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    Hey folks, just wanted to say Happy New 2018 to all members, I really wish you all nice and steady new year!! We are now a community of 50000 members which is really unexpected and great if we take into consideration that we had 2y ago just approx. 14000 members. I would like to thanks all the members who are helping run this community...to name few, @Cerbera, @Rectro, @VECTOR, @ABMotion, @everfresh, @bezo @westbam and all others which I didn't mention here, I am really sorry if I didn't include someone that deserves to be here (Cerbera, Vector...please feel free to add anyone who I might forgot). Unfortunately, I am not able to spend much time here as my health isnt the best in past 3 months so its hard to follow what going on all the time. Lets hope 2018 will be better. For the next year we are planning to add some more new stuff, but we will discuss later about that. For now, enjoy your time here if you can and stay well my fellow artists!
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    Hello, guys! This is my first project in c4d. I try to transition from 3ds max to c4d. Its not commercial therefore we had time to experiment with various stuff and techniques. We did this at YELL (www.yellimages.com) where i am participating as a 3d generalist/motion designer. My role on the specific project was 3d animation/shading/lighting/texturing/simulations. We used Octane renderer, TFD for the smokes/dust, Realflow for c4d for the liquid. Clouds in the back were done in Houdini and imported as VDB sequences. I d love ur feedback. Cheers and happy new year.
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    Congratulations to the Cafe for continuing to be a great resource to the C4D community. This place owes its reputation to those selfless individuals who supported it in the past (3D-Kiwi, 3D-Crew..remember him?) and the present (Igor, HSrdelic, Cerbera, Vector, Rectro, ABMotion, bezo, everfresh, westbam, et. al). My hopes for 2018? 1) That Igor overcomes whatever health issues he is facing. Very sorry to hear that you are hitting a rough patch right now and I hope you come through it with flying colors. Until then, my prayers are with you and your family (especially that cute daughter of yours in your avatar. I grew up while my mother was fighting cancer, so I have some idea of what she may be going through). 2) Long lost friends return to the forum and/or C4D. Yes....Nigel...I hope you come back to C4D as your tutorials were always appreciated. Also would like to see Srek return as I always appreciated his frank and honest insights into MAXON. 3) R20 hits better than 50% of our expectations over what we feel is going to be "the big one". While you may think 50% is a bit low, I personally think our expectations are too high for a company that places stability, brilliant implementation and software quality as a top priority. Slow and steady wins the race for me at least. 4) 3D Quakers releases the next version of Forester. They had made some statements 9 months ago about the new release late in 2017, so lets hope we hear something soon. If you look at their home page gallery, they have this terrain with the hills spelling out "Merry Christmas with Forestor" so this could give you some idea of what is cooking for V2. 5) MAXON Labs gets some love. Great start but would love to see more of what MAXON plays around with in their spare time (assuming that they have some spare time). 6) I find more time to learn and grow with C4D. Unfortunately, C4D is a hobby and I have family, friends, dog, house, and a day job which always takes priority. My goal for this year is to focus back on modeling (I started with modeling but have since focused on lighting, texturing, and animation and in the interim the modeling tools kept growing past my capabilities). My hope is to get back to "stream of conscious modeling" where you think more about "what" you want to do rather than "how" to do it. In short, the polygons just flow from your mouse almost unconsciously. I wonder if I can get there with booleans and triangles? NOT! My New Years Resolutions for 2018? Write shorter posts. Happy New Year everyone! Dave
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    Finally able to share a project I recently finished for Trident Gum’s latest ad campaign in Puerto Rico. The project consisted of a main 15-second animation to be aired in television and digital platform, plus a handful of individual loops to be used in social media stories, etc. Storyboarding and concept was done by McCann Worldgroup’s San Juan team, as well as all the final narration and audio. I was in charge of materializing all of the storyboarding into actual moving images. All done in Cinema 4D and using a bit of X-Particles here and there. Rendered with Redshift.
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    Yo guy wats up a bit of hard surface practice this time, the Tie Interceptor from Star Wars, i'll be doing my own version so it won't be 100 percent accurate to the movie version but should be pretty fun here's a little progress so far.
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    Update time - pretty much done with the inner wing details, 3k renders attached, click full size and click to zoom to see them full size
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    of course maya has the more advanced CA tools, but almost everything is possible in cinema as well. almost. i couldn't find a solution for a soft ik behaviour in c4d yet for instance, but i'm sure there is a way and i just haven't found out yet. if you're doin a whole bunch of characters the character object certainly comes in handy. here's a demo of a rig i built last year, i also set it up to be used within the character object.
