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    First time post on a forum but felt the need to. Happy user since R10 Studio with investment in most plug-ins for the software. (Over $20,000 NZ Dollars spent in that time.) Just a hobbyist with no income earned. (My choice). Was excited and looking forward to the "exciting / industry- changing news , and got up at 4.15 AM on a cold mid-winter morning to see that MAXON had lost its heart and soul and gone done the road of so many other corporates,only interested in money. The presentation was amateurish ..(didnt even start on time )..... and it didnt get better for those of us with a long term loyalty / commitment to C4D. Reluctantly spent $1200 renewing my MSA two weeks ago, thinking i would at least get a subscription to Cineversity. (but sadly the goalposts were shifted there as well ). The whole "big - announcement "thing has been deceitful, and has treated long term loyalty with contempt. Havent felt so deflated since Greyscale Gorilla tried to charge me again for software i had already bought and owned. Have spent two days in a daze trying to work out what it all means to me. The answer is, that any way i look at it i lose.The only winners are the lower participants on the eco-system and possibly new users ( which will only dumb down the fraternity). It has been a public -relations disaster from my point of view. Surely if you are going to take away with one hand , you give something back with the other hand to soften the blow ? It would have cost them nothing to offer Redshift at a discount to long-term loyal users. Tried hard to find something positive , as i have spent far too much time digesting all this. Have loved the journey up until a couple of days ago. Sadly MAXON has depreciated greatly in my estimation. I feel as if i have been "blind-sided" .... reluctantly, it may put me out of the game.
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    I've been a MAXON / C4D customer for 19 years - and I couldn't agree more. It seems MAXON are now quite willing to penalise those with Studio MSA - who are much more likely to be locked in to the C4D ecosystem - in order to suck in new users. That's not an equitable way to treat your customers.
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    I really feel empty today and i lost trust in MAXON. I work with Cinema since 2001. First in different agencies and then on my own. As a MSA and Studio customer i feel i’m no longer valuable to MAXON. I’m fine with the money i spent for Cinema Studio and all the MSA fees until R20. Fantastic Software overall and perpetual license. Now i feel totally ripped off. This is why i feel this way. First of all i paid MSA for R21, and this release is poisoned with online activation. This is not what i expected and as a customer i feel they do not deliver what i paid for. This is not real perpetual. If in the future they choose to deactivate licenses which are a little bit behind. I can do nothing against it. MAXON forces me to make a bad decision, no matter what. 1. go subscription - I spent thousands of dollars to buy Studio and MSA. If i go subscription i will loose my perpetual license. This is crazy and this won’t happen. Please MAXON fix this. This is like you take away my car and tell me it’s better for me to rent i from you. I would consider subscription if i could fall back on R20/21. - all the subscriptions are adding up really fast. If at one point you have a bad time with your business,… well you’re out of the game. 2. stay with perpetual license We will see what the upgrade prices will be and how long the offer perpetual licenses. But with online activation it is no longer real perpetual. (see above) I have to carefully think what i will do. At the moment it looks like i am forced to stay with R19/R20 as long as i can install it on MAC OSX. But i got a bad feeling it might be locked out sooner than i like. I really love C4D and i make my money with it. I was fine with studio and MSA costs. no problem at all. But you are saying you don’t force us into subscription - well then don’t! When i look at the weak features in R21 and the new subscription model i got a strong feeling that you holding back features which could have been ready for R21. Just to release these features for subscribers this fall or winter and lure us in. I hope i am wrong and i hope MAXON will listen to our feedback. This is a bad day for me personally. I am invested in C4D with plugins, libraries and first and foremost with my heart.
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    +1 A big part of what made the C4D community great was it's respect and trust for MAXON. I feel we are nothing more than a subscriber # to them now. A company that is user-focused would not implement such heavy handed policies.
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    I just took a moment to slow down and look at the recently uploaded artwork that appears at the bottom of some of the Cafe pages. I wanted to give a shout out to all the artists that have posted work on this site that have such a wonderful gift! These artists set the bar at a level I can only dream of reaching someday. Your work makes me sad, happy, intrigued and sometimes question my own existence or purpose. You all wield the weapon of imagination to combat reality and demonstrate your ability to bring it to life. On top of this, many of you share your knowledge freely and that is appreciated by many, many, others. My hat's off to all of you and thank you for what you do!!!
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    Welcome. I read all these posts and I am heartbroken and amused at the same time with the despair that many present. You are looking for conspiracies and dramatizing the situation. And yet everything is clear and obvious! So maybe I will help and explain in points. Everyone who has active MSA on September 1 will get a perpetual version of R21 + access to Cineversity - nothing changes here for MSA owners. The validity of access to Cineversity for MSA owners ends on the day the MSA expires. If someone wants to have access to Cineversity after this time and does not want a Cinema 4D subscription, they can buy independent access, as it is at the moment. MAXON plans special offers for MSA owners as MSA ends. These offers are not yet known. Anyone who has any version of Cinema 4D without MSA will be able to upgrade any version to perpetual R21 - that is, as it was, but there will be a bonus for owners of older versions of Cinema 4D who can upgrade to the perpetual version at a more attractive, the same price. From September 3, the R21 subscription will appear on the MyMaxon website for purchase in monthly (84.99 Euro net payable monthly) and annual (49.99 Euro net payable in advance = 599.88 Euro net) + mutations with RedShift. Anyone who has MSA (regardless of what Cinema 4D version they had before) will get perpetual R21 and will be able to have any number of subscriptions at the same time - one is not mutually exclusive. So you can, for example, buy a monthly or annual R21 subscription at the normal price and have a perpetual R21 all time - all on one account. During the MSA you can, but do not have to, convert your perpetual version to subscription. This conversion gives a 20% discount on subscriptions for two years, but you lose a perpetual R21 (this is a bundled transaction, the discount comes from somewhere). Then all previous versions up to R20 are still valid. There are people who have always bought MSA always wanting to have the latest version and have no attachment to the old versions, so it's attractive to them. When someone updates their MSA in August now, they are in a very good position. It has its perpetual R21 and can easily wait what MAXON will present next year in August. The prices of the perpetual update R21 to R22 will be known later, probably next year during the