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    Welcome. I read all these posts and I am heartbroken and amused at the same time with the despair that many present. You are looking for conspiracies and dramatizing the situation. And yet everything is clear and obvious! So maybe I will help and explain in points. Everyone who has active MSA on September 1 will get a perpetual version of R21 + access to Cineversity - nothing changes here for MSA owners. The validity of access to Cineversity for MSA owners ends on the day the MSA expires. If someone wants to have access to Cineversity after this time and does not want a Cinema 4D subscription, they can buy independent access, as it is at the moment. MAXON plans special offers for MSA owners as MSA ends. These offers are not yet known. Anyone who has any version of Cinema 4D without MSA will be able to upgrade any version to perpetual R21 - that is, as it was, but there will be a bonus for owners of older versions of Cinema 4D who can upgrade to the perpetual version at a more attractive, the same price. From September 3, the R21 subscription will appear on the MyMaxon website for purchase in monthly (84.99 Euro net payable monthly) and annual (49.99 Euro net payable in advance = 599.88 Euro net) + mutations with RedShift. Anyone who has MSA (regardless of what Cinema 4D version they had before) will get perpetual R21 and will be able to have any number of subscriptions at the same time - one is not mutually exclusive. So you can, for example, buy a monthly or annual R21 subscription at the normal price and have a perpetual R21 all time - all on one account. During the MSA you can, but do not have to, convert your perpetual version to subscription. This conversion gives a 20% discount on subscriptions for two years, but you lose a perpetual R21 (this is a bundled transaction, the discount comes from somewhere). Then all previous versions up to R20 are still valid. There are people who have always bought MSA always wanting to have the latest version and have no attachment to the old versions, so it's attractive to them. When someone updates their MSA in August now, they are in a very good position. It has its perpetual R21 and can easily wait what MAXON will present next year in August. The prices of the perpetual update R21 to R22 will be known later, probably next year during the presentation of R22. Versions from R21 can be installed on any number of computers. You can remotely take over licenses - i.e. you go home and take over the license on a laptop. Licensing is checked every 14 days to make sure that someone under one license uses Cinema 4D on 10 computers. Since the R21 version there are no serial numbers, hence the plugins that required the number must be updated. Those that did not require a serial number will work. So to sum up. If you have active MSA in September, you get perpetual R21 + Cineversity. When MSA expires, you'll be able to continue using it and purchasing only Cineversity access. When R22 appears next year, you will be able to upgrade your perpetual R21 to perpetual R22 at the price announced next year. You will also be able to convert (if you have MSA active) your perpetual R21 in R22 and then in R23 with a 20% discount (but you lose the perpetual R21). You do not have to convert or upgrade your perpetual version but buy a subscription at a normal price, monthly or yearly. You stay with perpetual R21 and you have the R22 subscription. Everything that I wrote above is explained many times and on the MAXON website and on the forums, I do not understand what is incomprehensible to someone here. Personally, I am very happy with the subscription. It will be appreciated by everyone who has a company that is developing and when new jobs need to be prepared. It also gives you the chance to standardize different versions of Cinema and other older 3D programs in the company (e.g. Softimage). Thank you MAXON! :)
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    what's up guys, jeeze feels like forever since i uploaded a wip project, life gets in the way some times but this is what ive been working on today, found an old helmet i started a few years back and decided to start over and develop it from there, more to come soon :D
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    I have been coming to the Cafe for a very long time and it has always been a great place to learn and ask questions. the people here are the best, a great group.
