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    So far, someone from MAXON will gladly chime in to explain some aspect of the subscription plan. They will also chime in to defend the position that Prime MSA holders can get a Studio R21 license via their last MSA purchase for about 1/3 of what Studio users have to pay ($250 vs. $720). Their defense though again gravitates towards subscriptions: "that is why Studio users can get two years of subscriptions for a 20% discount". But what took literally a ton of emails to sort out was that if you should ever take that offer in the future, they will deactivate your perpetual licenses - in essence locking you into subscriptions. They were very shady in divulging that information and it took some robust dialogue and painfully direct questions to get them to finally answer it. Now, where MAXON is COMPLETELY silent is defending why we should accept a 50% increase in renewing their annual perpetual license over what they paid for via the MSA program. Not one word of explanation or spin as to how this is in our best interests. Maybe they can say "well we canceled the MSA program" and that is the price of an upgrade without the MSA program. So we really didn't raise prices, we just cancelled a program. But then defend this: WHY DID YOU CANCEL THE MSA PROGRAM? Well, there is no defense. The MSA program was cancelled because they want people dependent on paying annual subscriptions for the simple reason that a companies "appearance" of value increases with a re-occurring revenue stream. It is a great selling point during quarterly earnings reports to say that subscription revenue growth is increasing and makes up a large portion of their total revenue. So in Nemetsheck's and MAXON's eyes, their thinking is "hey, we will make the annual cost of a subscription the same as the old MSA price so users will eagerly switch over of a subscription model. While it won't increase revenue (this year), changing the source of that revenue to re-occurring revenue is a great message to our shareholders." So again, the benefit is all MAXON and there is no way anyone from MAXON can defend this position on a community forum in any way that users will accept. Shareholders love it, but we don't because it provides us no value -- so why defend it. They tried to put lipstick on this pig by selling it as "3D for the whole world". No. It is "higher stock price for Nemetschek" and don't ever forget that. Again, the only thing they will listen to is a drop in revenue beyond what they forecasted. Right now, we are all exercising our last MSA purchases. The true test will come with what we do with R22. Do we convert to subscription? Do we pay the higher perpetual costs? Do we go somewhere else? That is why R22 will be a critical for both MAXON and for us as well. And don't think for a second that subscription prices will remain the same over time. Trust me, once they have coerced a large portion of their user base to subscriptions, those prices will rise. Maybe not in huge jumps, but they will steadily go up. And now you are really stuck. There are no alternatives but to pay at that point. While I love the fact that we have this great participation from Mr. McGarvan in this discussion, our complaints will make no difference and will generate no discussion from MAXON. Sitting on our wallets is the only voice we have. Dave
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    Dave I know the main point is keep us happy while this marketing plan goes through. Offer beers, friendly responses, etc. I’ve been in the meetings before where suckering the user base is a typical strategy, so nothing new to see here. It may not be obvious to some people, but this is the friendly face of corporate, while they herd you into a little box, and pick your pockets. The truth is, unless MAXON/Nemechek (sp?) get hurt on the balance sheets, there will be no good path for longtime Studio owners. But, I think you do have a way to hedge your bets to quiet the backlash and grumbling. Just offer the studio users who paid full price a yearly perpetual on every version going forward (we paid at least 3,500 to get in that club). You can even offer it to those who are willing pay the entry cost of 3,500 going forward - hell, raise it to 4,000 as an entry fee to this special club. This is actually a win-win for you. Anyone doing subscription will balk at the 4k - and those of us who have done it, well, you will buy a ton good will - not a cheap commodity nowadays- and it give you 2 streams of constant cashflow. Also you barely need to do much coding in the database, just one additional entry to cover this - a few days work at best. Then you'll have some good will back. That’s just good management. And a good contingency. Anyway, a ‘beer’ ain’t gonna buy most of us pros off, it’s good PR ploy for the hobbyists, but not for anyone in actual business. It reminds me of Lawyers being nice to their clients while they drain them of cash. Hilarious manipulation tactics. I knew a lawyer who bought a client and Hermes scarf (after they billed them over 400k) - she literally thought they were her friends (not the cutthroat sharks that they are). Hilarious. To cut right to it, we have a bottom line too, as well as planning for the future. Just was looking at Maya Bifrost (quite amazing - and actually useful!) You are going to have to put super serious effort into features really fast - need to see this by December 2019, make some that are actually useful in the ‘real world.’ For what we do, we make blood and tissue, and real mechanical objects. We need smoke and jet exhausts. We need water, and lighting effects - (sidenote: an oddball case, but the lens effects can be very useful (we're doing a job showing fiber optics)). Don’t want to have to do that in AE when you actually have lens effects built into C4D -but it’s just a million years old now. And we need better meshes throughout - we need them now - I know it’s possible because almost ever other pro 3D app makes better meshes. And features like dancing ‘gloop’ and stupid fractal patterns may intrigue the hobbyist - but no one will pay money for that garbage. Not in the real world. Final note: If you really wanted to sucker us, r21 should have had a bunch of killer features. It was a bad strategic move to throw this subscription initiative at us with a ‘meh’ release. Not smart at all. And Bifrost looks really good - and useful! Anyway, good luck, you know the deal I am sure. Make your users happy with good product, killer features this year, and the money will follow. Years of experience show that flash in the pan nonsense may work for a while, but it always fails in the end. And Adobe had a stranglehold on the various industries - with no competition - that's why they were able to pull it off. Not the same paradigm here. I may be a bit rough, but I’m telling you the truth.
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    Wow...and I thought I was snarky!!! Okay. Let's accept it for what it is: Mr. McGarvan is on the Cafe. He is posting. That is huge and unprecedented. Now, unless he lives in his own private world of cognitive dissonance reserved for the truly self-absorbed, then it is a fair bet that he is quite aware of the level of frustration, loss of trust, and overall growing anger against MAXON's new policies. ....but he still bravely posted on the forums. Now, if any of you think that the months of development it took to put their licensing scheme into place, the investment in servers to support it, etc is going to be chucked aside simply because the majority of us are angry and thinking about Blender more than we are about R21...well...let's be realistic. It is going to take more than 3 years of lackluster sales for it to finally sink in with Nemetshek (because this was all their idea after all) that maybe they just screwed up a pretty good thing. But by then it will be too late. You see, we all see it coming. We are more attuned to what licensing means to the users because we are all users. Corporate execs are not users. They are a bit out-of-touch. If Adobe could get away with it (after incurring an initial loss of sales in year 1, breaking even in year 2 and a return to profitability in year 3), then why can't MAXON do it? That is how they think. But the Nemetshek execs do not realize that Adobe has a suite of 20 products to offer for $53/month that is billed MONTHLY. MAXON has two products billed at almost twice that amount (if you include Redshift) billed ANNUALLY. Whatever you may think of Adobe subscription plan, you have to admit that is a lot of capability. Plus they also offer cloud storage. Regardless of the pace of development at Adobe after licensing, you at least have a number of options with their Creative Cloud that you can afford on a smaller financial bite of $53 a month rather than $720 a year. So can you really take your marketing cues from Adobe with that type of offering? I mean really? Plus, MAXON announced their licensing plan on the back of R21 which has less new features than R17. Not sure if Mr. McGarvan was aware of the anger around R17. R17 forced the much respected founder of The Cafe, Nigel Doyle, to leave C4D,...that is how angry we all were with R17. Nigel just had the personal integrity (and foresight) to actually do something about it. And now, here we are with R21 which is even less compelling in terms of new features than R17 and on top of that you add licensing. I mean WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? Did the Oscar go to your head? Did you even bother to reach out to a cross section of your user base (both professional multi-seat houses AND individual users) to get some feedback? I mean, the simple fact that Prime MSA users can now get R21 Studio Perpetual license for $250 while Studio MSA users have to still pay $720 should have caused some recognition of the fact that loyal Studio users are getting the raw end of that deal. And please, don't tell me that the 20% discount