presentation of R22. Versions from R21 can be installed on any number of computers. You can remotely take over licenses - i.e. you go home and take over the license on a laptop. Licensing is checked every 14 days to make sure that someone under one license uses Cinema 4D on 10 computers. Since the R21 version there are no serial numbers, hence the plugins that required the number must be updated. Those that did not require a serial number will work. So to sum up. If you have active MSA in September, you get perpetual R21 + Cineversity. When MSA expires, you'll be able to continue using it and purchasing only Cineversity access. When R22 appears next year, you will be able to upgrade your perpetual R21 to perpetual R22 at the price announced next year. You will also be able to convert (if you have MSA active) your perpetual R21 in R22 and then in R23 with a 20% discount (but you lose the perpetual R21). You do not have to convert or upgrade your perpetual version but buy a subscription at a normal price, monthly or yearly. You stay with perpetual R21 and you have the R22 subscription. Everything that I wrote above is explained many times and on the MAXON website and on the forums, I do not understand what is incomprehensible to someone here. Personally, I am very happy with the subscription. It will be appreciated by everyone who has a company that is developing and when new jobs need to be prepared. It also gives you the chance to standardize different versions of Cinema and other older 3D programs in the company (e.g. Softimage). Thank you MAXON! :)
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    It’s funny I’ve been doing this for so long I know how the meetings went… Actually, what is below is more brutally phrased, as this stuff it’s always parsed in nicer, more optimistic ways, but this sums it up. MBA Hack: “Don’t worry, we can keep our current users happy by giving them a “perpetual” license. At least for now.” MAXON staffer: “But they aren’t going to be thrilled by this news. And it really isn’t perpetual.” MBA Hack: “We know that, but its our job to sell this initiative - this is how it is going to be. So just keep those people calm until this gets fully implemented, We’ll put out the monthly price, It will seem cheap.” MAXON staffer: “But it’s the same price as an MSA was, maybe more. And it’s not really monthly, it’s annual” MBA Hack: “yes, but we’ll sell the hell out of the value and simplicity of it.” LATER… MAXON staffer: “I just got some user feedback online, it looks like there’s an insurrection with our base.” MBA Hack: “Well they are going to have to live with it, the decision’s been made, too late to change it. I’m sorry for them. Keep pushing the value proposition - we have perpetual for many of them now. Once the transition is over we’ll just make it more and more unacceptable to stay stuck in perpetual. Eventually most of them will have lost any resistance to the future. And in a year, If if they leave, then our new customers will more than make up for it in our revenue stream - it won’t matter if they leave then. This is a bright day for MAXON.” MAXON staffer: “I feel dirty” MBA Hack: “Look - this is the way it is. It’s set in stone. We can’t go backward. This will be the best for everyone. It’s… cost effective, a high level approach, a strategy initiative, robust, empowering, a win-win….” (etc, etc, etc. More MBA doublespeak… forever. (FWIW - have had to listen to this MBA nonsense for too long - there is a “Business Meeting Bingo” card that I always have up on long calls, good for (quiet) laughs - mute button helps too) So back to cases - Rick, I run a business. So what am I getting for loyalty? Loyalty is a real and valuable asset. I treat my longtime clients with special care. And MAXON is not so big that this doesn’t matter. Unfortunately McGavaran is still bathed in the corporate culture of Adobe - but C4D isn’t that monolithic, and won’t be. 3D is a niche product. It won’t be widely adopted like Photoshop. What are the longtime users really getting that makes this worth while to not jump ship now? I know it’s not your fault, you have your marching orders. But we need something rock solid within a month. Note: Maybe we all need to make our grievances clearly known higher up the food chain. I’m guessing we should be emailing those at the top, VP and above, and maybe even the suits at Nemeczek (sp?)
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    Hi first post here Only a hobby user but joined because I want to join the discussion of the subscription bad new from MAXON. Anyway I actually have the Studio version since R16/17 with MSA. Haven't had the time to use Cinema as much as I wanted. I really don't buy the argument about people with restricted budgets now having the possibility to join Cinema because they can rent the software. First of all they could already get most of their needs covered in the more restricted versions and with a perpetual license. Second newcommers are actually allowed to put an amount aside each month and after some time they would have enough to buy a perpetual license. If you can afford a subscription you could save the money instead and buy the perpetual license afterwards. The subscription argument is only a cover up for changing thte license term to a monopolistic rental business model. where the customers are tied to paying each month forever. The subscription price can increase exponentially and even then a lot of users would not leave to start all over and learn another 3D program and loose the work they have made. This Adobe business model has the advantage for the company that the company can use a minimum effort in developing new features and in fixing bugs while they get a steady payment anyway. Instead they can increase their marketing budget to get more customers. I really can't see how this business model can be beneficial for existing or new customers.
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    Just looked at the feature list - seems the subscription model and software programming to handle the licensing is what I paid for in my MSA! Yay! Someone said it feels 'snappier' when asked about improvement - that old joke isn't even funny anymore. I will be curious to see the geometry of two mesh objects when I run a boolean subtract on it. Will it still create a horrible mesh? That is the real test of these 'under the hood' improvements. I've been using this app forever and have held on expecting something amazing, usually there was at least one feature I liked every year - and a subscription service is NOT amazing to me. Maybe it is to management - and I think that's the problem, r21 is exciting for the MBAs and the people in accounting - they probably started dancing! The accountants got the features they wanted! The rest us us got code fixes in bevels! And an inability to own our software. Sorry but the feature list is pathetic. Now I own an MSA until next year and will get r21 in September (and will also get the gift of a boatload of broken plugins for my trouble - some may never work again because the developer won't update them, or is out of business or out of the game - so I will lose some capability for my trouble). I really don't want to have to learn a new app (ie MODO) as I have so much invested in C4D - but those of us who had Studio and were paying for an MSA are getting screwed hard. The car analogy is good, being told there are improvements to my car, like not owning it anymore - and that you need to have a wifi connection to start it. Accounting, management and the 3D dabbler have a win! The dabbler can now make AMAZING 3D text - just spellbinding 3D text. And I can make an intricate picture frame! Plus there are some features that allow you to make amazing spinning field patterns (stuff that no client will ever pay for) just what the masturbatory dabbler has been dreaming of. What a grand day for C4D.
