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    You are not the only one. Please send a full bug report to MAXON via regular support channels - they will want to hear about this, and may have suggestions for fix. CBR
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    Here is my experience so far. I have only been using Blender for about 2 months now but I am starting to feel empowered. I am absolutely in shock that this amazing software is FREE! It is so powerful with 2.83a. I much prefer UV unwrapping, texture painting, sculpting, and modeling in Blender. I have yet to study animation and several other big areas. Animation Nodes are SO wonderful. With them you can do anything that MoGraph does and that is a huge relief. I just finished recreating all the MoGraph effectors starting with the Formula Effector, and Cloner and Matrix object are a slam dunk. Animation Nodes are just like Xpresso and having really gotten into that in the past I think has made Animation Node study easy for me. The tutorial series by Blue Fox Creation is superb for learning animation nodes. I have done the donut tutorial series and highly recommend it but I am currently half way through this series and prefer it. I am really enjoying Blender! I am at R19 with C4D and will never upgrade again. It is too expensive. What keeps me using C4D occasionally is X-Particles and I go nuts over it. I just redid my Maintenance Agreement and it only cost me $217 with the COVID discount. Also the future of Blender is so exciting. They are taking off like a rocket and this is a great time to get on board. The 2.83 release is marvelous. They have just gotten some deep pockets funding, soon they will release a new particle system, and the list of near future amazing features and releases for this free software is so exciting. I wonder how much money total I have given MAXON since R6 when I came on board? So, for me, my primary software is now Blender and I will use C4D only for those marvelous X-Particles animations. I noticed Icecaveman and Mabad and others have also jumped ship and that is a good sign.
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