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    Many people are disparaging MAXON's new CEO as some sort of "marketing guy from Adobe", but this is false, and unfair. His previous roles were all in engineering and engineering management, not in marketing, and he would in all likelihood not have been involved in Adobe's licensing changes over the last few years. Its fine to express all sorts of opinions about the changes in MAXON's licensing, but let's not resort to that kind of ad hom. It's not productive.
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    So far, someone from MAXON will gladly chime in to explain some aspect of the subscription plan. They will also chime in to defend the position that Prime MSA holders can get a Studio R21 license via their last MSA purchase for about 1/3 of what Studio users have to pay ($250 vs. $720). Their defense though again gravitates towards subscriptions: "that is why Studio users can get two years of subscriptions for a 20% discount". But what took literally a ton of emails to sort out was that if you should ever take that offer in the future, they will deactivate your perpetual licenses - in essence locking you into subscriptions. They were very shady in divulging that information and it took some robust dialogue and painfully direct questions to get them to finally answer it. Now, where MAXON is COMPLETELY silent is defending why we should accept a 50% increase in renewing their annual perpetual license over what they paid for via the MSA program. Not one word of explanation or spin as to how this is in our best interests. Maybe they can say "well we canceled the MSA program" and that is the price of an upgrade without the MSA program. So we really didn't raise prices, we just cancelled a program. But then defend this: WHY DID YOU CANCEL THE MSA PROGRAM? Well, there is no defense. The MSA program was cancelled because they want people dependent on paying annual subscriptions for the simple reason that a companies "appearance" of value increases with a re-occurring revenue stream. It is a great selling point during quarterly earnings reports to say that subscription revenue growth is increasing and makes up a large portion of their total revenue. So in Nemetsheck's and MAXON's eyes, their thinking is "hey, we will make the annual cost of a subscription the same as the old MSA price so users will eagerly switch over of a subscription model. While it won't increase revenue (this year), changing the source of that revenue to re-occurring revenue is a great message to our shareholders." So again, the benefit is all MAXON and there is no way anyone from MAXON can defend this position on a community forum in any way that users will accept. Shareholders love it, but we don't because it provides us no value -- so why defend it. They tried to put lipstick on this pig by selling it as "3D for the whole world". No. It is "higher stock price for Nemetschek" and don't ever forget that. Again, the only thing they will listen to is a drop in revenue beyond what they forecasted. Right now, we are all exercising our last MSA purchases. The true test will come with what we do with R22. Do we convert to subscription? Do we pay the higher perpetual costs? Do we go somewhere else? That is why R22 will be a critical for both MAXON and for us as well. And don't think for a second that subscription prices will remain the same over time. Trust me, once they have coerced a large portion of their user base to subscriptions, those prices will rise. Maybe not in huge jumps, but they will steadily go up. And now you are really stuck. There are no alternatives but to pay at that point. While I love the fact that we have this great participation from Mr. McGarvan in this discussion, our complaints will make no difference and will generate no discussion from MAXON. Sitting on our wallets is the only voice we have. Dave
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    I do hope that they are still trying to sort out what the cost of perpetual upgrades are going to be because what I am hearing from MAXON USA representatives is that the cost of upgrading in the future will be as if your MSA program no longer existed. For example: Prior to 9/1/2019, the cost of an MSA was $725 and with that your got the next version. If you did NOT have an MSA, then the cost of upgrading to the next version has been $999. From 9/1/2019 onward, MSA's no longer exist. Therefore the cost to get the next upgrade will be $999. This has been clearly stated over and over again, so I have to assume that is the current policy that MAXON would like to stick to unless there is significant push back from the user community. In MAXON's mind, they are thinking "Well, if you want the same price then go with subscriptions". Subscriptions hold the user captive and free MAXON from the consequences of not releasing new features per any schedule. If you don't like the pace of development and stop paying the subscription price, then you can't use the program. Imagine if MAXON decided NOT to release R22 until 2021. Subscription users are essentially paying $1440 to keep using R21 over that 2 year period. Perpetual license holders of R21 pay only $999 over that same period. That is an extreme example, but you get the point...subscriptions free MAXON from the financial consequences of not delivering meaningful updates on a regular basis. Subscriptions are NOT to your advantage...they are to MAXON's advantage. Never forget that. So MAXON wants people to go to subscriptions or