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    I started with R6. At that time Cinema was still a small fish in the pond but MAXON was good at catching up and implementing the most important features, sometimes better sometimes worse. For some years now I don’t feel Cinema is catching up with the competition. MAXON also seems to be aware of this and they justify the always rather subtle innovations with the fact that a new core is programmed, which then forms the basis for groundbreaking innovations. Unfortunately, the groundbreaking innovations seem to be a long time coming. And also the performance improvements, which one could have expected after renewing the core, are rather isolated solutions. Who is helped by a multi-instance if the real problem is a slow object manager? Instead, a lot of energy is put into diverse material systems and renderers that are of no use to anyone. Prorender was a mistake right from the start. It would have made much more sense to implement cycles. Long-time users are now rewarded with the ability to decide. Either they let the software they’ve spent a lot of money on get outdated, and enter a rental system that leaves them without access to their own files as soon as they leave. Or they do without Cineversity access and are at a disadvantage when it comes to updates. In addition, an online obligation is introduced, which in connection with the reduction of downloadable old versions actually forbids the term perpetual license. MAXON of course had to introduce a rental option from a business point of view, to reduce the entry threshold. There is no way around this after the unfortunate success of Adobe, . But, of course, they could have been more sensitive to their old customers. If the recently upgraded MSA had simply continued to run and a free Redshift license had been added, nobody would have complained. However, MAXON is now a subsidiary of Nemechek. And I’m afraid that’s where the problem lies. Profits that must have been made in the last 15 years were probably more likely to be skimmed off than to go into development, otherwise we would have noticed a faster development than 10 years ago. Of course, the employees and even the managing director of MAXON have little to do with that. No matter what MAXON’s intentions were. Those who have never owned Cinema can cheer. Those who have supported this company for many years pay the price.
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    Dear Igor, with all due respect to you, David and the whole MAXON team, R21 and the whole communication around the new subscription model have both been very disappointing for a majority of existing users. We will all be paying more in the end, that's now very clear. And perpetual license users will lose benefits. 2 suggestions: -Keep the MSA scheme: 1 perpetual license subscription, no online activation. Full access to cineversity -Overhaul the annual subscription scheme: there is not enough there to justify the loss of a perpetual license for existing users. Add Redshift to the package and I'm sure people will be a lot more willing to opt in
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    Dumb question time. Why can't Cinema 4D have a perpetual licence with annual maintenance i.e. MSA then also a monthly / annual subscription plan for those that want to rent Cinema 4D / don't want the hefty outlay of buying a perpetual licence. Don't give me any BS that it can't be done. The Foundry offers both for Modo. Everyone is then happy.
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    what's up guys, jeeze feels like forever since i uploaded a wip project, life gets in the way some times but this is what ive been working on today, found an old helmet i started a few years back and decided to start over and develop it from there, more to come soon :D
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    Interesting that for the last couple of pages in this thread, the major theme has been "so exactly what my options if I want to stay perpetual?" Amidst all that confusion, there have been NO posts from any MAXON employee. We have not even heard from those employee's who run the forum (Igor last posted over 140 messages ago). Maybe they are waiting for us to pass through the "storming" phase of change and calm down and enter the "norming" or acceptance phase of change before they show themselves again. After all, we have more in common with an angry mob this week than the once peaceful lovers of C4D we used to be last week. Heck, if I were them, I would stay away. So....confusion reigns....tempers flare (including mine)....and MAXON is silent. But maybe...just maybe....our reaction just took them by surprise. They initially faced the angry mob and tried to defend MAXON's position that subscriptions are great for "THE WHOLE WORLD" but the arguments kept coming - and when you do the math, they had nothing to defend themselves. They drank the cool-aid that subscriptions were just soooo game changing and soo amazing because it allowed everyone to get Studio. Images of THE WHOLE WORLD using C4D Studio were just too exciting for them to ignore. In that daze of 3D utopia that had been created at MAXON, they failed to realize that their existing customers, in particular their Studio customers, were NOT THE WHOLE WORLD. We are the ones being cast aside, being asked to pay more than others to get the very same thing. We were simply left behind. Never in their good-hearted imagination (and they do have good hearts) did it occur to them that to independent Studio owners, their entire proposal and rules on subscriptions and perpetual licenses makes them - in fact - look like Adobe. This has to be a shock to them because for years we kept asking "Will MAXON become like Adobe" and for years we heard the uniform cry in return "MAXON will never be like Adobe". Well....they have become Adobe. They didn't know it but they did....and it shocks them to their very core. "We were the good guys" they are saying to one another in surprise as the dream of "3D for the Whole world" starts to collapse on them for the money making sham it really is. "How did we let this happen?" they ask in disbelief. They now realize that they have also lost something as well in this whole debacle. Their passions and values for Cinema 4D were once lock step in-tune with those of their customers - making C4D the most fun, stable and easy to use DCC software out there. But now our values are different. We are no longer excited about C4D. We could care less about C4D Live. As we try to navigate the mis-information concerning our options for our perpetual licenses, we are in reality thinking more about leaving C4D than continuing the journey. We just need all the facts before we make one final decision. That is what happens when trust is lost...what you once loved quickly becomes something you despise. I would imagine that to hear that drum beat for 31 pages can be a little distressing to MAXON employees. So our good friends at MAXON, who once celebrated with us over R20 one year ago, have now gone silent. Maybe...just maybe, this realization is also making them face some changes about what they once believed in. Maybe...just maybe....they are doing some "storming" of their own. So my sincere hope is this: Their silence implies that our anger has been felt. That it is being discussed. That they are looking to management to guide them...and us...to an acceptable middle ground were we all benefit, where we are all comfortable with the licensing changes that MAXON has introduced. That no one, especially the independent Studio owner and hobbyist who has poured so much time and money into this software, is left behind. Maybe...just maybe...they are busily trying to develop a unified plan and message where we are all made whole again. Mabye....just maybe that is my hope. ...but hope is a bad strategy and we need to be real.... ...and MAXON needs to restore our trust. Dave
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    Hey folks, some good news here :) Unreal Engine Now Supports Maxon’s Cinema 4D More about that here!
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    Good morning everyone.. Off to make first coffee!
