I am very happy that finally we have first tangible results from core tech. Those would be the viewport enhancements and you got to love the eye candy. I want to mention that all the effects run totally smooth on my machine which has mid level gaming graphics card. Second, the introduction of first version of modelling kernel and my favorite of all time, complete new media session core interface. That thing brings massive performance increases when working with images and videos inside whole C4D and is completely independent from OS stuff. For example, if you load high res mp4 video on PV in R18 it will crawl, in R19 it flies. Same with other large image & video data. This is the jewel I am expecting people to "discover" once R19 is available to them.
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    Just saw the Cineversity video on the veronoi fracture improvements. And after watching that video it finally occurred to me why C4D users are both dedicated to the program and mad at it at the same time. The improvements made to Veronoi fracture prove just HOW AWESOME MAXON can make something. The words "powerful", "logical", and "easy to use" are not just rhetorical phrases that get tossed around to create press buzz....here they actually mean something. So when you see this level of quality in the improvement of a tool, it naturally creates a rising expectation about what is "next". What else are you improving that we can expect to be just as good, just as useful, just as smart? That's why we are always asking: What is next? Time and time again, you guys prove that when you set your minds to improve something, you do it right...so please just improve everything!!! Unfortunately, when "what is next" does not happen yesterday, we get frustrated. Now the elephant in the room are the UV tools. My understanding is that UV is inherent to the new core and as such foundational to the entire program which is unfortunate because the most anticipated improvement is probably going to be the last to be released....but I would imagine that when it is released it will be mind-blowing. Sorry....but that is what you have trained us to expect. I know....quite a lot to live up to. R19 is turning into a bit of a pleasant surprise and quite honestly, I need to step on my feet to keep from getting too excited about R20.... ...but the way I see it, creating that level of anticipation and high expectation is MAXON's fault, not mine ;-) Dave
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    Boy the conspiracy theories never end. Open R18. The falloff object is there - just called "Weight Falloff" in the Character menu. It was temporarily moved to the MoGraph menu because it can be used to control the glue of Voronoi Fracture pieces, then it was decided to move it back. We really don't need to do anything to increase foot traffic at Siggraph. We're the big giant booth right in front of you as you enter, and the booth is consistently packed. I'm confident anyone remotely interested in C4D will stop, not just to see R19 but to see the fantastic presentations by some of the best artists in Cinema 4D. All of which everyone can see online at C4DLive.com starting tomorrow morning at 9:30 am Pacific. The Voronoi connectors are Dynamics connectors automatically placed between chunks - so you can control them in any way you can control a Dynamics connector. And as I mentioned the Glue functionality (not connectors but creating multi-fragment chunks) can be controlled with falloff, or by a total number of clusters or point distance. When you render with ProRender, features that aren't yet implemented just won't show up. In most cases what you'll be missing is some effects shaders - surface shaders are baked automatically if not natively supported.
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    Thanks PP, I will have to make tutorial to cover all the cool features that we manage to bring with new IPS (plus some new cool plugins)...bookmarks, which are very cool, sticky notes, Clubs etc. :)
  38. 3 points
    If you animate the Strength, Start, and End of the Spline Effector you can leave a trail. Voronoi Spline Effector 2.c4d.zip
  39. 3 points
    Thanks for the thread on the Redshift forums, Merk. It's awesome. And Nerv's tutorials in the Cafe were super helpful to get started. I'd love to see more!
  40. 3 points
    I think it's kind of funny that both Maya and Modo can justify this year's releases being short on new features by explaining that they're 'stability' releases. Cinema can't use that as a cover because it's always been rock solid. So, in effect, MAXON gets hammered for being the good guys. Presumably it takes longer to develop a new feature that's rock solid rather than Modo's past logic which seemed to be to release new features that were filled with bugs, rarely worked as advertised and often crashed the program and hope no one would notice.
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    Large corporations are spending millions analysing social media because they know the so-called 'vocal minority' actually represent millions of customers, TV viewing figures have been accurately calculated by small but representative sample sizes in similar ways for years. Forums attract a wide variety of users and it's very likely the small sample is highly representative of a wider customer base. Forward looking companies actually actively seek customer feedback and are as happy to received negative feedback as they re to receive positive feedback. They don't want the silent majority simply moving on to a competitors product and are very quick to put concerns to bed and do better. Companies that rest on their laurels and ignore feedback time and time again find they have a rude awakening. Mindshare is very important and once lost it's very difficult to regain, remember Lightwave when it had the mindshare, well botched upgrades and poor communication saw its position diminish rapidly and it never recovered users. Th real reason for these R19 style threads (in ALL software forums) is that there is absolutely no real competition in the 3D landscape. Autodesk's buying up of competing software has allowed the whole sector to get lazy and not compete, imagine if Max and XSI were still independent. Companies can effectively charge what they want (there's no downward pressure on pricing), they can provide as limited updates as they can get away with and to put the icing on the cake they have the ability to force people onto subscriptions or M$As where fear of stopping payment either results in you having no software or having to pay a 'fine' to get back on the wagon. This isn't what we were promised Capitalism would deliver, this is Crony Capitalism, unadulterated Neoliberalism that just sees customers as an asset to exploit so the shareholding elite can go buy another Greek island. As the great man John Joseph Lydon said, "Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?" So high-end that the annual video that accompanies the new release will be filled will elements generated in Houdini, Realflow and rendered with Arnold...
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    Well, you could always use Autodesk software. :) https://www.cadnauseam.com/2017/07/26/autodesk-confirms-its-own-unconscionable-conduct/
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    And we will accuse Hrvoje of colluding with the Russians to get it removed from R19!!! ;-) ...okay....time to kill this thread! Dave
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    And @HSrdelic, how is your son going on? We know he's about to turn 19. Does his character fall-off as his motion is too graphic? Has his PROfessionalism RENDERed him a successful AMD employee? Has he elevated his house roof so that he can have a better and realistic VIEW of the PORT? Is his SOUND now more EFFECTive? And do you like him?
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    Only few days and many questions will be answered...
  47. 3 points
    I'm gonna bet that Chris Schmidt's presentation will include more practical information than anybody else's :)
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    This is a quick tutorial for those people wanting to get started with the C++ SDK in Cinema 4D. This is just for windows users currently. It goes over where to find Visual Studio Community 2013, building the plugins and then using the Sculpt Deformer to apply some animated stamps on a model.
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    You can check the beginning of this video there is a fall-off of vertex Map. You can also check this out
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    The other downside of personal attacks is that I am sure it keeps MAXON employees from getting involved in the discussion....and for a topic like this, we desperately need their perspective. Even though they never go into features, they do help balance out the speculation. One MAXON employee who left the Cafe, never to return because some posts became too confrontational was Srek. I don't blame him for leaving, but we could all pdefinitely benefit from his perspective right now. Definitely a loss to the Cafe. Dave