on a two year subscription makes up for that because with that deal you loose your R21 perpetual license. I mean the execution of this whole licensing scheme was so poorly thought through that I have to imagine that there were some MAXON employee's who voiced concerns. If you didn't get feedback from your users...did you at least listen to your own employees??? So please, if you are going to be brave enough to take the heat on the Cafe, please step out of your own echo chamber and listen. Drag a few of those bean counting Nemetshek execs with you in the process. A few things for everyone to mull over if you really are going to listen: 1) Restore the perpetual license upgrade cost to $720. The disadvantage of perpetual licenses is that users have to wait a full year for updates and you want to the money all at once. The advantage is that we are not locked into a subscription fee to keep using the software. Seems like a fair trade. And don't lie to yourself and say "Paying $999 is what happens when we discontinued the MSA program". Tacking on another $279 is just unnecessarily punitive punishment for not going to subscriptions or just plain greedy. There is no other way for you to defend it so don't even try. That type of behavior is NOT in keeping with MAXON's past culture. 2) Charge monthly for a subscription rather than yearly. You can still have two plans: an annual commitment billed monthly at $60 and a monthly commitment billed at $89/month - but both are charged monthly. I mean what is the point of this whole licensing manager if your cannot monetize it with monthly billing? Miss a payment, the software shuts off and you have one month to get back on to the $60 plan monthly plan. If you miss that, you go to the monthly $89 plan until your original 12 month commitment plan is up for renewal. Advantage: users get interim updates and monthly billing. Again, fair trade for losing the right to use the program after the subscription payments stop. Both of these plans are far more attractive than what you are offering now. Why? Because they offer advantages to both MAXON AND the user. Right now, everything is weighted in MAXON's favor. Don't kid yourself to think that the users are not smart enough to see it....I mean why else would we be angry. But please do SOMETHING...ANYTHING that recognizes that the path you are on is not a successful one for MAXON. Again, we are here pleading with you because we do love the software but we fear for MAXON's future. Again, we all see it coming. You need to open your ears to what we are saying. Also...one more thing.....in case I still haven't gotten your attention yet and this post is just so much long winded chatter in your ears: Please point out to your bosses at Nemetshek that regardless of how precious and in love you are with your new core, that Blender 2.8 IS A SERIOUS THREAT THAT YOU CAN NOT IGNORE. They are getting some significant funding....they are capturing mind share with a loud chorus of approval for their new features that dwarfs whatever noise was made when C4D won an Oscar. Blender is production ready because Blender is used on productions (...so how many Netflix movies, series and shows are made with C4D?). Those new customers you are hoping via your "3D for the whole world" pitch are also looking at Blender. Don't kid yourself. They are looking at Blender 2.8. Blender is now more mainstream in its interface and if you are new to 3D then why would you choose a subscription program at $720 a year over a FREE program that has a pretty good interface, production proven character animation, modeling and sculpting tools, GPU rendering, a fast real time game rendering engine (Eevee) that gives tremendous view port performance, particles, compositing...the list goes on. As you deal with lackluster sales in 2019 and hope for a recovery in 2020, never forget that Blender gives us options. Please repeat that to yourself every day when you wake up: Blender gives us options! Is the hair standing up on the back of your neck yet? Still having fun? No? Well...then you better starting listening. Dave P.S. And let's not even think about the worst case scenario: Someone makes a motion graphics plugin for Blender....or Blender does its own mograph development. Blender has everything else....so why not? Honestly, C4D's future may not be as secure as you think.
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    Dave. I hear you and I totally agree. What gets me is we have a pretty light R21 release that people had been expecting the long overdue UV tool enhancement and faster object handling but no, a few enhancements, no doubt useful, but then at the same time users are essentially told they are going to have to pay more in the future. If anything what people are paying MAXON should be coming down. Now with Blender 2.8 nipping at their heels the last thing I would be doing is pissing off my customers by dicking around with what they pay. I think if I hadn't jumped ship 4 years I certainly would be now.