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    So a couple of things that I wonder about as we try to navigate these very messy waters: MAXON made a major change to their whole pricing model and absolutely messed up the communications on it. Didn't they try their pitch on a test audience of select users ahead of time, collect the questions, listen to the concerns, and adjust? That is just good marketing when making a change of this significance. Or did they just persist by living in their own echo chamber, refusing to take outside input and challenge to their own views on their new business model. Building on Point 1, if the new culture of the new MAXON is to NOT adjust based on market response, then business history has shown they will have a short life span. Companies bigger than them have gone under very fast by refusing to listen to their customers and/or see the macro shifts going on around them (eg. Kodak, Lucent, etc). Blender 2.8 is a macro shift in the market that MAXON needs to pay attention to. Big companies like Ubisoft, etc. are making huge donations to the Blender Foundation. If the MAXON leadership team is feeling secure about the strength and purity of their new core or that they won a technical Oscar award, then they are again living in their own echo chamber. Core means nothing to the user unless they can see it in the features. Feeling proud that some modeling features are now under the influence of the new core? Well don't expect the user to do back flips over faster extrudes. What they really want is Bodypaint being updated to this century. Step out of your echo chamber because that thunder you hear behind you is Blender coming up fast. It may not be pretty by your standards, but it has a building momentum in the race while you are slowing down. There is some evidence that the heat generated over the absolutely mis-guided release of their new subscription model is changing some of their thinking. For example they are re-thinking Cineversity for perpetual license holders. I mean that alone is proof that they were not listening to anyone but themselves prior to the R21 announcement. Other proof is that the new features in R21 have very little to drive people to stay with C4D. If they were listening to the users, they would have made a decision to delay announcing subscriptions until a future release provided must have features like massive object handling, gpu rendering, full multi-threaded implementation across all aspects of the program, and a Bodypaint release that elevated it to best of breed status. So what became of the world tour announced at Siggraph? Didn't they talk about a 27 city tour? I have not heard anything about that since. Could it be that they were once again living in their own echo chamber thinking that the world would reach out to them with loving arms over the subscription plan? That they would be greeted as heroes wherever they went? Did our anger temper their hubris a bit? Good. So MAXON, please step out of your echo chamber. Start listening...and more importantly prove that you are listening. Even your defense of the new subscription model proves that you are still living in your own echo chamber because those arguments are all about how much better this is for MAXON: "It was really hard to maintain MSA licenses for 5 versions of C4D".....oh boo hoo for you. Kodak, Polaroid, Lucent....give a big warm welcome to MAXON. Dave
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    So doesn’t Blender do all this without plugins....for $0 per month or (if you don’t like subscriptions) or for $0 for the perpetual license. And you can either pay $0 a month or the slightly higher fee of $0 annually for the perpetual license as well. Unfortunately, the perpetual license needs to connect to the license server 0 times every 14 days to stay active. You just gotta love 0! Dave
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    At the moment the MAXON US Shop is showing upgrades from R19 to R20 at $995, on their UK shop there is no upgrades available at all. The $999 price you been quoted I would check again, ask if that,s set by management, or a rough estimate. If indeed that is correct then ask them why isn't this on the site, and why hasn't this been announced officially? Delaying this info can only do more harm and fuel the negativity and fear for current Perpetual owners. MAXON needs to get this communication sorted pronto without further delay, this is only causing speculation which I quite understand given the weight of the outcome it will lead to for many of their current customers. In the mean time we need to hang in there and try not to jump ahead of ourselfs assuming the worse before its happened, regarding perpetual upgrade prices that is. Dan
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    Well well. Yet another release from MAXON that confirms I was right to jump ship to Modo when R17 came out. A few nice enhancements in R21 but where's the new UV toolset? Looks to me as though the faster object handling / new core that handles UVing still isn't finished. Looks like I can leave my Bodypaint tutorials up for yet another year. My guess is a lot of Cinema 4D hobbyists will jump ship to Blender 2.8. Cheers everyone :)
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    Hi All, This is my first time at Siggraph in a long time! Last year I had just started at MAXON and it was too late to attend. I am extremely excited to be going back to Siggraph and with MAXON! It will be busy, but in between meetings I will be hanging at the stand. Please do come by and feel free to say hi. It is going to be a fun show! Cheers Dave
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    Hi Rick As a new user, who just invested £3,700 in R20 Studio; Cineversity access is not my main concern. I've looked at it, it's a nice extra, but for me, it's a non-issue compared to the more significant conversation. To me, the MSA was a right to upgrade my software at a reduced price each year. I phoned MAXON this week who said if there is a perpetual upgrade path to R22 it will be more expensive than the subscription. In my opinion, what needs sorting is perpetual licences. Especially a commitment to the fact that perpetual licence holders should be able to continue upgrading their licences at the same price, or less than a subscription.
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    Sure Jops - The main reason for introducing the subscription option is that we talk to a lot of folks that really want to use Cinema 4D, but were scared off by or simply couldn't afford the initial investment of almost $4000. The steep entry price was preventing new customers from joining the C4D community, and a big, healthy Cinema 4D community benefits all of us. There's also been a huge demand for subscription - even from current customers, and we were seeing this in the success of the short-term license program. A big part of our effort here is reducing the confusion and decisions customers have to make when they want to hop on board - that's why we've eliminated all the editions (which very few folks took advantage of) and why we're only presenting 5 options on the MAXON.net buy page. In truth it would be really hard on multiple fronts for us to offer two separate recurring options, and historically MSA has been administered differently, and the implementation and policies differed wildly by region. So really it comes down to clarity and consistency. And really for users who have been and continue to have an active MSA nothing has changed yet - you'll get R21 perpetual and you'll have Cineversity for the duration of your MSA. When we announce the next perpetual release you'll have the opportunity to upgrade. I can't say what the price will be, but I also can't say what the price for your next MSA renewal would've been. We do indeed need to sort out a reasonable option for perpetual folks to continue accessing Cineversity after their MSA expires - we missed that detail prior to announcement and we're working to sort it out.
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    This is the point exactly. I’ve just started using C4D and one month ago invested £3,700 including VAT in R20 and the MSA. At the time of purchase I understood that I was buying into the MSA which would a) let me own the software and b) allow me to upgrade at a price I could afford, for as long as I could afford to. Now, one month later, the game has changed and I feel MAXON miss-sold C4D to me meaning that I will have effectively paid over £3,000 to use C4D as a complete beginner (only following basic tutorials) for two months. When I heard about the subscription announcement, I went on line, read what I could and was amazed there was no commitment regarding perpetual licences. How can a company spend a year planning a change, come out with their big announcement, and not have made a clear decision regarding their long term customers and their perpetual licences? I felt cheated. MAXON: you just took my money under the pretence that I was buying into the MSA (an upgrade stream) and that my soft wear would be worth something. The move to subscription means that both these points are not true as the subscription requires no buy in and the fact it even exits, completely devalues the software I own. Anyway, my point is that for everyone who has already invested into C4D and the MSA upgrade stream, we should be allowed to continue upgrading at the same price as subscribers because: a) we have already paid thousands to buy into C4D, b) the subscription is a similar price to the MSA, and c) the MSA/upgrade option is what was sold to us at the time of purchase - which for me was four weeks ago. MAXON, if you don’t get it; perpetual licence holders have already invested in buying into your product, now please let us upgrade our perpetual licences yearly at the same price as the subscription. Otherwise, I feel at the time of my purchase, one month ago, C4D was miss-sold to me and as a consumer, I have a case to ask for my money back.