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    Here are some answers I got from EU MAXON that may clarify some things for long-term users: you have several options: You could extend your current MSA for another year (from September 2019 – August 2020). In this case you would get a permanent license of R21 in the beginning of September. Then you can decide to stay with the permanent license or to switch to subscription. As long as your MSA is valid we have a special offer for two years – you can switch to subscription for 959,81 Euro net (this price is the two year price) and we also check the remaining months of your MSA and credit this amount. Please note that with the change to subscription the permanent license of your R12 will no longer be valid You can start with subscription in September. If you order the subscription in September we can offer you the same like above You can start with subscription in October or later – in this case we can offer you a price of 479,90 Euro for the first year. In the second year you would have to pay 599,88 Euro net You can upgrade to R21 perpetual for 850 Euro net Cineversity is part of the subscription. If you want to add Redshift then you additionally have to pay 240 Euro net per year (so it seems that the amount you have to pay at the moment is a bit cheaper). If you have further questions don’t hesitate to contact us
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    Hi Rick, as you can't make a statement about MAXON's future strategy. Maybe you can tell us something about the reasons for the current strategy. MAXON has decided to end the existing MSA and introduce a rental option as the only renewing option. What advantages does MAXON hope to gain from a rental license over an MSA? I am asking this, because I can't understand why MAXON is alienating its MSA customers, even though they produced a steady stream of income (which at the time was the communicated reason for the MSA) thanks a lot Jops
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    In some regions the MSA was offered as part of an automatically-renewing contract, in others it was manually renewed each year - so policies differ by region. As far as the question as to why MSA is being discontinued - I think it honestly comes down to trying to simplify things. It would be confusing I think for both us and users to have two different types of subscription, and it would be really difficult to manage the accounting side for both. A real focus of this effort was to simplify the product & pricing options, because we recognized how much confusion they were causing. That's why we've eliminated the editions and why we're only presenting 5 options on the website (one of which is Perpetual - I feel I have to keep reminding folks). With regard to plugins - our vibrant community of third-party developers is one of Cinema 4D's greatest strengths. For various reasons (almost all technical), we didn't give developers as much of a heads-up as I'd like, but I hope they're as excited as I am about the potential for a large increase in the Cinema 4D user base. It's true many will have to adjust their licensing, and in some cases it'll make sense to adjust pricing. Unfortunately that's unavoidable - but I think there's a great opportunity here as well. If any developers reading this have concerns, I'd love to chat with them directly - just send me a PM so we can start the conversation. Some folks seem to be latching on to the idea that McGavran "started with Bevels". In fact, he started with Field Forces and said that was his favorite feature. The new Caps & Bevels - which happens to be MY favorite feature - was the second thing he announced. I think there's great balance in these two features - one very advanced toolset and another that's designed to make it easier to achieve one of the most basic tasks in 3D. Both are implemented in a very MAXON way - a workflow that's easy to understand, invites artistry and experimentation, and provides access to powerful real-world functionality. -Rick (Sorry for the delayed responses - I left early Friday and took Saturday off for some R&R. Wasn't trying to duck questions - just promised my wife I'd put the computer away for our anniversary.)
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    Hi Rick! what is wrong with the current licensing system? I have C4D installed on my PC and laptop. No hassle at all. Why did you have to change that? Why do you feel the need to control and "punish" your paying customers? You won't prevent piracy. That is for sure. I am just disappointed by your new business strategy, the direction MAXON is heading the lack-luster R21 release on top of that. R21 will be my last version as I am slowly switching to Blender and Houdini/Solaris.
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    Unfortunately this is true. It's on MAXON website: "Billed Annually". That's why I said in this thread that MAXON's advertising is disingenuous. There is no such a thing as a monthly U$59.99 subscription. There is only a U$720 annual sub and a U$94.99 monthly sub.
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    Well, speaking for all those wage slaves who have never owned a copy of Cinema, I think this is a great move. C4D is paid for out of the operating budget of the studio I work in, and the different packages and the MSA have been a total ballache to deal with. Management everywhere have this issue with the difference between capex cost and opex costs - while they will think nothing of paying for something monthly, they will baulk at the idea of spending lump sums of any magnitude. I was looking at sharing one R21 licence with two people, and two R19 licences floating about. Now we can put a nice easy case forward for a monthly cost. And I should be able to easily move workstations, home and the studio. When Adobe moved to subscription it was the same thing, instead of fighting for a colossal upgrade cost, now we are all on the same version, all of the time. Remember having to skip an entire generation of creative suite because you couldnt pay for it? I do, and I'm thrilled I dont have to any more.
