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    I've been debating posting this for a week or so and this topic has probably been beaten to death before but what is so hard about saying thank you when you post a question and people go out of their way to respond and help you? I'm not asking for a long love letter to express your gratitude or anything, just a quick "TY that helps", something to let me know my effort wasn't in vain. hell, I would not mind "you idea was a POS", something, anything, just reply with something to acknowledge my/our effort. ok, rant is done
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    C4D sketch & toon + a neat little program called StudioArtist 5 makes a great couple. it's basically a sketch and paint effects preset library with the option to adjust parameters of the filters. apparently it can do a lot more, but it has a horrible UI and at least to me it's logic is rather unintuitive. but you can get a variety of good looking sketch and also really sophisticated paint effects out of it.
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    Hi Cafe folks :) I have noticed that quite a few questions which require more complex solutions and deeper knowledge are sometimes unanswered on Cafe. Also, I receive daily requests for help via pm for complex problems where I unfortunately mostly can't help due to lack of time. This also shows that real high quality stuff is not really shown anywhere, apart from bits and pieces scattered all over. Most tutorials that are available are revolving around localized, specific effect or with issues of medium complexity. Given this I am pondering with the idea of creating a "master TD" section where I would show some really advanced rigging, setups, TD stuff. For example, are you interested to know how to create interactive rubik cube? polymer rig? custom python effector? L system rigs? pond drops? slinky? gravitational waves? or any effect that pops to your mind? Let me know then and we can think about how to set this up if there is interest. Since this would require a lot of work we are thinking about creating a small section in forum which would be accessible for small fee to members. Recording this tutorials would take a lot of time so some compensation is expected. The final result would be video training per project, scene files with documentation and comments throughout the scene (Annotations, Xpresso comments, code comments) to help user dissect and understand the logic and principles used. If you have questions simply fire away! Cheers
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    Hey Cafe Thought I needed something a bit architectural in my showreel, and inspired as I have been in the past by the typical 3D sort of ultra-modern, simple houses with a pool we see all the time, I decided I wanted to do something old and complicated. And preferably a bit scary. And then I found Harlaxton Manor, Grantham, UK, set of the dodgy 2005 horror film 'The Haunting', and thought 'there's a challenge', but I did have 500 hours to throw at it. So here we are, the first 100 odd gone, during which I have modelled just the bell tower, its minarets, and its main entrance. And there's still a fair bit of detail to be adding to those. My grim reapers aren't finished, for example - still need to build them a wall of skulls for their alcoves, and add some more stoney detail goodness to the side towers. I am going for rewardingly high level of modelled detail, which will be extended to the rest of the mansion as I complete it, and its grounds. The small section done so far has given me 2495 objects, and 5 mill subdivided polys so far. Fortunately the rest of it isn't quite as detailed / elaborate, but should still make for a fairly impressive CG enterprise when it's done. Here's some screenie wires for those of you who (correctly) like that sort of thing ;) CBR
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    New to modelling? These are the videos you should watch before watching any other modelling tutorials. Topics covered: Spline modelling with spline primitives, using the Extrude object and Sweep object. Using a Splinemask object and nested Splinemask objects Spline modelling by manually drawing splines. All the different spline types covered Why spline modelled objects may initially be a good idea to start with but not so hot when you want to add detail later on Off topic - why an object with an Align to spline expression tag slows down going around bends in the spline and how to fix it Spline modelling - using the Lathe object. A chess pawn is modelled using a Bezier spline (same as the Pawn modelling tutorial we have now except updated) Spline modelling - using a Loft object Boolean modelling - what it's good for. Common problems. Example and why Boolean modelling is often a bad technique to use Customizing your layout to suit modelling Polygon modelling - Hard surface modelling. A mechanical part is modelled Polygon modelling - Subdivision Surface modelling. The same mechanical part is modelled Polygon modelling - Point to point modelling. Create polygon tool, Edge Extrudes etc Polygon modelling - Organic modelling with Subdivision Surfaces. No a step by step tutorial but an extended walk through of a Sea Horse character and how it was modelled Because of the length of the videos I have split the videos into 2 parts. The videos are hosted on Vimeo. Clicking on the download button will take you there. Suggest you download the high res video rather than watching the lower quality streaming version. Part 1 Splines - 1 hour 47 minutes Part 2 Polygon modelling - 1 hour 38 minutes Scene files from the polygon modelling section 460kb I've recorded these a bit more casual than normal. I make a few mistakes, forget how something works and say the occasional wrong thing. I don't think that this distracts from the tutorials as you'll see me have to figure things out before carrying on. Recorded using Release 15. About 90% of what I cover can be applied to earlier versions of C4D.