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    @everfresh is on Monday and Tuesday with Presentation title of "How I Did 30 Animated Personal Projects in 5 Years While Making Money"
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    As much as I'm happy you're being more aggressive against competitors.. here is the main reason why I'm probably dropping out. Perpetual. Now it's great you have it.. it's the reason I jumped on. No, it really is.. I have far too much experience with old projects that needed a look down the years, only to find that the current version (adobe in this case) no longer had that version available. Which threw a wrench because the plugins from back then don't work on the current version. The story is similar for other tools as well, but let's not stick too long on that. But knowing that I can just return to my old setup as it was back then, is assuring. With the current perpetual I would now have to pay the full price every single year.. but with MSA I got the same version cheaper, because I stuck with it. With this pricing, you're essentially giving me the middle finger. Not cool.. not cool at all. (If there is a way to get the new version perpetually like before, it isn't on your page. But something tells me it will still be nearly 2x if that's the case. Still not cool.) Had you've gone the route of propellerheads, allegorithmic etc.. where you pay to own... it would have been an entirely different topic. Then subscription would make much more sense, if you as a reward after the full year get to keep the version you're on perpetually. And it's not like it would cost you anything either... it's already been sold & used. To be short.. with the current price structure it no longer makes sense.. if things are going to cost me >2500€ then I might as well go back to Autodesk. Because I can get their entire media suite for less per year, and still have money left to spend on keeping other tools up to date. This isn't cheaper.. you've just raised my yearly cost by nearly 3x-4x, and robbing me of the historical projects in the process. EDIT: the €2500 is in comparison with the Full Autodesk media package... sorry if I made things unclear. Which makes me sad... I really like C4D. Oh.. and the license manager needs to be able to sign out a license remotely... what happens if my laptop get stolen and I didn't sign out. No, don't tell me... contact support! No, wrong answer... let me do it myself. See how messy this gets? Internet is only great while it works after all. And copy ideas from your competitors more frequently... they have no qualms copying things from C4D after all. And implement Cycles if you don't want to make a GPU renderer yourself (prorender really isn't as developed as Cycles)... it is under Apache License version 2.0 license after all.
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    Cineversity was never included in perpetual, only in MSA. We will definitely consider adding it to the upgrade but we only started discussing this based on the feedback, please bare with us. Cheers Dave
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    Yes, the Magnet tool, with the right radius settings could sort that out from where you are now, but it would be difficult to keep all the UV points even that way. So a better option would be to select all the top points of the UV and do 'Border to Circle' which will make a decent arch with them you can non-uniform negative scale so it matches the curve of your label. Repeat for the lower points separately and use 4,5,6 keys (move, uniform scale, rotate) to further adjust them until it's all lining up in the perspective viewport... CBR
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    1, if disabled option "UV Component Highlighting" (UV-Edit layout/Texture view /View/UV Component Highlighting) and in UV polygon mode activate new UV Transform Tool, C4D crash immediatelly. In UV point mode works fine 2, if used quick selections with 0,8,9 on numeric keyboard when activated UV Transform Tool, any FIRST action with UI transform tool is not related to selection. Only second click/action revive normal behaviour of UV Transform Tool. 3, UV Transform Tool don´t support deformed editing (temporarilly turn off deformed editing option) 4, if applied some deformer on polygonal object and option deformed editing is on, UV selections points/polygons remain visible (are overlapped) in perspective view (UV Edit layout). At the same time are visible UV points and polygons... If disabled applied deformer or disabled deformed editing option, selections are as expected (in UV point mode visible just point selection and in UV polygon mode is visible only UV polygon selection) 5, selecting few UV polygons in texture/UV view and applying MaxUV option makes texture/UV view unreadable. This happend because vith every overlapped UV polygon is added highlighting when is mouse pointer over polygon area. with every other polygon is highlighting multiplied and around 5-6 overlapped polygons user not able to make any selection because of pure white color over UV space when mouse moved over UV space area
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    Have you tried `c4d.GetC4DVersion()` ?