pay a 53% cost increase in perpetual upgrades (from $650 to $999 in less than 2 years). Either path is an advantage to MAXON....none to the user. No matter what type of crappy "3D for the whole world" spin you want to put on it, you need to realize that this is their agenda. It is an agenda that Nemetschek put in motion by forcing the founders out and hiring an Adobe transplant to execute. Disregard EVERYTHING that any corporate shill from MAXON tells you....it is greed, plain and simple. This is a different MAXON. Well, there should be consequences to treating your user base this way and that is what MAXON is going to try an gauge over the next year. What MAXON has yet to figure out is what will every MSA user who upgraded to R21 perpetual will do when R22 comes out when faced with a $999 cost to continue being a perpetual license holder. Yeah, Prime MSA holders are dancing in the streets over getting R21 Studio for $250 today but what they have yet to realize is that their annual costs increase 400% to $999 if they want to keep using R22 perpetual. Even if they decide on subscriptions, that is close to a 300% increase in their annual costs (and again close to 400% if you use Redshift). So again, if MAXON is still "taking their cues from the user-base" concerning perpetual upgrades, they are in fact wondering two things: "Will we get away with a massive price increase on perpetual license sales to pretty much everyone when R22 comes out?" "Will everyone instead move to subscriptions which gives us all the power in deciding how to release new features?" So despite what everyone is talking about, the line in the sand is not today (9/1/2019) but rather whenever R22 is released. That will be the big decision point for everyone because right now life is normal...we are all under the MSA program one last time and paying what we paid in the past. The big decision point is next year and that is why MAXON is listening to us today. So my hope is that a 61 page thread of rage over the "new" MAXON makes them realize that the users are NOT going to take this quietly. I hope MAXON steps out of their echo chamber and listens to our disappointment in them as a company that we trusted for decades. I hope they feel the silent pull that Blender R2.8 is having on us as users and drop their arrogance over the purity of their new core and recognize that Blender has some pretty good features that C4D does not have...and they have them for FREE! The new Blender interface lowers the learning curve significantly so that just makes a decision to forego a future with MAXON that much easier. I hope MAXON takes to heart that the Blender Organization gives us something that the MAXON organization is trying to take away: Freedom from incurring significant financial consequences when deciding how we want to use the program. So if MAXON is truly listening, then let your voice be heard over the next year. Dave
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    As much as I'm happy you're being more aggressive against competitors.. here is the main reason why I'm probably dropping out. Perpetual. Now it's great you have it.. it's the reason I jumped on. No, it really is.. I have far too much experience with old projects that needed a look down the years, only to find that the current version (adobe in this case) no longer had that version available. Which threw a wrench because the plugins from back then don't work on the current version. The story is similar for other tools as well, but let's not stick too long on that. But knowing that I can just return to my old setup as it was back then, is assuring. With the current perpetual I would now have to pay the full price every single year.. but with MSA I got the same version cheaper, because I stuck with it. With this pricing, you're essentially giving me the middle finger. Not cool.. not cool at all. (If there is a way to get the new version perpetually like before, it isn't on your page. But something tells me it will still be nearly 2x if that's the case. Still not cool.) Had you've gone the route of propellerheads, allegorithmic etc.. where you pay to own... it would have been an entirely different topic. Then subscription would make much more sense, if you as a reward after the full year get to keep the version you're on perpetually. And it's not like it would cost you anything either... it's already been sold & used. To be short.. with the current price structure it no longer makes sense.. if things are going to cost me >2500€ then I might as well go back to Autodesk. Because I can get their entire media suite for less per year, and still have money left to spend on keeping other tools up to date. This isn't cheaper.. you've just raised my yearly cost by nearly 3x-4x, and robbing me of the historical projects in the process. EDIT: the €2500 is in comparison with the Full Autodesk media package... sorry if I made things unclear. Which makes me sad... I really like C4D. Oh.. and the license manager needs to be able to sign out a license remotely... what happens if my laptop get stolen and I didn't sign out. No, don't tell me... contact support! No, wrong answer... let me do it myself. See how messy this gets? Internet is only great while it works after all. And copy ideas from your competitors more frequently... they have no qualms copying things from C4D after all. And implement Cycles if you don't want to make a GPU renderer yourself (prorender really isn't as developed as Cycles)... it is under Apache License version 2.0 license after all.
