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    Inspired by that masterful Eric Smit landscaping lecture I re-posted the other day I have been playing around with mountains and terrain masking to see if I can get a vaguely convincing result in the terrain department. I'm going to do a few images in this series, but here's the first. Physical sky (fog, atmosphere, sky, sun channels, no GI) is doing the lighting, but sky later swapped out for photo. 20 minute render. You can tell me if I'm winning or not - happy to hear all suggestions for improvements in the next round... CBR
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    Found time to pick my creature sculpts back up: Some people asked me to do a screen-cap previously, so for this one I did. 2x 35 min videos at 20x speed for anyone with the patience. Modelling/ Painting, Render & Post:
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    This is what happens when you eat someone's head! Barry the poor brain damaged banana, he is the first Vectron toys model, and the first in this series of fruits :D i've got some pretty messed up ideas for the next ones so i'll be starting on those after this one, temporary shading just to give it a bit of colour, still need to add legs, half of the top part of the banana that hasn't been bitten off, as well as add some thickness to the peel and inner details and general refining of the pose and shapes :D
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    This one is the Kirin - 'Japanese Unicorn'. As usual, modelling & sculpting in Cinema 4D, plants with Forester plugin, texture painting in Mudbox, render in Octane, a little post-work in Photoshop.
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    Let me introduce myself: My name is Rodrigo Bitencourt Rodrigues I have degree in Animation(Universidade Federal de Pelotas, who cares? :) ) I live in Brazil(at least for now) I'm a C4D Generalist but with focus on character rigging I work for a company called Petit Fabrik doing all the types of rigging. I love learn new things and challenges. It's that. So let's me start sharing a Viewport Filter Python script pack it allows you to use as a icon on your layout or just a shortcut. A Hug! RBR Viewport Filter Script Pack.zip
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    Hey guys, trying out a new plastic shader created by @everfresh that i've been testing and refining over the past couple of days, mainly to get it as plasticy and toy like as possible while also trying to keep it somewhat realistic looking, This is ahead of some new toys/figures that i'll be creating as part of my fictional VECTRON TOYS brand :D make sure you view the images full size for best quality, V
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    hey guys, i recently saw the movie "Blade Runner 2049". I was impressed by the amazing visuals and audiodesign. So i decided to create something related to the movie just for fun. I opted for the BR Peugeot. Modelling/Rendering in C4D and textured in Substance Painter. The first image ist some work in progress rendered with Substance Painter. The second one is my final one. feel free to give me some feedback :)
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    i made this little project to get familiar with redshift, which i bought about two weeks ago. i tried to squeeze in as much as possible to learn a few things like how to do displacement, volumetrics, fog, blurry transparency and SSS with redshift. the swamp scene rendered 12 minutes at 1080p on a single gtx1080ti, the most expensive thing in there was the SSS, without it the render took only around half the time. if i had rendered that with physical i would have waited half a day for the render to finish. just so much more convenient to go to the fridge, grab a beer, and when you come back it's done. redshift is really so much fun, instant feedback on the IPR, even with heavy stuff. the look dev alone would have taken 10 times longer otherwise. best 500$ spent in a long time.
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    update and probably the final version :D
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    my first redshift project :) tried to squeeze in as much as possible to learn a lot at once, blurry transparency, volumetrics, fog, displacement, SSS... the only thing i had to fake in post were the underwater light rays, couldn't get them going in the render, the water just swallowed every light ray that hit the surface. any suggestions how to achieve that in redshift?
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    as mentioned by myself and many others in this thread ease of use is still c4ds main strength. it seems to be particularly popular among designers and generalists, also people who usually don't have that much of a technical mindset. as for myself i've learned to like the technical aspect of things through learning c4d, and only because of that i have the perspective of being able to flirt with houdini. if it wasn't for c4d, i'd be scared sh*tless even looking at it. what makes c4d still worth every penny for me is that i'm able to produce stuff very quickly, so the money i make by using it doesn't remotely compare to it's price. so at least to me c4d is still a very good deal, although i'd also like them to step up their game. i don't do much vfx stuff for work, or have the need to incorporate the most fancy procedural eyecandy imaginable to the stuff i usually do. sometimes a little bit more funcionality would be nice, but i can usually get by with a plugin or another idea to solve the issue. even though i'm not that happy with c4ds pace of development these days, i'm still happy to use it every day. i believe houdini can be a huge time saver for complex stuff, but for the simple things c4d is still unbeatable in productivity IMO. so right now i don't think houdini is that much of a threat to c4d, even though a lot of c4d users have picked it up, i believe most of them still use c4d for the simple day to day work. for me it isn't an either or kind of question, i see houdini as an addition to my toolset, not really a replacement. if houdini ever manages to get near the ease of use of c4d it will be a threat, for now it's more like apples and oranges. others with a more technical mindset and more sophisticated needs might see it differently, but the fact that c4ds userbase is still growing tells me there's still a place for it.
