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    Hey Cafe I've been on some pretty epic modelling adventures recently for an upcoming film project. My producer has kindly allowed me to post some WiP shots of the base model for our close up hot air balloon. This is the first round model, enough to begin simulations on the envelope, so there are still details and additional ropework to add / refine, but we are most of the way there. *Vital Stats* Objects: 940 Polys: 80,218 (100% quads) Subdivided Polys: 6.75 million Modelling Hours so far: 32 The wicker work was certainly an interesting one, as were the tie lines, and various bits of rope style business, and the burner shrouds. All in all a very rewarding thing to model ! Here's some wires and clays... CBR
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    Found time to pick my creature sculpts back up: Some people asked me to do a screen-cap previously, so for this one I did. 2x 35 min videos at 20x speed for anyone with the patience. Modelling/ Painting, Render & Post:
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    Let me introduce myself: My name is Rodrigo Bitencourt Rodrigues I have degree in Animation(Universidade Federal de Pelotas, who cares? :) ) I live in Brazil(at least for now) I'm a C4D Generalist but with focus on character rigging I work for a company called Petit Fabrik doing all the types of rigging. I love learn new things and challenges. It's that. So let's me start sharing a Viewport Filter Python script pack it allows you to use as a icon on your layout or just a shortcut. A Hug! RBR Viewport Filter Script Pack.zip
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    started to work on something different for a change a couple of weeks ago, no cel rendered stuff this time... had a lot of fun building the materials. was a bit tricky to get the post DOF right in conjunction with hair, but fortunately i found a solution that works perfectly. all physical renderer, no GI. car model by vector.
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    Although you can play a very similar game with actual drink, here the drinks are soft and the modelling less so. IQP challenge 2 is to model this drinks bottle. That is to say the bottle, the lid, and the grid thing inside it. Here's your reference, superbly held up by GI Vector himself ! The Rules This is a 4 week challenge, closing Oct 30th 2017. Main focus is again, all quads, superior edge flow, and polygon efficiency This is the WiP thread, so please post your rendered images only here; finals thread will be up soon, which is where to put your wireframes for final submission. We're not saying you have to, but we will be impressed by people who choose to model in the text. The winner will receive 8 Elite challenge league points, with 2nd place receiving 5, and 3rd receiving 3. Good luck, and may your polygons be exceptional. Imperial Archon Cerbera, IQP
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    A 5 minute cartoon commissioned by the Zurich based FREITAG company. Freitag makes bags and accessories from used truck tarps (in europe most truck trailers are enclosed by a PVC tarp) and they asked me to make a film about their process. There was no briefing or guidelines. 100% artistic freedom to do whatever I wanted.
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    Over the next few weeks, we'll be releasing sneak peek videos showcasing all the major new features of X-Particles 4. If you visit http://insydium.uk/x-particles-4-new-features/ you’ll find information on the new features, pricing and FAQs. This information will be updated regularly. Please take the time to watch our first Sneak Peek, created by Mike Batchelor - Episode 1 - xpClothFX xpClothFX Dynamics system brings remarkably fast cloth simulations right into the X-Particles workflow. http://vimeo.com/236289244 We hope you enjoy it, we're looking forward to sharing more with you over the next few weeks Thank you x
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    It's much more complicated than you think. Its hard to even run a challenge as most of our members are freelancers and beginners. So when they see pros entering they just give up, so these challenges are trial and errors...we will see in the future how this will evolve. We simply making baby steps and nothing more we can do about it.
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    Managed to get this done! No-frills render and wires attached.. Good luck all! Link to high res version of the wireframe sheet as upload seems to scale it down - http://www.intothescreen.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/FlyHook_Wires.jpg
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    Hey , here is my entry . P.S sorry for the mess (didn't have time to combine them into 2 images )
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    Well I guess someone has to go first. I know this is posted early, but if someone copies my mesh, I'll take it as a compliment :-D Thank you Cafe Admin for putting on this challenge, and good luck to everyone!
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    So our PC workstation finally arrived, downloaded the Redshift demo, jaws hit floor, uninstalled demo, purchased Redshift and haven't been able to stop grinning since... Better late than never to this particular party.