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    Please Rick by all means, tell your bosses to KEEP a perpetual license upgrade path, and at a fair price (not 900$ like I read here or there). This will ease all tensions. Subs will help recruit new users and generate a steady stream of cash for MAXON. It will be a win win for everybody.
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    Maybe because you underestimate how much trust MAXON lost. People are still in the shock about Adobe. This arrogant way in which the company has overcome the concerns of its long-standing customers has left a deep mark. And now MAXON is doing the same in the eyes of many. Even if you're certainly not the one to blame (you are here to answer questions). But in my personal opinion, MAXON's lack of communication and willingness to compromise has not only lost a few customers. MAXON also lost much more trust than you imagine right now. But shurely you can compensate it with a lot of new subscibers. best regards Jops
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    Dear Rick, Thank you for facing the wave of outrage. But... I hope you've noticed that this whole simplification is just progress for MAXON, not for the existing users. - MAXON only has one software version left to maintain, but Prime users now have to triple their payments. - MAXON implements a new licensing system and can thus have better control over its customers (and only have to maintain one version). But customers can't be sure if MAXON won't shut down the license server for old versions. - MAXON simplifies its accounting by abolishing the MSA. But from now on, at best, customers will have to pay more for an annual update (but there is no guarantee that it will continue to be offered). - MAXON is euphoric because it hopes to get many new users. But, the existing users feel cheated and passed over. (by the way, many of those who make up this great community) With all the answers posted here in the forum, I have the feeling that MAXON is confusing its own benefit with the benefit to the user. And this thread should be a sufficient sign that your userbase is not euphoric. All the best Jops
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    Yep....they were forced out by Nemetshek (the true villain here). It is highly unlikely that three people all decide that retiring at the same time is in each of their own mutual best interests. They knew what was coming and I am sure packed as much as they could into R20 as one final gift to their loyal customers. Very glad that they went out on a high note...saw C4D win an Oscar, etc. My heart goes out to them though....because I honestly feel that for them to witness all the anger in the community will be like watching the home you built with your bare hands be over run by rats. Dave
  29. 4 points
    I received my email from MAXON concerning purchasing the latest MSA. In it, even they recommend the MSA over subscription: "Because renewing the MSA gives you a lot more, we highly recommend that you renew, and the cutoff date in the U.S. / Canada will be Friday, August 30." Unfortunately, I won't be moving forward with C4D. Here was my response: "Thanks for the additional information; however, I’ve decided not to renew my MSA or to purchase a subscription. Sadly, as a user since R14, I’ve decided not to move forward with Cinema 4D. I’m firmly against subscription software. I’m still using Adobe CS6 and have invested in Affinity’s software and Corel Painter to support their ongoing efforts to provide users with a perpetual license option. Concerning the MSA, the cost for Studio users is so unfair, I can’t in good conscience purchase the MSA for R21. Knowing that a Prime user can purchase an MSA and receive the same R21 version as I will at a quarter of the price is outrageous, especially since their initial license purchase was so much lower than mine. MAXON seems to only be catering to new users without rewarding their existing base, and the MSA pricing differences for the same version is an undeniable example. Additionally, I wanted to purchase the MSA so at least I would have an R21 perpetual license in case a perpetual license is no longer available after this release. I have read that they will be; however, with the ending of the MSA program, the lack of information on the plans for perpetual licenses and the pricing, and the hard push to subscriptions, I can’t in good faith believe that perpetuals will continue to be available, or, if they are, they may not be available at a reasonable price. Finally, with the requirement of the R21 software needing to “call home” every 14 days, MAXON will have the option in the future to possibly discontinue verifying that version. I previously would have thought that such an idea was ridiculous, that a company would never do that; however, Autodesk, a subscription-only software company, is now trying to discontinue the rights of their perpetual license holders and force them to subscriptions, so I no longer think that is an impossible assumption. I appreciate all of the help you’ve provided, and I know losing one MSA customer won’t mean much to management; however, voting with my money is the only remaining option I have. I’ll continue with R20 and am in the process of transitioning to Blender. Thanks again."
  30. 4 points
    Hi, Rant incoming! :) As a long time Studio user (10 years) I'm not impressed with this move at all. I'm about as impressed as I was when Adobe did it and I dumped them immediately. Has MAXON HQ has lost the plot? Forcing your users into a subscription model is a really ugly thing (ransom basically) and taking your perpetual license away that you have invested in for years is just a d_ck move. The one thing that has really irked me is that as a Studio user if I want to upgrade my MSA before Aug 31st it's going to cost me £300 more than a Prime MSA user to get the same R21 version. Correct me if I'm wrong but that's the way it seems. The next year when I'm forced into subscription I essentially have my perpetual R21 license taken away that I just paid for. Here's another worrying thing. The MAXON Service Agreement entitles you to any new perpetual releases within the term of your MSA contract. This does not include access to subscription-only releases. So if I don't have a subscription your going to limit my updates to R21 under MSA? What now? Isn't that kind of a bullying tactic? I hope I'm wrong about this. Anyone have any info on that? MAXON seems to think it's in the position that Adobe was in (no competition) when it pulled this move. Unfortunately for MAXON C4D has a lot of competition, competition that is way ahead of the game too. The fact that one of the most fundamental aspects of the 3D workflow (UV mapping) has hardly been touched for 10 years says a lot. Seriously, the only new modelling tool in 4 years has been the Pen Tool!! Jeez! In 4 years when the new UV stuff appears they'll be selling it like some new miracle invention! :) It's all too little too late for me and I'm fed up with it. R21 seems to just be an exercise in locking you in to the subscription loop. Why can't users have a choice? The MSA isn't any different to subscription for MAXON so why can't they keep that as an option for users that want to retain a perpetual license. I'll tell you why... because there's no fear you can't access your work if you have a perpetual license. Subscription is no cheaper for long time users (it's actually increased) so for us it isn't '3D for the World'!! That's Blender folks!! New users now just enter above MSA prices and don't have to fork out £3500 like we did. A monthly cost looks cheaper on paper but it isn't. Do the math on your MSA price vs subscription. Sure you'll get a year discount on it but after that? Another thing that bothers me is the 'influencers' (barf) shouting the new subscription model is the saviour of 3D when they all probably have NFRs and don't pay anything. *shakes fist* LOL I know MAXON has the mograph game sewn up and rightly so. It's the best in show for that and you can't knock it. It's what they live off. My interests don't fall into that sphere though. Modelling is my primary objective in C4D and I've invested a lot of time (and money) getting to a point with C4D's toolset (hell, I even wrote MILG11 to help other people try and get there too) and that toolset is now behind the curve for the price. I'm probably just going to dump MAXON and move to Blender 2.8 which with the right addons is pretty great for modelling. This also has its problems as Blender 2.8 supports neither OpenCL or Metal on Mac 10.14 with Cycles and might never! I'd rather deal with that though than be bullied into a subscription model by MAXON though. I have a feeling most of the casual users and hobbyists might jump ship this time and that's a lot of users I'd imagine. Looks like 3DKiwi had the right idea! :) I'd really love to stay with C4D because of one thing... I know it inside out. Perhaps I should get over that! :) Feels like I'm off to a funeral. :( Tob
  31. 4 points
    I have been coming to the Cafe for a very long time and it has always been a great place to learn and ask questions. the people here are the best, a great group.