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    I've been having a bit of fun today doing the math to fly a Lego helicopter I got from Google's Sketchup 3D Warehouse, so I thought I'd share the file. The file's 11MB because there's some tex for the background mountains. I made a short video to show how it works scene there's a bit of info in the XPresso remarks.
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    This plugin is a great alternative to the built in symmetry object that comes with Cinema 4D. You can model using symmetry without having to cut the object in half. Just simply place the True Symmetry Tag on a polygon object, enable symmetry, and begin modeling. You will see right away that the opposite side of your model is created without having to lift a finger. This is a useful modeling plugin for character modeling and all other modeling styles. This plugin includes versions for Mac and Windows and works with Cinema 4D 10+. We hope you enjoy this plugin as much as we enjoyed making it. This plugin was created by Nebu, and Shawn Foster (emberintherain). check out a quick tutorial Aleksey made over here: To avoid the bugs with the background, turn off "show plane" once you have set up your symmetry.
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    Class 01 - Double_Constraint Summary: Building a dual way ball and chain constraint with automatic switch based on active selection with Python node. Using comparison logic to activate constrain once chain is fully extended. Duration: 25 min File Size: 161 Mb -end result- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Class 03 - L System Rig Summary: Building an flexible interactive L-system with mouse driven input string translation using Xpresso, Python, MoSplien and Interaction tag. Duration: 45 min File Size: 272 Mb -end result- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Class 04 - Wheel Rig Summary: Creating a wheel rig with automatic height adjustment for encountering uneven terrain with Xpresso and Python Duration: 18 min File Size: 153 Mb -end result-
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    made a zombie.
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    They made a "politician's promise" that we'd see some type of substantial update between R18 and R19 but that never happened. They'll probably use it as justification why they can never share information with customers again. heheh "See look! We promised something but didn't deliver then there was disappointment. From now on, you will endure the veil of secrecy until each new SIGGRAPH session!" :)
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    Quick GI test render - Irradiance Cache / QMC: 22 mins CBR
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    Thank you very much to mention my tutorials here, yes I am a member here too ;) Best regards from Vienna, Niko (Nikomedia).
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    @SIgor @DanLSK nice! I recorded a screen capture to introduce people to Redshift. First time ever doing a tutorial like this, so it came out longer than expected, is a little wordy, and there are a couple of audio sync issues - but I hope it's not all too annoying. I see it as a practice run for a (hopefully) better one down the line. 0:00-12:00 - settings and configuration 12:00-17:30 - lighting 17:30 - end - materials Also, note: since Redshift for C4D is still not out commercially, please do not share this video publicly. It is unlisted and only for the benefit of C4DCafe members with the link.
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    folks, Class 4 is in works and will be available this week, probably already tomorrow :)
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    The inclusion of a new render engine is a big deal for any 3d app. 3dsmax / Maya made a big deal out of Arnold (and before that they have the industry standard Mental Ray), Blender's Cycles GPU engine is a great way to 'sell' their free software. Mantra is recognized as a powerful engine, Zbrush own render engine has a lot of functionality, Poser has Superfly engine, and yet all of them have 3rd party render engines to fill the needs of everyone (Octane / Redshift / Arnold / Furryball / Renderman / Cycles / Keyshot / etc). The fact that some users wont need it because they already have a 3rd party engine, doesnt meant It isnt a great update. We could get Bifrost and Im pretty sure some users wont ever need it, or we can get Maya's nparticles and hopefully I wont be complaining about it because I already have x-particles. You know what is a great update? One that doesn't fill the software with bugs. How many versions has Modo up to this point? 10? 11? Has it ever launched a new version without bugs? Does Maya / 3dsmax fix theirs? One would think after 10+ years they will know how to stop their apps from crashing, right? I mean, it took almost a year and three extensions for Autodesk to fix their own 2017 update, and still has weird issues. Is that what we want? P.s. I use Cinema 4D Takes all the time... pretty strange, because that update sucked, right?
