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    Thanks for clarifying. Yes I agree with you on this. I don’t mind the yearly lock-in but having to pay upfront will still be difficult to do for a lot of people. I hope they reconsider this and allow to pay the yearly amount in monthly payments. Also an indie tier would be good to have as well.
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    I can confirm plugin does work in r20.
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    That plugin is fantastic, thanks so much!!!
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    It's a good question Kent. I just hope that MAXON have given some thought to how their changes will impact plugin developers - but given the rush to subscription you never know. The most comparable situation for me is After Effects. While it's sub based, it still has a very active plugin market - including quite a few well north of $500 - Trapcode et al. As a general rule they are perpetual with a yearly upgrade - but often the older versions still continue to work in the updated AE - certainly through the mid cycle updates. I guess the key question here is how often will future C4D development break your plugins. Let's hope for everyone's sake it's not every single update.
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    Blender lifting it’s game is probably good for the whole industry, so thoughtful comparisons between it and C4D like the ones you’re offering now are useful ICM, hopefully you can stick around and let us know how you go as you dig more deeply into it.
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    I'm getting swallowed up in a non 3D work project but in a week using Blender I felt immediately comfortable doing some modeling, doing a cloth animation, playing with particles, and was quite surprised at the ease of use (and quality) of their fluid sims. Fire, smoke, particles, Grease-Pencil, better modeling and UVing, two quality renderers (fast Cycles and real-time Eevee)...there's a lot to like. MAXON beats it some ways, no doubt, but in many ways Blender smokes c4d. And the investment in learning c4d...a lot of it transfers right over to Blender. The principal BSDF channels in Blender default materials are exactly the same as I use in C4d Octane.
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    after stewing it over for several days, even with the thought of getting R21 studio for cost of my Prime MSA, I came to the conclusion that in the long run it just is not viable for me to stick with C4D. I will not renew my MSA, keep R20 prime loaded on my PC and continue my journey in Houdini. One of the big factors with sticking with Houdini is it has a water/sand simulator as well as really good particles and pyro without the need of $$ plugins. Modeling tools are coming along but Houdinis bread and butter is FX and thus their focus but they do see people are clambering for modeling tools and they are working on them. Their support is terrific, even on weekends you can get email answers. I wish MAXON well and hope this works out for them, truly I do. Peace
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    I've been a MAXON / C4D customer for 19 years - and I couldn't agree more. It seems MAXON are now quite willing to penalise those with Studio MSA - who are much more likely to be locked in to the C4D ecosystem - in order to suck in new users. That's not an equitable way to treat your customers.
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    So we are 52 pages into this thread. Feeling simple and less confusing yet? Not sure why you just couldn't make everything really simple and just have the MSA and subscriptions and both be priced the same. Benefits of MSA - you get to own the software and it NEVER shuts off (no license manager). But essentially it is the same MSA program we have always had. If you leave it, the costs to upgrade can be significant. If this worked for 5 products, then keeping it for just one product is certainly a step towards simplification. Benefits of subscription: Essentially pay for only as long as you need it per the monthly or yearly plan and you get updates faster (MSA owners have to wait until the next MSA period to get an update). Fail to keep the subscription updated and the license manager shuts you down. Want to switch to MSA, you pay the upgrade costs just as before and no different than what MSA owners pay. What really get's people upset is the license manager for "perpetual licenses". Do you really own something that can be shut off remotely? If you don't think that is a problem for some people, give me your RFID codes for your remote car starter. The tripping point isn't subscription vs perpetual. The tripping point is having a license manager for perpetual. If that goes, you will preserve you user base. Dave

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