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    In this hard surface modelling excercise we will create a dormer. Plugins used: HB Modelling Bundle You can download a project file with the reference image we will be using here: Project file for modelling the dormer I hope you'll enjoy the video. Thanks for watching! Cheers contrafibbularities
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    If you have Physical render in progresive infinite mode, your render will never stop until you break it with Stop Rendering command for example...
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    I know there has been a lot of chatter in the forums since the release of R21, and I've remained pretty quiet so far. Tonight I'm doing a livestream and it would be great to see some of you in the chat so we can discuss the new subscription model, the things we like (and don't) about R21, and also address some of the concerns we might share. The stream takes place 12/09/2019 BST: 11:00PM EDT: 6:00PM PDT: 3:00PM
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    A very useful list of plugins for cinema 4d. it's part of a bigger and awesome website that i recommend every c4d enthusiast to watch about this software in general. Many thanks to it's creator. (wich by the way i didn't found the name) I wish MAXON had something like this with this kind of content. http://cine.wex.pl/C4D-F/C4D-1.htm
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    Yep I can show you how to model a fern. Give me half an hour, or so... CBR
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    Here's a quick few stages on how to build a simple leaf... 1. Start with plane, 4 x 2. Make editable, delete one half, place under symmetry. 2. Points mode, move points into general leaf shape. 3. Extrude (ctrl-drag) out the thin poly at the base a few times to make the stem. Pull border points of the leaf forward a little to get the center groove. Select all polys and add a little thickness with extrude (use caps). (We need thickness to make the leaf respond to light properly) 4. Pop the symmetry in a group null, then add a bend deformer to it as well, rotate until it is on the correct axis then use to bend the leaf something like shown. That group goes under L2 SDS to get the nice smooth result on the right there... Next steps would be cloning a few of those into radial arrays and using random effectors on scale and rotation until we have a decent randomised complete plant that we can texture, and then collapse down into a single model when done... CBR
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    Cool to see the ceo on here answering questions but I hope MAXON will lower the upgrade price for perpetual in the future. For me it's my favorite 3D package.
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    Lowering the reflection limit in the render preferences of Octane might do it. It is doing what it would do in real life. Lowering the reflection depth will change that. Not sure if turning off reflective caustics is an option in Octane. That might also be a thing to try.
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    GSG in action with R21 finally
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    @Vizn - thank you sir, that is it. I did change this at the beginning, but it didn't stay. I guess when you change Iteration to Grid Array it resets this to per step. Once I set it, it matched up perfectly. @Cerbera - the default size seems to be different, but I had set both to 200 and it didn't make a difference. However, once the mode was set correctly, I noticed the default size in R21 was set to 400, 0, 400, which I found to be a strange default. Anyway, thanks for your help.
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    Just sent one to you without issue @Igor
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    I think Anthony Owen have most of his tutorials.
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    850 Euro comes to around $938 USD....which is slightly better than the $999 USD that was the cost of upgrading by one version in the past should you not have an active MSA. Soo.......instead of a 54% price increase from the $650 MSA price it is only a 44% price increase. Not much movement there. Folks, the only way to get price movement is to NOT jump on R22 no matter how awesome it is and you have until right before R23 is announced to sit on your wallet....though I have no idea when that will be. Again, the real test of how successful this whole new pricing plan will be is when R22 is announced as I am sure the majority of R21 licenses were through the final days of the MSA program. MAXON needs to make payroll and needs the revenue from new releases but we don't need to buy the perpetual license as soon as they are released - if at all (don't forget Blender! It is still out there!). Nemetshek may give them a grace period for a downturn in sales during this transition in MAXON's business model so they will be watching R21 subscription performance and R22 perpetual license performance with great interest. But regardless of the grace period for soft sales, no company likes to lose money so if sales are worse than projections then changes will be made. Time is on our side so lets use it. Dave
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    Lols. No, if it's KC I don't even have to look - I just know it will be excellent topo everywhere... his stuff sort of comes 'pre-wrapped' with my approval, not that he needs it ! CBR
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    we haven't announced future version names or numbers or release dates. But yes the next perpetual release will have an upgrade option and it will be around 850 EUR without tax. It is a different product than the subscription and therefore has a different pricing structure. We have committed to future perpetual releases and too upgrades. There isn't much more info that I can give and I am not sure how much clearer I can get Cheers Dave
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    you can get somewhat close with a highly subdivided mesh and a couple of displacer deformers with the right values and noise types. paintblob.c4d
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    Hi guys & girls, I want to share my latest animation, INFINITE PATTERNS: Watch in Vimeo · Watch in YouTube And here is the “Behind the Scenes” video with lot of screencaptures from Cinema 4D and Modo INFINITE PATTERNS - BEHIND THE SCENES I hope you enjoy it. Full screen and audio up, please And if you want to take a look to the CONCEPTS BEHIND INFINITE PATTERNS, it’s also available on my website I want to take this opportunity to show my gratitude to many of the regular users of these forums that have helped me solve issues & problems that have appeared here and there: Voytech, Cerbera, Jed, Bezo, Deck, 3DKiwi, Esmall, Hermenator, Hrvoje, Kalugin, C4DS… and many others. BIG THANKS, GUYS!