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    I know, and the amount of people who use likes is about 10% !! :) But no need to rant, you need the CBR approval / response system ! :) If I help someone, and they don't respond, that gets noted, and they get one more chance next time they ask, and if they still don't say anything nice, then they go on my cafe ignore list, never to be helped again ! Likewise if I think they are using their dodgy crack copies, or send me demanding private messages just assuming I'll help and have infinite time in which to do so, that's also a shortcut straight to my lists :) But on the whole I don't need to block people very often (apart from the crack thieves who I usually spot at a rate of 3 every day !) But most people are quite nice, and some people really go out of their way to say thank you - occasionally I get sent random paypal cash or 'beer donations'. And always remember, if you don't get thanked, who cares really - you did a good thing, and that in itself puts you in a morally good place you can be pleased about independent of anyone else agreeing ! :) But thank yous are nice - of course everyone likes appreciation for their hard work, so your thoughts are entirely understandable... CBR
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    Okay....with the inevitability of the seasons, in 3 months all will be revealed about R19 (we hope). So before we start to get into a deep wish list of expected features, I would actually like to go back to the now famous quote made on the MAXON Blog back in February of 2016 (Foundations for the Future): So the new core has been creeping into C4D since R16...and given that this new core allows for "massive data-parallelism and optimized data structures" you get the sense that ultimately C4D will crunch through huge scene files with the ease of a hot knife cutting through butter. So I have to ask this given that it has been two releases since then, has anyone noticed a substantial improvement in R18's power? Three years is a long time in the computer industry. Think of it like dog years. So when talking about improvements over a period of 3 years you also have to factor in hardware upgrades. So I can't tell if it is C4D getting more powerful or my hardware is getting faster. So did I miss something? Do others detect the new core in action as described above? I am not a power user by any means, so I would really love to hear from those who work in the depths of C4D's capabilities and push it to its limits. Now remember, I am not talking about slight improvements in performance of the selection tools, spline tools, etc. I am talking about a huge paradigm shift as promised in the quote above. I mean "a highly efficient threading system for massive data-parallelism and new optimized data structure" is quite a huge promise....and this is from a company that doesn't make promises. So I have to believe it to be real more so than marketing. I guess my point is this: real proof to me of the new core making itself known to the C4D user will be when MAXON releases some killer feature such as a fluid simulation system, Bodypaint improvements that put it on par with Mari (e.g. handling 4K images with ease) and/or an uber-instancing capability, etc. Other programs in Studios price range (or lower) have these capabilities. Plus when you consider that Maya has integrated their fluids tools into their motion graphic toolset, you would think that would be a real threat to C4D. So something along those lines would make perfect sense and come at the right time for MAXON. But honestly, if R19 looks anything like R17 in terms of new features, it won't be pretty. If we get improvements in R19 equivalent to version 2 of the color picker, than MAXON will begin to sound like the boy who cried wolf regarding what to expect from the new core. In short, credibility will be lost...which is never good.....unless people can start to point out what I may have missed in R17 and R18 that shows the new core in action. So to be clear, I am not blaming MAXON of being too slow or not doing enough. I could very well have missed all their excellent work since R16 based on my own understanding and expertise with C4D. Therefore hearing about where others have felt the presence of the new core in action to the level promised in their blog post above would help temper my expectations for R19. I think it would be healthy at this point for users to really show where they are reaping the benefits of the new core...if possible. I have some doubt because you would have heard about this before, but maybe I just missed it. If not, then after 3+ years of new core development, we should start to see something in R19 that makes us all realize it was worth the wait. Dave
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    Thought I'd create a new topic for this project for once. I did this sculpt last year as my first Zbrush head sculpture but was never satisfied with the final render. So after moving to a new village and inbetween painting walls and renovating the house I decided to pick up that project to get a more realistic result.. though probably not as realistic as Rectro's females ;) The head I made didn't have good proportions so I hope I did a better job with this one, not really using a lot of reference pics... yeah I know, I should :) Anyway, I'm planning to give him a cap and outfit like in the Peaky Blinders show I think. So far made with Cinema 4D, Zbrush, Substance Painter and this render with Marmoset Toolbag. Texture is half hand painted and half my fathers face :P
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    Started working back on Hair, and Skin in Vray, this time working with Alsurface. She is a low polygon mesh I made a while ago and have been adapting her. This is a W.I.P and rendered the full body in 25min, this is a cropped version. Slight different Hue
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    I would be willing to bet that advanced character animation will come when they finally get everything moved over to the new core. Once they get the performance issues settled, they'll be able to focus more on this sort of stuff.