  32. 4 points
    Rick, in those three years (and onwards), will perpetual licenses still be available to upgrade / buy? If this is something you don't want to answer, let me know and I'll stop asking. Also, for those of us who won't rent software, can I ask that Cineversity and CV plugins be reconsidered for perpetual users? Seems more punitive than practical to take those away.
  33. 4 points
    Studio MSA customers seem to be really getting a bad and unfair deal out of this. As much as I love C4D and want to have R21 on my new work iMac I’ll be getting soon. I might be out. I’m not sure the solution but this isn’t right
  34. 4 points
    With all respect, as IceCaveMan has been here a long time and deserves to be heard, this hyperbolic, insulting nonsense is a pain to read and does no-one any favours. Autodesk is a global company. Here in Australia they regularly have free industry sessions where they show off their software to young graduates and have Disney animators visiting to show off the behind the scenes workflow from ZOOTOPIA and stuff like that. The Foundry is a global company. Here in Melbourne Mariana Acuna Acosta was regularly flown out here to show off MODO and give big long inspirational speeches about how great the company and the software was. The Foundry guys bought everyone free beer and pizza and Mariana got up on stage in front of the graduates and said, guess what kids, MODO has a special discounted student special starting next week and you can all buy your MODO licenses for a low price. Lots of wide eyes and happy smiles as the graduates all drank and chatted to the Foundry folk and talked how they were keen to get into the software. Digistor held a CINEMA 4D session in Melbourne and I saw it on a mailing list and thought I'd attend. This was just after Cineware had come out. A local After Effects guy gave a talk about some AE features, and I sat next to a Japanese guy who had relocated here and who was an expert at Softimage XSI. He was curious about C4D. Then a middle-aged woman with zero enthusiasm came out and ran through a demonstration of a car bumper being put onto the front of a vehicle - I later saw this exact same demonstration online from a more prominent trainer - and I kind of saw all the enthusiasm drain out of the room. No buzz and I remember wishing Tim Clapham had come down from Sydney to liven things up. From the age of the attendees it didn't seem to be a room of students either. Just folks in post and design who were C4D curious for the day. If MAYA and MODO and other software packages are promoted on a subscription plan to young graduates who have left their studies, who are starting in the industry, with easy to install licensing, and with regular offers to get folks to resubscribe if they lapse, MAXON really should just pack things in if they don't remain competitive and gun for the same customers. This is so blindingly obvious - MAXON's competitors are global, and MAXON will invite trouble if they don't match their competitors strengths - that it boggles the mind that you'd see the comment as indicative of sinister intent. There was a Cinema 4D MeetUp group in Melbourne for a couple of months and I spoke to the guy who ran it. Within a short period of time he'd rebranded the MeetUp as only a few people attending had bought the Studio version of C4D, but everyone there was an Adobe subscriber, so it made more sense to keep shared billing rather than focusing on a software pack that lots of the visitors either hadn't been able to or hadn't been encouraged to buy. David McGavran - who in the behind the scenes videos that have popped up online with him and Paul Babb and others, seems like a completely friendly and jovial and likeable guy - comes and visits this forum, which didn't happen too often with the other owners, and sends a friendly hello before giving what I found to be a sincere talk, certainly much more honest and passionate than his appearance on the Apple stage when he was with Adobe, and IceCaveMan and a few others here respond with really brutal cynicism and sarcasm. As I've mentioned before, this is the sort of snide language that IceCaveMan used against folks who were happily subscribing to the Adobe Creative Cloud. IceCaveMan - are you intending your comments labelling MAXON as bullies, and as the enemy, to accomplish anything productive? If you are, I can't imagine right now what it may be. Here's a nice video below of Paul Babb and Dave McGavran chatting just after the Redshift announcement. McGavran seems honestly excited and sincere. And these are the guys who IceCaveMan tells us are bullies, who want to treat their customers with contempt, and who deserve to be scorned. To be honest I'm seeing ugly behaviour come from one side here, and it's not from the guys at MAXON. The MAXON guys have likely noticed posts - here and at CgTalk - from the 30 or 40 vocal regulars who are unhappy that their standard upgrade procedure with Studio has been chucked for an entirely new paradigm. But surfing around I've seen just as many posts from folks on Twitter, on Reddit, on the Luxology forums and elsewhere who have pretty much all said, "Wow! I can finally afford this! I'll definitely give it a shot." I just find it funny that folks who have been bemoaning the pace of C4D development for years drop to their knees and scream to the heavens when a guy comes along who wants to expand the community, get more people onboard and ramp things up. Next time I visit one of the local post-production meet ups, I'll approach a handful of grads there and ask what they'd prefer, an AU $5610.00 C4D Studio purchase from Digistor, or an annual entry fee here that will probably land at around grand annually. I'll probably also ask how many are apprehensive that MAXON - who can't be too far from celebrating their 30 year anniversary, who just won an Academy Award and who just bought Redshift - will suddenly vanish from the internet and give everyone login errors when they try to activate their sub. I used to feel that millenials, as a whole, were a degree dumber and less informed in online discussions. This thread gives me solid evidence that I should probably consider the reverse proposition and give those newcomers a break.