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    I can only respond again The pricing is announced. We offer a side grade price of 850 Euros to go from C4D Studio/Prime/etc r20 -> to Cinema 4D Perpetual r21. This will look different in different countries and currencies based on tax inclusive/exclusive norms. This is generally the price you can expect when we release additional perpetual releases. The webstore currently says: For floating licenses or volume license purchases please contact your local MAXON representative. We will change this to: For upgrades, floating licenses or volume license purchases please contact your local MAXON representative. To try and make this clearer. We don't plan on selling upgrades on our online store because it requires us to do serial number checking etc and that we do that on the phone or with our sales partners. Hope this clarifies things. Cheers Dave
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    RE: Is anyone aware of a way to animate the frame rate in Cinema 4D? Its not possible. Even if it is, you do not EVER animate the frame rate. It's one of those project wide settings that should be set in stone through-out the animation. RE: I'd like to fluctuate between animating on 1s, 2s, and 3s without having to render all 24 fps. Yea, that's easy. You use a step keys. I use a mix of 1s, 2s and 4s whenever I am blocking my shot.
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    BTW Affinity designer is terrific for making decals / stickers for your 3D models regardless of what your 3D app is. Here's an example where I made the Harley Davidson logo for the tank. The Lego stickers won't scan as their metallic. I was pretty much able to replicate the Lego stickers such that you can't tell the difference.
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    Thanks SO much! UVs are a huge void in my knowledge. Actually that was my son's file and I will tell him about the needed geometry repair.
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    The UV's for that cloth part are missing in your fbx.
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    It's OK, Admin knows He's working on that.... CBR
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    Sorry but how did you end up with these numbers? How can you say that C4D will cost you 2500€ per year? The cost of a perpetual license upgrade is not even known yet. Former upgrade prices without MSA’s were around 990€, which is definitely not 2x the price of an MSA. Sorry if I missed anything.
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    Funnily enough, one of the most popular cafe challenges was the Beer Can Challenge back in 2011. Here's the winners.
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    can't we have a beer DRINKING challenge? gonna have better chances to win then
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    That is at least how it feels at the moment (which makes me sad). Although the upgrade prices to R22 are not known yet, the majority of users is assuming that it will be similar to previous non-MSA upgrades, which would (if you financially take the now-missing Cineversity into account) mean a doubling of the 2017 prices (2018 already saw a price hike, and now this...). The best way for MAXON to say "We are still committed to Perpetuals" would be to announce that the upgrading of a Perpetual will be equal to the cost of the corresponding timeframe's subscription. As easy as that. It would certainly not solve the issues of oldtime Prime/Visualize/Broadcast users, and it would still phone home, and it is still more expensive than last year's MSA, but it would feel a lot more fair than the current pricing expectations. Yes, fairness is the word here. Perpetual users are already saddled with an upfront cost (which they have paid already and cannot fully retrieve), and they suffer from getting updates later than subscribers. There is no reason to punish them with much higher yearly cost on top of that - except to intentionally make that choice unattractive. Since the "R22" would be virtually identical with what subscribers receive at the same time, there would be no "separate version issue" either*. If a customer feels treated unfairly, there will be resentment. Resentment leads to angry threads (lots of them, not just on this forum but on those of other software too), and to customers leaving the fold. That cannot be part of the strategy, no?** * Only exception to that would be if MAXON wants to release a pure bugfix version for Perpetual users, which necessitates keeping the bugfix branch separate from the feature branches. But as we don't have seen any new inbetween versions yet, this might very well be the 21.1 anyway. Plus, retaining customers may be worth the additional cost. ** "The only bad publicity is no publicity"?