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    I think you might be out of luck with your Intel HD2000: it only supports OpenGL up to version 3.1 Cinema4D 21 requires at least OpenGL 4.1. While C4D R20 also required OpenGL 4.0, the latest R21 might not be as forgiving. In short: you lucked out. Your HD2000 is not officially supported in R20. The HD2000 is nine years old, and truly a bottom of the barrel graphics chip. I am amazed you have been able to do any 3d work on a system like that. My suggestion would be to invest a little money in a new graphics card. Your system is a XPS 8300 Desktop model, and looking at the technical service manual, it doesn't provide that much space for a graphics card, so you should be careful what kind of card to get. Measure the available space before making a purchase. A good inexpensive model would be the AMD Radeon RX 570 4GB. It will make a world of a difference compared to your current graphics chip (which, frankly, is outdated junk - sorry ). Your system main board sports one PCI Express x16 card slot, in which the new graphics card should be inserted. Check the service manual here: https://data.technimax.cz/attach/artilky/xps-8300_service manual_en-us.pdf Chapter 7 explains the process. An additional advantage when installing a new dedicated GPU is that your current HD2000 chip gobbles up precious main RAM, which is then released to the OS (and C4D) to work with. Also, if your Operating system is still running on a traditional hard drive (seeing that your computer is from 2011 chances are that it is), do yourself a favour and get a nice solid state drive (SSD), image your main hard drive, and clone your system on that new SSD drive. Finally, install a bit more memory, and it will feel like a new computer. Anyway, looking at your current system spec, you've been extraordinarily lucky Cinema4D R20 runs on it.
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    The first part goes well beyond expressions, but is certainly interesting. The second part is an own topic but something i personally would like to see, just like an at least basic compositing node system. Both not really Xpresso features though.
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    There's got to be a big release coming at some point. We know they are redoing the UV tools and I don't think we've yet seen all of the new core since the UV tools / Bodypaint are built into the core. So I'm predicting R22 is the big one with new UV tool set, faster object handling, multi-threaded Xpresso, updated Xpresso with more nodes. Has to be otherwise I think there will be a mass exodus to XYZ 3D application.
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    Hi everyone, I am working on a fluid simulation system called Jet Fluids. It is based on the open source Jet Framework by Doyub Kim. This is a very early Alpha plugin and I work on it every now and then to add new features and workflows. But it will keep changing and being updated. It is available for R20 and R21 for both OSX and Windows only for Patreon Alpha Tier subscribers: https://www.patreon.com/plugins4d This was free for about a year but I just recently moved it to the Patreon to track who really uses it and who is interested in funding it. If you use it and create anything cool, or find any bugs then just post it up here and let me know. You can also visit: https://www.plugins4d.com/jet-fluids for more information as well.
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    Cineversity was never included in perpetual, only in MSA. We will definitely consider adding it to the upgrade but we only started discussing this based on the feedback, please bare with us. Cheers Dave
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    I think the catch here is "free". Not a lot of quality free full blown interiors that are also licensed to use for marketing/promotional materials. Also - many of the free resources are made by people who don't have any background in architectural design or real world scale parameters. It depends on how tight your camera lensing is - for close ups of products on a table - many times just a plane with a room image mapped to it in the background (assuming you are using depth of field) can work. Or make a wall and floor with a few pieces of furniture for a tight vignette or corner shot. For full interiors or things you need to do wider shots of (larger products) - Take a look at the Evermotion series for sale on Turbosquid. I've bought full blown interiors of office, classrooms, etc there for use with client products. Be sure to read and understand the usage rights. I take the cost of these models into account when working up a proposal for a client.