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    Originally Blender was a commercial application. The company, however, went belly-up, and Ton (one of the original developers of Blender) with the help of the community, "crowd funded" the purchase of Blender's source code and license. They then open-sourced it, started the Blender Foundation, and the rest is history. I support the Blender Foundation, and I subscribe to the Blender Cloud - which is actually quite amazing: for 10 euros a month you are given access to online project management that integrates seamlessly with Blender. Not to mention all the other goodies... Version 2.8 is going to be very, very special. Check out the "future of Blender" page they just got up and running a few days ago: https://www.blender.org/2-8/ Download the alpha/beta version, and open one of the demo files that showcases Eevee. They have transparency and refraction working now. And more Eevee features are being worked on - basically, they want Eevee to replace the old internal raytracing engine. So Cycles and Eevee - and the nodal material editor will support simultaneous output between the two to avoid having to rebuild the materials from scratch. But honestly I am really excited about the workspaces. Users should be able to customize the entire GUI tools. Just display a focused set of tools related to the job at hand - something that is lacking in Blender right now. And the new version will support completely customizable viewport widgets - simplifying tool use a lot. Left mouse button will finally be completely supported in the new version too. ;-P
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    Hi this is my first post here I have not been using Cinema4D very long I have been doing lots of tutorials and getting to know all the tools etc I feel I have learnt a lot in the couple of months I have been tinkering with this software. This is the first thing I have felt confident enough to share there is still so much to do the textures on the boat still need lots of work and the water still need some work I also want to add more details to the entire scene and tweak the lighting. I hope you all like i'll have updates ASAP
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    ...one click solution http://matniedoba.de/selection-to-object-split/
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    Thanks Guys, I have added more details to the boat and subdivided the boat hull.. It is all textures i'm going to redo the textures now I have tweaked the model it was all just tests for what i'm planing on doing .
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    Update time :D click full size for full quality
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    I saw an interesting optical illusion animated gif in an online newspaper today, so I thought I'd waste an hour or so recreating it. The key seemed to be using a bit of trig to keep the moving parts a constant width. I've added a 'reveal'. this file has a control panel, so you can play with the parameters - https://www.dropbox.com/s/21rgcyj8xgwyyw7/star.c4d?dl=1 might amuse someone
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    What is Select N’Go? Select N’Go exports the selected object/s from your project scene to your custom directory. Select N’Go Takes Exporter allows you to export FBX, ABC, DAE animation clips takes on the selected object from your scene in a multi file output. New Features: Global Updates: Open export folder after export. Recent export folder is added. Message Log as been added. Updates in Select N’Go: New UI changes. Import Mode is back! The ability to open export folder after export. A recent export menu has been added. Updates in Select N’Go Takes Exporter: New UI changes. Ability to save project presets. There are now 60 Takes Slots. Multi Component Export (Export multiple object animations). More Export Formats been added (.FBX | .ABC | .DAE). Play button added to play each clip take. System Requirements: PC or Mac capability of running Capability of running versions of Cinema 4D – R16, R17, R18, R19. Always run Cinema 4D as administrator. Download Plugin: http://www.fieldcreatorsstudios.com/selectngov2/ Website: http://www.fieldcreatorsstudios.com/ Our Forums: http://www.fieldcreatorsstudios.com/forum/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FCSTools/
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    Honestly you may as well ask for unpaid help, for £10 it's not worth even opening the file. Most decent artists are going to charge between £60-£100 an hour. I'm sure there will be plenty of people here willing to help for free, but this isn't the right board for it.
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    No, this is about improving skills, and seeing how other people approached the same model, so everyone doing the same thing is kind of the main point. Our job in this elite topo club is mostly to find you guys interesting and challenging things to model. That might be the way it is now, but we may do more open ones in the future - like @Igor said, we are trying stuff and seeing what works. Of course there is nothing to stop you using our challenge titles as inspiration to go find your own drinks bottle to model and go in your portfolio, but here, we want you doing this one ! ;) CBR
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    Hey Cafe I'm a big fan of 3D mountain ranges and epic landscapes, so I keep a special eye out for any resources that help us do that sort of thing really well in Cinema. Last time I posted about this, I was sharing the excellent Nikolaus Schatz tut on making mountains with the landscape primitive, but now, with the release of the IBC rewinds, I was very pleased to see this lecture by landscape master Eric Smit, the man behind one of my favourite C4D add-ons, the Landscape Shading Kit. Here, he breaks down all the ways he uses displacement, layers, noises, distorters and terrain shaders, physical sky and atmosphere to produce probably the most realistic landscapes that Cinema can (without recourse to DEM earth etc), with a particular emphasis on the different noise types, why and when to use them, and some very helpful techniques for making noise-based terrain look more natural and less noise-based ! So if that's the sort of thing that interests you, you'll probably enjoy this as much as I did :) CBR
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    Ok here's my attempt. I'm happy with it, though I'm sure things could be improved. In the end I decided to have the recesses that hold the round buttons on the front panel to just be floating geo and not be connected to the rest of the mesh. It would not be too hard to connect it but it seemed unneccesary as the are would not really be that visible anyway. I rendered it a bit more reflective than the reference just cause it looks nice :) Dropbox link to the full quality images here (as Midnightcow mentions, the Cafe seems to scale down images somewhat and make them a bit soft... ): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bs4iok5gg0trzjs/AAD_fFW5TjB_jn7x2CFc5Ysya?dl=0 Wire with one subdivision: Proof to show to the quad police :) :
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    Hi guys, I have been playing around with atmosphere effects and I wanted to create a small snow scene :) this is the result: thanks for feedback!