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    These pictures upset me, so I had to do this quickly so I could restore balance to the force :) CBR
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    Since you like my XPresso camera tricks, here's 2 more. There's a constant zoom scene, where I keep an object the same size in the camera viewfinder, and a smooth camera target scene that is useful for following a jerky subject. In fact, I use the smoothing method to smooth ordinary data all the time - if you look in my legoman python it's buried in the code. morecameratricks.zip
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    Just found out about a new site called https://www.hdrvault.com/ with free HDR images and thought some of you might be interested. Public domain - no restrictions on usage and sharing - (CC0)
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    Hi guys, I modelled a new top. Tried to keep it as quad as possible. It's less wonky than the last one. Though stills not perfect.
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    So, in addition to my daily work (most of which I'm still not able to show), I do a bunch of personal R&D as a skill-building exercise. I tend to approach it as series of 3 - 6 pieces, before I move on to new ideas or themes. Here are a few favorites from each. All rendered with Redshift, except for the Smudjula ones which were done with Cycles4D. Let's start with some stills! FRACTAE Series: WHOOPS Series: UNNATURAL Series: SMUDJULA Series:
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    This week's bit of Python WIP is legoman playing whack-a-mole. There's a null on the vehicle that targets the mole, then the vehicle turns by that H angle and heads for his quarry. When distance to mole is < some value, the mole jumps to a new location. The sounds are played by sending 1's to sound nodes from the Python at the relevant time. I recorded the sound in real-time using Audacity and 'what you hear' from my sound card, with 'all frames' in C4D off. The resulting wav was only out by 2 frames, which I fixed in After Effects using time stretch, so the sync's not bad, considering. If you don't already use Audacity audio editor, I recommend you check it out - it's free, and Windows + Mac. http://www.audacityteam.org/ might amuse someone
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    For download I discovered from these guys: http://www.3dart.it/en/category/download/ Check them out, most of the are 4K, also a lot of good HDRI's.
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    After 9 years we're jumping ship to Houdini. The H16.5 new features video just reinforced that SideFX are disappearing off down the road at an alarming speed and it's time to stop training on the Indie version and buy an Artist license of HoudiniFX. Redshift and Houdini are a wonderful pairing which was the real clincher. This puts the lightweight R19 release into perspective. For MAXON to deliver the toolset of H16.5 it'll take them and all of the C4D plugin developers another 10 years, Houdini as it stands now is pretty much C4D plus every plugin you've ever even dreamt about and in a couple more years of this pace of development Houdini will have lapped C4D. My Vimeo feed has been telling me Houdini is the future for the last year as all the mograph studios and artists that I followed have moved on to Houdini. It feels like Houdini is gaining momentum in the mograph field and anybody who is anybody is either using Houdini or in the process of learning it. But but why don't you wait for R20? Pfft. We've given up waiting for any official communication from MAXON that R20 will address the concerns of many users and waiting another year only to be disappointed is just a waste of our time. I personally have no faith that C4D will challenge the likes of Maya or Houdini in any aspect of 3D ever again and the best days of C4D are well and truly behind it. To believe R20 will be a messiah release requires a certain level fanboyism that I no longer possess, history suggests disappointment. Thanks for the memories.
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    another product video for my main client, it's particularly fun to make product videos for this brand since i created the logo and claim and the whole CI as well. also their products are really high quality, always more satisfying to do advertising for good products.... rendered with c4ds physical renderer.