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    me too. I made my decision, I did not renew MSA and won't pay subscription so I am out. edit: an ignominious ending or beginning to a once leading 3D software.
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    No no no :) Just set up a material once, specular layer killed, and as you want it otherwise, then use Set as Default to get the same one every time you click new material after that ;) CBR
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    Or maybe formula deformer ? Should be easy enough to get that texture with a bump channel (low delta)... CBR
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    So how come Adobe bills me every month for the CC suite? Is it just a problem of book keeping?
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    ..I will upload videos to Dropbox later
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    In this hard surface modelling excercise we will create a dormer. Plugins used: HB Modelling Bundle You can download a project file with the reference image we will be using here: Project file for modelling the dormer I hope you'll enjoy the video. Thanks for watching! Cheers contrafibbularities
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    I know there has been a lot of chatter in the forums since the release of R21, and I've remained pretty quiet so far. Tonight I'm doing a livestream and it would be great to see some of you in the chat so we can discuss the new subscription model, the things we like (and don't) about R21, and also address some of the concerns we might share. The stream takes place 12/09/2019 BST: 11:00PM EDT: 6:00PM PDT: 3:00PM
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    A very useful list of plugins for cinema 4d. it's part of a bigger and awesome website that i recommend every c4d enthusiast to watch about this software in general. Many thanks to it's creator. (wich by the way i didn't found the name) I wish MAXON had something like this with this kind of content. http://cine.wex.pl/C4D-F/C4D-1.htm
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    Here's a quick few stages on how to build a simple leaf... 1. Start with plane, 4 x 2. Make editable, delete one half, place under symmetry. 2. Points mode, move points into general leaf shape. 3. Extrude (ctrl-drag) out the thin poly at the base a few times to make the stem. Pull border points of the leaf forward a little to get the center groove. Select all polys and add a little thickness with extrude (use caps). (We need thickness to make the leaf respond to light properly) 4. Pop the symmetry in a group null, then add a bend deformer to it as well, rotate until it is on the correct axis then use to bend the leaf something like shown. That group goes under L2 SDS to get the nice smooth result on the right there... Next steps would be cloning a few of those into radial arrays and using random effectors on scale and rotation until we have a decent randomised complete plant that we can texture, and then collapse down into a single model when done... CBR
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    @Vizn - thank you sir, that is it. I did change this at the beginning, but it didn't stay. I guess when you change Iteration to Grid Array it resets this to per step. Once I set it, it matched up perfectly. @Cerbera - the default size seems to be different, but I had set both to 200 and it didn't make a difference. However, once the mode was set correctly, I noticed the default size in R21 was set to 400, 0, 400, which I found to be a strange default. Anyway, thanks for your help.
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    Just sent one to you without issue @Igor
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    The UV's for that cloth part are missing in your fbx.
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    It's OK, Admin knows He's working on that.... CBR
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    For the first time, a C4D release doesn't work out of the box. I have R13, R14, R15, R16, R17, R18, R19, R20 and now R21. All Studio versions. All paid by myself, I am a one-man business. And I don't even make money using C4D, to boot. I am a programmer, multimedia is a very expensive side activity for me. I use it for non-profit projects, to visualize environmental issues. We have a lot of them now, and it is getting worse every day. Now - I was on MSA several years, and now I got my R21 which I own. But it doesn't work properly. I also purchased Redshift directly from Redshift3D. This renderer works fine in all versions R16-R20. But not on R21. I have been in contact with Redshift support, which delivers super duper excellent customer service, can't be better than what they do. And I have posted to the bugs forum in the Café. And I have also submitted a support request to MAXON, an they have also been responsive, although now I think they won't be back before Monday. I post to this forum because I just wonder how you R21 menus look like. This is how my R21 Renderer menu looks, only three items! This is how my R20 Renderer menu looks like: The Get Redshift menu item is greyed out in R21. And Redshift does not appear on the main menu at all. How is it on your R21? -Ingvar
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    You don't even need GI. It dies a horrible, painfully slow death as soon as you get reflectance into the picture. The C4D render engine is great for anything that can be solved with very simple shaders or if you can fake a lot of stuff, but as soon as you need (rough) reflectance and / or GI you're better of with anything else. However, if you DO have the time to actually let it render out you have a (visually) pretty capable render engine, in my opinion. You just can't expect Octane or Redshift speeds from it. I assume they thought Prorender would actually replace it at some point, at least for visually complex scenes. But at this point we all know how that turned out, at least for now
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    Have you seen all this info here in the manual, which tells you how to generate a mesh from your point cloud ? CBR
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    This is correct, but you have to remember where people are coming from. MAXON get's the new CEO, coming from Adobe, which are known for their subscription licensing model. Not one release later, we get an overhauled licensing system that needs an internet connection every other day and shits all over loyal MSA users. Not to mention, we have no idea how long the perpetual license will be available anymore. People are mad, and rightly so. It doesn't really matter from what background he is coming from for most of the users, since they don't know he wasn't involved in Adobes subscription related decisions. It's not fair, no. But he is CEO now and he definitely agreed to this, so he's in it just as much as every other person that made this decision.