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    Wow....so even if I decide to buy a perpetual R21 license, that license is ONLY perpetual if I continually upgrade via new perpetual licenses. Once I switch to subscription, my perpetual license fails to activate. That is just wrong. Also, I think someone said that the cost of the R21 perpetual license was 850 euro which is 15% more than the annual subscription price. So my fears are realized: there is a strong push to perpetual and R20 is the last truly permanent license you can own whose activation can never be tampered with by MAXON as it does not use their server activation routine (Note: Should MAXON ever push out a "bug-fix" for R20 in the future....be careful as that could also include the requirement for server activation). Sorry MAXON folks. No matter what you want to tell yourself so you can sleep at night, if you can turn off my perpetual license for whatever reason, you have become Adobe. It is as simple as that. Dave
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    Hi All, This is my first time at Siggraph in a long time! Last year I had just started at MAXON and it was too late to attend. I am extremely excited to be going back to Siggraph and with MAXON! It will be busy, but in between meetings I will be hanging at the stand. Please do come by and feel free to say hi. It is going to be a fun show! Cheers Dave
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    First post in this forum, hello everyone! Been a silent reader for many years and I really appreciate all the great knowledge that's shared around here. I am also not satisfied with the way MAXON is treating existing MSA studio customers. So I sent a mail to MAXON Germany (@Raischub), asking them whether I'd loose the perpetual R21 license when I convert it to subscription, whether I'd then still be allowed to use my old pre-R20 licenses or not, how much I would have to pay with the 20% discount for two years of subscription including VAT and how the remaining months on my MSA were credited (e.g. if I switched to subscription in October, would that month still be credited?) Here are the (translated) answers that I received So for anyone else in Germany, I hope this information is helpful.
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    Please let me clarify, I'm not dragged down at all. I'm inspired by the artwork and people that post on this site!! I occasionally create a decent piece here and there, but want to do so more often. And I will. I wanted this thread to be about you and the other artists that contribute imagery, ideas, help, animations and variety of other things to everyone that takes the time to see and use it. I just wanted to give a heartfelt thanks from me and those like me.
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    Welcome to the C4D Cafe NEW forums, and thank you for taking the time to view this post, which covers how and where you should post in order to get the fastest and best results. It also advises newcomers where to look first so that we get a minimum of repeat questions that have already been answered or are addressed elsewhere. 1. Questions about something you are trying to do in Cinema. Our Categories are based around key areas of Cinema 4D, so go to the MAIN FORUM PAGE, and look down the list of Categories, and think what is the main area of Cinema about which your question might apply. Very often it should be obvious where to post a question, but that is not always the case. Sometimes questions span multiple areas. Try and choose the Category that relates most to your question, rather than other things in your scene. If you are not sure, pop it in Miscellaneous Questions and we will move it for you when we have enough info to do so. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Example Questions: Q: How can I make / model this ? Category: Modelling / Various First of all SEARCH for keywords in your question across the whole site. We may have answered your Q already. If you can't find the answer that way, go to the Main Modelling Category and look at the various subcategories within that. Choose one you think most suitable and start a new post there. Using the cafe's image upload system upload a couple of pics of what you are trying to make, and tell us your level of modelling experience, together with any ideas you may have had, and what, if anything you have already tried. If you have a .c4d file that isn't too massive, upload that as well. The more info we have, the better we can help. Q: I've done this, but it's all going wrong... Category: Various First of all SEARCH for keywords in your setup across the whole site. We may have answered your Q already. Think about your project and the things in it , and specifically WHAT is not doing what you want. Pick a forum section based on the problem rather than any other components of your setup. If you have a scene full of modelling and texturing, keyframe animation etc, but you think the problem is something to do with MoGraph, then the Mograph (general) Category is where it should go. Make a new Post in the most relevant category you can find. For these sorts of questions, always upload the c4d file, or if it is too big, upload to Dropbox or similar, and then link to your post. Maybe post a screenshot or 2 as well so that members don't necessarily have to load your scene file to get an overview of the issue. If a problem is especially complex, you can even make us a video that explains it, and upload that to YouTube, again linking to your post. Q: How do I use the XXXXXX tool ? Category: Various You may not need to post at all about this - The manual can probably give you the essential information, or Youtube probably has a tutorial or 10 about it, so search there first using the