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    Ah ya gotta be quick to catch me bro ;) But not for the next hour or 2, as I'm off out ! :)
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    Hey here's a little animation I made a couple of weeks ago for for a local animation competition. I used C4D and Octane. I'd really appreciate if anyone could take a second to vote for mine here!: http://www.nodefest.com.au/node_ident/intergalactic-mushrooms/ (you don't have to sign up or anything, you just have to type in an email address to vote. You don't get spam or anything from it). Also, here's a making-of video if anyone's interested in the process:
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    Behold That reminds me I also did the hand using the phone too. The stuff in my original post is my work the stuff in the ads are from the other artists really turned out nice in the end
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    There´s a much faster (and more elegant way) to find point/polygon index of object. Rui Batista (aka ruimac) create years ago plugin for it. (included in 3DPack) http://ruimac.com/plugins.htm and inside viewport it look like this
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    Hello everyone, I'm proud to introduce a new version of my plugin EasyObjectID It allow you to set Object Id from your scene to your render settings in one click ! For more informations please visit https://gr4ph0s.github.io/EasyObjectId_V2/ Preview video Download links http://graphos.xyz/files/Plugin/graph_EasyObjectID/graph_EasyObjectId.zip Installation Unzip Copy into your plugin folder Support Windows and Mac R16 + Cinema 4D (ProRender - Standard - Physical) Redshift Arnold Octane (Object ID - Layer ID) Vray (1.9 - 3.5) Iray I’m really glad of any any feedbacks, features requests or suggestions. Then don’t hesitate to contact me at graphos.xyz/Contacts/ or via pm here
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    ASAP for £10 ?!!! I think this is an insult.
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    Hello Cafe, Came across this awesome gray-scale random displacement or bump generator. It is totally free and delivers 8k maps in 32bit depth. It's called JSplacement and you can find it here https://windmillart.net/?p=jsplacement After you download the program you will be just few clicks away from generating some awesome random maps Few examples I just made
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    You mean something like this :) Have a look at my setup. First I got the parenting right. Then set up the orientation of the Null pivot so that it would target along its Z axis. Made the arm aim at a Null target using a Target expression tag. Used an Up Vector Null to control which way the arm faces. This also prevents flipping. Hope this helps. Octopod_0001.zip
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    No prob @djfilms. Another quick one in between "breaks.". No image textures. Purely procedural noises / patterns.
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    Dave, Okay....that is what I expected. As a long standing XP user, my 3.5 license was still locked. Personally I am very happy that you are doing away with locked licenses. What I also perceive is that Insydium began to realize that what started as a way to get people into XP at a lower price point, offering two license types for each version was becoming cumbersome to explain and maintain and costing more in effort than it gained in revenue. Had your paragraph above been in the emails you sent out and explained the history of how old-time users got to this point, then it would have made perfect sense and I would have recognized that the 50% discount was a fair way to respect those who already had paid for an unlocked license. Rather those emails spent a good deal of time selling people on why unlocking your 3.5 license was a good thing with a few added throw away lines about how you can't get to XP4 without it. Hopefully you can understand how alarming that can be from the perspective of those who are not as close to the history as you are. I think explaining the history, the change in direction and a tacit admission (or implied inference) that offering two license options for each version was not a good idea is a good way to close out this topic in this thread. I appreciate the additional context and taking the time to provide it. I am all set. Dave A
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    I'm in the last month of production of my first fully-animated short! It's about a rookie government agent who goes off on his own to hunt down his first ufo. Here's a complex scene where other agents show up and continue to ridicule the hero, who gets driven off the road when the ufo starts shooting.