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    Fresh render of one of my older characters , full size for the 3k version (click to zoom)
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    Just your friendly neighborhood, largely overweight Robin. full size for High quality
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    @DanLSK sure thing. And here's another quickie! Basically a video explanation of the screenshot I took for @SIgor regarding dirtmapping - slightly expanded.
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    This week, I've been working on more stone details, specifically my grim reaper gargoyle - I've been building his head. Initially this was going to be ultra low poly, but I got a bit absorbed in the complexity of skulls in general, and wanted to do something a little more detailed. I've made it 20% more 'evil' than regular skulls, for obvious reasons. 7K polys so far, most of them in the teeth :) Oh, and couldn't resist adding some scary eyes, just to see what that looked like... CBR
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    Hello all! This is my first time here so I'll do a brief introduction. I'm a motion designer based out of Michigan. I graduated from an art school here a year ago and I'm still trying to get my foot in the door somewhere that does great motion design. I started out as a Maya user but absolutely fell in love with C4D and haven't looked back since. In addition to animations I create digital illustrations and am looking to start creating for VR/AR. This is the second full length music video I've done in Cinema. I have to say I'm pretty happy with how this turned out, I created it over the course of about a month and a half. I tried to focus more on planning this time around, I made styleframes and a rough animatic before fully diving in to the project and doing so really helped me! So, let me know what you think! I'm excited to start frequenting this forum, the C4D subreddit isn't active enough for me :P Any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!
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    @SIgor I'll take a look at your scene and try to do a video on that later today when I'm not as busy (or maybe tomorrow). Meantime, here's another short video to compliment the first one. Going into the Redshift physical sky / sun, DOF, motion blur, and animation rendering. Audio sync is much better, though there's quite a bit of noise. Hope it helps!
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    Here you go: I really hope this will give an idea how can you approach to build stuff like this. chromeV2igor.c4d
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    Modo is a lot more stable now. My guess is updated UV tools are 1 year away at best case scenario. Don't expect much in R19 apart from a token gesture minor enhancement that they are working on the UV tools. Updated UV tools could likely be tied into the new core so you won't get one without the other.
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    Hello all, For years I've been using my own little suite of plug-ins (initially created in COFFEE, then a couple of new ones added as natively coded items, now all re-done as Python) to help add some basic level of detail functionality to my Cinema workflow. (The original Object Controller tag was inspired by Maya's level of detail function.) Anyway, I always meant to get around to sorting them all out a little and then giving them away, just in case anybody else out there was looking for something similar. (And maybe even if nobody is looking, somebody will look at these and then be inspired to go off and create something better.) It's all free, please view, download and do what you please with them: (Drag and drop into your MAXON Cinema 4D plug-ins directory in the usual way.) Any feedback, comments (complimentary or critical) is always welcome, and I hope that if I get any bug reports I'll be able to correct the errors and keep the code up to date and usefully functional. Three of the tags need R18 to work correctly (I am working on making them backwardly functional) and the others should work okay in pretty much anything. I only work on a Mac, and have not had time to check them out on a Windows installation. But in theory they should work fine. Best wishes to all, Charlie
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    AsileFX is a vendor of tutorials and assets for Vue products. e-on has had its difficulties lately since they were acquired and took way too long to release their 2016 update and as such have kind of gone the way of Lightwave -- a once great program slowly falling out of use in the common market (their list of movies stops with films from 2012). So maybe business hasn't been that great for AsileFX lately...maybe it has. Not sure but you be the judge based on the following sale: 12 texture collections totaling over 2363 textures and 7002 image maps (16.2 Gb of files) for $99 (was $399). Each texture is in a tiff, PNG or JPEG format file so it is applicable to more than just Vue (like C4D) Find out more here. If you are Vue user, pretty much everything else at the site is going on sale too but the textures have some use to the C4D community. Again, when you see prices cut this deeply you have to wonder what is going on. Regardless, I hope all is well but whatever the circumstances you have to admit that this is a pretty good deal especially if you find yourself a little lite on building your own personal library of textures. Dave BTW: Anyone know what has replaced Vue as the top professional landscape software package?