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    Thanks for comments. I've updated the clip above with better masking, new scene - triangle_01.c4d well, I think it's better...
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    I also have one year to take this course (now on sale for $13.29 at Udemy): Blender 2.8 The complete guide from beginner to pro 35 hours of training and 4.5 stars out of 5 (313 ratings). Is everything with Blender this cheap? It is like a whole new world (cue music from Aladdin ;-),. Dave
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    I haven't been on here in a while, but I was around when Nigel first started C4D Cafe years ago. It's good to see that it's still here! I need to come back and visit more often!
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    You can zip it, or upload to dropbox and link it here instead... CBR
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    Oh my goooood how did I NOT know about this? Thanks! That changes everything!
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    You could make the wheels turn using the base80 wheel rig - it rotates a wheel correctly irrespective of direction. You make the base wheel the same radius etc as the real wheel and make the real wheel a child of the base wheel. The XPresso does the rest. FLT2.zip BaseWheel1.7.c4d
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    Isolated vertices are the floating black dots. They are left over when you delete polys. Also, you have some n-gons (non-quads), as well as overlapping vertices (notice Selected Total=2 in green at upper left). As @Frokito mentioned, use the Optimize command to fix the isolated vertices, as well as weld overlapping vertices together. If you have questions about the Optimize options, check the manual first, but ask if you're still confused.
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    I vaguely remember that you need a Quadro if you want to use a stereoscopic monitor because of some buffer reasons. No idea whether the RTX cards meanwhile support the same. For standard applications I wouldn't bother with a Quadro. On the other hand, two RTX cards make only sense if you are rendering on the GPU, and not all renderers have specific RTX support yet, so it may be a bit of a future investment.
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    ::hedslap:: KNIFE worked perfectly, but..... I must have been in the wrong mode when I tried it w/Polygon Pen, because I couldn't get it to work yesterday, and now it's easy. ::sigh:: Thanks for your assistance to a hapless noob. PS: FWIW, on my R17 install "CONNECT" is "ALX+X".
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    Can you provide a scene and an exact description of the effect you are looking for ?
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    That is the way it's going to go with everything you try to make when starting off. It's important that you keep having fun doing it because it's going to be a horrible struggle.
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    guys, this is the final. I tired so much with this "sh**". i hope the lighting is better than older version. I spent so much time in this, i want to make more stuff. So wait for more noobinesh. Thanks for all your time
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    well that depends of course... if substance will be included in the CC sub i prefer that adobe bought it, since i have a CC subscription. if MAXON would have bought it i would have probably to pay extra anyways, just like for redshift ;) i really think it would have been a good idea to include redshift with c4d by default, just like autodesk did with arnold.