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    big fan of her work, so i was extra stoked when i was asked to do the character rigging for this piece... :)
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    did some further testing of my cartoon rig preset with one of vectors models. i wanted to try it on a rather fat character to spot potential issues with the rig. other than some forearm twisting issue which i was able to fix everything went smooth... :) at first i used the gelatine plugin by code vonc, which gives much nicer jiggling motion than the jiggle deformer, but unfortunately it has no option to cache the motion and it doesn't work at all at render times :/ so i had to went back to the good old jiggle deformer.
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    the jiggle comes after the skin deformer, that's correct. but what's your character object doin in that hierarchy as a child of the main mesh? drag that out of there to the very top in your OM, everything should work then... if you're looking for a breast rig setup i may have something for you ;)
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    Yes, installing additional library is needed. First search on your computer for file "tbb.dll". If you´ll find, simply copy this file to installation cinema4d folder (where is cinema4d.exe file) If you didn´t find on computer, download from here : https://github.com/01org/tbb/releases after extracting you´ll find this library in: tbb2018_20171205oss\bin\intel64\vc14\tbb.dll (and copy library file as in previous case to the same folder) After that you´ll see additional menu "Navié" inside c4d...
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    Hi, here are some rendering with C4D R19 ProRender, color correction with Photoshop. Hope you like them. Cheers
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    pretty much done with the body section now, although i might come back to it at the end to add some more detail, next up are the wings and arm struts rendered out some quick 3k images so you can get a close up of the details, click full size then click to zoom to see it full scale :D
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    a little animation and redshift rendering practice. skateboard model by vector.
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    And let's not forget to say a massive thank you to @Igor and @HSrdelic for taking this place on and doing great things with it , and to @3DKiwi as well for starting it in the first place, and to MAXON, without whom none of us would be here :) Have a great new year everyone, and may your polygons be extra shiny (and 4 sides) in 2018 :) CBR
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    Here's a practical example that demonstrates the sort of topology you could have used on one of those floral plates. This version I made using regular poly modelling, symmetry, and being very minimal on the polygons, but it is still all quads (or will be when symmetries are combined and centerline edges dissolved). It took 5 minutes, which is arguably faster than making the splines in the first place ! I appreciate that it might take someone with less experience more time to do it this way, but if you train yourself from the ground-up to model things in quads then you become as fast at doing that as lesser skilled people are at doing it the lazier spline-based ways. CBR
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    No monthly subscriptions, only the 3 & 6 month licenses @VECTOR suggested. There is the free demo version as well that works indefinitely. Limitations are no saving of files and renders have a watermark, but if you just want to keep skills up, it is fine. You can register the demo for 42 days so you can save files, but renders still have the watermark.
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    Thought I would share a final I completed last year. It's a combination of stop motion photography, video, and CGI. All the clothes are CGI. I modeled a rudimentary washer and dryer based off the real world capture and used that as a collider. I had a tough time getting the clothes to not turn into a polygonal mess at first so what I ended up doing was attach each clothing object to an orb with a belt tag and had it pull it on a spine. Open to all feedback. Thanks!
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    Alright, one more before i crack on with the inside, the fun part is definitely playing around with the renders, makes all that tedious panel modelling worth it :D
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    Finally able to share a project I recently finished for Trident Gum’s latest ad campaign in Puerto Rico. The project consisted of a main 15-second animation to be aired in television and digital platform, plus a handful of individual loops to be used in social media stories, etc. Storyboarding and concept were done by McCann Worldgroup’s San Juan team, as well as all the final narration and audio. I was in charge of all animation, etc. All done in Cinema 4D and using a bit of X-Particles here and there. Rendered with Redshift.
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    I'm sure this will be useful for a number of users out there. cgchannel.com have done a report today on this Free Tree generation software today called Tree it! This is the link to the report on cgchannel.com This is the link to the software Tree it and this link takes you to a library of 100 trees created with the software. You just have to enter $0 into the 'Name a fair price' box and download it.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Enhanced Follow Spline This tool enhances the limited Align-to-Spline TAG, enabling the possibility of constant looping positively or negatively.
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    I have had a look at this too. Fundamentally, as @Cerbera says, there are a number of things wrong with what you have so far, it's complicated and even if you correct them, you'd still not get a great result because of your geometry. Honestly, if I was given this task and had to use your geometry and assuming you need the light and you're not just using it to rig this up, I'd do some basic Xpresso to tie the Light brightness to a Cone Falloff on the Plain Effector so that as the light brightens/darkens the Cone Falloff expands/contracts. Put the Plain Effector as a child of the Light so when you move or rotate the Light, the Plain Effector moves with it. You will need to experiment with the Cone Falloff size and the Cone Shape dimensions etc. to get it positioned initially. Tie brightness to Cone Falloff and/or size of the Cone Falloff shape using a Range Mapper/s in your Xpresso. This method allows you to use the geometry you've got and remove all the Vertex maps.