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    Filter menu in alphabetical order, for god's sake!
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    Given your modeling skills, I am surprised you are not a beta tester. But a better knife tool is not key evidence of a new core in action. New core as described by MAXON points to so many other capabilities than smarter modeling algorithms....unless I am reading into "massive data parallelism" too much. For me, apart from the hope of what a true new core would be giving you (like fluid simulation with OpenVDB support), I would love to see the following with the existing tool set: Emissive materials --- please!!! Very desperate for this and would change the render quality/capability in a huge way. A proper symmetry an polygon, click a get symmetry about that polygon regardless of where the object is located within the scene file. Now imagine if you were to animate that capability....pretty interesting motion graphics opportunities. A spot light or tube light that allows you to independently change the size of the opening at each end. I hate using volumetric spot lights that start from a razor sharp point. The ability for lights (especially volumetric lights) to pass through polygons shaded with transparency or alpha maps. An upgrade to the sky tool to include spectral atmospheric effects. Sorry...the existing sky tools are painfully outdated given what you accomplish with other programs like Terragen and/or Vue. As well as what everyone else wants (Bodypaint, viewport, etc). Dave
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    Few more keyshot tests.
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    Re-render of my cafe challenge submission. click full size for the 3k ;)
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    And here's the final render...
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    @kitefly It is already available for purchase via Cafe store :) folks, next class ( third one) will be next week. This time we will take a look into L systems and make a nice rig.
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    As far as Forester goes, a major new version is under heavy development. There is no time frame for a release date yet, but it will be worth the wait. Charbel
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    Hadouken! This one was fun to make.
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    Oh definitely. I love their video manual, both for xparticles and cycles4d. I just thought that was what 3dPangel was referring to as "cookbook-like", so he should refer to the manual when wanting a little more on the how and why. Here's another one! 2 million particles, lots of refraction, and reflection. My computer kind of got a little bogged down while previewing, but it rendered fairly quickly once I sent to picture viewer and stepped away.
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    Metaball Paint ... More tutorials: Click Here
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    Amen to that. I think a lot of people are so thrilled by their first result with catastrophe or thrausi that they stop looking at it critically, comparing it to a serious sim and seeing what's missing. Instead they high five themselves and then make a tutorial.. Proper destruction FX are always layered, multiple simulations working together, and that's before you even get to the compositing side of it.
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    This is weird. Forum didn't notify me at all that there was a reply on my thread. Hi @Rectro, thanks for the reply. I understand that the guides does not really represent the actual hair, but I was kinda expecting close to it. Anyhow, thanks for pointing out the "restrict to guides " and the "clumping feature". It help in compressing the hairs.
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    Thanks, SIgor ! I like very much the Redshift...It is super fast and I am with single 960 GTX and 4 gigs of vram..
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    Another hilarious (extended) episode of the much appreciated Rollin' Wild Series, notable for the humour AND the immaculate 3D work / dynamics... So enjoy that... CBR
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    MAXON has to please everyone, and thats not easy when their software is so versatile. I hope that they just prioritize their resources into things that the majority needs, not the few. General Speed, view port upgrades, better modelling with full symmetry support, Uv mapping, refine cloth dynamics, all has to come in the process before we get to render out our projects. I have dedicated software for Sculpting, Uv mapping, texture painting, cloth simulation, Render engine, but I am still having to pay for C4D studio upgrades for a application that perpetually cost a heck of allot of money, and to an extent should be able to do what all my dedicated apps do, but maybe not as refined, but certainly up there with other high end software. C4D ease of use holds a great deal of value in my eyes, and with futher upgrades on areas that have been left for a while it will do even better than it is now. Dan