terms 'c4d' and 'tool name', which will usually reveal lots of results. But if you have checked those places and do need to post, then please find the relevant section to which the tool you are interested in belongs and post there. Q: How do I make this sort of texture ? Category: Texturing / UVs / Various Pop to the category above and choose the most relevant subcategory for what you'd like to use to make the texture. If you think Nodes is the way to go, there's one for that. Likewise Standard and PBR materials for any question about those workflows... We have categories for 3rd Party Renderer Textures, and Substance pipelines. Always Upload a pic to show us what you are aiming for, and if applicable, what yours looks like now ! Q: I am using Cycles for C4D, but have a problem with the Tracer. Category: Mograph We have separate categories for 3rd party renderers (in rendering AND textures), but please only use them if your problem involves those render engines. The question above should go in the MoGraph (general) Category because the Tracer doesn't involve Cycles. But if the question was about cameras or textures or lighting, that does involve cycles, so should go in the appropriate 3rd Party Renderers category. Q: I have no idea where to post this... Category: Other / Misc Questions When you just don't know where to put it, Misc Questions in the Other Department is the answer. Q: Where is the New Users & Beginners category ? Category: N/A That no longer exists. Please use the most correct of the new topic-based Forum Categories instead. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Posts showing us things... The Lounge is mostly for non-questions. Here you will find the right places to buy or sell stuff, discuss non-Cinema things, and get latest news and cafe announcements. Q: Look I found this cool new thing ! Category: Lounge / Lounge General Show us the new exciting things you find In the Lounge sub-forum... Unless it's a plugin, in which case it goes in Xpresso & Python / Plugins Q: Look I made this cool new thing ! Category: Rendering & Lighting / Wip-Final Images / Gallery The WiP / Finals Category in the Rendering / Lighting Section is the place to post the artwork you have made when you are ready to show it off. Works in Progress should expect advice and possibly criticism, so tag it WiP if you want to encourage this. Final images can go here too, especially if you'd like feedback, but why not upload those (no WiPs please) to the Gallery as well ? Please title them nicely and complete the other info when you do this. If we like your uploads they may well appear in the Homepage Gallery Slider at some point. Please also vote on other people's work in the Gallery, which helps us choose. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- General Posting Etiquette. Site Search (top right) is your friend. Please post in English only. If necessary use Google Translate. Make sure your Profile is showing the correct version of the software you are using. Often advice is version-dependent. If it is wrong, go to your profile, find the Edit Profile Button (top right) and change it therein. Please make sure you have checked the manual before you post a basic question. You can right-click most items or properties in Cinema, and choose show help to get right to it. Try and make your questions as detailed and specific as you can. The more precise your question, the more precise the answers you will get. Don't make your question too wide-ranging, general or vague. Do not post the same question more than once, or in multiple categories - duplicates get deleted straight away. Tell us how much experience you have in Cinema. If you have tried stuff already, tell us what. Always upload a scene file if that would help us understand the problem better. If that scene is too big to upload directly, upload it to Dropbox etc instead, and link it. If your scene files are huge, copy just the problem elements into a new file, or otherwise simplify it, and upload that instead. This can also be helpful for avoiding client NDA issues. Try to avoid posting linked images - use the cafe's own image upload system instead. Please only upload *.jpg, *.png ,*.c4d or *.zip. If your question / scene upload involves texture maps, please include them in the upload (do Save Project with Assets, and zip the folder that creates). If your question is very complicated to explain, why not make us an explanatory video using screen capture software, but please note this cannot be uploaded directly to the cafe. Instead you can use Youtube or similar, and link it to your post. Use the Likes System to thank or react to the people who are helping you... Title your posts relevantly and accurately - a post titled just 'Help me' helps nobody help you, and reduces the amount of people who will click on it. Conversely, a well-titled post will quickly gain the attention of the people with the right skills to be able to answer it. Try and spell key words correctly, which helps with later searches. Try not to use phrases like 'Help me now,' or 'Urgent' etc. People will help in their own time. If you find the answer before we do, post it and share your solution ! If you do get your question answered, don't forget to Mark it Solved at the top of the thread. Be nice to each other, and enjoy the learnings we can all have together ! Happy Posting ! Team C4D Cafe
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    Hi C4DS, Thanks for your great plugins and sorry to hear that. Completely understandable given the circumstances. I'll be on R20 for awhile and I'm sure your plugins will be very handy, especially Seamilar. Mike
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    Hey folks, some good news here :) Unreal Engine Now Supports Maxon’s Cinema 4D More about that here!