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    I don't know David McGavran. It may very well be that he is a really fine guy. And I think he can't do much for the misery he got into. This decision has certainly been made before. And I can also understand that the time is not easy for all MAXON employees. They worked for a year and now they feel so much anger. But you should understand that it wasn't your users who started it. This release is so egocentric. All changes serve MAXON first and foremost. As this is a open letter I ad my bit to it, I thought about if it is worth it, if it makes sense, or if it is pathetic, but I work with cinema for 20 years, My income is dependent on it, as the income of all maxons emplyes is dependent of people buying it. Sorry if this text is a bit clumsy. If MAXON wants more feedback they can get it in German There have been times before when I was unhappy with the development of MAXON, and I ranted on the forum about them (for example Team render :). But this time it is different. Because this time there are indications for developments that could really force a major change in my business live. A change that I don't want, and a change that MAXON shouldn't want. But a change that I proved to be willing to do if forced. So Dave I am sure you have plenty of information about the situation of Cinema 4D from a MAXON perspective. I will try to explain the long term customer perspective. Of course this is my personal view on things, but I think many of the colleges that I work with feel somehow similar. Many years ago the MSA was forced on us. Well of surely there always was a perpetual license, but it was quite a bit more expensive. MAXON told us that they needed a steady stream of income to be able to develop longer term features and under the hood developments. People where unhappy, because they had to pay before they knew the features of the release they where paying for. Many sad „MAXON will not need to work hard and develop new features, because it already has our money“ MAXON said „we are under more pressure then before, because we have to deliver on expectations“. That sounds familiar right? Customers wanted features like water simulation and so on. MAXON said. we have to first program a new core to delver that. So customers where patient with quite some mediocre releases and awaited the version with the many new features they paid for in front. Even though there where some nice features added the last 5 years, Many got the impression, that the competition was outperforming MAXON. We knew that this was because of the new core of course. When Adobe switched to CC. A lot of people where upset. First they hoped it would not be to bad, or a uproar of the long time customers would change anything, but … well. Autodesk switched and users that didn't like that switched to C4D. Even a lot of people that use CC don't really like to get forced to subscribe. But of course there are always some people that enjoy being forced and that is fine Last year the MSA became more expensive and when a Adobe employee got CEO at MAXON people predicted: They will force us, they will take stuff from us they will go subscription. And that is what happened: MSA is not good enough any more, Team render gets limited and the only chance to plan our expenditure for the next years and to be save to be part of development is to subscribe, as we don't get any real official information about perpetual future („we intend to publish, but we don't know a price“) . MAXON tries to persuade us to give away our R21 perpetual license (that was worth some 3000€, before subscription) for 20% subscription costs for two years (I don't have the numbers, but I think it is less then 400€ ?!) So all this is quite Adobish. MAXON invested heavily in the development of the new licensing and activation. It's not as if the program has no weaknesses otherwise. Somehow it seems to me that preparations are being made all the time to start the developement of the features that users really want in a future that is getting further and further away. Was it really the most important thing now to change the help system? Wasn't there anything else that needed development time more urgently? I am sorry If I am doing MAXON people wrong, I am shure they worked a lot last year, but all I heard this release was: We are sorry, that you are not happy with the offer, but this helps us streamline..... that makes it easear for us …. that optimizes the cashflow for us. It was not about the customers this time... people get the impression, that they paid their MSA for many years to finance the development of the new core and now, that you can see the first results of it (Timeline) that they have to switch to subscription if they want to profit. And reducing the number of TR clients feels like the desperate need to press a bit more money out of your customers. Its like a restaurant reduces the quality of their ingredients to make a profit. There are so many things that upset your customers in this release that one could get the impression that it is on purpose. I cant' understand why Adobe doesn't want my money. But there for I give it to someone else. I hope MAXON wants my money. Best regards Jops