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    mmm, I don't agree. Things changed. While Brad and co were great at interacting with the user base, development was all over the place. Stability has improved a lot in the last few versions and there now seems to be logical way forward / clear roadmap. The procedural modelling is really useful and something I use all the time now. Obviously I've been watching this thread with interest. I always thought there were too many versions of Cinema 4D so consolidating into one version I totally agree with. My guess is MAXON fully expect to lose a few customers but that will be offset by making it easier for people to get into. For example, say I wanted to come back to Cinema 4D, no way would I pay US $3495 but US $720 for 12 months use is a lot more accessible to me. Having to connect to the internet to validate my licence regularly isn't an issue in my opinion. Nothing unique in that. That said I would be totally pissed if I was a Cinema 4D user and especially if I had paid for a Studio version. That's essentially money down the drain. Some random comments: Glad I'm not running a Cinema 4D forum anymore!! Where is Cinema 4D up to with the rewritten core / faster object handling? Seems to me it still isn't finished yet as there's been no hype about faster object handling. Still no new UV toolset. While R21 has some UV tool enhancements, UV editing hasn't changed much since 2003 (you read that right). One reason I jumped ship at R17 was I'd given up waiting for the UV toolset to be updated. 4 versions on / 4 years later it still hasn't surfaced. Is it me or does R21 feel like a .5 version? Seems rather light on enhancements. Not sure I would be happy paying the hefty MSA price for what MAXON just served up with R21. Have to say some of the pre release hype from MAXON employees here and elsewhere now feels like they were bullshitting a bit. If I was MAXON I would have given users of the Studio version with an active MSA a free year of Redshift as a sweetner. Studio users have always had a bit of a rough deal compared to other versions. It was good to see the new MAXON CEO presenting at Siggraph. Also good to see him posting here. Big change from the previous management. Anyway, hope you're all enjoying your 3D. I'm currently putting together the new Lego Harley Davidson motorcycle that came out recently. In addition to making the real Lego model I'm modelling the parts that I don't have already to make a digital version of it. Still riding my bike a lot. Cheers Nigel / 3DKiwi
  36. 4 points
    It feels shocking to those that have supported MAXON to have been told “yea you know that thing you bought from us for £3500?...the thing we told you there’s an upgrade and support path for and you are able to sell or keep forever?” -yes the thing I pay for the new version of every year- ”well we have changed our minds you can’t have it now” -well give me my money back- ”no you can’t we spent it on setting up a different way to make money” -but we had an understanding this will be ongoing- ”shut up about that, stop moaning....oh as a way of thanking you support is dropped apart from bugs and your cineversity membership too, deal with it” The optics of a MAXON faithful is it wrong to see it like this?
  37. 4 points
    Also something I've been reading around the web is that the $60/month deal (annual subscription) isn't charged once per month. It's charged all at one time. So if you want the deal you still need to fork over $720 + tax immediately. If true, this isn't what is being presented. To use the car analogy, it's like saying your new car only costs $300/month but demanding the full $35,000 before you can drive it away.
  38. 4 points
    Because that's what is gonna happen. The perpetual license (which is not perpetual anymore, with the every 14-day activation thing) will be gone in one or two years. That's what happened with both Adobe's and Autodesk's perpetual licenses. And we have a former Adobe guy as MAXON CEO. Just do the math.
  39. 4 points
    In the past this was always an exciting week. Hear about C4D's new features, lots of discussion on the forums (good and bad), and watching the presentations of the show. This time around, I have not watched a single presentation and have absolutely no interest in doing so. There are many companies that offer software subscriptions in a much more user-friendly way. The Adobe way just feels immoral.
  40. 4 points
    I will never understand this logic. If you can´t spend 3.5K for a perpetual license - Spare 70.00 a month and buy when you are completed. Or take a credit and pay back month by month - But OWN your license in the end. If you are able to pay the monthly fee, you should also be able to pay back the credit. I realy can´t understand why so many people are of the opinion "now (with subscription and dependence) they are able to use these tools they elsewise could never have". Subscription is nearby the same as taking credit - with the disadvantage that you loose the access to your work if you are unable to pay. And - in my Eyes the advantage is on the manufacturers site - no need to force development, as users are dependent.
  41. 4 points
    As there's so much hate towards the licensing changes, I wanted to give a bit of an alternative perspective. For me personally, the licensing changes are exactly what I hoped for. I'm currently on R20 Broadcast. Studio would have been nice, but dropping 3.5k just wasn't an option when I decided to get seriously into creating 3D stuff commercially. I've bought an MSA for my upgrade to R21 and wanted to upgrade to Studio in 2020, which would have cost an additional €2.000. In September, I'm getting R21 with all the Studio features I've been missing for free - I'm saving 2k. If rumors are true, I'm then going to get 2 years of upgrades (which are - at least for me - mandatory. Being on an old version isn't an option for me, due to compatibility reasons alone) for €1.000 - again - that's cheaper than the MSA would have been. 2023 onward I'm going to have to pay €700 per year - but I'm fine with that. It's really going to take some time until it's going to eat away the money I've saved from not having to upgrade to Studio. I know people like me are the exception, I just wanted to shed some light from a more positive angle here. Yes, it would be fantastic if they offered an Indie option, but subscription based licensing is becoming the norm in the software market and it was only a question of time until MAXON would join the other companies. Yes - feature-wise the update is weak - here's to hoping we'll get some nice features in the coming months.
  42. 4 points
    Here are some answers I got from EU MAXON that may clarify some things for long-term users: you have several options: You could extend your current MSA for another year (from September 2019 – August 2020). In this case you would get a permanent license of R21 in the beginning of September. Then you can decide to stay with the permanent license or to switch to subscription. As long as your MSA is valid we have a special offer for two years – you can switch to subscription for 959,81 Euro net (this price is the two year price) and we also check the remaining months of your MSA and credit this amount. Please note that with the change to subscription the permanent license of your R12 will no longer be valid You can start with subscription in September. If you order the subscription in September we can offer you the same like above You can start with subscription in October or later – in this case we can offer you a price of 479,90 Euro for the first year. In the second year you would have to pay 599,88 Euro net You can upgrade to R21 perpetual for 850 Euro net Cineversity is part of the subscription. If you want to add Redshift then you additionally have to pay 240 Euro net per year (so it seems that the amount you have to pay at the moment is a bit cheaper). If you have further questions don’t hesitate to contact us
  43. 4 points
    I was very unhappy yesterday with both the R21 release and MAXON's announcements regarding licensing. Today I choose to see the positives: -I’m about to save some money. The money that MAXON would have received will stay in my pocket. -Get to learn new things and expand my toolset w/a renewed focus on Unity and a fresh focus on Blender. No hurry learning Blender though, as… -I will continue to enjoy the R20 that I purchased and won’t have to spend hours this fall (and more dollars) fussing with rebuilding my plugin library -Down the road if a new version of c4d is so compelling that it compensates for my distaste for subscriptions, I can always course correct. Lemonade from Lemons. I’m not going to fuss over this, or try to persuade anyone else. I won’t be bitter, or make declarations. Just act appropriately for me.