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    Can you provide a scene and an exact description of the effect you are looking for ?
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    That is the way it's going to go with everything you try to make when starting off. It's important that you keep having fun doing it because it's going to be a horrible struggle.
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    My first thought would be to tun it into 2 splines, assuming it is a spline, using a mospline you can animate the offset of each one and align the sparks to one of the mosplines. This gives you two separate objects to texture. Ideally a simple bit of xpresso to join the two offsets together would be best, then you just animate one parameter but this should get you there. press play if doesn't on opening. May need to tweak the ease in to linear. Deck animated spark path.c4d
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    It seems that every software provider wants to go to subscription. This may be good for companies and probably some freelancers, but others that do not use the software often may not like the costs. They have a perpetual license and today they may skip a new version, if it does not provide the right features at a reasonable price. I have an MSA today, that will end after the delivery of R21. At the moment I work with R18, as I have some plugins for that version and there is no need for me to use a newer version at the moment. So let's see where Cinema is heading. I'm not into motion graphics, but more into characters. So there are a lot of features in C4D that I don't really need. Best things are the new nodal material system and new modeling tools. Still waiting for an improvement in the Bodypaint sector. I have a similar issue with Vray. They changed the model to subscription as well. I still have a perpetual license for all versions up to R19. If Vray Next supports the nodal C4D material system, I might subscribe to Vray to be able to use it with R21 and later. I love C4D, but there is Blender 2.8, which is constantly getting better and Chaos Group is working on a plugin for Blender as well. There is even a plugin for importing Daz characters to Blender. As I do some programming myself, I could add some functionality here as well. I wrote some scripts for C4D already, but in case of Blender, I have the source code to understand, how I can integrate the plugin in the best way.
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    taper deformer should do that quite nicely for you. Deck
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    From what understand they will. It's just not called MSA. Its a yearly update for your perpetual licence that will be a combination of all the subscription features released during the year. They are offering both perpetual licences and subscriptions.
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    guys, this is the final. I tired so much with this "sh**". i hope the lighting is better than older version. I spent so much time in this, i want to make more stuff. So wait for more noobinesh. Thanks for all your time
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    You can try Cézar´s plugin Spline Guide... https://code.vonc.fr/spline-guide or simplified braids with ReeperX plugin (used as spline source then deformed/adjusted etc. https://www.codeworkers.de/garage-plugins-reeperx.html
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    I've been on the fence about coming back into the fold and renewing my MSA. While the thought of getting R21 Studio for the price of my MSA has many perks this whole subscription nonsense has me questioning that choice. too many unknowns. Just how perpetual is perpetual; 2, 3 , 5 years? also the phone home every two weeks scheme doesn't sit well with me, what happens if I forget to fire it up for a month? I would imagine it shuts down until it contacts MAXON? is there a penalty or does it just press on like before? I have two weeks, hopefully some more information will be forthcoming before then.