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    Put a good stint in over the last couple of evenings, most of the outer ship stuff is done, a few bits of detail still i wana add, but i'll come back to that at the end, next up is a detailed interior, did a few 3k test renders, and a nice close up of the rear panel details, view these full size for your viewing pleasure :D
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    The read-write to user data delay is not the problem IMHO. Since you have 4 variables, you'd have to specify which values were 'held' while the other values are typed in. In this file I have 2 selections choices - enter width + height or enter diagonal length + aspect ratio. It's in Python, but should convey what I'm talking about. ARtest.c4d sorry about using script, but I needed a rounding function. There's comments (in green) . . .
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    Haha, oops! Try this free plugin (hopefully it works in Prime)! http://eggtion.net/playground/cinema4d/roll-it-2017?lang=en Unfortunately you will have to hand-animate the cubes falling. Then you'll initiate the Roll-It plugin (you maybe have to create a copy of your cube at the same position you want it to start rolling).
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    Hi all, As the weather here in Sweden is nothing short of terrible at this time of year, I usually set myself a 'winter project' to take my mind off how dark and cold it is outside. This year, I decided to model the Whitney Museum in New York (by Marcel Breuer) and give it a treatment in Unreal Engine. I'm no expert in UE4, but have been really taken by being able to walk around the finished model in real time. Everything has been modelled in Cinema 4d, and finished in UE4. Any feedback and comments are more than welcome. Cheers, Nick
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    The only way to do this and keep the character rigged/jointed is to use a Constraint tag using PSR and dropping a Joint from the hand of the character to the Target. You can then offset the object as needed. If your rig is messy as you say, you just need something relative to that hand position that follows the movement and then offset it to the correct position. Make sure the object is not in the hierarchy of the Character.
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    I don't know why you wouldn't just animate the oil tank, but you can approximate the shape with a sweep if you really need to do this (see attached file, push play button) SweepOilTank.c4d
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    Isn't the issue here that the interior is relatively design orientated and the wall is quite suburban and brutish? As a result the contrast between 'high' and 'low' design stands out as unusual within the regular swim of archviz imagery - which is all about 'perfect' balancing of light, detail, flow etc. i am an exponent for thinking about images rather than just regurgitating what is already out there being made. so for me the wall/interior contrast is interesting and could be developed. But the mortar and bricks need a bit more work - the lines are two straight.
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    Ok I may have found the answer :) Make the Line Arm Loft editable, and link that instead. Now works for me in PV too. CBR
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    @Fastbee it's not the jiggle deformer that reacts to other objects, it's a collision deformer. the jiggle only modifies the result of the collision deformer. here's a file, hit the play button and move the cube around. but caution, playing around with those things is highly addictive. ;) freshbreast_D_0001.c4d
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    Oh yes. There is nothing there Cinema (and a decent post app like AfterFX) couldn't do provided the person driving it has the relevant skills - and that's a LOT of skills, which you should appreciate take quite some time to develop... it would be a mistake to think you could just open up the program and instantly produce work of this quality, but of course that is true of any 3D program, and Cinema is a much faster learn than Maya; indeed the sort of general competence in all key areas that takes <8 years in Maya might only take 3 or 4 in Cinema. But don't let that put you off. Sometimes you can jump in at the deep end and learn a hell of a lot very quickly whilst producing your first project, and there are a lot of very skilled people here to help you through the difficult bits. CBR
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    little bit of wing progress, and some close ups of the redesigned cannons
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    Here's a really quick go at it, starting with a 16 sided cylinder, which is about the minimum you can get away with for this. The reference pic isn't quite showing clearly enough exactly how the transition between top and bottom parts happens, but this is one way to go. Another would be to slightly extrude part of the cylinder (no caps) before you add loops and pull out the top shape. On the left the base mesh, on the right, with double symmetry, thickness and SDS added. Although I have left the cap on in the left one to show you some ideal topology for that, you should add your thickness before you make that end cap; if you are not very careful at this stage, you will end up with badly intersecting internal geometry which will render wrongly and we'll see it because the tank is transparent. Also you should familiarise yourself with the 'Normal Move' command, which will come in very handy when you try and make the liquid within the tank. You should do this by splitting off the internal geometry when the tank is thickened and capped, and you should then quad-cap its remaining holes and Normal Move it so that slightly intersects the inner surface of the tank itself, which will then look correct in render and avoid any problems caused by coplanar polygons. I don't know what your level of modelling experience is, so if any of that confuses you, just ask for more details. CBR
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    Nothing drastic - just needs some camera movement in there. You could pan past it, pan round it, zoom in or out, fast or slowly, rotate a bit, or make it appear hand-held - all sorts of things, and only limited by your imagination. Just some extra movement, even if it's very subtle, will make it a far more interesting shot. CBR
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    Dan's stuff is the best,. I am on V16 and realize I have to learn the character object if I am ever going to update again. The character tool has some big advantages but I really miss some of Dan's functionality and thing like the hand tag.