  44. 4 points
    MAXON really needs to go back to the drawing board. The whole "3D for the Whole World" looks like a farce considering that: 1) Studio users will have to pay more than they paid for the MSA 2) Prime and Bodypaint users will have to pay THREE TIMES more than they were paying for their MSA. 3) Disingenuous pricing: the $59 per month sub is not really that, but a $720 annual fee. 4) The annual fee is almost THREE TIMES more expensive than Maya and Max Indie ($250) 5) People don't like Autodesk but now that MAXON is acting like them, Autodesk becomes an option. 6) Cinema 4D R21 is very weak in features, so I don't see why people would move from R20. 7) The above fact makes me think that MAXON will soon kill the perpetual license as they realize the old users are not migrating (Autodesk did that). 8) Finally, the perpetual license is not really perpetual anymore, with a silly 14-day internet activation. How to fix this? My suggestions: 1) CInema4D Indie version for $20 per month (like Octane). Really monthly, not upfront. 2) Keep the perpetual license and the MSA for existing users, without silly 14-day activation. But they only get the upgrades and new features annually. 3) Subscription-to-perpetual option for new users. Something like: After 3 years of subscription, if you stop, you get the current perpetual license. Otherwise I think we will see BOTH the existing users AND the new users migrating to Maya and Blender. I teach 3D Animation at the University level. At this price point, with Maya and Max Indie a reality, it's really hard to recommend Cinema 4D for my students. Keep in mind that I LOVE Cinema 4D, but this Adobe-fication of MAXON is really a mistake.
  45. 4 points
    So I decided I wanted to do some more Star Trek stuff (It got me into VFX's in the first place) and Marc Bell made an exceptional model of both the Discovery and Enterprise. I thought I'd recreate the final battle, just with more preferable colors and lightning? I dunno, but tell me what you think!
  46. 4 points
    I understand that MAXON feels that they have changed the game on DCC costs and is trying to provide "value to every user", but to a Studio user it feels more like a loss than a gain. The annual MSA used to be $650 USD and was raised to $720. With that you got a perpetual license and Cineversity. Now for the same amount ($59.99 a month for 12 months or $719.88 per year) you no longer get a perpetual license. So going the subscription route is the same annual cost as before but you no longer get to use R21 should you unsubscribe. That is a loss over the old MSA cost model with perpetual licenses. Now, I have no idea what the R20 to R21 upgrade price is for a perpetual license but given that you lose Cineversity, that choice is also a loss over what we had before. So exactly what do current holders of an R20 Studio MSA really get out of this "game changing" approach to making DCC software affordable? All I feel is loss....no matter how you spin it. Thank you MAXON. Until my "Customer portal" opens up with my options, this is how you leave me: a slow burning realization of what 10 years of loyalty means to you. Hopefully that changes in the near future. Dave
  47. 4 points
    Yep, not much in the way of 'Big and flashy' this time round, but some solid improvements that will find genuine practical everyday use. Those of you that know me will know my main thing is the modellings, so I will deal with those bits first... What some have dismissed as merely 'New Bevels' is actually so much more than that. Now EVERY spline-input Generator produces decent sub-dividable caps with no additional effort - that is a massive improvement to so many tools, and makes working with text and extrudes especially so much better than before. And in case you missed it, now bevels don't break UVs, so that's a lot of time saved. Delaunay Caps is far better than Regular Grid could ever achieve, and now means we can deform spline-based stuff without re-topologizing or putting up with rubbish edges ! Copy and paste polygons is another modelling biggie we have been wanting for some time, and now we have it. At least another 10 existing modelling tools have been rejigged and converted to new core functionality, and most of their actions no longer break UVs as they have done in previous versions. In the Volume Builder I am very pleased with the cache function which will help a great deal in the practical use of that, and I like the new spline functionality therein where we can control the thickness along its length. And the redesigned UI, which is a ground-up overhaul of the look of the app, and for me least is really nice, and makes Cinema an even more attractive and sensibly ordered working environment. For me it has finally beaten Modo in that respect., and has always been nicer looking than all the others !. That Render DeNoiser is going to be very helpful as well. I don't feel I can really criticize the licencing all the time a perpetual version remains available and up-gradable, but time will tell how long that remains the case, so I will have to take the long view on that... CBR
  48. 4 points
    Coming out for C4D in the future. Made by same people that made ZRemesher. Looks to be really good. Quad Remesher site
  49. 4 points
    @Sam Waldow Hi Sam! Good news: you don't need to pay the $50. MAXON is providing a free Exhibit pass with the promo code MAXON19. That's how I'm planning to visit. I used that savings to buy a ticket to the Computer Animation Festival ($50), which is Monday and, in my opinion, highly worth it. You get to see a showcase of all the latest shorts and VFX breakdowns from studios all over the world. I saw many of the Disney & Pixar shorts here (as well as some other extraordinary ones by independent studios). The vibe is very fun and they program the best computer animation in the world. I have been to SIGGRAPH three times prior to this and MAXON provides full days of talks from industry professionals from Tuesday to Thursday. You could spend all day at the MAXON booth. The talks in the past have been pretty VFX/motion graphics-heavy (I would prefer more character animation talks and it seems like there are more of them this year), but I have learned loads of good tricks and tips for managing projects, workflows, and demos of what Cinema can do. It's also when Cinema 4D releases its latest version, so you learn about the new features and hear product announcements. The rest of the conference is a mixed bag: sometimes you get awesome panels from filmmakers, but a LOT of the conference is for the technical achievements in movies (WETA, Double Negative, etc.). The solutions are way over my head and you can quickly find yourself in the wrong room. I think an Exhibits pass and Computer Animation Festival will be very satisfying for me...I can skip the rest with no problem (I'll go to CTNX for the Animation Filmmaker Panels). You can download the SIGGRAPH 2019 app to see what all the Exhibits pass gets you (Opening Ceremony, Appy Hour, Exhibits, & Frontiers Talks). As for if it's worth going at all: we Cinema 4D users are a pocket within the CG world and I think it's nice to meet "birds of a feather." If you have any really particular questions, you can talk to experts after they do their talks. In years prior, being able to talk with Tim Clapham, Nick Campbell, Chris Schmidt, etc. has been great - getting to see live demos from very able Cinema users and to thank them for their contributions to our community. If money's tight, though, C4Dlive is all of the content (and you can be choosier about which ones you watch), but you don't get any of the networking or excitement around the conference. Hope to see you there!
  50. 3 points
    I'm going to need to better understand the new pricing structure to understand how this is better for me. I will pay a subscription cost that adds up in a year to what I pay now for an MSA; however, I no longer have a perpetual license. I'm not trying to be negative; I just don't understand how this is an improvement.

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