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    While confusion still reigns supreme over pretty much everything (...and this was supposed to be a simplification over having Prime, Visualize, Broadcast and Studio??? Yea..right). While everything other than subscriptions is still uncertain, then you have to think about all the possible ways people could use subscriptions to their advantage and not Maxons: Only go monthly...never perpetual and never buy 12 months all at once. Honestly, for the cost of the monthly price ($82.99) you could keep R20 (that can never be turned off) and use the latest version for up to ($59.99x12)/$81.99 = 8 months a year and save money. 8 months is a long time. Really start to think about exactly WHAT you need from the latest version and how long you will need it. If you can get away with ONLY a month or two of the new features, then you are way ahead of the game. This is especially true for NON STUDIO users. You will be spending more for a subscription than you did in the past. Having Studio is nice, but are you really going to use all those new features 12 months of the year? So be very selective over what you need from the later versions. Can you learn the new features, use them in a new project and take it to final render in less than 8 months needs to be a final consideration. When you finish a project, convert it to FBX so that you can still use some of it in R20. I have been playing around with C4D FBX import and export and it works quite well - especially when it is export by C4D and imported by C4D. Textures and textures channels are preserved quite well whereas FBX import from other programs do require more work to import into C4D. That may be a good strategy to get around losing your work but still benefiting from the new features. Future advancements to mograph, animation, rigging, and texturing will not be able to be saved from later versions in an FBX file in a non-destructive manner. Things will need to be baked or cached prior to FBX export. Stay on this plan for a period of time could save you enough money that in the future you could purchase a completely new perpetual license. But that could easily take up to 5+ years for you to hit a break-even-point and by then they may no longer be offering perpetual licenses. This is some of my thinking on how to AVOID giving MAXON as much money as possible. I used to be loyal and even when some of the releases were not up to par, I still paid my MSA because I knew that in time MAXON would treat its loyal customers well with some really impressive features as they did in R20. But in more ways than one, that ended with R20. MAXON has forced me to think the way their new management is thinking: It is now all about the money. Loyalty has nothing to do with it. That's why I am so keen on what happens with R21 perpetual. I do feel that will be the last perpetual license and it puts me that much further ahead IF R21 LICENSE STAYS ACTIVATED AFTER A MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION ENDS and I approaching using C4D as mentioned above. But I fear that because they have this monthly only option, using it selectively is probably why they will not allow perpetual licenses to re-activate once a monthly subscription ends. At which point, I go to Blender. If only Insydium ported XP to Blender....life would again be perfect. Dave
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    @Rectro @Raischub Sorry, I made a typo. The answer was meant to read "pre-R21-licenses". I specifically asked MAXON if I would be loosing the R21 perpetual license and they said "yes, the perpetual license will be removed and you will get a new R21 license as a subscription license, and yes, you would still be allowed to use any older perpetual license you own ( = everything up to R20)."
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    @ Daniel Seebacher Thank you for this - that´s clearifying a lot of things, which is missing in Maxons communication here, on the Website and elsewere. One question remains open: Which version may I still use if I get out of the perpetual model? I have an existing MSA contract until 08 next year. So get the V21 anyway as perpetual. If I (hypothetically - I certainly will not do that) go into V21 and subscribe to the subscription model - which version can I continue to use if I stop paying? The V21 or ("...to use old licenses") V20? Too bad that Maxons is so quiet about all this. They will know why. But I think they do not just upset me. "Loosing" your Perpetaul license can be interpreted in two ways: Loosing the right to sell it and/or loosing the right to use it. I'm surprised that such a contract amendment is even possible. In my opinion, such an update violates the law that I have acquired with my perpetual licenses. In that respect, an "update" to a subscription model would actually have to be a repurchase contract between me and MAXON, where I sell the rights of my old license back virtually. The fine print would really interest me. I wonder, if they can realy take me the right fo use V21 even if I jump into dependency. I´ve paid for the lifelong use with my MSA contract. But beside all this: It´s realy a bad deal then. Because I give away a Software worth 3.5 K for an credit of 300. In this case I would recommend every Srudio-Owner who likes to rent: Sell your license (as long as there is interesst) and get a fresh subscription. MAXON wouldn´t have made that thing, if they don´t know, that your license isn´t worth 3.5 K any longer because the immoral offers they make to newcommers, sound that promising to many (Uhhh, Huray, THAT cheap - for the moment). I hate this new business model and I´m realy sorry about to leave MAXON. Sorry about all the PlugIns and AddOns (Vue XStream | XP | PIM | Turbulence | VRay & other Render-Engines | Forester | Model-library | and many others - wonder what I will get for) I bought in trusting into this company, which was once one of the best and fairest (was writing that in so many forums). I think, they (MAXON) know exactly, why they can treat long-time users most - they are the most dependent. And they will forget it over time. Nope - It´s like a Dejavue I had with Adobe. But I replaced them - why not again. Competition is great and not that far away.