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    Maya is without a doubt the industry standard these days. I know they did a huge interface update but I'm not sure that puts it in the same ease of use category as C4D. I do a bit of character animations and find C4D pretty useful and certainly professional.
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    Hi guys, had C4D for just over Two months now and still getting my head around it but love it so far :) Moved away from Lightwave 3d to here so a bit of a learning curve but here's a start on my first C4D model. The head is a model I did a while back and imported as an .obj but everything else is new. I wanted to create a model that would force me to learn as much as possible so modelling/surfacing and hopefully rigging is my goal and of course rendering. Feedback is very welcome as I feel constructive criticism is the best way to learn so fire away I can take it
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    Ah yes Happy new year to everyone, Especially @Cerbera and @Rectro for all their knowledge, and cerbera for all his jedi problem solving skills :D
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    Update : starting to design and add panels and details
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    I hope @Cerbera doesn't mind me chipping in to help here, but step 5: Highlight all polygons using Polygon Mode, use right-click Extrude Inner (or shortcut M~W), make sure to untick Preserve Groups and type 1 cm in Offset in Attributes Panel. Then Mesh>Transform Tools>Normal Move (or shortcut M~Z) and type -1 cm in the Move dialog box in Attributes Panel and click Apply. The numbers I've given you suit a scale I did of Width: 200 cm x Height: 400 cm with Width Segments: 20 x Height Segments: 40, so adjust according to your project, but hopefully this will help you move forward.
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    CA is not my area of speciality, so I'll just give you the general overview while we wait for the CA power users to chime in with the details :) I think it is generally agreed that Maya has the best character animation tools, but that is not to say that Cinema hasn't got a lot going on in that department. I think Cinema's character stuff is arguably a lot easier to learn and use, but I do sometimes see threads here where ex-Maya users can't find C4D equivalents to Maya functionality. And I think Maya remains the 'industry standard' in this area. In Cinema (Studio) we have the Character Object, and CMotion, which are both really good and helpfully intuitive if you are new to character animation. That might be a reason to consider getting Cinema over Maya. Also I would have to say that Cinema is more intuitive (in all areas) than any other 3D software, and I much prefer modelling (and most other things too) in Cinema to doing the same in Maya ! CBR
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    It's more complex than this, but to keep it simple: You can look at a material as being a collection of shaders. Where a single shader takes care of one aspect of how your material looks like, i.e color, reflectivity, transparency, etc ... A material is then the whole of all these separate aspects.
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    Here's one I did a number of years back. I created the general puck shape and then created two polygon selection areas - one on the top for the logo and a loop selection along the side where the knurling is. I used tiled displacement to create the knurling effect. Lastly, I shrunk wrap text splines onto the side and then lightly extruded to create the text. This was the way I used to create the text and the knurling. If I only wanted knurling i'd use Cerbera's approach as shown. Cheers.
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    Not sure if it´s a good idea to start this way. Maybe could be used spline as helpers for creating polygonal objects... If you look inside attached file, you can see how it was made whole object from single piece, then created multiple copies and at the end adjusted some thickness... kind_of_ruler.zip
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    Thank you @King of Snake! Reining it all in is definitely a challenge. I've been busy with work, but have continued with my personal R&D on the side, as time allows. 8-BIT SERIES: Other X-Particles 4 Xplorations:
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    you need to delete these faces here before enabling symmetry, it's giving you that break as you have intersecting polygons in the centre https://gyazo.com/0a3d57d1168835cde89fac8006de6148 https://gyazo.com/664edcbf609c76d3b3c7a53b23d9c406
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    Probably about 2-3 hours. I used this for reference: http://www.sheldonbrown.com/wheelbuild.html and took some pictures of the actual bike. I didn't get it right in one go I can tell you that, but I think it's pretty much correct now. I think I'll work on the saddle next (will decide if I model some profile in the tires later).