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    Hi there. Without owning 3DCoat I would not be able to make a fair comparison , but if you have ever heard anyone saying how good the UV tools are in MODO, I can tell you that Unfold3D is better, faster, more intuitive, but then MODO 11 is out now and Im still on 901. I do plan on making a video review on it soon, so that should help people get a idea what makes Unfold3d so good. In typical use Its very fast on even higher polygon objects, and makes selecting the shortest path so easy. Areas like unfolding hands and feet, this takes literaly a few seconds to select the borders, and with its auto anti overlap feature you wont have to spend ages putting down pins to pull part overlapping edges, it does it when you unfold it. I like how it tells me when the mesh has issues. This is often caused by me forgetting to optimise my mesh as C4D is the only 3d app that seems to leave behind floating verts as if its a desirable objective by MAXON? Its logarithm to relax is superb, and has weight painting for emphasis on areas to get more Uv space, direct relax painting, and optimising with Symmetry. Unfolding hair cards that are made from even strips of polygons, yet bent can be straighten out with ease, and then in turn get all other cards to match and overlay the single card that has been unfolded, that shares the same construction. This is helpful for finger nails so as to get all nails that share the same construction to match, and overlay so you have to only paint the nails once. Full UDIM support as you would expect. Dan
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    Yes, we are making this quite a hard slope to climb, and they're only gonna get harder ! ;) But just think how pleased with yourself you will feel if you try, fail, try again, and succeed !! You just gotta get on that horse and try and ride it to the finish line ! CBR
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    I've mucked about with this, and yes it does work really well - Here's a test scene file to play with, it's not the one that created that video but it's enough to get you started. Run the simulation in T4D first. RS_volume_test.c4d
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    Hello , Did you bake trees one by one instead of all 3 together ? That may help a lot . Also , did you try exporting the trees as alembic file (.abc) ? It is very fast and gives amazing results .
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    Hey guys just got the green light to share some of the modelling work i did a couple months back, For some Adverts for American Express. most if not all of the model in these stills were modelled by me, mainly the african plane assets, ( zebra, Elephants, 4x4, hot air ballons, petrol pump . beach scene(minus some props) wine bottle, plate of food, chairs, sofas and tables in the lounge sketch and toon materials by and animations @BradAllen
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    I would think you assign a hotkey to your script then edit the menu and add it in. Here for example is where to customize the right click menu when in polygon mode. You add in your hotkey / script by opening the "Customize Commands" dialog window and drag and drop it into the menu editor.
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    Ton's altruistic idea is to give Blender for free so there will always be a very capable 3D application for anybody to use as access into the field of 3D production. It works because he's great at his job, the content they produce is worth buying and many users put their hand in their pocket and donate, it's really only free if you're a tight ass. If even more people donated think where Blender would be now? Looking at their future developments they're really going places with their Eevee renderer, it already makes C4D's Hardware renderer look like a wireframe preview but in future versions they'll be having RT GI. It's astonishing what they're doing with the resources they've got.
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    The new Canyon Scene Reconstruction tutorials on Cineversity will make anyone who sprung for R19 very glad! It even includes a free Artbeats video. It never ceases to amaze me what C4D can do!
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    Check this file, not sure if it´s complete or not, in most cases there are not problems with geometry... (when you download, let me know and I´ll remove the file) ///file removed
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    Ha this is quite the thread. Yes I did something like this awhile back, but lucky for me the birds were smaller in frame (it was creating big flocks of starlings to be comped into the distance). I did a little breakdown vid here: Looking at that lockup I think you're in for a bit of pain if you want it to look realistic.. do the birds actually have to land on the branch and stuff? Also those models are quite detailed, with feathers and whatnot. It's definitely doable but a big job. To make a nice flock, you start with a nice loop of a bird flapping at medium speed. You can then make fast and slow versions of this animation, plus if you want to go crazy you could make different animations for whatever angle flight the bird was doing. You then make that your particle instance geometry and make different groups for each different speed. I'm assuming you've got xparticles. OR you just get cerbera and Vector to do it and you go on a nice little mini break to, say, tuscany. Either one is good!
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    If you are planning a career in VFX: teach yourself Houdini with Nuke or Fusion. Houdini is not THAT hard as it is made out to be - the documentation is excellent (in particular compared to C4d's docs, which are terrible), and many good tutorials are available. VFX such as water, fire, and explosions are very easy to do in Blender, btw. Just look up a bunch of tutorials again. A couple of studios use Blender for this - a well-known one is http://www.barnstormvfx.com/ They use Blender and Nuke in production (Good Wife, Man in the High Castle, Good Fight, Silicon Valley, Outlander, etc.). Pretty high-profile VFX work production house. It can't hurt to learn both Houdini and Blender. You MUST also learn a nodal compositor such as Nuke and/or Fusion, if you plan to land a job in VFX. And this means more than just knowing which buttons to push: it means learning proper compositing, match moving, 3d mattes, and so on. Nuke is sort-of the industry standard, although Fusion is used as well. It doesn't matter that much though - both work quite similar. Learn one, and the other can be learned quite quickly. Fusion is free for up to 4K.
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    These are all simply awesome. Some great work here. Any chance for a few tutorials on how to create these materials?