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    @Ederer, I can't thank you enough for your solution. It worked! I also can't believe I forgot about the Connect object trick. I remember reading about it at some point, but it seems like for this case I was too caught up in finding an intricate solution. Again; can't thank you enough. You've made my day. I can now move on with this project. Cheers!
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    sounds like maybe you should use the spline mask on the letters and a rectangular plane, and then extrude the result. Or you could just draw a box around the txt in AI, it amounts to the same thing, but spline mask is more flexible. Deck
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    well that depends of course... if substance will be included in the CC sub i prefer that adobe bought it, since i have a CC subscription. if MAXON would have bought it i would have probably to pay extra anyways, just like for redshift ;) i really think it would have been a good idea to include redshift with c4d by default, just like autodesk did with arnold.
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    I am sorry, but as I am German and no nativ English speaker I have to ask (and maybe I am not the only one) eventually can be translated to "eventuell" which means possibly or perhaps, or it can be translated to "schließlich" which means finally or at last. That is a huge difference, so in the given context what does it mean? thanks a lot Jops
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    Hi there, Is it After Effects that is interpreting the sequence as 30 fps? You might need to adjust it in After Effects rather than in C4D. You are making the change from 30 to 24 in Project Settings and Output Frame Rate, so that might indicate the issue is in how AE is interpreting the footage. I'm not aware of the Student License limitations but some of the more experienced folks here might be.
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    RICK, (sorry to shout, having some trouble attracting your attention). Will perpetual licenses still be available to upgrade / buy in the future? If this is something you don't want to answer, let me know and I'll stop asking. I'm kinda responsible for this stuff in my organisation so would be good to know so I can advise. Also, for those of us who won't personally rent software, can I ask that Cineversity and CV plugins be reconsidered for perpetual users? Seems more punitive than practical to take those away.
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    Now that we're talking about the forum some more ... I know I already asked this in the past, but with the advancement in technology and new features finding it's way in the forum software (hopefully) ... would there be a way to save private messages to file? I 'd like to clean up my inbox, as it gets rather crowded, but it contains quite important info which I can not simply delete. Copying messages one by one is rather tedious.
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    Solved. For some reason, my dynamics tags was messing it up. I basically reset the scene (frame 0), deleted the spline dynamics tags and created new ones. Changed the settings of the new ones to match the old ones and play. That's it. I can now cache the scene, empty the cache and reset. Was this some kind of bug or did I miss a step or two?
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    Yes, but the monthly price is $94.99 not $59.99 like you guys are advertising. There is no such a thing as monthly price billed annually. It's just disingenuous to say that the $720 annual price is $59.99 monthly. And it's also false advertising and illegal and some countries where you guys sell Cinema 4D (Brazil comes to mind). I would suggest MAXON to either stop saying is $59.99 monthly or to actually give this option to the costumers, something like $59.99 monthly in a 12-month contract. Personally, I think the $720 is a good deal but that doesn't justify the disingenuous advertising.