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    That's like saying you need to be a python or c++ programmer and create plugins for C4D to use all its power it's true but most users never go that far. Even being a beginner level in Houdini you can get by with the shelf tools, a handful of expressions and understanding VOPs which I like to think of as Houdini's Xpresso and a good idea of how all of the xOPs relate to each other. The Houdini learning curve is only formidable if you think you have to understand it all, I made real progress when I reconciled the fact I'll probably never understand more than 20% of Houdini but that 20% would give me the tools to do what I want without the limitations C4D imposes. I just concentrated on the areas that interested me such as the ability to generatively modify geometry and pass attributes around the system. I am by no means an expert or even an intermediate level Houdini user I'm just happy in my own little bubble and the more I learn the bigger the bubble gets. I'm sure if someone were to test me by asking me how to do something outside my bubble I'd come unstuck very quickly. If Houdini were a spoken language I'd be that British tourist you see with an English to French dictionary open spouting bad french grammar with the odd English word spoken loudly in French accent trying to hail a cab somewhere. After a bit of faffing around I get to where I need to be and when I get there it feels like an achievement.
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    So how many of us are now checking the Insydium web-site every Monday for a new feature update? Only 3 more episodes left until the amazing season finale. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if XP4 was done weeks ago because this is really smart marketing on their part to build anticipation and desire before a release (well....the cool new features are really what's causing this stir but go with me on this and let's credit a smart release campaign). MAXON could learn a thing or two from from Insydium. You guys are now combining amazing products with smart marketing --- I can only imagine what your future holds but it will definitely be successful. For my part though, I have been spoiled by Netflix where they release all episodes at once. Too bad we can't binge watch all the XP4 feature videos like we can with Stranger Things 2....but so be it. Looking forward to next Monday. My bet is that they are holding smoke and fluids until the very end (such masters of suspense!!!). Dave
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    I'd like to say third time's the charm, but these are way too much fun to work on, so I can't make any promises...
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    Hello elitists :) Disappointing amount of entries for this one, but thanks to everyone that tried, and especially those that made it to the finish line. We have finished the judgings for this challenge: First Place - @mrittman Second place - @Ciarma Judges Comments Both contestants did a pretty damn reasonable job of this model, which had some tricky little modelling dilemmas to solve. But neither were perfect either ! Mr Rittman had done what we thought was the better overall modelling job, particularly on the top section, which was what I'd call very close to A* perfect, but in his grid mesh we did find some unwanted boundary edges across the middle, and we did spot that the central post was a fair way off centre :) But his otherwise excellent modelling and edge flow design more than made up for this. Ciarma has also done a pretty good job of the top, but we feel it's just not quite as good an edge flow as MR's mesh, specifically around the join with the drinking spout. Here's the 2 side by side. Note Mr Rittman's control loops are an uninterrupted line around that section. Personally, on MR's mesh I would have added one more control loop the other side of the seam to really tighten that area up, but the edge flow is superb. Ciarma also had a few complex poles (some really complex, with lots more than 5 points) in his model. Whereas MR was all-quads, and only (max 6 point) complex poles where he absolutely had to. So well done again to the winners, and we'll be back with Elite modelling challenge 3 (I've seen it and it's a cracker!) when enough people ask us :) CBR / VECTOR
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    Here's my attempt - I used 3D Kiwi's piston constraint method and made the cloner editable. There's often a lag problem with constraints and XPresso (for me anyway), but this isn't too bad - https://www.dropbox.com/s/es6q66oy4nptejt/engine2.c4d?dl=1 an interesting subject edit - I thought the offset center should move a bit more, so I added some sinusoidal rotation. There's a slider https://www.dropbox.com/s/k2lwzwsyw3n9fuc/engine3.c4d?dl=1
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    I found this tutorial very useful today and thought others might benefit from knowing about this method for using the Substance C4D plugin (Pipeline>Substance Engine>Load Substance...) with Redshift all within Cinema 4D. The Substance textures remain procedural and allow changing the assets using the Substance Shader.
