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    Thank you!! You from the forum are always so helpful
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    No, they are separate objects, so one can't know what the other is doing. There is no way that I am aware of that is quicker than just drawing it in with the live selection tool in top view... However, this is not the way to do this, as you will end up horrible jagged polys because your rivers topology has nothing in common with the terrain. You need to create the latter from the former ideally so the edge flows match... CBR
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    Although I definitely agree that the X-Particles presentations are often way too dramatic and putting on quite the show but still I enjoy watching their videos and I like that they are being so active as opposed to other developers, I really have the feeling that a lot is happening most of the time
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    While it is true that until now fluid or smoke simulation has been pretty slow and relatively unusable for large simulations (which is also the reason I have only rarely used these features), I must disagree with the rest of your argumentation. My experience with the support was almost always a response on the same day, the next day at most. Maybe the scale of my problems were more standard and more easy to answer though. But I think the great strength of XParticles is the artist-friendly design and interchangebility of all their systems - for example using a very simple smoke sim as an advection driver for other particles to create water bubbles or stacking other modifiers on top, which are simply features that no other plugin can give you in this scale I think their main drawback is really the missing GPU acceleration, but with this out of the way I imagine the fluid and smoke stuff to finally become quite usable
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    In gamedev such shaders are used, its probably the same. On untextured it looks the best but still pretty decent with textures Should be possible with the C4D shader graph Search for mesh blending shader
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