  40. 1 point
    Yes, it's very different. Not even close. I don't need to open my old phone calls (I don't think I would even want to!).
  41. 1 point
    Love the new stuff guys, especially gallery on top and videos!
  42. 1 point
    what feels especially immoral is that they are not offering a monthly payment for what I consider a reasonable price. To get it in at the 59 price you have to pay for a full year up front. They bill annually and write the monthly price to show how much you save, but it really just an annual sub. If we could pay per month and sign a year contract I might jump in. The month by month cost is too much
  43. 1 point
    what puzzles me in general: why is everyone acting as if it was subscription only from now on? there‘s still perpetual and afaik upgrade prices for perpetual haven‘t been announced yet (IMO a big mistake to not announce that right away). what i do get though is that prime/visualize/broadcast users are pissed, since they will have to pay more in the future. but for studio users nothing much has changed. worst case scenario is we would have to pay like what, 50 or 100 more a year to be on the most recent version. if you ask me i think they should have made subscription a liitle cheaper even, so you save some money compared to msa. kept upgrade prices for perpetual same as msa. then most people would have been happy, but if you think about it, they are „only“ 50 to 100€ per year off with their calculations. is that really that much of a dealbreaker?
  44. 1 point
    Hey, good thinking! That will do it for me.
  45. 1 point
    Thank you Srek....that is great to hear. I will then proceed as I have in the past. The only thing I lose is access to Cineversity....which hurts a bit. Dave
  46. 1 point
    Good luck with today's announcement! You have an entire community on the edge of their seat.
  47. 1 point
    @SolarPH can I suggest you don't use rel, abs and for as variable names.
  48. 1 point
    Here's some C4D Python for noobs - random lottery generator spins the numbers, then sorts + holds lottery.c4d I use this speed control a lot for my gear projects etc arrow.c4d a bit more complex - this wheel on a chessboard rebounds at the edges, keyboard ctrl + alt steers L-R wheel.c4d math for wheel available on request
  49. 1 point
    Hello, you all! ... Noises are not easy to understand at first sight. Al least, no for me. I needed to train that. I've done hundreds of exercices and now I think I can speak maybe a little of this noisy language, voices of an infinite world. After some work, nothing was the same, again. Noises are 3D artists best friends for modeling, for texture, for animating, for every level, even for pleasure - I can watch them for hours. I've learned for free and for hours, for years, in this chair. Watching videos in youtube, in cineversity, in vimeo. Now I want to share my workbook with you all. More than 600 pages - I could not believe it!! - with CINEMA 4D renderings, about possibilities, about learning how to see, to understand all of them. ... Just follow this link that will redirect you to a simple site I've done in sites. The file is on Google Drive, no email required. ... Hope you like it! ... If so, please let me know. Thanks a lot. ... João Marco
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    There's a lot of nulls because I started out with spline IK tags to control splines, to hopefully use Spline Deformers for the lips. That didn't pan out. So there's a lot of crud in there that's probably not needed. In a nutshell, you have basically some Joints for the upper and lower lips. There could be controls for the lips. So let's just say, those joints are constrained to some controllers. The controllers, are under a null. Now, for each controller, there are two null targets. Target 1 follows the jaw deformation(ie it's constrained to follow some percentage between the jaw and the face upper joint). Target 2 is under a null that is following Jaw and Face Upper 50/50. So each controller's Target one is constrained at some value unique to that controller. But each one's Target 2 null, is under the same parent that's following 50/50. The Target 2 nulls, they're all in the default lips closed place as well. So then the Controller's parent Null, is constrained with Target 1 and Target 2 as the targets. The zipper lip is just a slider. The slider plugs into some range mappers that basically blend that last constraint from Target 1 to Target 2. I'm sure that's a really peeved poor way of explaining it. But effectively, you are just constraining the controls to go back to their default pose, but as if it were following the jaw 50%. If I remember, I might clean up the file and make it a bit cleaner.

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