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    Hi Rick, I don’t know your internal system for editing the help, but I know a thing or two about web-development. Actually it sounds like your current internal system needs improvement. You need a custom Content Management System for your online-help anyway. It’s not that difficult to build in a way to spit out a set of static html-files from the whole project. Then this package has just to be wrapped into an update for Cinema 4D that shows up on startup as it did in the past. This could possibly even be automated to a sensible degree. What I’m saying is: It’s not rocket science to get the files for the offline help out of an online-CMS. I actually know programmers who can do stuff like this with custom-CMSs. If some people like the online help, why not make a checkbox in C4Ds preferences? If checked, the internal (!) help browser loads the whole bundle of files offline into the Cinema 4D-directory. If not, the internal(!!!) help browser refers to a url. Both, the downloaded html-files and the online version could refer to the same CSS-file (how it looks) and be lean and mean. Or look at intentionally different CSS-files for a darker colour-theme within Cinema 4D. No rocket science. The system just has to be build (or extended) one time. Actually, if you need somebody in Germany who can build the web-part of this system, write me PM (if this is a thing with this forum software…).
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    Okay...If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times: PLEASE STEP OUT OF YOUR ECHO CHAMBER and stop listening to yourselves. Start listening to your customers. Never consider an action that benefits MAXON unless it ALSO benefits your customers and be darn sure that you have asked a good cross section of your customers if that action really is a benefit. The whole thread just shows how out-of-touch MAXON is becoming with the real world as you embrace the "modern on-line world". It also shows the massive shift of corporate culture going on within MAXON. There is a very obvious theme throughout all of your actions of putting MAXON's interests ahead of your customers. That is a losing strategy. We all see it and my hope is that you step out of your own echo chamber long enough to see it for yourselves. Dave
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    Well I can download my perpetual r21 - but not that excited. Especially with broken plugins. On CGTalk they say the denoiser doesn't work well with animations (they said it causes blotchiness)- that was a feature I thought I might like. I'm trying to be interested but I guess I'm on r20 until they add something better to the mix. Still wish they 'd get better algorithms for creating geometry (like other apps out there). I mean, it's a computer program, it is supposed to do the tedious work making clean meshes - not me. I feel just "meh" about it all. C'mon MAXON, don't make us cheat on you.
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    unfortunately yes. The longer I play with this turd R21, I regret having payed the MSA this year. I should have saved the money.
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    The clip is just a parallel camera and a part that fades in triangle.c4d
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    Don't forget the PimaxVR. With a possible 4k per eye and a huge field of view I hear it's pretty nice.
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    I thought it would be easier to make a short video, but I just noticed you're in Paris so I hope you can understand my Manchester accent :) 1st scene + start frame kilometers2.c4d 2nd scene + start frame kphcalculate2.c4d also, you could try keyframing the kph in file #1
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    Hey everyone. I made a py script that does this same thing but this is compatible with R20. Have fun! - Shawn Toggle Grid SA Studios.zip
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    Hello, I'm one of the Product Managers here at MAXON, and the one who managed the new deployment system's creation, so I felt I should reply. The whole Cinema4D experience is moving into the modern online world. Online connectivity is something people assume nowadays. Having the help online greatly increases our flexibility and speed of deployment, especially for the numerous languages we support. It’s the modern agile approach and we are embracing it. We’ve had a few isolated requests to have the Help made available in an offline form and we’ll investigate now the R21 is out. I'm sorry you feel this release is below par, that's certainly not how we view it, nor how I testers have felt. Kind Regards, Ralph
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    Oh boy, so they not only don’t give us anything substantial with R21 but they even take away stuff that made Cinema 4D better than the other guys?!

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