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    HI, I would just use xpresso setup rig for each section of the spine. Like in this example: spine_rig.c4d
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    Welcome to the C4D Cafe NEW forums, and thank you for taking the time to view this post, which covers how and where you should post in order to get the fastest and best results. It also advises newcomers where to look first so that we get a minimum of repeat questions that have already been answered or are addressed elsewhere. 1. Questions about something you are trying to do in Cinema. Our Categories are based around key areas of Cinema 4D, so go to the MAIN FORUM PAGE, and look down the list of Categories, and think what is the main area of Cinema about which your question might apply. Very often it should be obvious where to post a question, but that is not always the case. Sometimes questions span multiple areas. Try and choose the Category that relates most to your question, rather than other things in your scene. If you are not sure, pop it in Miscellaneous Questions and we will move it for you when we have enough info to do so. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Example Questions: Q: How can I make / model this ? Category: Modelling / Various First of all SEARCH for keywords in your question across the whole site. We may have answered your Q already. If you can't find the answer that way, go to the Main Modelling Category and look at the various subcategories within that. Choose one you think most suitable and start a new post there. Using the cafe's image upload system upload a couple of pics of what you are trying to make, and tell us your level of modelling experience, together with any ideas you may have had, and what, if anything you have already tried. If you have a .c4d file that isn't too massive, upload that as well. The more info we have, the better we can help. Q: I've done this, but it's all going wrong... Category: Various First of all SEARCH for keywords in your setup across the whole site. We may have answered your Q already. Think about your project and the things in it , and specifically WHAT is not doing what you want. Pick a forum section based on the problem rather than any other components of your setup. If you have a scene full of modelling and texturing, keyframe animation etc, but you think the problem is something to do with MoGraph, then the Mograph (general) Category is where it should go. Make a new Post in the most relevant category you can find. For these sorts of questions, always upload the c4d file, or if it is too big, upload to Dropbox or similar, and then link to your post. Maybe post a screenshot or 2 as well so that members don't necessarily have to load your scene file to get an overview of the issue. If a problem is especially complex, you can even make us a video that explains it, and upload that to YouTube, again linking to your post. Q: How do I use the XXXXXX tool ? Category: Various You may not need to post at all about this - The manual can probably give you the essential information, or Youtube probably has a tutorial or 10 about it, so search there first using the terms 'c4d' and 'tool name', which will usually reveal lots of results. But if you have checked those places and do need to post, then please find the relevant section to which the tool you are interested in belongs and post there. Q: How do I make this sort of texture ? Category: Texturing / UVs / Various Pop to the category above and choose the most relevant subcategory for what you'd like to use to make the texture. If you think Nodes is the way to go, there's one for that. Likewise Standard and PBR materials for any question about those workflows... We have categories for 3rd Party Renderer Textures, and Substance pipelines. Always Upload a pic to show us what you are aiming for, and if applicable, what yours looks like now ! Q: I am using Cycles for C4D, but have a problem with the Tracer. Category: Mograph We have separate categories for 3rd party renderers (in rendering AND textures), but please only use them if your problem involves those render engines. The question above should go in the MoGraph (general) Category because the Tracer doesn't involve Cycles. But if the question was about cameras or textures or lighting, that does involve cycles, so should go in the appropriate 3rd Party Renderers category. Q: I have no idea where to post this... Category: Other / Misc Questions When you just don't know where to put it, Misc Questions in the Other Department is the answer. Q: Where is the New Users & Beginners category ? Category: N/A That no longer exists. Please use the most correct of the new topic-based Forum Categories instead. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Posts showing us things... The Lounge is mostly for non-questions. Here you will find the right places to buy or sell stuff, discuss non-Cinema things, and get latest news and cafe announcements. Q: Look I found this cool new thing ! Category: Lounge / Lounge General Show us the new exciting things you find In the Lounge sub-forum... Unless it's a plugin, in which case it goes in Xpresso & Python / Plugins Q: Look I made this cool new thing ! Category: Rendering & Lighting / Wip-Final Images / Gallery The WiP / Finals Category in the Rendering / Lighting Section is the place to post the artwork you have made when you are ready to show it off. Works in Progress should expect advice and possibly criticism, so tag it WiP if you want to encourage this. Final images can go here too, especially if you'd like feedback, but why not upload those (no WiPs please) to the Gallery as well ? Please title them nicely and complete the other info when you do this. If we like your uploads they may well appear in the Homepage Gallery Slider at some point. Please also vote on other people's work in the Gallery, which helps us choose. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- General Posting Etiquette. Site Search (top right) is your friend. Please post in English only. If necessary use Google Translate. Make sure your Profile is showing the correct version of the software you are using. Often advice is version-dependent. If it is wrong, go to your profile, find the Edit Profile Button (top right) and change it therein. Please make sure you have checked the manual before you post a basic question. You can right-click most items or properties in Cinema, and choose show help to get right to it. Try and make your questions as detailed and specific as you can. The more precise your question, the more precise the answers you will get. Don't make your question too wide-ranging, general or vague. Do not post the same question more than once, or in multiple categories - duplicates get deleted straight away. Tell us how much experience you have in Cinema. If you have tried stuff already, tell us what. Always upload a scene file if that would help us understand the problem better. If that scene is too big to upload directly, upload it to Dropbox etc instead, and link it. If your scene files are huge, copy just the problem elements into a new file, or otherwise simplify it, and upload that instead. This can also be helpful for avoiding client NDA issues. Try to avoid posting linked images - use the cafe's own image upload system instead. Please only upload *.jpg, *.png ,*.c4d or *.zip. If your question / scene upload involves texture maps, please include them in the upload (do Save Project with Assets, and zip the folder that creates). If your question is very complicated to explain, why not make us an explanatory video using screen capture software, but please note this cannot be uploaded directly to the cafe. Instead you can use Youtube or similar, and link it to your post. Use the Likes System to thank or react to the people who are helping you... Title your posts relevantly and accurately - a post titled just 'Help me' helps nobody help you, and reduces the amount of people who will click on it. Conversely, a well-titled post will quickly gain the attention of the people with the right skills to be able to answer it. Try and spell key words correctly, which helps with later searches. Try not to use phrases like 'Help me now,' or 'Urgent' etc. People will help in their own time. If you find the answer before we do, post it and share your solution... Only add Tags if they are relevant, and not the same as the category you posted in ! If you do get your question answered, don't forget to Mark it Solved at the top of the thread. Be nice to each other, and enjoy the learnings we can all have together ! Happy Posting ! Team C4D Cafe
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    Love the new stuff guys, especially gallery on top and videos!
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    Don't forget the PimaxVR. With a possible 4k per eye and a huge field of view I hear it's pretty nice.
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    Here's some C4D Python for noobs - random lottery generator spins the numbers, then sorts + holds lottery.c4d I use this speed control a lot for my gear projects etc arrow.c4d a bit more complex - this wheel on a chessboard rebounds at the edges, keyboard ctrl + alt steers L-R wheel.c4d math for wheel available on request
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    I thought it would be easier to make a short video, but I just noticed you're in Paris so I hope you can understand my Manchester accent :) 1st scene + start frame kilometers2.c4d 2nd scene + start frame kphcalculate2.c4d also, you could try keyframing the kph in file #1
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    There's a lot of nulls because I started out with spline IK tags to control splines, to hopefully use Spline Deformers for the lips. That didn't pan out. So there's a lot of crud in there that's probably not needed. In a nutshell, you have basically some Joints for the upper and lower lips. There could be controls for the lips. So let's just say, those joints are constrained to some controllers. The controllers, are under a null. Now, for each controller, there are two null targets. Target 1 follows the jaw deformation(ie it's constrained to follow some percentage between the jaw and the face upper joint). Target 2 is under a null that is following Jaw and Face Upper 50/50. So each controller's Target one is constrained at some value unique to that controller. But each one's Target 2 null, is under the same parent that's following 50/50. The Target 2 nulls, they're all in the default lips closed place as well. So then the Controller's parent Null, is constrained with Target 1 and Target 2 as the targets. The zipper lip is just a slider. The slider plugs into some range mappers that basically blend that last constraint from Target 1 to Target 2. I'm sure that's a really peeved poor way of explaining it. But effectively, you are just constraining the controls to go back to their default pose, but as if it were following the jaw 50%. If I remember, I might clean up the file and make it a bit cleaner.

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