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    Hi this is my first post here I have not been using Cinema4D very long I have been doing lots of tutorials and getting to know all the tools etc I feel I have learnt a lot in the couple of months I have been tinkering with this software. This is the first thing I have felt confident enough to share there is still so much to do the textures on the boat still need lots of work and the water still need some work I also want to add more details to the entire scene and tweak the lighting. I hope you all like i'll have updates ASAP
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    I came to computer animation rather circuitously. I started making live-action films in high school, which was a confluence of my interests in photography, theater, and music. I studied film-making in college (all live-action), and self-produced a bunch of films, culminating in a feature film in 2003 ($2500 budget, 3-man crew). Everything I had known by this point was writing/directing/producing my own films, and filling most of the creative roles myself. I first looked into computer animation as a means to make backdrops on a sci-fi production. I tested numerous pieces of software and C4D was the only one that wasn't completely impenetrable. Seriously, I'd stare at stuff like Blender and have no idea what to click to do anything. Within the first hour with C4D, I had an entire set built and was hooked. I saved up enough money to buy R9.5 Core. I took a day-job (in an inrelated field) and focused on screenwriting and learning C4D. 10 years later, I launched my first major short film - despite having never rigged or animated a character (aside from the occasional walk-through tutorial). I have learned an incredible amount since starting the film, and once it starts touring at festivals in 2018, my goal is to raise ~$1M and launch a feature film.
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    I'm also an architect and have been using C4d for around 10 years now... I'm always looking to learn new tricks and as the days are getting shorter and colder in this part of the world, it's always nice to have a focus on something other than the terrible weather! I'm really open to the idea of collaborating, especially when it involves learning something new. I've recently been messing around with things other than still interior visualisations - there are a few shorts on vimeo showing some experiments I've done: https://vimeo.com/user19624302 Cheers! Nick
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    I’m an architect and a 3D generalist and video editor for about 17 years now! I never participated on a feature film although I’m also an animator and rigger for other industries. This is a subject that really interestes me because I still have in mind to either make my short animation or participate on one!
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    Hello everyone, I'm proud to introduce a new version of my plugin EasyObjectID It allow you to set Object Id from your scene to your render settings in one click ! For more informations please visit https://gr4ph0s.github.io/EasyObjectId_V2/ Preview video Download links http://graphos.xyz/files/Plugin/graph_EasyObjectID/graph_EasyObjectId.zip Installation Unzip Copy into your plugin folder Support Windows and Mac R16 + Cinema 4D (ProRender - Standard - Physical) Redshift Arnold Octane (Object ID - Layer ID) Vray (1.9 - 3.5) Iray I’m really glad of any any feedbacks, features requests or suggestions. Then don’t hesitate to contact me at graphos.xyz/Contacts/ or via pm here
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    Axis extension should be able to do what you describe, albeit in a rather less intuitive way - I think that's in R14. Here's Cafe Superstar @3DKiwi showing you how it works with objects, but the same principle applies with aligning vertices. Of course we can't expect all modelling apps to have directly equivalent tools in all regards, so if you find that Maya consistently does things in a way you are most happy with, probably better to stick to that ! CBR
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    Alrighty I think I'm finished with mine. I DID get it to all quads! This project took me WAY more time than I anticipated though lol.
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    ...one click solution http://matniedoba.de/selection-to-object-split/
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    Thanks Guys, I have added more details to the boat and subdivided the boat hull.. It is all textures i'm going to redo the textures now I have tweaked the model it was all just tests for what i'm planing on doing .
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    Update time :D click full size for full quality
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    A colleague and I were commissioned to work on a series of 360-degree videos and short, looping teasers for Perrier. Perrier wanted a mix of realistic bottles in a cartoon-like world. The deadlines were tight, so GPU rendering was going to be essential for iteration and final renders. Redshift (my go-to GPU renderer) does not have a dedicated toon shader. However - that doesn't mean you can't build your own! Thanks in part to some tips from @merkvilson, I was able to generate some custom "faux" toon shaders that were easy to tweak and FAST to render. All native, all within C4D and Redshift. The only external textures used were the bottle labels and the backdrop. Below is some imagery for the first theme, just shared by Perrier on their social media. Currently working on more themes for them, so this will be an ongoing thing! Will keep updating the thread as I go. Styleframes for lookdev / approval: And the official looping teaser for the first video. Not sure when the 360 version will be out. That's up to them.
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    Giving the apprentice the toy treatment
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    take a look at the file... notice that the up-vector constraints have multiple targets so the joint rotations can blend between them. it's always a bit tricky to get the priorities right, the c4d spline ik isn't very intuitive, and i still have a hard time wrapping my head around it every time i use it. i wish we had the possibilities like in maya here. spine.c4d
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    To beat a dead horse: Finding the most powerful program by an internet search can lead you to huge waste of time and money. I know, because I've been there. I came to C4D from Softimage, and abandoned that excellent program due to lack of OSX option and its abandonment as it changed ownership. I miss it. C4D is powerful for a generalist. It may have limitations for very complex scenes, advanced mograph, the most sophisticated character animation, etc. but it performs a great job with stability and speed for the vast majority of users. Maya, for instance, may be more powerful for movie houses, but they have a team of MEL programmers. Modo used to be a good modeler, marginally better than C4D - since it had things like falloff, but it was not stable. It has become more stable but also less intuitive to me, and it lags far behind C4D for CA. At one time, its renderer was better than C4D, but I am not sure that is true anymore with physical renderer and the variety of third party renderers. I love Houdini. It makes lots of sense and is wonderful for special effects. But do you really think it is a good a powerful program for organic modeling? Have you watched the videos for creating a human figure? Mantra may be a great renderer for special effects, but it is not ideal for architectural rendering. I haven't found any program that can replace C4D for speed in the projects I've had. That makes it pretty powerful to me.
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    Unless you plan to limit your renders to 1080p in which case it's peanuts ($200 a year basically). Sure everyone is bananas for 4K now but the reality is very few shows and movies are 4K. TV shows especially are still 1080p by a wide margin. Point being it's not a "defunct" format by any means. Pretty funny that the AIXsponza guys are now Houdini guys. I'm sure they use a lot of tools including C4D still, but it does say something as some of those tutorial examples I looked at are things that you'd expect to see in C4D. Competition FTW. Between this and Blender 3, MAXON stands to lose quite a few customers in the next 12-18 months if they don't start making major advancements, both in terms of solving issues people have requested for a long time and in terms of new innovation. Hopefully they've got some good things up their sleeve that they've been working on for a long time. One last benefit of the doubt as all these hardware and software issues come to a head and resolve themselves one way or another between now and next fall. But for sure I'm going to spend some time starting with Houdini this winter, so if I switch I'm not at Day 1 next summer / fall. Actually a useful thing either way as I'm assuming you can move stuff through the MAXON Houdini Engine thing with the Indie edition, not just full commercial.
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    New work online for Penguin Random House, more shots and gifs on the link :)
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    It's UV tools look to be superior to Bodypaint / C4D so that's half of Bodypaint covered. As for 3D painting does anyone still use Bodypaint?
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    Gold preset in Redshift materials. Pretty easy setup, 20 min render with one 980ti, GI Irradiance
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    The version 1.6.0 of ManuelbastioniLAB, the free and open source character editor for Blender, is ready for download. ManuelbastioniLAB is a project aimed to create a scientific and powerful 3D humanoids editor. Basic muscle system, based on standard Blender bending bones, in order to offer max portability. Inverse kinematic controllers for skeleton rigging. Advanced mix algorithm to easily create complex expressions. Support for phonemes. Unified expressions for anime and humans. Custom rest poses. Improvements in anatomy of models. Improvements in shaders and skeleton structure. Big improvement in usability and algorithm of proxies. New fantasy targets. Watch the video to discover the power of the new lab! Learn more about this project here: http://www.manuelbastioni.com
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    I was watching video 4 from the TDMS series today - the wheel and ray collision - and I came up with this. It's basically the same as the tutorial, but using base80's magic wheel so that the wheel can go in any direction and still turn correctly - a bit like Roll It. I've put the base80 scene in the zip file. might amuse someone rolling.zip
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    It might be worth downloading Instant meshes. That can instantly quadrify any mesh so you may just find your magic bullet does exist after all... You have to export from C4D as .obj to use it, and unlike the guy in the video, make sure you tick 'quads only result' to eliminate any remaining triangles once the solve is complete. CBR
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    Decided with the help of my cousin, that lighter fur was needed.
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    @Rectro......WAAAAAIIIIITTT....YOU ARE "CG DREAMS TUTORIALS" !!!! Hahahaha I am your suscriber and I watched ton of your videos plus I downloaded like 5 of your youtube tutorials yesterday (Hair Systems) and put them in a folder I called HAIR (just in case you ever delete them off of YT) and even share that link with few people as an example of a greatly explained hair tutorial hahahah. World is a small place. I told you, you have a gift :)
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    Here's a 14 minute video on how to use HAIR's excellent spline dynamics to make an object suspended by a spline fall and swing realistically. A bit of simple XPresso is used to help. Scene file included.